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Star Wars: Battlefront II FAQ/Walkthrough

by madbird2u   Updated to v3.2 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Star Wars: Battlefront II on the Xbox, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS2 version of the game.
Star Wars Battlefront II
Game Walkthrough / FAQ
Author: Madbird
Copyright 2005, Liam "Madbird" Humphries
Version 3.2

||Table of Contents||

ia - Personal Rant
ib - Contact Info
ic - Copyright Info
id - Version History

Part 1: The Basics
1 - Controls

2 - Factions
  1. Republic
     a. Units
     b. Vehicles
  2. CIS
     a. Units
     b. Vehicles
  3. Rebel Alliance
     a. Units
     b. Vehicles
  4. Galactic Empire
     a. Units
     b. Vehicles
  5. Heroes

3 - Playing the Game
  1. Command Posts
     a. Capturing Them 
     b. Losing Them
  2. Medals and Points
  3. Reinforcements
  4. GC Basics
  5. The Maps
     a. Coruscant
     b. Dagobah
     c. Death Star
  6. Space Battles
  7. Squad Commands
  8. The HUD

Part 2: Rise of the Empire

4 - Walkthrough
  1. Training - Geonosis: Attack of the Clones
  2. Campaign - Mygeeto: Amongst the Ruins
  3. Campaign - Coruscant: A Desperate Rescue [Space]
  4. Campaign - Felucia: Heart of Darkness
  5. Campaign - Kashyyyk: First Line of Defence [Space]
  6. Campaign - Kashyyyk: A Line in the Sand
  7. Campaign - Coruscant: Knightfall
  8. Campaign - Naboo: Imperial Diplomacy
  9. Campaign - Mustafar: Preventative Measures [Space]
 10. Campaign - Mustafar: Tying up Loose Ends
 11. Campaign - Kamino: Changing of the Guard
Part 3: Wrapping up
5 - Tips and Tricks
6 - FAQ

7 - Afterword

|ia - Personal Rant|

Woo! First walkthrough! Hooray!
I was a huge fan of the original Battlefront, and am now a huge fan of this 
one. I got it the day after it came out and played it for hours. It is better
than the original in a few ways.
* Space combat [YAY!]
* It's a kickass game!
* Objective-based missions
* It's a kickass game!
* New and improved Galactic Conquest
* New units for all four factions
* It's a kickass game! [I think I said that already...]
Anyway, big props to whoever it was who made the game, and George Lucas for 
changing the world of films and games alike.

|ib - Contact Info|

If you need to contact me about anything, like suggestions or corrections or
questions, entitle an email "Battlefront 2 xxxxx", but just replace xxxxx with
'Suggestion' or 'Question' or whatever. See? It works! 
Send them to and I'll see to it to the best of my 
ability. By that I mean, if don't know the answer to your qustion, I'll try to
find out the answer with my supreme investigatory skills. But if I am unable
to, I will try to notify you, so please, use a current email. If you give me
information to put in the guide, that doesn't neccesarily mean it'll go in.
Don't email me saying "Hey, I gave you some info and you didn't put it in 
the guide!" This really shits me, because it may not have been relevant, or
it might have been answered already in the guide, so please, read through the
entire guide before asking. If I get alot of emails about a single subject,
I'll make a new chapter in the guide. If I add your suggestion in the guide,
I will give you credit and won't change your information except to correct
spelling and grammer mistakes. That's about all. Make sure you tell me if I
can use your name or if you want to stay anonymous.

|ic - Copyright Info|

This game is Copyright 2005 Lucasfilm and LucasArts. All Rights Reserved
This document is copyrighted 2005 by US and Canadian and Australian Laws. 
This FAQ is for personal use only. This is not to be used for commercial or 
personalgain. Websites publishing this guide without permission will face 
punishmentunder the law. All sites except are not allow to host 
this FAQ without my permission.

|id - Version History|

Version 0.1 [6/11/05]
Started first walkthrough! Yay! Hopefully, the first of many.
Began Table of contents, did Contact and Copyright Info/s, did Personal Rant 
and, most importantly, bought the game!

Version 0.2 [7/11/05]
Did Controls and started the 'Factions'.

Version 0.3 [8/11/05]
Did a bit more of the 'Factions'. I'll be submitting soon. Once I get to 0.5, 
at least. 

Version 0.4 [9/11/05]
Started 'Playing the Game'.

Version 0.6 [10/11/05]
Finished 'Command Posts' and 'Medals and Points'. I'll submit it tomorrow.

Version 0.7 [11/11/05] 
Remembrance day today. Lest we forget.
Finished the training mission walkthrough, did a bit more on the factions.
Submission Pending at

Version 0.8 [12/11/05]
Weekend! Yay! 
Added 'Vehicles' sections to the 'Factions' section. 
Finished 'Mygeeto: Amongst the Ruins' and 'Coruscant: A Desperate Rescue'.
Did bits and pieces everywhere. Submission still pending.

Version 1.03 [14/11/05]
Almost finished the 'Factions', finished 'Felucia: Heart of Darkness', added
'Heroes' section.

Version 1.05 [15/11/05]
Accepted! Yay! First update now. Christ, It's been long enough. First spade of
suggestions too... By the way, I could use a few more suggestions/tips for 
space battles, now that I have a section called 'Space Battles', and if I 
missed any heroes out. Finished the Factions... Finally! I just noticed, I say
'Yay!' a lot, don't I?

Version 1.06 [16/11/05]
'Space Battles' is finished. Or is it? Version 1.05 never went to air. I'll 
submit every couple of versions. I'll submit this one, then I'll start
Galactic Conquest.
Why am I talking to myself? I'm so very, very alone.

Version 1.07 [17/11/05]
Finished 'Kashyyyk: First Line of Defence'. Just realised I haven't done the
space vehicles for CIS or Empire, so I'll do them now too.

Version 1.08 [18/11/05]
Finished the Galactic Conquest part. Submitted this update.

Version 1.09 [19/11/05]
Weekend no. 2! My pilgramage of doritos, coke and DVDs has begun. ;)
Fixed some mistakes in the 'Factions' section. 
Finished 'Kashyyyk: A Line in the Sand'. 
I really should start 'The Maps' soon. I just have to figure out how I'm going
to do it. Oh, and guess what? I saw the Shawshank Redemption for the first
time today. If you haven't seen it, see it. It's really, really good.

Version 2.0 [20/11/05]
Sunday. Courage Under Fire and We Were Soldiers today. Yeah, I've got a lot of
movies. Did a little everywhere, answered a few questions, submitted update.

Version 2.1 [23/11/05]
Did the Utapau mission. And god, stop emailing me about Leia Organa! 

Version 2.2 [24/11/05] 
After countless emails about the subject, have added a 'Squad Commands' 

Version 2.3 [26/11/05]
I have been REALLY slack lately.
Finished 'Coruscant: Knightfall'

Version 2.4 [27/11/05]
Finished 'Naboo: Imperial Diplomacy'. 
Submitted Update.

Version 2.5 [28/11/05]
Started 'The Maps'. Corrected a couple of problems with the Factions, like how
I forgot the Snowspeeder.

Version 2.6 [29/11/05]
Almost December. Which means nearly Christmas. Which means just about the end
of 2005. Added a new chapter, 'The HUD'. 
P.S: Please forgive the length between updates recently.

Version 2.7 [30/11/05]
Finished 'The HUD'.

Version 2.8 [3/12/05]
Not long before Xmas! 
Finished 'Mustafar: Preventative Measures'. Submitted update. Yeah, I've been
really, really slack recently.

Version 3.0 [7/12/05]
I HAVE A FORUM! Go there to talk about my walkthroughs, or anything else. See
the top for the address.
Finished 'Mustafar: Tying up Loose Ends'.

Version 3.2 [17/12/05]
Very, very, very, very slack this month.
Finished 'Kamino: Changing of the Guard'.
Submitted update. Since the recent versions have been so far apart, I'll be
updating every version now.

|Part 1: The Basics|

||1 - Controls||


Y.....................................Action / Enter Vehicle
X.....................................Track Target
B.....................................Tap to crouch / While running to roll
A.....................................Jump / Doubleclick for Jet or Force jump
BLACK.................................Next Secondary Weapon
WHITE.................................Next Primary Weapon
BACK..................................Enlarge Map
LEFT TRIGGER..........................Secondary Attack
RIGHT TRIGGER.........................Primary Attack
LEFT THUMB............................Move / Strafe [click to sprint]
RIGHT THUMB...........................Look [click to zoom]
D-PAD DOWN............................Reload
D-PAD UP..............................Squad Commands

[A couple of the buttons don't have a function]

Y.....................................Exit Vehicle
X.....................................Track Target
B.....................................Evasive Maneuver*
A.....................................Bunnyhop [only some vehicles] 
BLACK.................................Switch Position
BACK..................................Enlarge Map
LEFT TRIGGER..........................Secondary Attack
RIGHT TRIGGER.........................Primary Attack
LEFT THUMB............................Throttle / Strafe [click for boost]
RIGHT THUMB...........................Pitch / Turn [click for zoom]
D-PAD UP..............................Squad Commands

* To perform a barrel-roll, click B and move the Left Thumbstick in the 
  direction you want to roll in. 
* To perform a flip, cick B twice and move the Left Thumbstick in the 
  direction you want to flip in.

[A couple of the buttons don't have a function]

Y.....................................Exit Vehicle
X.....................................Track Target
B.....................................Evasive Maneuver
A.....................................Land / Take off
BLACK.................................Switch Position
BACK..................................Enlarge Map
LEFT TRIGGER..........................Secondary Weapon
RIGHT TRIGGER.........................Primary Weapon
LEFT THUMB............................Pitch / Turn
RIGHT THUMB...........................Throttle
D-PAD UP..............................Squad Commands

||2 - Factions||

There are four armies to choose from, from two eras.
The Clone Wars - Republic, Confederacy of Independant Systems [CIS]
Galactic Civil War - Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire.
Everyone has different tastes, so everyone has different favourites. My
personal favourite is the Republic. Don't really know why.

|1. Republic|

The Republic are the Clone Army and my personal favourite. They are good in
Episode II, and through some of III, but then they are called upon to defend
their 'Empire' by killing all the Jedi. This is, of course, when they become
the Stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire.

|a. Units|

|Clone Trooper|
Manual Description: Genetically designed for superior fighting capability,
clone troopers are best fighting other infantry units toe-to-toe.
My Description: The clone troopers look a lot cooler than in the first 
Battlefront. I like them because they are good all round. They've got Thermal
Detonators to take out armor and turrets, and a blaster rifle for infantry.
Primary Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators

|Heavy Trooper|
Manual Description: The Advanced Recon Commando [ARC] specializes in 
anti-vehicular combat. These units carry a powerful rocket launcher, but its
effectiveness against infantry is limited. 
My Description: The ARC is excells at destroying enemy vehicles and turrets.
Best used from a distance and in a friendly area, cause if any infantry get in
close, you're screwed with just a blaster pistol to use against them.
Primary Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Mines

|Clone Sharpshooter|
Manual Description: The sharpshooter is a long-range threat to infantry with
the sniper rifle, and uses the recon droid to engage a destructive self-
My Description: The clone sniper is the best of all the snipers in the game.
Why? The rifle is more powerful and can take out most droids in a single shot.
I don't use him much though, as the blaster pistol or rifle of other classes
can be just as accurate, just not over such a distance. 
Primary Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Autoturret Dispenser
|Clone Engineer|
Manual Description: The Republic's engineers support the army by repairing 
friendly equipment and establishing defences, and when the need arises, they
demolish CIS emplacements with their detpacks.
My Description: The clone engineer is very useful when assaulting a base, as
the shotgun is good against infantry, close range, and the detpacks are 
devestating against vehicles and turrets. Just get a vehicles to run over it
and set it off. They can also drop Auto-Turrets, and can slice into enemy 
vehicles with their fusion cutters. It's basically the Pilot from the first
Primary Weapons: Shotgun, Fusion Cutter
Secondary Weapons: Detpacks, Health/Ammo Dispenser

|Clone Commander|
Manual Description: The commanders are specially designed to lead the clone 
troops into battle. They can temporarily empower nearby ranks with confidence. 
My Description: This unit is new and is a good addition. They have a shoulder
mounted chaingun that can tear through infantry and has infinite ammo. 
Commence drooling.
Primary Weapons: Chaingun, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Rally, Recon Droid

|Jet Trooper|
Manual Description: This highly mobile trooper has a jetpack that allows brief
but rapid bursts of flight [tap A button to jump, then again for a short 
flight]. He is a master at ambushes and disruption with his EMP launcher.
My Description: Very nice. Better than in the original, where it couldn't fly
nearly as far. The EMP is great at smashing CIS troops, but only has two 
rounds in the chamber, and takes a while to reload.
Primary Weapons: EMP Launcher, Commando Pistol [what's the difference??]
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators

|Clone Pilot [Space]|
Manual Description: These troops have the unique aility to automatically 
repair any vehicle they are in. They can also repair vehicles, droids, and
turrets on the field with their fusion cutters, as well as set up powerful
timed explosives.
My Description: Too bad you can only use this puppy in space, though I guess
that's what the new engineer is for. Good at sabotaging the parts of the 
enemy cruiser.
Primary Weapons: Commando Pistol, Fusion Cutter
Secondary Weapons: Timebomb

|Clone Marine [Space]|
Manual Description: The cone marines are similar to standard clone troopers, 
but carry a rocket launcher for versatility against different targets.
My Description: Although you may be thinking "Well, the Marine has a rifle and
rocket launcher, so it's better than the pilot with only a pistol and 
timebombs" but this is not always the right mode of thinking. Yes, the Marine
has a fast rate-of-fire with the rifle, and a rocket launcher, but the Pilot
has timebombs, which are more powerful and can heal the starship you're in, 
which can be useful in Galactic Conquest if your opponent chooses the Sabotage
Primary Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators

|b. Vehicles|

|BARC Speeder|
Description: The BARC Speeder is just like the normal speeder bike, but... 
not. That makes no sense, does it? It's just like the normal bike.
Positions: Driver
Primary Weapons: Blaster Cannon
Secondary Weapons: None

Description: The IFT-X is a tank. A nice tank. Also note that the Empire has
a tank just like this, called the IFT-T.
Positions: Pilot, Gunner
Primary Weapons: Blaster Cannons [Pilot], Beam Cannon [Gunner]
Secondary Weapons: Concussion Missiles [Pilot]
Critical Hit Area: Circle / cross on the back

Description: The AT-RT is the precursor to the AT-ST, and I like it. It's 
pretty cool looking. 
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Laser Cannon
Secondary Weapons: Mortar Cannon
Critical Hit Area: Below the head, between the legs

Description: The AT-TE is the precursor to the AT-AT, except it has six legs
instead of four... ooooh, spooky. I think they should have put in the four 
legged AT-TE from Galactic Battlegrounds.
Positions: Pilot, Main Gunner, Co-Pilot 
Primary Weapons: Heavy Laser Cannons [Pilot], Particle Cannon [Main Gunner],
Repeating Blasters [Co-Pilot]
Secondary Weapons: Particle Cannon [Pilot]
Critical Hit Area: Underside

|Republic Starfighter [Space Only|
Description: The same sort of ship that Anakin and Obi-Wan flew into General
Grievous's ships hanger. And, yeah, it does look a bit like a TIE Fighter, eh?
Except it has an elongated fuselage.
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Pulse Lasers
Secondary Weapons: Homing Rockets

|ARC-170 [Space Only]|
Description: My favourite starship of them all, simply because it looks so 
cool. It was the precursor to the X-Wing, as you can tell by the s-foils. They
have three sections to each wing, instead of two though. 
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapons: Proton Torpedoes

|V-Wing [Space Only]|
Description: Now we're really getting into the TIE fighters and stuff. Like 
the Republic Starfighter, the V-Wing has a pointy fuselage. 
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Shock Cannon
Secondary Weapons: Proton Bombs

|LAAT Gunship [Space Only]|
Description: The LAAT is the republic's transport. The 'Alliance Assualt 
Craft' is exactly the same to this, so they apparently couldn't be stuffed
creating a proper one. Lazy arseholes, :).
Positions: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Left Turret, Right Turret
Primary Weapons: Laser Cannons [Pilot], Remote Missile [Co-Pilot], Beam Cannon
[Left and Right Turrets]
Secondary Weapons: Missile Launcher [Pilot]

|2. Confederacy of Independant Systems|

The Confederacy of Independant Systems, or CIS, are the 'evil' side of the
clone wars. They are headed by evil guys like Count Dooko, General Grievous 
and, of course, Darth Sidious. The CIS started with the Trade Federation and
was joined by such groups as the Banking Clan, the Commerce Guild, and the
Geonosians, though they aren't really a group. And it's totally made up of

|a. Units|

|Super Battle Droid|
Manual Description: After the debacle at the Battle of Naboo, the Trade
Federation ordered a stronger, more independant battle droid, officially 
designated the B2. Resembling hulking, reinforced battle droids, super battle
droids are far superior to their skeletal-looking counterparts.
My Description: The Super Battle Droid is the infantry droid for the CIS. They
are useful and versatile with a wrist blaster that can be set to tri-shot, and
and a wrist rocket for turrets and vehicles.
Primary Weapons: Wrist Blaster, Tri-Shot
Secondary Weapons: Wrist Rocket

|Assault Droid|
Manual Description: Under the conrol of the Seperatists, assault droids serve
as a cheap yet effective solution to the fast-moving threat of Republic 
vehicles. Essentially mobile missile launchers, these droids allow the
Seperatists to handle tough situations.
My Description: The Assault Droid is just like the Clone, Rebel and Empire's
rocket troops. There's no difference, really.
Primary Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Mines

|Assassin Droid|
Manual Description: Assassin droids are specifically programmed and designed
with advanced targeting capabilities that allow them to take down targets at
extreme range. Their recon droids feature powerful self-detonators that can be
used against Republic forces.
My Description: The Assassin droid is useful at sniping drivers out of exposed
vehicles and picking off troops in a charge before they get to your position.
Primary Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Autoturret Dispenser
|Engineer Droid|
Manual Description: These droids support the army by repairing CIS equipment,
as well as performing demolitions on Republic emplacements with their 
My Description: As useful as the clone engineer. No difference between them,
basically. This ones a droid though.
Primary Weapons: Shotgun, Fusion Cutter
Secondary Weapons: Detpack, Health/Ammo Dispenser

