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Join the dark side... and get this awesome game too!

The good:

A helpful training campaign

Lots of maps to choose from.

A strategic galactic conquest

A never-get-old story

Oppurtunity to play as a Jedi

Has thrilling space battles.

The bad:

Space maps are repetitive

Little features in the game.


To start off, Battlefront 2's graphics are not the best I had seen. I have seen many other games with bettter animation. It's not a "Oh my god! look at the graphics" game, but it's doable. Good games, in my opinion, don't always have the best graphics.The audio is a different story. The audio seems adequate and I can clearly hear what my Al units are saying.I normally don't pay attention to audio but it seems perfectly fine to me.

Glitches are found in every game. But for Battlefront 2 there seems to be a bit too much. There are annoying ones, like small segments of music being repeated ove...


Flying and Jumping to Greater Heights


Star Wars: Battlefront II was a highly anticipated sequel following the big splash the original made. Providing large-scale battles reliving everyone’s favourite conflicts and settings of the films, the Battlefront series offers up something different from the usual “here’s your super powerful character, now go save the galaxy” scenario. And this sequel offers two new elements that got all the fan kids and guys that still live with their mum in the basement squealing: space battles and the ability to use hero characters. Despite this, it does raise the question of whether the game can avoid...


One of the Best Star Wars Games Yet!

The good:

+Fun Single Player and Multi Player gameplay
+Plenty of Infantry classes
+New features like playing as Jedi and Sith not mention Space Battles

The bad:

-Slow paced space battles
-Some Maps are missing


Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a game developed by Pandemic Studios and published by LucasArts. Unlike most Star Wars games I have played, Battlefront 2's main focus is on ground troops, as opposed to Jedi. I categorize this game as a first and third person shooter.

The first Battlefront game was ground troops exclusive. In other words, no Jedi, Sith, or other heroes from the movies. There were also no space battles. It all changed with the arrival of Battlefront2, which boasted space battles and the ability to play as your favorite movie characters.

The first gameplay mode is instant ...


My review

The good:

Better levels
Smarter AIs
The ability to play as heroes(Ex. obi-wan Luke, Darth Vader, Jango Fett, Bobba Fett, ect.)
More ships

The bad:

Maps to big, little, or too confusing to work with.
A few glitches. (but that's in EVERY game)
Still not that great of AIs (but their MUCH better than the first game)
Challenging story mode


I'd just have to say that overall it's a good game. I'd pay up to $40.00 for it (but then agein i wouldn't pay any more for any game)

I would say pay at most $30.00-$45.00 It's a very addicting game and i recommend it for anyone over the age of 8! but because I have to make it a certain length of words you have to listen / read it until i finish which may be very soon! And now I'll talk more about the game.

The game has a very different system than the original game. It has an AWARD system! you get special awards for doing amazing things, like 6 head shots in one life with the sniper rifle(I...


Is this game a fiersome droidika, or a wimpy Jar Jar Binx?


Haven't you dreamed of being a fearsome dordieka in the harsh worlds of the Star Wars galaxy? Well, since you're reading this review, you probably have. Star Wars Battlefront II is a very good shooter set in the battlefields of the fictional, but much loved, stars wars series. You get to choose what class of soldier you want to be, From the Droid Assassin, to the imperial engineer. The object of the main game is to blast your way through the epic star wars backup, with a ton of enemies trying to bring you down or capture all the command posts. But command posts really only come into play wh...


Star Wars Soldier Heaven

The good:

+ Variety of characters to choose from, from all across the Star Wars universe and history
+ Every major map included from the films
+ Command a team of 4
+ Space battles!
+ Play as Jedi and Sith!
+ Accurate and detailed Story
+ Bonus Modes

The bad:

- Graphics could be better
- Guns tend to be inaccurate


I didn't think it was possible, but this game has certainly improved on it's outstanding predecessor Battlefront 1. LucasArts has definitely made the perfect game for everyone who wanted to know what it was like to be a Stormtrooper, a driodeka, or even a Wookiee!

With a huge selection of characters, including all the major soldier types of ALL 4 FACTIONS- CIS, Republic, Empire and Rebels- such as all new Clone types seen only in Episode 3, Droidekas and even General Grievous' bodyguards, we really are spoilt for choice on who to be.

And not only do we have to struggle choosing who we want to...

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