Manual Description: These enhanced droids serve to protect important figures 
in the CIS army, such as General Grievous. Their deadly neuro poison can 
crippleany enemies in the radius around them. 
My Description: Very nice. Too bad they don't have the electra-staffs in 
Episode III. Instead they have pistols that shoot rocket-lookin things. Not 
too shabby.
Primary Weapons: Bulldog RLR, Radiation Launcher
Secondary Weapons: Neuro Poison, Recon Droid

|Droideka [Destroyer Droid]|
Manual Description: Even feared by Jedi Knights, the crablike droideka is 
equipped with a personal shield and two powerful repeating blasters instead
of arms. The droideka transforms into a wheel in order to cruise rapidly 
around the battlefield.
My Description: Very, very nice. I think that sums it up.
Primary Weapons: Repeating Blasters
Secondary Weapons: Shield Emitter

|Pilot Droid [Space]|
Manual Description: Pilot droids automatically regenerate the health of 
whatever vehicle they occuppy and are capable of repairing damaged vehicles,
droids and turrets. They also carry deadly explosives for disabling enemy 
My Description: Same as the clone pilot. The colour is blue, by the way, in
case you can't tell the difference between it and the droid Marine.
Primary Weapons: Commando Pistol, Fusion Cutter
Secondary Weapons: Timebomb

|Droid Marine [Space]|
Manual Description: The droid marine is an all-purpose fighting machine
designed to drive back enemy boarding parties.
My Description: Yeah, 'Drive Back' boarding parties. Let me tell you, of all
the times I've attacked a CIS cruiser, they haven't done shit all. 
Primary Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators

|b. Vehicles|

Description: STAP stands for Single Trooper Aerial Platform. It's basically 
the same as the Speeder Bike and BARC Speeder.
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Blaster Cannons
Secondary Weapons: None

Description: The Armored Assault Tank [AAT] is the main battle tank for the 
seperatists, and was first used by the Trade Federation in the Battle of Naboo
and is pretty useful. The Main Cannon is very good against vehicles. 
Positions: Pilot, Main Gunner
Primary Weapons: Laser Blaster [Pilot], Laser Cannon [Main Gunner]
Secondary Weapons: Missile Launcher [Pilot]
Critical Hit Area: Back, below the turret

|Armored Tank Droid|
Description: The ATD is the big, apparently sea-worthy tank that was seen once
in the movie... on Kashyyyk. No riding on the sides like the droids in the
movie though [Charge!]. 
Postions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Shock Rifles
Secondary Weapons: Mortar Cannon
Critical Hit Area: The back tread wheel

|Hailfire Droid|
Description: It's a bike! It's a trike! It's a hailfire droid! I love these 
things. Not too accurate, but what are you gonna do?
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Rapidfire Rockets
Secondry Weapons: Laser Cannon
Critical Hit Area: The lowest part of the fuselage

|Spider Walker|
Description: It's back! I don't really like these things.
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Beam Cannon
Secondry Weapons: Laser Cannon
Critical Hit Area: Where the legs join the body

|Droid Tri-Fighter [Space Only|
Description: The Tri-fighter. Jeez, I don't know where the hell they got this
design from. Just like all the scout fighters, fast but easy to destroy.
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Repeating Blasters
Secondary Weapons: Homing Rockets

|Droid Starfighter [Space Only]|
Description: These look cooler than in the last game. They stand on their 
'legs' now. Too bad you can't walk on them like in the movies 
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Blaster Cannon
Secondary Weapons: Proton Torpedo

|CIS Strike Bomber [Space Only]|
Description: Lazy buggers have re-used a design again. Recognise this ship?
That's right, it's General Grievous's personal ship. Why don't they come up
with new designs every now and then?
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Particle Cannons
Secondary Weapons: Proton Bombs

|CIS Gunship [Space Only]|
Description: The CIS Gunship has been inproved upon immensely since the last
game, where it was named the MAC or something. Looks a lot eviller too.
Positions: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Left Turret, Right Turret, Passenger, Passenger
Primary Weapons: Beam Cannon [Pilot], Remote Rocket [Co-Pilot], Particle
Cannons [Left and Right Turrets], None [Passengers]
Secondary Weapons: Homing Rockets [Pilot]

|3. Rebel Alliance|

The Rebel Alliance is the resistance against the 'evil' Galactic Empire. They
are made of rebel senators like Mon Mothma and Bail Organa, as well as 
smugglers and Imperial Navy dropouts, like Han Solo.

|a. Units|

|Rebel Soldier|
Manual Description: The Rebel soldier is effective against infantry especially
when they employ squad-based tactics.
My Description: Nice soldier, and I like the camo gear.
Primary Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol 
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators

|Rebel Vanguard|
Manual Description: Vanguards are called upon to punch holes in an Imperial
vehicle brigade. The heavy weapons they carry provide the means to take down
menacing enemy air and ground vehicles.
My Description: The vanguard is just like any other rocket infantry, except it
fires two rockets when you click the trigger once. Like in space, the Y-Wing
drops two in one click too.
I have been informed by, that the Vanguard fires one 
rocket at a time, unlike in the first game. Thanks!
Primary Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Mines

|Rebel Marksman|
Manual Description: Rebel marksmen have the specialized task of finding and
eliminating targets from a safe location. Their recon droids are capable of
deadly self-destruction near enemy positions. 
My Description: The marksman [or markswoman, as the unit is female] is a 
typical sniper. All the snipers have lost the ability to lay down, all units
have, so they can't hide as well as they could in the first Battlefront.
Primary Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Autoturret Dispenser

|Rebel Smuggler|
Manual Description: Whenever there is a need to slip past an Imperial fleet 
undetected, just look for a smuggler. For a fee, the smuggler is willing to 
take the risk of running contraband right under the Emperor's nose. The 
smuggler can also repair items as well as slice enemies out of vehicles using
his fusion cutter. In addition to this, he can also destroy enemy mines 
quickly and has the unique ability to be invisible to enemy mines. 
My Description: The smuggler is basically the rebel engineer, but under a 
different name. I'm not sure if other engineers can walk over mines, though..
Primary Weapons: Shotgun, Fusion Cutter
Secondary Weapons: Detpack, Health/Ammo Dispenser

|Bothan Spy|
Manual Description: The cunning Bothans are known throughout the galaxy for 
their spying capabilities. On the battlefield they sneak behind enemy lines,
causing chaos and wreaking havoc, and then fade into the environment. The 
Bothan Spy also has the unique ability to regenerate health.
My Description: The Bothan Spy is useful for capturing CPs deep in enemy
territory, like on Maps where you start with a single one and all the rest
are neutral, you capture the one they started off with. The incinerator is 
devastating against infantry
Primary Weapons: Incinerator, Stealth
Secondary Weapons: Regeneration, Timebomb

|Wookie Warrior|
Manual Description: The Wookies joined the Rebel Alliance after the Empire 
invaded their home planet, Kashyyyk, and enslaved their people. Wookies fight
with unmatched ferocity and loyally support troops with health and ammo.
My Description: The Wookie is a great fighter, but also is slow as a snail.
Even when sprinting, it's only going the speed other infantry go normally. But
their weapons well and truly make up for it, with a grenade launcher and
wookie bowcaster.
Primary Weapons: Bowcaster, Grenade Launcher
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Recon Droid

|Rebel Pilot [Space]|
Manual Description: Rebel Pilots automatically regenerate the health of 
whatever vehicle they occupy and are capable of repairing damaged vehicles,
droids and turrets. They also carry a powerful timebomb.
My Description: Just like the clone and droid pilot. That's all.
Primary Weapons: Commando Pistol, Fusion Cutter
Secondary Weapons: Timebomb

|Rebel Marine [Space]|
Manual Description: Rebel Marines provide the last line of defense on capital 
ship, repelling enemy attacks with heavy ordinance.
My Description: Just like the other marines, but has the old vanguard uniform
from the first Battlefront.
Primary Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators

|b. Vehicles|

|Speeder Bike|
Description: The Speeder Bike is the fastest vehicle on the battlefield and 
can go from one side of the map to the other in about five seconds... that is
if you don't hit anything. In return for this, the Bike's weapons are weak and
not very effective, also it's armor is very weak.
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Blaster Cannon
Secondary Weapons: None

Description: The tauntaun is an animal native to Hoth. The rebels domesticated
them when they established Echo Base. It is a bit slower than a Speeder Bike, 
but still fast. No weapons though.
Positions: Rider
Primary Weapons: None
Secondary Weapons: None

|Alliance ARC-1|
Description: This vehicle is new to Battlefront II, and I like it. It has a
blaster cannon and particle cannon, as well as a second position with the
twin rocket pods on the roof.
Postions: Pilot, Gunner
Primary Weapons: Laser Cannons [Driver], Missiles [Gunner]
Secondary Weapons: Particle Cannon [Driver]
Critical Hit Area: The black pipe things on the sides

|A-Wing [Space Only]|
Description: The A-Wing is the Rebels scout fighter. As the name suggests, its
roughly in the shape of an A. Rockets are good in dogfights.
Postions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapons: Homing Rockets

|X-Wing [Space Only]|
Description: Just like the A-Wing, the X-Wings name shows what it looks like,
with S-Foils that look like an X when deployed. Good in dogfights. 
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapons: Proton Torpedoes

|Y-Wing [Space Only]|
Description: Just like the rest of the Wing starfighters, this bombers name
tells what it looks like. Like a Y. Who'd have thought it? Use it against 
frigates or capital ships. The Cannon on the roof will protect you from enemy
fighters if someone is in it.
Positions: Pilot, Gunner
Primary Weapons: Laser Cannons [Pilot], Cannon [Gunner]
Secondary Weapons: Proton Bombs [Pilot]

|Alliance Assault Craft [Space Only]|
Description: The AAC is basically the Republic Gunship, but under a different 
Positions: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Right Turret, Left Turret
Primary Weapons: Particle Cannon [Driver], Remote Rocket [Co-Pilot], Beam 
Cannon [Left and Right Turret]
Secondary Weapons: Proton Torpedoes [Driver]

Description: The Snowspeeder is the only starfighter available in ground 
battles... in the Hoth map. The snowspeeder is the best way of destroying the
AT-ATs that grace the same map. All you need is an ally in the Gunner seat,
then head out of the hanger and circle the legs of one of the AT-ATs. 
Eventually, the Gunner will hit one of the legs with his tow cable, and then
it'll take five rotations around it's legs to thouroughly tangle it. 
Positions: Pilot, Gunner
Primary Weapons: Laser Cannons [Pilot], Tow Cable [Gunner]
Secondary Weapons: Homing Rockets (I think) [Pilot]

|4. Galactic Empire|

|a. Units|

Manual Description: The iron will of the Emperor is personified in the stark
white armor of the feared stormtrooper. They are highly disciplined and
fanatically loyal to the Emperor, making them an excellent front line assault
My Description: The Stormtroopers are the clones, but Order 66ed. Hmm... Thats
not very good grammer. Anyway, they were the Clone Troopers, but then they 
sort of... killed all order in the republic, and now they're working for Vader
and the Emperor.
Primary Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators

|Shock Trooper|
Manual Description: The shock trooper offers powerful support to the blaster-
based troops carrying small portable missile launcher. This weapon fires 
explosive charges that are highly effective against vehicles or tight 
formations of infantry.
My Description: The shock trooper is no different from the other three rocket 
jockeys. The end.
Primary Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Mines

|Scout Trooper|
Manual Description: Scout troopers use concealment, probe droids and patience
to target faraway enemies and eliminate them with their high-powered sniper 
rifles. Their recon droids can self-destruct in a mighty blast, decimating 
enemy forces.
My Description: Ahh.. My favourite of all the sniper infantry. First seen in
Return of the Jedi in the famous Speeder Bike chase. He looks a lot cooler 
than the other snipers.
Primary Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Autoturret Dispenser

|Imperial Engineer|
Manual Description: The Empire's engineers focus on repairing friendly
equipment and establishing defence, while working to demolish the emplacements
of the Rebellion.
My Description: Same as the rest of the engineer class. No different, 
Primary Weapons: Shotgun, Fusion Cutter
Secondary Weapons: Detpack, Health/Ammo Dispenser

|Imperial Officer|
Manual Description: These Imperial tacticians support the troops in the field
with a mortar launcher capable of leveling rebel resistance. The officer's 
unique training allows for increased weapon damage. Officers also carry extra
health and ammo supplies into battle.
My Description: Finally! A new unit! The Imperial Officer kicks ass, dammit. 
Rage gives any nearby allies increased weapon damage and the mortar launcher
is basically the same as a grenade launcher.
Primary Weapons: Mortar Launcher, Commando Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Rage, Recon Droid

|Dark Trooper|
Manual Description: Dark Troopers use their jetpacks to "jump" to their 
targets [tap the A button to jump, then again to engage jump pack]. Once in
position, their charged arc caster can scorch groups of enemies.
My Description: The Dark Trooper is basically the same as it was in the first
Battlefront, except instead of a shotgun he has an arc caster.
Primary Weapons: Arc Caster, Commando Pistol
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators

|Imperial Pilot [Space]|
Manual Description: Imperial pilots automatically regenerate the health of
whatever vehicle they occupy and are capable of repairing damaged vehicles,
droids and turrets. They also serve as capital ship saboteurs.
My Description: No different than the other pilot classes.
Primary Weapons: Blaster Pistol, Fusion Cutter
Secondary Weapons: Timebomb

|Imperial Marine [Space]|
Manual Description: The Empire's Star Destroyers are fortified with these 
fearless troopers who repel any invading forces.
My Description: Same as the other marines. Seriously.
Primary Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher
Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators

|b. Vehicles|

|Speeder Bike|
Description: Same as the Rebel bike. Fully sick.
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Blaster Cannon
Secondary Weapons: None

Description: The IFT-T is exactly the same as the Republic IFT-X, except has a
blue paintjob instead of the republic's red paintjob. Yay.
Positions: Pilot, Gunner
Primary Weapons: Blaster Cannons [Pilot], Beam Cannon [Gunner]
Secondary Weapons: Concussion Missiles [Pilot]
Critical Hit Area: Same as the IFT-X

Description: Ah, the fabled AT-ST. The power, the looks, the... vunerability 
to Ewoks... beautiful! *drool*
Positions: Pilot, 
Primary Weapons: Blaster Cannon [Pilot], Remote Rocket [Co-Pilot]
Secondary Weapons: Particle Cannon [Pilot]
Critical Hit Area: Same as the AT-RT

Description: If you like the AT-ST, you're gonna absolutely love the AT-AT, or
All-Terrain-Armored-Transport. The only thing the snowspeeders are good for is
entangling the AT-AT's legs in their tow cables. 
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Heavy Laser Cannons 
Secondary Weapons: Particle Cannon
Critical Hit Area: The neck

|TIE Interceptor [Space Only]|
Description: My favourite scout fighter. I've always liked the Interceptors.
They just look like knives with the pointed wings. I like knives. He he...
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapons: Homing Rockets

|TIE Fighter [Space Only]|
Description: The fabled TIE Fighter. The whining noise that has been 
associated with them is so damn ANNOYING! But still, I like them.
Positions: Pilot
Primary Weapons: Laser Cannons
Secondary Weapons: Proton Torpedoes

|TIE Bomber [Space Only]|
Description: The TIE Bomber only ever got one scene in the movies... in the
Empire Strikes Back, when they're combing the asteroid field.
Positions: Pilot, Co-Pilot
Primary Weapons: Proton Torpedo [Pilot],Remote Rocket [Co-Pilot]
Secondary Weapons: Proton Bomb [Pilot]

|Imperial Lander [Space Only]|
Description: Why didn't they just use the Lambda Shuttles that the Empire use
in Return of the Jedi and Empire Strikes Back and a New Hope? They look a lot
cooler than this flying junkbox.
Positions: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Main Gunner, Passenger, Passenger, Passenger
Primary Weapons: Particle Cannons [Pilot], Remote Rocket [Co-Pilot], Repeating
Blasters [Main Gunner], None [Passengers
Secondary Weapons: Proton Torpedoes [Pilot]

|5. Heroes|

Throughout the game, you will have chances to play as a hero. These people are
mostly charaters from the movies, like Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, even if
they were just seen in passing. You'll know when you can play as a hero, as
it will come up at the bottom of the screen 'Play as --------?' and will show
the D-Pad, with left labelled 'YES' and right labelled 'NO'. So just push 
D-Pad Right and choose the CP to spawn at. 
Heroes do not have health, but have a 'Hero Meter' instead. The way it works 
is that when you get shot, or hit or whatever, the meter will drop. When 
you're just standing around, not doing anything, it will drop automatically.
The way to increase the meter is to kill enemies. Anyway, heres a list of the
heroes that I know of.


Aayla Secura
Saber Block
Saber Throw
Force Pull 

Appearances: Felucia, Jabba's Palace

Saber Block
Saber Throw
Force Pull

Appearances: Mygeeto

Mace Windu
Saber Block
Saber Throw
Force Push

Appearances: Coruscant, Geonosis, Yavin 4

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Saber Block
Saber Throw
Force Pull 

Appearances: Death Star, Kamino, Mos Eisley, Mustafar, Naboo, Utapau

Saber Block
Force Push
Force Pull

Appearances: Degobah, Kashyyyk, Polis Massa, Tantive IV 


Count Dooku
Saber Block
Force Lightning
Force Choke

Appearances: Geonosis

Darth Maul
Saber Block
Saber Throw
Force Push

Appearances: Coruscant, Jabba's Palace, Mos Eisley, Mustafar, Naboo,
Polis Massa, Yavin 4

General Grievous
Saber Block

Appearances: Dagobah, Mygeeto, Tantive IV, Utapau

Jango Fett
Westar-34 Blaster, 16-128
Flamethrower, 60
Wrist Rocket, 6
Time Bomb, 3

Appearances: Felucia, Kamino, Kashyyyk 

Rebel Alliance

Wookiee Bowcaster, 35-210
Guided Rocket, 4
Rage, 1
Time Bomb, 3

Appearances: Felucia, Yavin 4, Kashyyyk 

Han Solo
DL44 Blaster, N/A (Overheats)
Fusio Cutter, N/A
Detpack, 5
Rally, 1

Appearances: Endor, Kamino, Mos Eisley, Utapau

Luke Skywalker
Saber Block
Saber Throw
Force Push

Appearances: Coruscant, Death Star, Hoth (Pilot Luke), Jabba's Palace, Mygeeto

Princess Leia
Sporting Blaster, N/A (Overheats) 
Thermal Detonator, 3
Invulnerability, 1

Appearances: Naboo, Polis Massa, Tantive IV

Saber Block
Force Push
Force Pull

Appearances: Degobah


Anakin Skywalker
Saber Block
Saber Throw
Force Push

Appearances: Mustafar

Boba Fett
E-3 Blaster Rifle, 36-144 
Flamethrower, 60
Wrist Rocket, 5
Time Bomb, 4

Appearances: Felucia,Jabba's Palace, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Mos Eisley,
Mygeeto, Utapau, Yavin 4

Emperor (Sidious)
Force Lightning
Force Choke

Appearances: Coruscant, Death Star, Naboo, Polis Massa

Darth Vader
Saber Block
Saber Throw
Force Choke

Appearances: Dagobah, Endor, Hoth, Tantive IV

[Thankyou to PokeThaMage for this Heroes Table!]

||3 - Playing the Game||

This chapter is about... well, playing the game.

|1. Command Posts|

Command posts are strategic points on all of the maps in the game. There are 
about five of them on each, give or take and your brilliant victory, 
or crippling defeat hinges on these CPs. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, reinforcements are deployed at the CPs you control, so if you have
none left, there'll be nowhere for you to spawn at so in technical terms...
you're screwed. Unless, that is, one of your allied soldiers captures another
CP. Also, the team that has the least command posts will start losing 
reinforcements automatically. So, how do you win them?

|a. Capturing Them|
All right, now how the hell do you capture them? Simple. But first, you have
to be able to tell who owns the real estate, so to speak. Blue is yours, red
is your opponents, and white is prime for the taking. In the original, there
was yellow for natives like wookies or sand people, but I'm not sure they have
it in this. Email me if you find out.

I have been informed by Chis Redfield that the Ewoks and Sand People, etc 
don't hold command posts anymore.

Anyways, to capture a command post, you have to first fight off all enemy 
opposition in the immediate area around the CP. Once that's done, your faction
symbol will appear on one side of the screen, fully red. The red will slowly 
drain out of the symbol, as long as you hold the area around the CP. Once the
red drains completely, it will begin filling... with blue! Once it's full, you
own the post. Reinforcements will now appear here. You can change your unit
[i.e. if theres a vehicle hassling you and you're a rifleman] by clicking Y 
near the command post. There's a downside though.. You don't get refilled 
ammo. So if you have no ammo left for your rifle, you'll have no ammo in your
rocket launcher once you switch, either.

|b. Losing Them|
So you're off on the other side of the map shooting enemies and blowing stuff
up, not really paying attention to you real estate, when WHAM! you have no CPs
left! How did this happen? You see, the bit about capturing command posts 
above goes for the opponent too. They can stand around and fight off your 
attacks and soon they'll capture the command post in much the same way you 
did. The general or captain or whatever he is will say something like
"The hostiles have gained another command post" which is your cue to pull up
the enlarged version of the map and see which one. Then it's just a matter of
getting it back...

|2. Medals and Points|

Medals are awards you get for making certain accomplishments, such as killing
eight enemies with a Blaster Rifle, and the award stays with you for one life.
Some medals, like Endurance, require you to gain a certain amount of points.
I believe you gain points from killing enemies and capturing command posts, 
but there may be some other ways.

|Medals and Awards|

Medal       |Award              |Requrement
Gunslinger  |Precision Pistol   |6 Kills with Pistol
Frenzy      |Elite Rifle        |12 Kills with Blaster Rifle
Demolition  |Guided Rockets     |4 Critical Hits vs. Vehicles
Technition  |Vehicle Heal       |Slice into a Vehicle
Marksman    |Particle Rifle     |6 Headshots with Sniper Rifle
Regulator   |Flechette Shotgun  |8 Kills with Shotgun
            |                   |
Endurance   |Energy Recuperation|8 Points
Guardian    |Shielding          |16 Points
War Hero    |Damage Increase    |24 Points

|Medal Statuses|
Once you get a certain amount of one medal, you get a new status, like Veteran
when you get four of one. Thanks to Jonathon for telling me that if you
get Legendary, the award stays ith you. I had just changed to my pistol and
changed back and I had the Elite Rifle, without getting Frenzy. I thought "How
in the hell did I get that?" and then it was there again, in a new game. 
Thankyou Jonathon! I don't know about you, but I was beating my head against 
the wall trying to figure it out.

Medal Status |Requirement
Green        |0 of one medal
Veteran      |4 of one medal
Elite        |32 of one medal
Legendary    |64 of one medal

You get awarded a new rank as you gain medals. The reward for a new rank is 
being able to get more allies to follow you with the squad command. It's also
cool to be a general.

Rank    |Reward    |Requirement
Private |Lead 1 Man|0 Medals total
Sergeant|Lead 2 Men|20 Medals total
Captain |Lead 3 Men|100 Medals total
General |Lead 4 Men|300 Medals total

|3. Reinforcements|

Reinforcements are the most important thing in most Instant Action and 
Galactic Conquest battles. Every time you die, your team loses one 
reinforcement point. Once your or the enemy's reinforcement count is totally
depleted, they lose. You can check how many reinforcements by looking up, near
the top of the screen, in the left and right corners. The number on the left
[in blue] is your reinforcements, and the one on the right [in red] is your
enemy's reinforcements. In space battles you win by points, so reinforcements
aren't a factor, but in ground battles, unless you're playing th campaign, you
must reduce the enemy forces to zero, or hold all the command posts for twenty
seconds. However, in the campaign the enemy always has infinite reinforcements
so if you run out, you lose. In Galactic Conquest there is a bonus called
'Garrison'. If you're running low on reinforcements this bonus, if selected,
will give you thirty-odd extra. In normal reinforcement-orientated battles, 
the team with the least Command Posts will begin to lose reinforcements 
slowly, while if you have one CP, and five reinforcement points and you 
manage to capture... oh, say... three more CPs, your team's reinforcements 
will skyrocket to a cool... ten. Or fifteen. Twenty at the most.
So, in closing I'd just like to say that reinforcements are very, very 
important. So don't lose them!

|4. Galactic Conquest Basics|

Galactic Conquest was my favourite part of the old Battlefront, and they've
improved upon it drastically. Now you have to recruit units, and buy bonuses
which adds more incentive to win. You also get to play on almost all the maps
in the game, loads more than the old Battlefront. You can build additional
fleets for ship-on-ship battles. 
The units mostly cost around $1000, and the bonuses range from $200 to $800.
The way you earn credits is by winning battles. On the gound, you get a 
certain amount of money for the victory, plus about $100 for every planet you
control. So, let's say you were caning the enemy. You control nine planets and
you just won another battle. Your total earnings would be somewhere in the
range of $800 - $1100. 
For space battles, they take out the whole 'planets controlled' section and
just give you money for your victory. 

Alright. No that I've got that out of the way, I'll explain exactly WHAT 
Galactic Conquest is, for all you newbies who've never played the first 
Battlefront before. 
In Galactic Conquest, you battle your enemy for full control of the universe. 
To start off, select Galactic Conquest in the single player menu and choose
which faction you want to be, and the names sort of explain which faction
it is.
Birth of the Rebellion - Rebels
Dark Reign of the Empire - Empire
Republic Sovereignly - Republic
The Conederate Uprising - CIS
Once that's done, you'll be launched right into the action. At the top of the
screen there'll be this bar;
___    _____     ____________     _____    ___
\L|___/Bonus\___/    Move    \___/Units\___|R/

Pretty self-explanatory. 'Move' is automatically selected. In this mode, you
move your fleets around the universe, attacking enemy fleets and planets. 
Pull the left trigger and you'll be in the 'Bonus' mode. Here, you can buy
bonuses to help you fight. Each bonus can be used once, then you have to buy
it again.
Energy Boost
Description: Makes your units adrenaline [or energy, whatever you call it] 
recharge faster
Cost: $200

Description: This bonus is good in space battles if you're sabotaging the 
other ship, since you usually run out of rockets, or timebombs before you 
destroy the internal systems, especially the shields. It gives you more ammo
for all weapons. Yes, even grenades. Now you don't have to run back to the 
ammo droid all the time.
Cost: $200

Description: If you're losing on the ground [it doesn't work in space] and you
have lost lots of reinforcements [down to thirty-odd reinforcements] then the
garrison bonus gives you about twenty, thirty extra. Email me if you have the
exact number.
Cost: $200

Description: This bonus is pretty lousy, but can be useful sometimes, 
especially in narrow or confined maps.
Cost: $400

Bacta Tanks
Description: This bonus is useful. It slowly heals you back to full health
constantly. Good for a level with no Health Droids.
Cost: $400

Combat Shielding
Description: I'm not sure exactly how this one works, but I think it gives
you another layer of health that gets taken away before your actual health.
Cost: $400

Description: Expensive, but useful for space battles, where an upper hand on 
the enemy fighters could be the difference between life and death.
Cost: $600

Enhanced Blasters
Description: This bonus raises the damage done by all blaster weapons, i.e,
blaster pistols, blaster rifles, sniper rifles. Not sure if it works on 
vehicles too.
Cost: $600

Description: The most expensive of all the bonuses. It varies fron the 'Jedi
Hero' in the first battlefront by not just being jedi. There are also 
multiple heroes for each faction. See 'Heroes' for the different ones.
Cost: $800

You start off with $1000, so you could buy any of these, but this is not
advisable so early in the game. Note: You can only have three bonuses to 
choose from at one time. But after you use one, that bonuses slot is vacant
and you can replace it with a new one.

Ok, so if you pull the right trigger, you'll be in unit territory. This is 
where you add new classes of units to your army ot help in battles.

Main Infantry [Clone Trooper, Super Battle Droid, Rebel Soldier, Stormtrooper]
Description: The Main Infantry class is already recruited when you start a new
Galactic Conquest game.
Cost: Free

Rocket Infantry [ARC, Assault Droid, Rebel Vanguard, Shock Trooper]
Description: This class is best left until you have a few other classes first.
It's not that it's not useful, it's just that your monry is better spent on
bonuses or another class.
Cost: $1000

Sniper Class [Sharpshooter, Assassin Droid, Marksman, Scout Trooper]
Description: The Sniper is usually the third class I buy, after the Engineer.
It's useful in most situations.
Cost: $1000

Engineer Class [Clone Engineer, Engineer Droid, Smuggler, Imperial Engineer]
Description: This is usually the second class I buy. It's good, but maybe it's
just because I like the shotgun. Shotgun....
Cost: $1000 

Unique Class 1 [Clone Commander, Magna Guard, Bothan Spy, Imperial Oficer]
Description: This class are the unique units that can help your team, i.e with
the Imperial Officer's Rage technique. This one is pretty high on my list of
classes to buy most of the time.
Cost: $1800

Unique Class 2 [Jet Trooper, Droideka, Wookie Warrior, Dark Trooper]
Description: This is the class that has special abilities, like jetpacks for
the Jet and Dark Troopers, stealth for the Bothan Spy, and being able to roll
for the droideka. Useful.
Cost: $1800

Pilot Class [Clone Pilot, Pilot Droid, Rebel Pilot, Imperial Pilot]
Description: This is another class that is recruited to begin with. I wonder
how you'd fight space battles if you didn't have this to begin with?
Cost: Free

Marine Class [Clone Marine, Droid Marine, Rebel Marine, Imperial Marine]
Description: The Marine is usually the first thing I buy, as it is a good 
change from the normal Pilot.
Cost: $800

It's a good idea to make a mental list of the most important units to buy, 
and the least important. For example, my list is usually;

Unique 1
Unique 2

As you can see, I like Marines, but I don't like Rocket infantry. The Sniper 
and the first Unique class are the middle ground. 

When you finish buying stuff, you get to move one of your fleets. You can only
move one space at a time, though those spaces may vary in size. If you move 
onto the same space an enemy fleet is on, you'll engage in space combat. If 
you mave onto a space occupied by a planet under enemy control, you'll engage 
in ground combat. Once the battle is over, your turn will be done and the
enemy will take his turn. If you move into empty space, your turn is over. You
can also choose to skip your turn by pressing X. 
Once you control all planets and all the enemy fleets are destroyed, you will
be victorious.

After repeated emails, I've decided to mention how to build additional fleets.
Which I should have done to begin wtih. Idiot. Anyway, To build extra fleets,
wait till it's your turn and press B to un-select your fleet. Then, move your
cursor over a friendly planet and you should see something like '2000 Credits
to Build' in the planetary panel. If you have the 2000, hit A to build a new 
one. The prices vary, and I think this is how it works.

Republic - $1000 for a new fleet
CIS - $2000 for a new fleet
Rebels - $2000 for a new fleet
Empire - $2000 for a new fleet

I have no idea why the Republic has it better, but they seem to.

Update: According to Matt, the first fleet you buy costs 0, the second is 1000
the third is 2000, etc. I've tested and turns out this is true. So the real
graph should be...

Fleet No. | Price
#1        |$0
#2        |$1000
#3        |$2000
#4        |$3000
etc       |etc

Tada! Thanks, Matt.

|5. The Maps|

This section is all about the maps in Star Wars Battlefront II. There are 
about a dozen new maps, not including space, most of them from Episode III to
coinside with the campaign. They have removed some, like Bespin and Rhen Var, 
and expanded others, like Kamino and Hoth. Unlike in the old game, where each 
planet had two maps, i.e. Mos Eisley and Dune Sea for Tatooine, there is only 
one map; Mos Eisley. 

And here they are in alphabetical order, or the order in the Instant Action

|a. Coruscant|
Description: The map for Coruscant is the Jedi Temple, or part of it anyway. 
Hey... the Jedi Council Chamber is on this floor... in all the movies, isn't
it in the middle tower? Good one LucasArts!
Era/s: Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War
Command Posts: (1) Veranda, (2) Council Chamber, (3) Library, (4) Comm Center,
(5) Map Room, (6) Breifing Room
Vehicles?: No
Heroes: Mace Windu [Republic], Luke Skywalker [Rebels], Anakin Skywalker 
[Empire], Emperor [CIS]
Secrets: Not really a secret, but when CP 5 is under control by either side, a
map of the universe will appear every now and then.
Tips: - There are many advantages to controlling CP 1 [the Veranda], not the 
        least of which is the fact that you can quickly get to the Library or 
        the Map Room by following the paths at the sides of the entrance. 
        Also, it's quite useful that there are three entrances to the Great 
        Hall, so the enemy can't ambush you at a single one.
      - The fallen columns in the Hall are good cover on your way across the 
        huge space.

|b. Dagobah|
Description: Dagobah is the planet where Yoda went after he lost to Palpatine.
His house is even there, near the swamp. 
Era/s: Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War
Command Posts: (1) Swamp, (2) The Hollow, (3) Bogged X-Wing / LAAT, (4) Glade,
(5) The Tree, (6) The Hillock
Heroes: Yoda [Republic], Yoda [Rebels], Darth Vader [Empire], Count Dooko [CIS
Vehicles?: No
Secrets: When playing Galactic Civil War, check out the bogged X-Wing... I 
wonder who's that could be? In CP 2, listen for the sound of breathing. This
is the same hollow from Empire Strikes Back, where Luke kills Darth Vader.
Tips: Not really any tips here.

|c. Death Star|
Description: The mighty Death Star! This is one of my favourite maps, along
with Hoth. God knows why you can play in the Clone Wars on this map. It
shouldn't be built yet...
Era/s: Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War
Command Posts: 
Vehicles?: No
Secrets: In the main Detention block hall, about halfway down, just past an 
open cell is a grate. You can destroy this and jump down. Guess where it takes
you? Drumroll please.... the Trash Compactor! I only found this out a few days
ago, but I knew that it had to be there somewhere. 
Tips: - You can destroy bridges in two places to impede the enemy's progress:
        the Beam Room, and just past there over the big canyon. In both places
        you have to destroy a control panel to get rid of the bridges. Watch 
        out if you destroy the one in the beam room, as allied troops will 
        just run off the edge.

      - If you need to make a quick escape in the detention block, jump down
        the trash compactor shute. As for the compactor crushing you into a
        pancake... well, thats just the luck of the draw. There's a control
        panel in there that seems to turn of the lights.... Don't know what
        that's for...

|6. Space Battles|

Probably the BIGGEST improvement done to the game is the inclusion of space 
battles. You can now dogfight properly. In the first game there were 
starfighters, but somehow it didn't feel right without cruisers blowing you
out of the sky.. wait.. that didn't sound right.

The way it works is thus. 
There are two cruisers, or 'Capital Ships'. There are usually a couple of 
friates for each cruiser. Your ship has a hanger on one side, but CIS is the
exception to this as it's hanger goes through the entire ship. There are 
single ships in these hangers, i.e starfighters, bombers, transports. You can
fly these. You can also control the capital ships main turrets by using the
control panels around the Auto-turret Mainframe. There are certain internal
systems that you can destroy, or sabotage, on the enemy ship. Such as the
engines, shields and life support. 

             SHIELD GEN
I|           |________|           |E
F|-|                            |-|N     H = Health Droid
E| |                            | |G     A = Ammo Droid
 | |      Auto-Turret Main      | |I
S|-|                            |-|N
U|                                |E
P|           H        A           |S
 |          |-|      |-|          |
 | ---------| |______| |--------- |
 |_|_______|            |_______|_|
    HANGER                HANGER

Hope you can understand my bad art. As you can see, there are two doors to the
hanger. Once you enter the internal area, there is a tower in the center of 
the room, which is the Auto-Turret Mainframe, and in a circle around it are 
the turret controls. On the left and right are the doors to the Life Support
and Engine rooms. Straight ahead is the Shield Generator. Heres a graph.

System           |Function
Auto-Turret Main |Controls auto-firing turrets
Engines          |I don't think they actually do anything involving the game
Life Support     |Same as the engines
Shields          |Stop bombs, lasers, etc from hitting the actual ship
Comm Array       |Nothing
Sensor Relay     |Nothing
Bridge           |Nothing

Also note that you can destroy the internal systems of a capital ship on the
outside of the ship. 

The best strategy I've found for space battles is to jump in your faction's 
transport, like the Republic Gunship or Imperial Lander and fly into the enemy
Capital Ship's hanger. Make sure that the passengers [if any] all get off,
becuase pilots, if left in, have a tendency to lift off and fly into the 
hanger wall. If theres anybody left in, just take off and land again until
they all get out. Once landed, and emptied, allied pilots can't take off. 
Now the transport is a spawn point for reinforcements, so you can go straight
into the enemy ship. Then, as a marine, blow up the Auto-turret Mainframe and
Shield Generator. Now take a scout fighter back to your hanger, or just die
and spawn at your hanger, and come back as a pilot.
Now get into a bomber and, if they aren't already, destroy the enemy frigates.
Then destroy the bridge, comm array and sensor array. Leave the engines till
last as they usually are the hardest target. But where's the fun in that?
Unless you're playing Galactic Conquest, where you usually WANT to win, just
mess around! Dogfight! Play hide and seek with the enemy cruiser's turrets!
I dunno. Kamikaze into their shields and see if it actually does any damage,
though I don't think it does. Be creative!

Frigates are annoying for many reasons, not the least of which that you can't 
land on them and blow them up from the inside out. That's right, you've gotta
destroy these puppies from the outside. The easiest way to do so is with a 
bomber and multiple passes, dropping bomb after bomb. 
The next easiest way to blow them into hell is with your cruiser's turrets. 
But make sure you get the laser turret, not a machine gun. Slower than bombs,
but it beats peppering their armor with blaster bolts.

The most important thing to remember in space battles is this. 
USE EVASIVE MANEUVERS! Especially when a missiles locked on. Wait until the 
'Missile Lock' thing gets down to 50 metres or so and barrel roll a couple of
times. You should dodge the missile/s. I've found barrel-rolling more 
effective than flipping. You flip too soon, the missiles just seek you to your
new position, you flip too late, the missiles hit you, and you look like a 
jackass, flipping for no reason.

Space battles aren't won by command posts, or reinforcements, they're won by
points. Whenever you shoot a starfighter down, you get points. Whenever you
destroy a system on the enemy ship, you gain points. Whenever you destroy the
enemy frigates, you gain points, etc, etc. The number of points you have to
get to win is set to 180 while default, and will be set to this in Galactic

|7. Squad Commands|
In the first Battlefront, the entire D-Pad was used for Squad Commands, but
since they decided that D-Pad down will now be reload, the Spuad Commands are
compacted into a single button; D-Pad Up. I have gotten about twenty emails
asking about the Commands, and a couple telling me about them. Thanks to 
PokeThaMage and Cro I now understand the Command System. When commaning
troops to follow you or move out, yu must point the aiming reticle AT the
trooper. While in vehicles, however, you just have to hit the button for
the people to get in or out. I already knew about the vehicles, but not the
troop commands. As said above in the 'Medals and Points' section, there are 
four levels depending on how many medals you have. Once you get 300 you reach
General status, allowing you to command four troops at a time! I hope this
clears up any thoughts you've been having.

Update: Have decided to add PokeThaMage's table here instead of the tips, but
it'll be there too.

Communicating With Your Squad (AI only)
Follow Me (with no AI following), At Ease/Move Out (with AI following)

Communicating With AI Who Is Very Far Away
Hold On

Communication From Vehicle or Starfighter Pilot (AI only)
Everyone Out (with AI inside), Pile In (with AI outside)

I think this explains it a lot better than the paragraph above, but I dunno.
Thankyou PokeThaMage! [Did I get it right this time?]

|8. The Heads Up Display|
The HUD, or Heads Up Display is the screen you're seeing most of the time 
while you play the game. It is designed so that anything you need is right at
your fingertips, literally. It shows your health, ammo, energy, radar, your
weapons and more. Please, forgive my bad ASCII art.

|                                                                    ____    |
|                             |==============|                      /    \   |
|             100                                          100     |      |  |
|                                                                  |      |  |
|                                                                   \____/   |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|                                    / \                                     |
|                                   | . |                                    |
|                                    \ /                                     |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|  0 GUNNER                                                                  |
|  0 PILOT                                                                   |
|                                                                            |
|    4        ----                                                           |
|  200   -----------                                                         |
|                                                                            |
| |================|                                                         |
| |----------------|                                                         |

OK. Again, please forgive my bad ASCII art. Please?

To start off, the thing in the middle... yes, the thing that looks like a 
retarded circle. SHUT UP!... is the targeting reticle. This is the point where
the gun you happen to be using will send it's bullets. Or blasts, or whatever.
If you happen to move the reticle over an enemy, the reticle will turn red.
If you point it at an ally, it'll go blue. If you shoot at the enemy, and you
hit, the reticle will flash white. 

Moving on. If you're pointing the reticle at anything, e.g. vehicle, ally, 
enemy, turret, the bar directly above the reticle will appear. This bar shows
the health of the subject of your pointing of the reticle. That made no sense.

On either side of this bar should be a number, or if you're playing a campaign
mission, it may have '--' instead. This is the reinforcement count for both
your team and your opponents. The blue number on the left is yours, and the
red one on the right is your enemy's. 

In the top-righthand corner is your mini-map. This is a shrunk down version of
the map you can view by pressing BACK, and it only shows the immediate area
around you. The triangle in the center of this circle is you, and the white
wedge coming out of the point is your field of vision, and therefore the 
direction you're looking. If an enemy is nearby, it'll come up on the map as
red, and allies blue. Vehicles will be large splodges that look roughly like
what they are, and will be the colour of the team that's using them at the 
moment. If the vehicle in question is empty, the icon will appear white. 

In the bottom-lefthand corner are two bars.
The bottom bar is your energy [or power, or adrenaline] bar. This bar shows 
how much energy you have [duh]. Doing anything strenuous, e.g. rolling, 
jumping, sprinting, will decrease the bar. The bar refills over time, but the
fastest way is by picking up Energy Capsules. When in Galactic Conquest, the
bonus 'Energy Boost' makes the bar refill twice as fast. Vehicles have energy
too, but it's more like a boost. Like the AT-RT speedwalks if you press it.

The upper bar is your health. It shows how much more damage you can take 
before you're KIA. You can increase your health with Bacta Capsules, or the 
Bacta Tanks bonus in Galactic Conquest. If the bar drops completely... you
die. Obviously.

Above the Health and Enrgy bars are the ammo bars. The bottom one is your 
primary weapon and the top is your secondary. The numbers on the left are the
ammo you have for the weapon in question. To the right of the ammo number is
a picture of the weapon. There's a glitch with the Super Battle Droid, in that
if you get the Elite Rifle award, there isn't a picture.

Above the ammo is a thing I like to call the position spots. When you get into
a vehicle, these spots will MAGICALLY appear, showing you how many people can
get in the vehicle you're in. The name of the postion is on the right of the
spot, which is replaced with the name of the occupant if someone gets in. They
also go purple when someone gets in.

Well, that's about it for the HUD. If I missed anything... email me, or 

|Part 2: Rise of the Empire|

||4 - Walkthrough||

This is the walkthrough for the campaign, Rise of the Empire. Now, keep in 
mind that the game isn't set, meaning that I can't tell you what units will
spawn, or where the ememy will be at a certain point. Also keep in mind that
I'm doing this on Normal difficulty.

|1. Training - Attack of the Clones|

Info: The Grand Army of the Republic is making it's debut on the plains of 
Geonosis. Leading the way are the troopers of the 501st legion. Learn the 
basics of units, weapons, and mission objectives while trying to survive the
501st's first foray into combat.
Map: Geonosis
Faction: Republic [Allies], CIS [Enemies] 
Hero: Mace Windu
Vehicles: AT-TE, Hailfire Droid, Spider Walker 

You start off and some guy, I'll call him your CO, will tell you to get going.
After you walk around the bunker, you'll get your first objective.

Mission Objectives
Go to Checkpoint Alpha - Pending

Pretty standard. Just go over to the arrow on your HUD and you'll be told of
droid scouts in the area.

Go to Checkpoint Alpha - Complete
Destroy the Droid Scouts - Pending

Just shoot at the droids that have an objective arrow on them. Once they're 
dead, you'll be congratulated on your success. You killed a couple of SBDs,
what's the big deal?

Destroy the Droid Scouts -  Complete
Destroy the Hailfire Droid - Pending

Ok. The Hailfire droid is the big vehicle with ferris wheels on the sides. 
Unlike in the first Battlefront, there are no concussion grenades, which did
extra damage to vehicles. Instead, you've just got the standard thermal 
detonators but, unlike in the first battlefront, they stick and do the same
amount of damage as the concussion grenades. So, just chuck a few grenades at 
the Hailfire and it'll blow up. It's badly damaged, so you should only have to
throw two.

Destroy the Hailfire Droid - Complete
Capture the downed Techno-Union ship - Pending

Yay! Your first command post! Head over to the derelict ship and stand near 
the command post. There will be a few droids outside of the wreck, but some
allies will take care of them for you.

Capture the downed Techno-Union ship - Complete
Change to the engineer class - Pending

Easy. If you're still at the command post, great. Just press Y and select 

Change to the engineer class - Complete
Construct a Health and Ammo Recharge Droid - Pending

Go over to the rocks and switch your primary weapon to the fusion cutter. Hold
fire next to one of the destroyed droids and wait until it's done, then do the
other one. The area is really a war zone now, so watch out.

Construct a Health and Ammo Recharge Droid - Complete
Get inside the AT-TE - Pending

The AT-TE is off on the right. Jump in by pressing Y under or near it.

Get inside the AT-TE - Complete
Destroy a Spider Walker with the AT-TE - Pending

You've got two walkers to choose from. Take your pick, aim and fire. The 
spider should go down in a couple of volleys. Make sure to zoom in to make
sure your aim is true.

Destroy a Spider Walker with the AT-TE - Complete
Change to the Jet Trooper class - Pending

Jump out of the AT-TE and head back to the command post. Press Y again to 
change to the jet trooper. 

Change to the Jet Trooper class - Complete
Aquire the Sith Holocron - Pending

Double-click jump to fly onto the top of your derelict ship. Grab the holocron
and fly back to Checkpoint Alpha. Now you really have to keep your wits about 
you as the droids are getting more and more aggressive.

Aquire the Sith Holocron - Complete
Capture the Cliff CP - Pending

Fly or run up to the cliff-top. Kill all droids in the area. Capture the CP 
just like you did for the Techno-Union ship.

Capture the Cliff CP - Complete
Change to the Sniper class - Pending-Compete
Kill 3 Droids with Sniper Rilfe - Pending

Change class to Sharpshooter and crouch near the cliff-edge. Zoom to maximum
and start picking off droids. If they're on the move, make sure to lead them
a little. Once you take out three droids, head back to the CP.

Change to Sniper Class - Complete
Kill 3 Droids with Sniper Rifle - Complete
Change to Heavy Trooper class - Pending

Change to Heavy Trooper class, for god's sake.

Change to Heavy Trooper class - Complete
Destroy a Spider Walker with Rocket Launcher - Pending

Crouch near the edge again and aim at one of the Spiders. Start firing rockets
and after about four-five rockets, get ready to be one with the force...

Destroy a Spider Walker with Rocket Launcher - Complete
Destroy 10 droids - Pending

Woo! Mace Windu! Run out onto the field and just start hacking at any droid 
you see. It won't take very long to get ten. Don't forget to use force push!

Destroy 10 droids - Complete
Capture the CIS bunker - Pending

Head over to the unker, slashing down drois as you go. Try jumping on the roof
of a spider walker and slashing it. It looks pretty cool! Capture the command 
post just like the last two times. 

Capture the CIS bunker - Complete

Mission Compete

|2. Campaign - Mygeeto: Amongst the Ruins|

Info: General Ki-Adi-Mundi is leading the attack on the CIS manufacturing 
planet of Mygeeto. A powerful Energy Collector provides power to its 
factories. Destroy the Energy Collector and recover the unique power crystals
from its core.
Map: Mygeeto
Factions: Republic [Allies], CIS [Enemies]
Hero: Ki-Adi-Mundi
Vehicles: AT-RT, AAT

Alright! Your first campaign mission. Excited? No? Well, it doesn't really 
matter anyway. The troops look a lot cooler now, eh?

Mission Objectives
Capture Forward CP - Pending

Right. So apparently, the droids have a forward base just across this bridge 
in front of you. Easy. Jump into one of the AT-RTs if you can, or you can just
walk. You'll face a bit of opposition on the bridge, but nothing you can't 
handle. Once you get across, the CP is in the big building ahead of you. It 
may take a few assaults to take it, so be careful.

Capture the Forward CP - Complete
Destroy the Particle Cannon turrets - Pending

Ok. You've got to take out the turrets so your jedi hero, Ki-Adi-Mundi, can
land. There are two of them, one on the right and left on the side of the 
bridge you should be on now. Blow 'em with a couple of rockets, or grenades,
anything. Just get them destroyed.

Destroy the Particle Cannon turrets - Complete
Destroy the generator to power down the shield - Pending

You'll get the choice to play as Ki-Adi-Mundi now. Do so and head towards the
objective arrow. Jump over the shield and swipe at the generator with your
lightsaber, it should only take one swing to destroy it.

Destroy the generator to power down the shield - Complete
Capture the North-Western CP - Pending

The CP should be right in front of you. Kill any opposition and capture the
command post.

Capture the North-Western CP - Complete
Destroy the Energy Collector core - Pending

Jump over the shield and destroy the generator, then head down the walkway 
towards the objective arrow. Go around the building, destroying any shield 
generators you find along the way. Once they're all destroyed, it's simply a
matter of going inside and destroying the core, which should only take a 
couple of swipes. Watch out for the Destroyer Droids.

Destroy the Energy Collector core - Complete
Aquire the power crystals from energy core - Pending 

Just grab the white, glowing thing in front of you. You'll be told to take it
back to a waiting dropship. So start Jedi-Sprinting. Keep going until you get
to the bridge. If you're out of energy, wait for it to recharge. Now sprint,
sprint for your life! Once you get to the dropship...

Aquire the power crystals from energy core - Complete

Mission Complete

|3. Campaign - Coruscant: A Desperate Rescue|

Info: General Grievous is holding the Supreme Chancellor hostage aboard his
flagship. The Jedi are on their way, but the 501st must first clear a path
through the Seperatist fleet. Engage the nearest CIS cruiser and destroy it.
Map: Coruscant, Space
Factions: Republic [Allies], CIS [Enemies]
Hero: None
Vehicles: ARC-170, Droid Starfighter. 

Cool! First space battle! Rock on!

Mission Objetives
Launch into space - Pending

Choose pilot or marine and jump into an ARC-170. Fly out.

Launch into space - Complete
Destroy 5 enemy fighters - Pending

Alright. Click X to track a target and start dogfighting. When fighting in 
space, never forget the evasive maneveurs. They could save your life from an
incoming missile. One the fifth starfighter is blown into dust, objective

Destroy 5 enemy fighters - Complete
Destroy the enemy Frigate - Pending

The frigate is the oval-shaped Banking-Clan ship hovering above the battle.
Aim anywhere on it and start firing torpedoes. Watch out for fighters and
turrets, though. 

Destroy the enemy frigate - Complete
Disable the enemy shields - Pending

Just start shooting at any part of the CIS cruiser. The health bar at the top
should be blue, which means you're destroying the shield of the ship, not the
actual ship. Once the bar dissapears completely, the shield is down.

Disable the enemy shields - Complete
Destroy the Comm Array - Pending

The Communications Array is aout halfway down the top of the ship. Shoot at it
with everything you have. Once it's destroyed...

Destroy the Comm Array - Complete
Land in the enemy hanger - Pending

Line yourself up with a hanger opening and head in. Be careful not to clip the
sides or you'll be pitched forward and crashed. Once in, quickly tap A to land
and jump out.

Land in the enemy hanger - Complete
Destroy the Engine Cooling Tanks - Pending

Run up one of the ramps and into the ship. Coming in, you should see a door 
on the right side. Go through it. Now negtiate your way around an S shaped 
corridor and you should see some green tubes. Shoot a rocket or drop a 
timebomb on them a couple of times and it'll be destroyed. Your first
sabotage! If you run out of rockets r timebombs, go back to the hanger and 
stand near the re-supply droid.

Destroy the Engine Cooling Tanks - Complete
Destroy the bridge of the Trade Federation cruiser - Pending

If your ARC-170 is still intact, jump in that. If not, get a droid starfighter
and fly out of there. The bridge is the raised part of the top of the hull.
Launch torpedoes and fire lasers, just destroy it.

Destroy the bridge of the Trade Federation cruiser - Complete

Mission Complete

|4. Campaign - Felucia: Heart of Darkness|

Info: The CIS is entrenched on Felucia, and have beaten back several attacks.
The 182nd Legion landed ladt month and hasn't been heard from since. As the
Republic's finest, the burden is no upon the 501st to liberate Felucia. 
Map: Felucia
Factions: Republic [Allies], CIS [Enemies], Acklays [Enemies]
Hero: Aayla Secura
Vehicles: AT-TE

Right. I hate this mission, period. So I won't do a walkthrough for it. Just

Mission Objectives
Get to the AT-TE - Pending

Spawn and head for the AT-TE. You'll hear a radio transmission with un-earthly
shrieks in the background. Scary.

Get to the AT-TE - Complete
Kill 8 Acklay - Pending

That's right! The eight-legged thing from Attack of the Clones! They're pretty
tough, but nothing a clone trooper can't handle. Just backpedal constantly, 
'cause if they catch you, you die INSTANTLY. Keep pumping round after round
of blaster fire into them and they'll die. Missiles aren't as effective 
against them as they should be.

Kill 8 Acklay - Complete
Defend the AT-TE - Pending

Okay, you've got to defend the damaged AT-TE until the jedi arrives. CIS will
come down into the river to attack it, so defend it.. of course. Once the 
two minutes are done, get ready for the Jedi.

Defend the AT-TE - Complete
Aquire the Power Cell - Pending

So, the AT-TE needs a certain part to work properly, and a dropship that went
down nearby has one. Sprint to it and sprint back to the AT-TE. Jump in.

Aquire the Power Cell - Complete
Destroy the CIS defense turrets - Pending

Start driving forward and up the cleared area to your right. Destroy the 
turret, and keep moving. Make sure you get all the turrets, and make sure you
don't miss the one on top of the huge stump.

Destroy the CIS defense turrets - Complete

Mission Complete

|5. Campaign - Kashyyyk: First Line of Defence|

Info: The CIS are laying siege to the wookie homeworld of Kashyyk. Break 
through the enemy blockade and relieve the beleaguered garrison until more 
reinforcements arrive. Destroy the Seperatist flagship at all costs.
Map: Kashyyyk, Space
Factions: Republic [Allies], CIS [Enemies]
Hero: None
Vehicles: Republic Starfighter, ARC-170, V-Wing, LAAT Gunship, Tri-Fighter,
Droid Starfighter, CIS Strike Bomber

Yay! We have to help the Wookies by breaking the enemy blockade around the 

Mission Objectives
Destroy the enemy Frigates - Pending

Spawn as a pilot and jump into a V-Wing. Fly out and attack the frigate of the
front of the enemy ship, as you won't be given too much grief by the ships
guns. Start dropping bombs. If an enemy starfighter attacks you, barrel-roll,
but don't bother chasing it. While bombing the frigate, try to stay on the 
opposite side to the enemy cruiser so you'll be hit even less. If you do get 
hit, no worries, that's why I said spawn as a pilot. After five or so bombing
runs, the frigate will be destroyed. Head towards the other frigate and begin
bombing this one too, but because it's above the flagship, try to stay 
directly above the frigate. Again, after about five runs, the ship will blow
up. Over time, the first frigate will drift over and away from the enemy ship
and the second one will drift towards your ship. Be awae of this, as you can
change your position to shelter you from the ship guns accordingly.

Destroy the enemy Frigates
Destroy the enemy Heavy Turrets - Pending

Th heavy turrets are the two big guns on either side of the enemy ship's 
hanger. They don't target starfighters [I think...], so don't worry about them
shooting at you. Be more worried about the autoturrets. If you still have your
V-Wing, use that to strafe the guns, it should only take a single run for 
each. Keep barrel-rolling while your bomb-tubes reload and the autoturrets 
shouldn't damage you too much.

Destroy the enemy Heavy Turrets - Complete 
Land an LAAT Gunship in the enemy hanger - Pending

Right, you've got to land a Gunship in the hanger so your troops can spawn 
there. This is a really useful technique, and it works in Instant Action and
Galactic Conquest too. So, jump in the gunship and take off. You can't 
barrel-roll or flip in this, so weave back and forth on your way to the hanger
so the turrets find it hard to hit you. Once in the hanger, make sure you stay
low, but not low enough to hit the ships in there. Park it in front and 
between the two doors.

Land an LAAT Gunship in the enemy hanger - Complete
Destroy their Life Support and Engines - Pending

OK, so you have to sabotage a couple of their systems. A pilot or marine will
do the job equally well. Run in and shoot out the two autoturrets in either
corner of the room. Then head left and shoot the autoturret there. Then 
destroy the Life Support system with rockets, timebombs or thermal detonators.
If you run out, go back to the... atrium, I guess?... and stand near the ammo
droid. Once it's destroyed, go into the opposite room and shoot the two
autoturrets in the hall there. Then destroy the same green tubing that you
destroyed in 'A Desperate Rescue' with rockets, timebombs or thermal 
detonators. One done, you will recieve a new objective.

Destroy their Life Support and Engines - Complete
Secure the Kashyyyk battle plans - Pending

The battle plans are just inside of the Shield Generator room. Grab them and
fight yourway back to the hanger. Once there, jump in a droid starfighter or
Tri-fighter and get the hell out of there. Barrel-roll back to your hanger
and run through the door and over to the blue pulsating thing.

Secure the Kashyyyk battle plans - Complete

Mission Complete

|6. Campaign - Kashyyyk: A Line in the Sand|

Info: The 501st has re-inforced the Wookie defenders at a key refinery. Master
Yoda himself is coordinating the defence of this critical installation. The 
line has been drawn; there can be no retreat.
Map: Kashyyyk
Factions: Republic [Allies], Wookies [Allies], CIS [Enemies]
Hero: Yoda
Vehicles: IFT-X, Armored Tank Droid, STAP, Spider Walker

Wookies! Rock on!

Mission Objectives
Hold the Beach CP for 3 minutes - Pending

All right then. You have to capture the Beachhead command post and hold it for
three minutes. Spawn as a trooper and run down to the beachhead. With all the
ally troops around you, the CP should be captured like that. At this point, I
would suggest you change class to the Sharpshooter, and stand behind the
barricade cos the droids have to come a loooong way across the water. But if
you're not too handy with a sniper rifle, you can just stay as the trooper.
As I said, the droids will be coming across the water from their command post
on the other side of the lake, ut also from the left, from their command post
on the back over there, unless you captured it first. Watch out for the Tank
Droids coming across the water. Every now and then, switch to a Heavy Trooper
and take out the Tank Droids that are nearby, then switch back to Trooper or
sniper. It can, and will, get a little hectic, but as long as the CIS don't 
capture the CP within the three minutes, the objective is assured.

Hold the Beach CP for 3 minutes - Complete
Fall back to the Wookie base - Pending

Quickly switch to a Jet trooper [if you have enough points] and fly up behind
the big sea wall. If not, just run back. Or you could just die and spawn back

Fall back to the Wookie Base - Complete
Defend the Oil Refinery for 4 minutes - Pending

OK then, I reccomend you switch back to a trooper, if you're not on already,
and get down to the sea wall. Try to hold the droids back, but eventually
they'll break through, no matter how hard you try. Keep an eye on the huge 
gate. wen you hear "They've reached the sea wall, brace yourselves", the gate
will drop, giving the CIS vehicles a way in. Keep killing droids and, like 
before, switch to Heavy Trooper at regular intervals to keep the Tank Droids 
at bay. The Oil Refinery is pretty hardy, so don't bother with standing in 
front of it, shooting any droids that come near. Just stand near the sea wall,
picking off droids. Just like before, it'll get pretty hectic, but when the 
four minutes are up, you gt rewarded for your efforts...

Defend the Oil Refinery for 4 minutes - Complete
Take over all CIS Command Posts - Pending

Told you you'd be rewarded! Yoda! Push D-Pad Left and run out onto the 
battlefield. Head towards the one on the right first. Slash down some droids,
and hold off any reinforcements until the CP is captured. Next, head for the 
Beach and send all the droids there to droid heaven. Once that one is 
captured, don't bother going for the one on the opposite shore, go for the one
on the bank. Also, don't go very deep into the water with Yoda, as one of my
friends managed to drown him. This CP will have stiff opposition, but no match
for the master of all Jedi! Slaughter them and then head around the shore 
toward the other CP. Their reinforcements are still unlimited, however. This
one, presuming it's the only one they still control, will have the toughest 
opposition, as all their reinforcements will spawn there. If Yoda died 
somewhere along the line, just use a trooper. Once that CP is captured...

Take over all CIS Command Posts - Complete

Mission Complete

|7. Campaign - Utapau: Underground Ambush|

Info: Republic intelligence believes General Grievous is here on Utapau.
General Kenobi has gone ahead by himself to scout the planet. Secure a landing
area and link up with Kenobi to crush the Seperatists once and for all.
Map: Utapau
Factions: Republic [Allies], CIS [Enemies]
Hero: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Vehicles: AT-RT, AAT

Cool! It's Utapau! No peacock-lizard from the movie though... Damn.

Mission Objectives
Assault the Lookout Command Post - Pending

OK. The CP is straight ahead from the only CP you have. Spawn as a trooper and
run up the stairs and over to the CP. Watch out for enemies spawning around

Assault the Lookout Command Post - Complete
Capture the Highway Command Post - Pending

Head down the 'highway' if you can call it that. If you can, jump in an AT-RT,
as to get there quicker. Once there, it should be pretty hectic. Use the AT-RT
cannons to clear the area, expecially the mortar. Once the immediate area 
around the CP is a bit clearer, jump out and capture the command post. By now
the rest of your forces should have caught up, and an AAT. Let your allies 
hold the droids off while you capture the CP, then change to Heavy trooper and
blow that bastard to hell.

Capture the Highway Command Post - Complete
Secure Hanger 10's Command Post - Pending

Switch to Obi-Wan and charge in there. Slice down any droid that gets in your
way and capture the CP. Watch the ramps on either side, as snipers tend to 
like camping here. 

Secure Hanger 10's Command Post - Complete
Fight General Grievous - Pending

All right! Time to kill Grievous. No cool fighting though. Just force push him
and run to where he lands. Start hacking at him and don't stop till he's dead.
Easier than the job Obi-Wan had in the movie, eh?

Fight General Grievous - Complete
Destroy the AA Guns - Pending

The Anti-Air guns are on both sides at the opening of the hanger. If you're 
still Obi, just jump on one and hack it to death. If not, use a Heavy trooper.
The Heavy's rocket launcher can destroy it in one or two shots. Watch out 
though, as the area will still be full of droids.

Destroy the AA Guns - Complete
Destroy the Power Generator - Pending

The generator is a big tower lookin thing. Jump in an AT-RT or, if there's not
one available, respawn as a Heavy trooper. Head towards the objective arrow,
killing droids along the way. Don't forget to sprint or in the case of the
AT-RT, speedwalk! Once you get there, just shoot at the damn thing. Don't 
worry about the droids slowly surrounding you. You should destroy the tower
before the kill you. Hmmm... should? Anyway, if any droids are giving you 
serious trouble, i.e. shooting you with a rocket launcher, then kill 'im. 

Destroy the Power Generator - Complete

Mission Complete

|7. Campaign - Coruscant: Knightfall|

Info: Order 66 has been given. The Jedi collaborators must be eliminated. On 
Coruscant, the 501t has been given the singular honor of executing this order 
under the command of the newly annointed Darth Vader.
Map: Coruscant
Factions: Republic [Allies], Jedi [Enemies], Jedi Vanguard [Enemies]
Hero: Anakin Skywalker
Vehicles: None

I like the name. It's a play on words!

Mission Objectives
Capture the Jedi Council Chamber - Pending

Spawn as a trooper and start sprinting towards the arrow. The fallen columns
and stuff provide some cover from the Jedi and Vanguard, but it works both
ways. The Jedi aren't that hard to kill. Just keep shooting, and they'll drop.
The Jedi Vanguard aren't as hard to kill as the Jedi are, but they can get
a bit annoying. Once you reach the chamber, about three jedi will drop down.
Kill them. Try to do this all in one shot, cos it's a looooong way away from
your CP. Jedi will rush the stairs leading to the chamber, so stay tight.

Capture the Jedi Council Chamber - Complete
Go to the Library - Pending

Head over to the Jedi Archives. Just head down the stairs from the chamber,
jump across to the walkway and head in there.

Go to the Library - Complete
Defend the Library and it's contents until scan is complete - Pending

Seems the Jedi don't want us finding out what's in their archives. They're 
attempting to destroy the bookcases. Let us stop them!
A two minute timer will start. Kill all the jedi and vanguard in the library,
and stand guard near a bookcase. Hold off the attackers. At about the one
minute point, five or six jedi will drop from the second floor. Kill them.
They shouldn't be too much truble, as they seem to care more about destroying
the bookcases than killing you. Once the two minutes is complete, you'll get
your new objective.

Defend the Library and it's contents until scan is complete - Complete
Retrieve the Holocron from the Comm Center - Pending

Head to either end of the library and go up the stairs. Head through the 
door and prepare to defend yourself. There are about a half-dozen jedi in 
here. It may take a couple of shots, but when you break through them, head
aroun the big glowin things and through a door and grab the Holocron.
You now have two options; go back through the library to the veranda, or head
down the stairs into the huge hallway. It doesn't matter which you choose, 
really. The second option is risky cos there are some jedi down there, but its
the more direct route. So head down to the Council Chamber, and switch to Jet
Trooper. Now use your jetpack to cover most of the hall, and sprint the rest
of the way. Once you get to the dropship on the veranda, objective complete.

Retrieve the Holocron from the Comm Center - Complete
Kill the Jedi with the Holocron - Pending

Spawn back to the Council Chamber as Anakin and sprint down the L-shaped hall.
Watch for Vanguards here. Once you get to the doorway, you'll see the jedi.
You'll also see the four other jedi surrounding him. Don't let them stop you!
Throw your lightsaber at the important Jedi, then run in and slaughter him.
By now the other jedi should have taken notice of you and begun to slash you.
Don't worry about them, just grab the Holocron and forcesprint back to the

Kill the Jedi with the Holocron - Complete
Kill the 8 Jedi Masters - Pending

IF you're still anakin, you've got nothin to worry about. If he died, just use
a Trooper. Kill all the masters. They aren't any more difficult than normal
jedi, so don't be scared.

Kill the 8 Jedi Masters - Complete

Mission Complete

|7. Campaign - Naboo: Imperial Diplomacy|

Info: The empire is flourishing under Emperor Palpatine but there are still 
elements that resist the New Order. Chief among thesr is the Queen of Naboo; 
rumour has it she is also sheltering fugitive Jdi. It is time to bring Vader's
Fist down on these traitors.
Map: Naboo
Factions: Empire [Allies], Naboo Guard [Enemies], Royal Jedi Guard [Enemies]
Hero: None
Vehicles: IFT-T, Alliance ARC-1

Turns out that the successor of Queen Amidala is a bit of a bitch. She's not
very happy with the New Republic, so let's go and 'adjust' her government. 
Oh, and you're now the Empire. Rock on!

Mission Objectives
Capture the Plaza Security Post - Pending

Alright. Spawn as a Stormtrooper and head towards the opening on your right. 
It might get a little hectic here, with the two forces meeting all at once, so
keep your head down. Use the flowr beds as cover on your way to the CP. Once
you get there, it's basically the same procedure as always. Use the fountain
next to the CP to your advantage if you need to.

[Madbird here. Tom Atkins has emailed me with a n aternate route to get to the
CP. Instead of going through the arch, and most likely getting mowed down by
the Naboo guards, head backwards, up the stairs [to where the CP is in the
normal, non-campaign map], down the other side and over to the CP. 
Thanks Tom!]

Capture the Plaza Security Post - Complete
Take over the Plaza Command Post - Pending

You have to capture another plaza and, wouldn't you know it? It's on the 
opposite side of the map. Respawn as a Dark Trooper if you wish, or just keep
the Stormtrooper. Go over the bridge into the huge dome thing to get to the 
other side faster. Watch out for the damn Naboo Guards. They're damn annoying,
and they can pop out of almost anywhere. Once you get to the CP, stand near
it and shoot down any bastards who get in your way.

Take over the Plaza Command Post - Complete
Capture the Guard Security Post - Pending

Jump in the IFT-T and get another trooper in. Head straight ahead and around
the corner on the right. Any Guards you come across should seem to melt under
your tank's laser cannons, but watch out for the ARC-1s. Once you get to the 
CP, jump out and let the other bloke control the tank. You can still capture
it from behind the pillars along the back, so jump back there. Only come out
if a guard comes over and stops the capture meter. 

Capture the Guard Security Post - Complete
Destroy the Central Grid Console - Pending

The CGC is up the ramp on the right. So are a heap of guards, so chuck a 
thermal detonator up there first. Once the bodies land, head up. The Central
Grid Console is on you right, right next to the ramp. A grenade or a few 
rounds of gunfire should be sufficient to destroy it.

Destroy the Central Grid Console - Complete
Kill the Queen and her Royal Guards - Pending

You may notice about a dozen Jedi have appeared all over the map. Time for a
slaughter! Kill the Jedi in the central plaza to begin with, then move out and
kill the others. Once they're dead, the Queen and half a dozen more Jedi will
appear. Don't worry about the Jedi, concentrate on the Queen. She ain't too
tough, so it shouldn't take long to send her skywards. Or groundwards, if you
didn't like her.

Kill the Queen and her Royal Guards - Complete

Mission Complete

|8. Campaign - Mustafar: Preventative Measures|

Info: Gizor Delzo, a Geonosian fugitive from the time of the Clone Wars has 
reactivated a battle droid army in the Mustafar system. The 501st is in the 
system but it's star destroyer has been boarded by Delzos forces. Repel enemy 
boarders amd take the fight to them.
Map: Mustafar, Space
Factions: Empire [Allies], CIS [Enemies]
Hero: None
Vehicles: Tie Interceptor, Tie Fighter, Tie Bomber, Tri-Fighter, Droid 
Starfighter, CIS Strike Bomber.

Hey... CIS... I thought we destroyed them... deja vu... first Empire space

Mission Objectives
Destroy the enemy transport - Pending

Ok. Spawn as a marine and head into the hanger, if you aren't there already. 
Use your rocket launcher to destroy the MAC gunship in the middle of the
hanger. Then use your rifle to mop up the other droids.

Destroy the enemy transport - Complete
Destroy 8 enemy fighters - Pending

The single ships should have appeared straight after the transport was 
destroyed, so jump in a Tie Fighter or Interceptor and take off. I used an
Interceptor. Watch out for the asteroids in between you and the enemy Capital
Ship, cos if you hit one, you're dead. The Interceptor is good here, it's 
agility allowing for easy dodging of the rocks. It may take a few resapwns, 
but as soon as the eighth fighter is space dust, objective complete.

Destroy 8 enemy fighters - Complete
Destroy the shields of the enemy ship - Pending

Head back to the hanger and jump in a TIE Bomber. Head across to the enemy 
Capital Ship and start bombing. Watch out for the ship's autoturrets. Stay low
on the surface of the ship, but not so low that the bombs you're dropping are
splashing on you. It'll take 4 - 8 runs, depending on how much help you're 
getting from your allies. 

[Instead of going back to your own hanger, you can just steal a Strike Bomber
from the CIS hanger, and use it to destroy the shields! Then you can just fly
back to your hanger and complete the next objective
Team Ragnarok, of our very own!]

Destroy the shields of the enemy ship - Complete
Steal a Bomber and land in your hanger - Pending

Seems Vader wants one of their Strike Bombers. So swoop into their hanger,
watching the top and bottom of the entrance, and land. You shouldn't face too
much opposition in the hanger, so run across to the bomber with an objective
arrow painted across it. Take off and head towards the Star Destroyer's 
hanger. This is the most dangerous part of the trip, as the autoturrets of the
enemy ship could clip you, or the starfighters could catch you. Barrel-roll a
bit and you should be fine. Head into the hanger and land. Make sure you don't
explode against a wall on the final approach! Jump out.

Steal a Bomber and land in your hanger - Complete

Mission Complete

|10. Campaign - Mustafar: Tying up Loose Ends|

Info: Gizor Delzo has built prototypes of a new battle droid in the hopes of 
resurrecting the CIS army. Destroy the plans for this prototype and any 
reactivated battle droids in the mining facility. Needless to say, Delzo must 
be found and terminated.
Map: Mustafar
Factions: Empire [Allies], CIS [Enemies], Geonosians [Enemies]
Hero: None
Vehicles: None

What a little asshole! He's rebuilt the droids! Let's kill him for his crime.

Mission Objectives
Seize the Conference Room - Pending

Ok. Spawn as a stromie and run through the door on the right [the left one
doesn't work]. Go left and shoot some droids. You should see the un-opening 
door on your left. Shoot the control panel next to it to open the door. Now,
if you're still alive, head down the corridor towards the objective arrow. If
you wish, you can change to the Engineer class, as it's shotgun will be useful
in the confined spaces of the corridors. Take a left at the end of the first
one, then a right. Watch out for droids here, as this'll be the most defended
corridor, and it leads straight to the CP. About half a dozen droids will 
probably try to stop you, so kill them. Once they're dead, head through the
big door and stand near the CP. A word of waring... DON'T SHOOT THE CONTROL
PANELS FACING THE LAVA BRIDGES!!! They drop the bridges if you do. You should
not have too much opposition once you're inside the room.

Seize the Conference Room - Complete
Take control of the Walkway - Pending

Head out through one of the doors and cross the bridge. You'll here 'Watch out
for snipers!' so do that. There's usually three snipers on the walkway, but it
varies. Kill the snipers and head over to the CP. You shouldn't face too much
oppostion here, so you can relax a little. Any opposition you DO face will 
come from the hallway to the right of the CP, so guard that door.

Take control of the Walkway - Complete
Capture the Overlook CP - Pending

Get health and ammo at the two droids at one end of the walkway and head 
through the corridor mentioned above. Head through it, watching out for the 
turret hanging just before the other door. Head through the other door and out
onto the overlook. The CP you want is on the raised area on your right and 
just around the corner. Start going towards the corner, using the nooks 
against the wall for cover. Watch out for the autoturrets. Once you get to 
the corner, stand next to the health droid and you should be able to capture 
it from there. If not, you'll have to move out into the open, exposing 
yourself to fire.

Capture the Overlook CO - Complete
Destroy the droid prototype schematics - Pending

Alright, the schematics are in two tower-type-things on the inside of the 
building. Switch to the Dark Trooper and rocket up the ramp next to the 
Overlook CP. Once up the top, head down the other side and through the hatch.
The first tower is right in front of you. Chuck a couple of grenades at it and
go left, through the ditch and up the other side. The tower is in the middle 
of this half of the room. Same as above, chuck a couple of grenades at it.

Destroy the droid prototype schematics - Complete
Get the Orbital Strike Beacon - Pending

If you did the towers in the order above, the objective arrow should be on
one of the doors leading out of the room. Head through into the conference 
room and pick up the beacon on the other side of the table. 
Now you have to drop the beacon on the middle antenna. Head out of a door and
go down onto the top level. The antenna you need is the center one, so run
out onto it. Once you drop it, RUN LIKE HELL! Not really, they won't bomb it
at all, but it would be cool if you could.

Get the Orbital Strike Beacon - Complete
Clear the Antenna Array - Pending

Run back along the array and up the ramp to the top. Done. Easy as that.

Clear the Antenna Array - Complete
Kill Gizor Delzo - Pending

Don't bother about the other geonosians, just go after Delzo. The ideal class
would be the Stomie, with an award rifle. Once he's dead, rejoice! No more CIS
in this campaign!

Kill Gizor Delzo - Complete

Mission Complete

|11. Campaign - Kamino: Changing of the Guard|

Info: The Kaminoans have turned against the Empire and are using our own 
brothers against us. Lord Vader has hired a special mercenary to lead us in 
this difficult battle. He has unique knowledge of the cloning chambers that 
will be invaluble during the seige.
Map: Kamino
Factions: Empire [Allies], Old Republic [Enemies]
Hero: Boba Fett
Vehicles: None

Seems the Kaminoans have cloned a new army! Let's go show em' the might of the

Mission Objectives
Gain Entry to the Facility - Pending

Spawn as Boba Fett and jet over to the door that has the objective arrow 
pasted on it. Use rockets on the control panel, but watch out for clone troops
sneaking up behind you.

Gain Entry to the Facility - Complete
Retreive the Clone DNA - Pending

If you are still Boba Fett, this part will be easy, if you died, just use a 
Stromie. Head down the corridor and into the huge circular chamber. The DNA is
on the opposite side of the big column in the center, so head around, killing
clones as you go, and grab it. Once you have it, just run like the wind. Don't
bother about killing clones, just run. Go through the side tunnel on your left
and head across the platforms until you reach the Imperial ship. Don't try to
use your jetpack, because it doesn't work while you're carrying a 'flag'. Once
there, the ship will lift off.

Retreive the Clone DNA - Complete
Take the Central Platform - Pending

Alright. you've gotta capture the CP in the centre, so start heading down 
there. At this point, I was still Boba but, again, just use a Stormie if he
died. The fastest way to get there is to run out onto the dead-end walkway,
that has a turret on it, and jump down onto the platform below. Alternatively,
you could just go down the ramps, but where's the fun in that? Once you get
to the centre, you'll notice that the CP is on a slight rise, with walls 
around it. Use this to your advantage! Crouch behind one, only emerging to 
kill clones that come close enough to stop the timer.

Take the Central Platform - Complete
Destroy the 5 clone life support computers - Pending

By now, the option to be Boba should have reappeared, so take it, cos it'll 
be a lot easier with him. If not, use a Shock Trooper or engineer.
Again, the fastest route requires a leap of faith. You'll notice another dead
end walkway with a turret in the direction of the facility. Go to the end of
that and you'll see another identical one below and just to the left, so jump
down onto that. If you're playing Boba, to avoid damage just jet at the last
minute, and you won't be harmed. Anyway, head into the facility through the
centre corridor and go through the big door on your left. You'll see the LS
computers scattered across the room, so go to work. Your main threat here will
be the old Clone Commandos, which look just like the old Heavy Troopers, 
complete with cape. If you see a clone with a blue cape, SHOOT IT! Their chain
guns will eat through you like moths through a sock.. except faster. 
Use Boba's Detpacks on the computers, and when you run out, use rockets, and
when you run out of them, head back into the central corridor and get more 
ammo! Once all the computers are destroyed, you'll recieve your next objective

Destroy the 5 clone life support computers - Complete
Destroy the two Gunships - Pending

Respawn back to the center as a Shock Trooper and use your rockets on the 
Gunship on the ground. Once it's destroyed, find the other one in the air.
Give it a little bit of a lead then shoot. Once it's destroyed...

Destroy the two Gunships - Complete

Mission Complete

|Part 3: Wrapping Up|

||5 - Tips and Tricks||

These are some hints and tricks that you can use to give yourself a little bit
of an edge on your opponent. Friends, romans, countrymen, send me your hints!
And I'll put them here.

* You may notice that when you start a battle, you appear about three seconds
  before other reinforcements spawn, so use this to your advantage. If you 
  have a speeder bike handy, you could be halfway across the map before you 
  meet any serious resistance!

* When fighting in space, the transport [LAAT, Imperial Lander, Alliance
  Assault Craft and CIS Gunship] can be invaluble. When you start off, jump
  straight in the transport and make sure no-one else in in it. If there is
  someone in it, takeoff and land again until theres no-one aboard but you.
  Then land in the enemy hanger and, as long as the transport survives and 
  isn't moved, it'll serve as a spawn site for infantry on the enemy ship!

* I believe that in the first Battlefront, the commando pistol could fire 
  longer before overheating and/or faster than the regular pistol.
  From my memory, the firing rate for the regular pistol is 
  blam..blam..blam..blam etc, while the commando pistol is blamblamblamblam.
  Madbird here. I have tested this and, sure enough, BZ is right. The 
  Commando Pistol does fire faster than the regular pistol, and I'm almost 
  certain that it overheats slower. Thanks!

* I thought I would like to mention that in space battles, if you loose your 
  internal systems such as your shields, defense mainframe, life-support, 
  etc, use the pilot and his fusion cutter to make repairs to these internal 
  systems.  You may have some problems repairing, as, it seems to only repair 
  if your at a certain distance/position.  Also repairs to these systems are 
  incredibly lengthy.
  Also a good strategy, for both space and ground battles, is to roll to keep
  moving. Especially on ground battles, as enemies tend to use grenades quite
  [Jonathon Krueger]

* Rocket troops are actually good against concentrations of troops [from a 
  distance where grenades can't get to without you moving from your current
  position and risk the possibility of them spotting you, then tearing you to
  shreds], as they don't move until the rocket is already too close to avoid 
  being killed, or it hits them [by this time, anything they do, other than 
  peeing in their armor - or leaking oil for CIS troops - won't make them
  feel any better. 
  And, of course, their mines are good for use at choke points [like well-
  travelled stairwells used by the enemy], or putting them right on top of a
  CP to kill any enemy who tries to capture it [the first one anyway, then you
  come out of hiding and kill them with your rockets]. 
  Rockets are also good for killing snipers on walls, as the explosion will
  probably kill them, even if you miss by a little, unless you miss 
  altogether. They are hilarious for causing general mischief on the enemy 
  side of the field [camp out by an ammo droid out of sight and kill anyone
  who comes near. 
  Another unit that you can do this with is something that carries a recon
  droid. Camp out by an ammo droid, launch a recon droid, go above the nearest
  enemy CP, then self-destruct and watch as the enemy troops shoot needlessly 
  at it, unaware that every shot could be their last!

* The Droideka is excellent for rolling around the battlefield, deploying at 
  CPs and gunning all the resistance down until you capture it. Too bad you
  can't use it from the start like in the first Battlefront. You were able to
  capture probably two command posts in the first thirty seconds of the game.

* If you're on a map where Yoda is available, once you get prompted spawn 
  as him and then crouch; it'll look like he's using his walking stick! It
  also makes it harder for enemies to see you, especially in online play 
  against a non Jedi human player, just hide in grass that you are pretty 
  sure that he'll go through, and when he's on top of you, slash him to death!

* In galactic conquest, build more fleets and put them in a spot that is one
  move away from as many enemy planets as possible. It seems that when you
  destroy the enemie's fleet, if they build the replacement on one of these
  planets, they move straight into yours. Meaning, they keep attacking your
  fleet and you keep beating them back. While they are pre-occupied with one 
  of your fleets, send another behind them and attack their planets.  

* To achieve legendary status in a field, you have to obtain a minimum of 64 
  for one medal, also after achieving legendary status, you will gain these 
  medals faster, as the requirements are reduced, however, I am unaware of the
  reductions.  Also after achieving legendary status, that award is 
  permanently unlocked.  For example, before achieving legendary status once 
  you died, you would lose your award(s).  If you achieve legendary status, 
  even if you die, you will always have your legendary status awards unlocked.
  Lastly, a good tip, if you require a good weapon for good all-round troop 
  killing weapon, the best award to obtain is the Gunslinger Award, as you 
  will receive the Precision Pistol Upgrade, and it appears to be the most 
  powerful weapon upgrade possible. Recommendation for easier game completion:
  For obtaining awards, I started off by gaining legendary status in both 
  Guardian, and War Hero, so I take less damage, and do more damage to 
  enemies.  These awards make gaining the other awards much easier, 
  particularly the Gunslinger Award.  Then I obtained the weapons upgrade.  I 
  wanted the Gunslinger Award, however, I found it to be a little too 
  difficult at the time, so instead I obtained the Frenzy Award, and obtained 
  Legendary Status and now always receive the Elite Rifle.  I used the Elite 
  Rifle to gain the War Hero, because without a weapons upgrade it could 
  easily become difficult, hoverer, I already had the Guardian award at 
  legendary status Once I obtained Guardian and War Hero, I then obtained the 
  Gunslinger Award (Legendary Status) and am now working on the Regulator 
  Award, from which I find difficult due to that I知 not personally the best 
  with shotguns.  General status (300+ medals required) will allow you to 
  command up to 4 troops of your choice! Use them when you only have one CP 
  that you池e trying to defend.
  You must obtain legendary status to permanently receive the award even if 
  you die. To obtain awards, use instant action, conquest mode, and a level 
  you池e the best at, any era you are the best with, and change the 
  reinforcements of conquest mode to its maximum. Select a simple map, 
  preferably with no vehicles, as it can cause possible failure to obtain your
  awards, unless you池e attempting to gain the Technician award! ALWAYS KEEP 
  MOVING!  If you are nearby any grenade, even if you think it won稚 harm you,
  ROLL AWAY! If the award your trying to obtain is points only with no 
  requirements, then try to capture EASY command posts, as if you catch them 
  yourself you will receive plus 5 points, if your team obtains it and your 
  nearby you will obtain plus 2 points. Use your environment to your 
  advantage!  For example, I知 really good playing as the imperials in the 
  death star, so I start as CP 1, take over the Rebels CP in the other hangar 
  for an easy plus 5 points, and if you get to the cp where its where the 
  death star fires its omega beam, you can destroy a bridge, from which is a 
  god advantage, because they can only attack from 2 points versus 3.  
  However, watch out, because your team will "commit suicide", by thinking the
  bridge is there.  As well as AI engineers of your team will repair the 
  control panel thus extending the bridge, even if there is a mass of rebels.
  [Jonathon Krueger]

  Madbird again. Just want to say, Jonathon and Tom, you guys are the best! 
  Thanks for all the info you're giving me!

* An easy way to make quick medals is to play the training mode and delay
  the objective by not doing it. Then you can become the different people like
  the rocket launcher guy and use him to increase your demolition medals. Same
  goes for other classes.... might need some tweaking to delay the objectives 
  but you can rack up some serious medals this way just fine. Also great FAQ 
  man, keep it up!
  [Trey Hamilton]

* Here are some tips.

  1 Speeder bikes can jump by pressing the infantry jump button 
  2 Transports do not have evasive manoeuvres 
  3 Remote missiles are controlled like star ships, but you die if you do not
    hit anything before your energy runs out
  4 The armoured tank droid does have shock rifles 
  5 Bombs and missiles do far more damage if they are dropped from a high 
    altitude, and they are super effective vs. frigates
  6 You can play as Anakin Skywalker on mustafar if you are the empire
  7 Mos Eisley on instant action has an assault mode; select it and you will 
    play as all Jedi vs. all villains.

* On the mission HOTH, just a really fun thing to do is Making 2 AT-ATs 
  destroy eachother. Just obtain pilot luke. usually, the AT-ATs end up 
  in a line, one in front, and one right behind it. exploit this. Just 
  force jump on to the first one, and the second one will probably 
  start firing at you, only to hit his buddy. this is much faster than 
  just slashing away at the neck. anyway, when it's destroyed, it still
  remains solid for a little while, unlike in the original SWBF.if you 
  jump off it, before it becomes un-solidifyed, then it looks pretty cool. 
  then just start mindlesly slashing away at the head/neck for the second ATAT
  Also, why is it that in "hunt" for HOTH, a new area is opened up? 
  they should have that for a regular instant action battle...I mean, there's 
  all that space going to waste...
  [Michael Stueland]

  Michael, have you played through the campaign? In the last mission, on Hoth
  [I have no idea why they didn't go on to Endor. Lazy bastards!] you have to
  go into that extra area and destroy the Rebel Transport. It is there during
  the normal Instant Action too, there's just not anything there!

* Hey there, Cro here.
  I was reading your FAQ//Strategy guide to SWBF2 and saw a few things I could
  help you on.

  1. To get your own teammates to join you, you need to aim at them and press 
  up. Once you get to General Status you can have up to 4 people follow you.

  2. Critical hits on Vehicles (sp) - these are usually the weak points of 
  them I know a few off hand.
  At-At its weak point is the neck as it walks and snow speeders are out tryin
  to take him down blast him from under it or next it right in the neck.
  The Droid tanks that run through the water on the Kashyyyk level - hit these
  guys in the back tire. The spider walkers - these guys are the easiest guys 
  to take down aim right next to the body where the legs connect.
  Also to do most of these hit you might want to turn off the auto aim feature
  as this can screw ya up with certain factions (some rocket launcher guys 
  have a homing rocket.)

  I hope this helps.

* Hey again, 
  Thanks for putting my stuff in your guide, but I have an addition for K
  amino: Change in Guard (I think that's what it's called), it's the mission 
  where the Vader痴 fist (501st legion) goes to Kamino to silence a group of 
  newly spawned clones, like the ones in BF1, only some have capes. Once you 
  get to the point where you have to blow up the clone life support pods, 
  there's a glitch that allows Rail ARC troopers (like the clone commander, 
  only with ARC trooper armor) to shoot at you through the floor of the 
  chamber, with no where you can hide, apart from hopping on-top of a life 
  support pod, and that'll only protect you until the troopers get through the
  pod, and it'll be like hell on Kamino if a bunch of enemy troops spawn in 
  that room, cos the only way to kill the pods is to use a Engineer, and at a 
  range, those guys suck, as you can't kill people with a fusion cutter; the 
  shotgun only works to a certain distance, and after that, it's just a waste
  of ammo to fire, and a detpack, if placed, will kill you if you don't move 
  before you detonate it, so you can't complete your objective unless you use 
  the invincibility cheat, and I don't think that you can un-do that, so you 
  are stuck with it (if the Empire only had a unit that had a shield...). I 
  can't beat that level, partly because I don't always take the most 
  effective route to said objective, due to a lack of skill, and because of 
  an easily fixable glitch.

* Madbird- 
  Love your walkthrough. I bought BF2 for the PSP. While they did downsize it 
  by taking out a few levels (none of them were as interesting as it sounds, 
  people, don't panic), leaving me with 13 levels, it is still AWESOME!!!!! 
  Anyways, just to creep you all out, on CTF or Hunt on Hoth, the Rebel 
  Transports can be destroyed!!!! Their debris stays there too. Also, spawn 
  ASAP as the Wampas or Empire, and go out the back opening where Snowspeeders
  would be. Turn on your map if you want, it doesn't matter. Look in the sky 
  (its a bird, its a plane, its.... ok its not a superhero in tights, but its 
  still cool) and you will actually see another Rebel Transport flying over 
  you and away!!!! Plus, while playing Conquest on Hoth, if you look on your 
  map in the middle of the game (and I'm talking a 500% reinforcement rate 
  game) and you might glimpse an outline of an X-wing flying across the 
  screen!!! Never have been able to see it in person, but having it on the 
  map is cool enough!!!!
  [Dark Lighter]

* Hey Madbird,

  First of all, awesome walkthrough you got there. I bought SW: BF II 
  yesterday and I love it.
  Anyhow, in the FAQ Devin Chubb asks about the Demolition Medal and that he 
  destroyed 4 vehicles and didn't get it. Well, in the manual it says (I 
  think I saw it in the manual) that every vehicle has a weak spot, which you 
  can exploit, to take out the vehicle with one shot... or something like it 
  (I'm too lazy to get the manual and read it but I'm pretty sure it's 
  something along those lines ;)). Anyhow, that's what they mean with the 
  critical hit.
  Well, have fun with shooting down Jedi's (I so loved the mission 

* ---------------------------------------
  Communicating With Your Squad (AI only)
  Follow Me (with no AI following), At Ease (with AI following)

  Communication From Vehicle or Starfighter Pilot (AI only)
  Everyone Out (with AI inside), Pile In (with AI outside)

  Now, to use the squad commands you must first POINT THE RETICLE/CROSSHAIR AT
  THE TROOP YOU WANT TO GIVE THE COMMAND TO. (Doesn't apply to vehicles, when 
  inside a vehicle just "bash the button" and they'll get into it...heh) To 
  give a command to more than one troop, give the command to the 1st one, 
  then shift (move) the reticle to the 2nd one and give him the command, and 
  then onto the 3rd, and so on and so forth...

  Hope that helps...

* I know that me e-mailing you might be getting annoying, but, I have two 
  things. first, what I asked in my previous e-mail is wrong, and second, I 
  have the answer to this question:
  Q: Hey

  So, you know on your Walkthrough, there痴 no help for the Death Star 
  mission on Rise Of The Empire. So I知 kind of stuck on that level. Do you 
  know an easy way to beat it? I usually fail right about when you have to 
  kill the Rebel transport that tries to escape, I never make it. But also 
  would like help for the capturing of the Command post before you destroy 
  the ship. Thx

  PS ...Do you know if there are any cheats to get the Legendary medal 
  weapons cos I'm not nearly close to 300 medals (not even 100) yea I知 
  pathetic. I've had it for a month.
  Anyhow. So yea it would be great if you could reply.

  So, my answer is, study the map (press the select button to bring up the 
  map), looking for the CP near the hangar, just not the one that you started 
  the mission with, or the CP hangar that you had to defend, as neither of 
  these are a quick way to get to the objective. instead go for the one that 
  looks like a council room or something, spawn as either a shocktrooper, or 
  an engineer, then go around the corridors until you find a hanger with tie 
  fighters visible from where you stand, then go in and kill the ship, and be
  done with it. I have found that grenaded don't work too well, but detpacks 
  and rockets do. as for the cheats thing, havent a clue

* A vehicle critical point is an area where yuo do much more damage if you 
  hit there with any weapon. I have included varius critical hitpoints on 
  most vehicles. AT-AT: the neck.
  AT-ST: in the back, slightly under the head.
  AAT: in the back, easy to find.
  The rebel tank has critical locations on the black 'pipes' on each side of 
  The imperial tank has a critical location at its center back (there is a 
  black hole there).
  The AT-TE has a critical location under its front on the cylinder shape.
  The rebel and imperial intercepters and fighters have critical locations on 
  their exact back center.
  The CIS spider droid vehicle has critical hit locations on the two 
  cylinders where its legs meet its body,
  The CIS hellfire has a critical hit location on its rapid-fire cannon on 
  its main body.
  The snail droid on Kashyyyk has its critical hit location on its smaller 

* I have an answer to one of the questions in your guide.
  Q: I have a question about something in Battlefront II. I was playing 
     Instant Action, and was trying to earn the demolition medal, but I 
     couldn't seem tonget it. I'm pretty sure I destroyed 4 vehicles, but 
     when I looked, I didn't have the medal. Then I looked closer and saw 
     that it said 4 "critical hits" with a rocket on a vehicle. What is a 
     critical hit? Is it the same as just blowing up the vehicle? Please 
     respond with an answer. It's driving me nuts
     [Devin Chubb]

   On most vehicles there is a weak point where extra damage is done. In 
   order to get a critical hit you must hit this weak point with a rocket. 
   The weak points are in the following places -

   IFT-X  -  A circle on the back of the tank
   AT-RT - The part below the head and between the legs
   AT-TE - Its underside. Try aiming at the gaps where the legs join to the 

   AAT - Possibly on the back below the turret but im not sure.
   Armored Tank Droid- the small circle at the back on both sides
   Hailfire Droid - Im not sure
   Spider Walker - The lumps where the legs join the body

   Alliance ARC-1 - Black sections on each side

   IFT-T - A circle on the back of the tank (same as IFT-X)
   AT-ST - Block below  head and between legs
   AT-AT - The neck
   I have heard that space transports have weak points but I haven稚 found 
   them yet.

* A critical hit happens when you hit only a certain "vulnerable " part of a 
  vehicle.  They all have different weak spots so take out your blaster 
  (don't start with your missiles) and just shoot everywhere on an empty 
  vehicle until you notice the reticle with forked ends on it (Like when you 
  make head shots). When you have found it, then use you missiles.  
  On the At-At you must hit the neck, the AAT and combat hovercraft's weakest 
  is hitting their upper back, the AT-TE has a dark section on its underside 
  between the front and centre sets of legs that you must hit, the spider 
  walkers have "tin can" looking things that connect the legs to the body- you
  must hit the underside of them from in front or behind the walker, the 
  hailfire tank has a piece that almost drags underneath it you must hit this,
  etc, Also hitting the critical hit area from further away does more damage, 
  but is harder to do- so for medals stand closer so you can get more hits in 
  before looking for another vehicle.
  [Falcon IV]

* Every ground vehicle, i.e. tanks, scouts, have a critical hit location 
  where if you hit them there with a rocket launcher or grenade, it will do 
  significantly more damage than if you shot it anywhere else on the vehicle.
  Location: none

  Speeder Bike
  Location: none

  Location: the cross on the back on the tank

  Location: back panel underneath cockpit

  Combat Speeder (ARC-1)
  Location: black horizontal barrels on either side

  Location: cylinder between the legs

  Armoured Tank Droid
  Location: side of the rear tread cylinder

  Hailfire Droid
  Location: protrusion underneath tank

  Location: block behind and underneath cockpit (between legs)

  Spider Walker
  Location: axel joint where legs met body

  Location: box underneath the front cockpit

  Location: the neck connecting the cockpit to body (duh)


  Hope this helped, go score some demolition awards for me.
  [Sgt. Maverick] 

* The 30 Second Grace period is a good system. If you gain a medal, and 
  therefore the reward, like the Elite Rifle for Frenzy, and you die within 30
  seconds of gaining it, you'll have the award when you respawn. It can also
  be annoying if you're trying to get a certain medal, and you like to get it
  and respawn. 

* Sometimes when you kill an enemy, the enemy will drop a capsule. These 
  capsules help you in the field. 
  Red Container - The most common is the red or Ammo Capsule. As the name 
                  suggests, it replenishes your supplies.
  Clear [or blue] - Bacta, or health. These can be a lifesaver in a firefight.
  Yellow - Gives you more energy, or power or whatever.
  Red Tank - Gives your weapons more power. Also, a cool red lightning effect
             appears around you.
  Green - Not sure what this does. In the manual it says that it 'Restores
          Defence' or something. What the hell does that mean?
*                        _______________________________________
                         |                                     |
                         |        Imperial Base                |
                         |                                     |
                         |____________   ______________________|
                                      | |
                                      | |
                                      | | 
                         _____________| |
                         | ___________  |
                         | |          | |
                         | |          | |
                         | |          | |
                         | |          | | 
                 ________| |__________| |
                 | _____________________|<-[This Corner]
                 | |
                 | |
         ________| |_____________
         |                       |
         |                       |
         |     Rebel Base        |
         |                       |
         |       *Flag*          |
         |     __________________|
  _______|     |_______________________
  |                                    |
  |                                    |
  |                                    |
  |                                    |
  |                                    |
  |       Rebel Transport Area         | 
  |                                    |
  |                                    |
  |                                    |

  [End Map]

  That's a map of the back end of Hoth at the end of the last campaign 
  mission. You use this map during Hunt and 1-Flag Capture the Flag modes 
  from Instant Action. I've found an extremely easy way of obtaining the 
  Frenzy (12 kills with rifle) award here. Start a Capture the Flag game with
  the flag target points at 5. Spawn as Rebel Soldier, get some teammates on 
  your squad (Squad Command-Follow Me), and start moving toward the "This 
  Corner" location at the map above. Shoot any Imperials that get in your 
  way. Then, once you get there, crouch and start shooting at the Imperial 
  Spawn point. You'll get a mad number of kills and the Frenzy award within a
  short time because Imperials ALWAYS walk over to the opening and to the 
  fork in the road when they spawn. Your rifle will kick butt while your 
  squad-mates watch your back for any Imperials choosing to sneak up behind 
  you. I've gotten 344 kills and 6 Frenzy awards there within 3 lives.

* * - Bothan Spy, don稚 give much efforts. If we池e talking about low defended 
    CP, he may. But if we池e talking about capture well defended CP you池e 
    wrong. Why? His weapon must be charged a lot and you have to get close 
    and sometimes the enemy master to shoot at you even you池e invisible. 
    Trust me, I can capture any CP with Soldier or Wookiee much more easier 
    than with him. If you don稚 believe me play, Elite mode and see. 
  - What is the point of losing 600 credits in space battle for winning only 
    300 credits. And you win only 50 credit bonus per planet conquered and 
    100 credit for Base Planet. 
    I値l tell only one time. I played Space hundred times and you don稚 need 
    any Bonuses nor Marine troopers. On other hand you need 3 bombs to blow 
    engines, then come back and blow life support. 
  - Combat Shielding gives you 25% of extra health. 
  - Combat Shielding and Bacta Tanks are useless in Elite mode, but great in 
    Normal mode. 
  - Sabotage is good in Kashyyyk and in levels where enemy vehicle make your 
    life impossible. Trust me, there池e some of them. 
  - Enhanced Blasters don稚 have much effect, but why not buy a leader instead
    of it?
  - Which units helps you a lot to capture CP? Wookiee, Droideka and even both
    Jet Troopers too. They must be bought in 1st place. After that, you may 
    buy units according to the next attack and level situation. 

  - You池e wrong wasting money in Marines and buying Bonuses for Space 
    battles. My strategy is trying to use 200 credit bonuses and buy entire 
    team, except Marines. Once done, I知 free to buy any bonus.
  - Talking about fleets, I only had to pay always 1000 credits for new fleet.
    On other hand they池e useless; at least for me. 
  Do you want a useful strategy? If the CP you池e going to conquer is heavy 
  defended and there痴 no form to conquer it? Attack the enemy from behind, 
  like in Endor (Empire); Mygeeto (Rebel) and much more.
  Garrison bonus is the greatest Bonus at least in Elite mode.  

  Missions. I値l add some important tips for some of them. 
  Felucia - One mine blow 1 Acklay in no time, anyway they go after you, isn稚
  Kashyyyk - In Elite mode, destroying enemy vehicles and infantry from your 
             vehicle is better than be a sniper. But you have to use it 
             wisely. Same strategy to defend refinery. 
  Utapau - To capture 2nd CP, you must be a Jet Trooper. Then get to the 
           ledge above the CP and wait peacefully. General can be killed from 
           a vehicle. In Elite mode there痴 to much risk to die. 
           For final objective, you may warp at post 1 and fire rockets from 
  Coruscant - Do you think that the last objective is so easy in Elite mode? 
              Prove it. Only Frenzy + War Hero awards can bring any Jedi 
              quickly, but not a simple trooper, you have to die a lot. 
              My strategy is use Anakin for this last objective. 
  Naboo - 1 detonator blows the console. Last objective, use the VEHICLE!! 
  Mustafar (Space) - Too bad. In Elite mode as Pilot sprint to the ship and 
                     place a bombs. It is faster.  
  I知 waiting for more missions. Excuse me for my vocabulary, It痴 not my 
  intention. I only try to help you and offer people easier strategies and 
  give you more ideas. 

  Whoa... too much imformation! 

* First thing I like your FAQ! Second thing, under the droideka maybe mention 
  that the shield will last forever if it is turned on after it is fully 
  charged. Thirdly if you ever include something on how to kill certain units 
  maybe mention the easiest way for clone troopers to do so using the rifle 
  is to shoot the shielded destroyer droid once then find cover and wait for 
  the shield to drain or for the destroyer droid to become a ball and try to 
  get away. In both cases it is vulnerable and easy to kill. (If you can just 
  kill it before it deploys shield)
  [Logan M]

||6 - Frequently Asked Questions||

This is the FAQ where I will put questions people email to me. I will not 
alter your question at all, except to fix grammer and spelling mistakes and
maybe get rid of a little obcenity. Let me know if you don't want me posting
your name and/or email.

Q: I got the game like 3 days ago and its awesome, I love it. One of my 
   favorite things is the objective-based story mode. I was wondering that if 
   after I beat story mode I get a story selection option, like to pick what 
   story map I want to play? 

A: Sorry, Hamudy, but you don't get to choose what mission you want to play 
   again. Th only way is to play through the Rise of the Empire again.
   Here's a tip. Play through the campaign, saving before every level in a 
   different save file. Then you'll have a load file on demand when you get
   a craving for a particular mission. I must admit, it does look a bit wierd,

Q: Is there any reason to fly a Tie Fighter? Since the Bomber is better 
   against caps, and Interceptor against fighters....I mean I know its the
   in between role but does it do either job even average?
   [Brian Thomas]

A: As you said, the TIE Fighter is the in between roll. The Interceptor is
   good against fighters, but it is also weak, and can be destroyed pretty
   easily by autoturrets and other fighters. The Bomber is good against 
   frigates and capital ships and is tough, but is slow and can be picked off
   by fighters and autoturrets. Also, if you're in a TIE Fighter, you're 
   good against both, with proton torpedoes, which take off roughly half of
   what a bomb does and laser cannons for fighters and bombers. But if you
   can cope without using the TIE Fighter, go ahead.

Q: Yea first off it is a kick ass game...
   Here is a quick question... just been playing the game and remembered that 
   when I was in my local games shop playing the demo that I was playing a 
   level with only hero characters, so... any ideas how you just play with 
   them on a multi player game?
   [Andrew David Phelan]

A: No, sorry. I never got to play the demo, and I don't think there's any way
   to set it to 'Heroes Only'. Maybe it's like Halo, in that you have to
   finish the story on Elite in half an hour or something. But that's pretty
   far-fetched, eh?
   Sorry I couldn't be of any help.

   Good news Andrew, in Mos Eisley, instant action, there's an assault mode,
   and you play as all Jedi against evil guys! You have G8rman to thank for
   that information!

Q: Dear Madbird,

   I may be being particularly stupid here but my question involves 
   Galactic Conquest.
   I have defeated Birth of the Rebellion and was onto my last base (Polis 
   Massa) in The Confederate Uprising when I lost a space battle on a free 
   space next to Polis.  Stupidly I saved this and left the game.  When I 
   returned I had no fleet left in space.

   Turning my attention to the web I noticed many references to being able 
   to 'build fleets' and obviously the overview screen tells you how many 
   fleets you have deployed.  Does this mean you can build additional 
   fleets to travel around the galaxy in?  By this I mean, have more than 
   one ship icon to target planets with?  If so, HOW?  On the help screen 
   it says you just press X when on a friendly planet so long as your 
   fleet is not directly above it - but this merely moves the ship icon 
   onto the planet.

   Am very confused and need an expert's help.

   I may of course be wishing for too much and the definition of a 'fleet' 
   in this case is merely that a planet taken over by your forces turns 
   blue to show that a garrison is now stationed there.

   At the moment I am faced with replaying the whole conquest.
   Either that or playing Rise of the Empire and I can't get past the 
   Polis Massa level!!  "There's too many of them!"



A: Wow! Actually a formally asked question! Thanks for the kind words. I don't
   know about me being an expert...

   Anyway, onto the good stuff. To build a new fleet, you must wait until it's
   your turn. Once it is, your fleet should be automatically selected to begin
   with. At the bottom of the screen you may notice it says 
   'Press B to Disselect'. Hit B and then you should be able to move the 
   cursor around, without having the fleet attached to it. Anyway, move the
   cursor over a friendly planet and in the planetary panel, it tells you 
   about the planet. You'll also notice that it says '$2000 to Build' or 
   something along those lines. If you have $2000, click A to build a new
   fleet. Of course, if you only had one fleet and it was destroyed, it's free
   to build a new fleet, but then you'll have to pay as long as there's at 
   least one more fleet in the map. I hope this clears it up for you.

Q: Hi,
   I was playing Battlefront 1 last week, an I noticed something: when you 
   crouched with a sniper and you press the crouch button again the sniper 
   layed down, so you can hide better.
   I noticed this disapeared in BF 2, or I just don't know how to do it.
   I was thinking, maybe you know.

A: It wasn't just the snipers that could lay down, Gaffo, it was all of the
   troops. But anyway, they took this feature out of this Battlefront. You can
   only crouch now. It would be very useful if you could, though. Many a time
   in a Splitscreen battle, a friend would walk past a patch of grass when I
   jump out and blow him to hell. He he...

Q: Hey Madbird. I wrote in to remind you 'bout the heroes once, and I was 
   wondering, what exactly are the squad commands? I see no squad with me and 
   pressing up does not seem to do anything whatsoever. I've already got the 
   rank of captain (with 106 endurance medals. lol.), so how do I recruit a 
   squad or whatever?

A: To be honest Ice, I have absolutely no idea how they figured this out. 
   Usually I just bash the up button until they follow me. When you hold down
   the up button, it's 'Move Out', and when you're in a vehicle, up just means
   get in or out. If anyone has the actual controls for the squad commands,
   email me. Sorry Ice, but I can't really help you on this one.

   Ice - Have got new info. Check the tips!

Q: Hey
   So, you know on your Walkthrough, there痴 no help for the Death Star 
   mission on Rise Of The Empire. So i'm kind of stuck on that level. Do you 
   know an easy way to beat it? I usually fail right about when you have to 
   kill the Rebel transport that tries to escape, I never make it. But also 
   would like help for the capturing of the Command post before you destroy 
   the ship. Thx
   PS ...Do you know if there are any cheats to get the Legendary medal 
   weapons cuz I'm not nearly close to 300 medals (not even 100) yea I知 
   pathetic. I've had it for a month.
   Anyhooo. So yea it would be great if you could reply.

A: If you didn't notice, Matt, There are a lot of missions that aren't in the
   walkkthrough either.... So I'll get around to the Death Star.
   For your Post Script, to get to the Legendary status on a medal, it's only
   64, not 100.

Q: I have a question about something in Battlefront II. I was playing Instant
   Action, and was trying to earn the demolition medal, but I couldn't seem to
   get it. I'm pretty sure I destroyed 4 vehicles, but when I looked, I didn't
   have the medal. Then I looked closer and saw that it said 4 "critical hits"
   with a rocket on a vehicle. What is a critical hit? Is it the same as just
   blowing up the vehicle? Please respond with an answer. It's driving me nuts
   [Devin Chubb]

A: I'm not sure what it means Devin. I thought it meant vehicles destroyed, so
   I can't be of much help. Anybody else know? 

   Thanks to some emails, I have been told that

Q: Can you get more than one of a medal during one life? Or do you have to die
   to get another one?

A: Matt, I think you can only get one of ach medal a life. I'm not certain

Q: Hi,
   I have a couple of questions for your FAQ (great FAQ by the way, and I 
   haven稚 even got the game yet!):
   For Galactic Conquest you mention about moving fleets around and how if 
   you go to an enemy controlled planet/fleet then it will trigger a battle...
   My questions are:
   1.	What happens if a fleet is stationed above a controlled planet? Do you
        have to defeat the fleet first before you can attack the planet? 
   2.	Are there any 'neutral' planets e.g. when the game first starts and 
        if so, can you take a neutral planet without having to fight? 
   3.	In addition to the bonuses and unit types you can buy are there any 
        'super' bonuses like in the first game where you could just take over 
        or destroy (death star) in one move? 
   Another question I have is: if you are in a troop transport how can you 
   tell if it is full up/empty + how many soldiers are currently there + 
   their positions, etc?

A: To answer your first question, you must destroy the enemy fleet before you
   can attack the planet if that's where they are.
   Second question. No, there aren't any neutral planets anymore.
   For your third question, no there aren't any more 'Death Star' or
   'Rebellion' bonuses you got after four victories in the old game.

   To tell how may there are in the vehicle, when somebody gets in a purple
   circle will appear on the left side of the screen. That's the person who
   just got in. The more people who get in, the more circles will appear. 
   To get the names of the positions, there can't be any allies in the 
   vehicle. Get out and get back in, and the empty circles will appear on the
   left, signifying that nobody but you is in. Next to the circles, the words
   'Gunner' or whatever the position is.
   Hope this helps!

Q: How long do you suppose it would take to get legendary on every medal.
   What do you have ...

A: Matt, even if you were playing the game twenty hours a day, seven days a 
   week, and you were getting one of every medal every life you had, it'd
   still take you weeks to get legendary on every one. Try concentrating on 
   one at a time. 
   I have legendary in Frenzy, Endurance, Guardian, and War Hero. I'm 
   currently working on Gunslinger and Marksman. 

Q: Dear Madbird,
   I just got SW Battlefront II 2 days ago and I was just wondering if 
   I shoot at close range, will the damage differ from if I shoot him at 
   far range? By the way, great walkthrough.

A: No, not on foot anyway. I think it may be more effective during vehicle to
   vehicle combat to be closer, but I'm not sure. When you're in a bomber in
   space battles, it does more damage the further away you are.

||7 - Afterword||

Well, this is the end. It's been a great journey, and I hope you enjoyed it.
It's very humbling doing this.. ah, screw it. I doubt anyone is actually 
going to pay any attention to this anyway. But, if anyone does, I hope you
enjoyed reading the walktrough as much as I enjoyed writing it.

This is where I'll put the contributors who gave me info and the websites
that have my permission to use this walkthrough.

Jonathan Krueger - For heaps of tips - For heaps of tips [again]
Burningzilla - For clearing up the Commando Pistol mystery
Chis Redfield - For clearing up the Rebel Vanguard
IceravenVI - For reminding me of the heros Jango and Boba Fett
Trey Hamilton - For telling me how many medals the Elite Status needs, also 
                some tips.
Darth Alec - For pointing out that the engineers don't have autoturret
             dispensers, like it says in the manual. Also for telling me that
             the CIS have the Emperor too. Critical Hit info as well.
G8rman - For a few tips.
Conman66 - Letting me know that Anakin is on Coruscant too.
Cro - For clearing up the Squad Commands and Critical Hits against Vehicles
Aramor - Stuff on Critical Hits.
Dark Lighter - For... um... 'enthusiastic' insight into the Hoth map.
PokeThaMage - For REALLY clearing up the Squad Commands, and making me a Hero
Calum - For HEAPS of info on Critical Hits
Sgt. Maverick - For a lot of info on Critical Hits
Dimitry - For a HUGE pile of tips. Around 63 lines!
Team Ragnarok - Campaign Suggestion


Other Walkthroughs
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And now, to end with some words of my own wisdom...
Nothing's impossible? Slam a revolving door.