Star Wars: Battlefront II Rise of the Empire Campaign Walkthrough v1.0
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Star Wars: Battlefront II Rise of the Empire Campaign Walkthrough

by UltimateWookieeDeath   Updated to v1.0 on

Star Wars Battlefront II

Rise of the Empire Campaign Walkthrough


Written by Michael Thomas



This walkthrough is designed to help you with any mission of the Rise of the
Empire campaign that you may be stuck on. I have included every objective of
every mission and an in-depth description of various tactics you could use to
help complete the mission. The only level of the campaign not included is the
tutorial level on Geonosis as the level itself can be considered as a
walkthrough in its own right. I hope you can make good use of this walkthrough
to help get you past those difficult missions.


Version Details:

1.0 - Original walkthrough, all 17 levels of campaign complete, Clone Trooper
ASCII art header.


Legal Information and Contact Details:

This walkthrough is Copyright Michael Thomas (UltimateWookieeDeath)

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me at

I can usually be found around the Star Wars Battlefront II forum for the PS2 on so feel free to visit any time.

If you have any suggestions or have noticed any problems with my walkthrough
then feel free to contact me with one of the above methods.

If you wish to use this walkthrough on your website please ask my permission
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Level Contents:

1.   Mygeeto - Amongst the Ruins.
2.   Coruscant – A Desperate Rescue
3.   Felucia – Heart of Darkness
4.   Kashyyyk – First Line of Defence
5.   Kashyyyk – A Line in the Sand
6.   Utapau – Underground Ambush
7.   Coruscant – Knightfall
8.   Naboo – Imperial Diplomacy
9.   Mustafar – Preventative Measures	
10.  Mustafar – Tying Up Loose Ends	
11.  Kamino – Changing of the Guard	
12.  Death Star – Prison Break	
13.  Polis Massa – Birth of the Rebellion	
14.  Tantive IV – Recovering the Plans	
15.  Yavin 4 – Vader’s Fist Strikes Back	
16.  Yavin 4 – Revenge of the Empire	
17.  Hoth – Our Finest Hour



Mygeeto: Amongst the Ruins

Overview: A powerful energy source must be acquired from the CIS manufacturing

Mission Objective: General Ki-Adi-Mundi is leading the attack on the CIS
manufacturing planet of Mygeeto. A powerful energy collector supplies power to
its factories. Destroy the Energy Collector and recover its unique power crystal
for Chancellor Palpatine.

Objective 1: Cross the bridge and capture the forward command post inside the
central building.
Hint: Follow the yellow arrow, which points to your next mission.

Spawn at either of your two available command posts. I would recommend being a
normal Clone Trooper as he is most versatile in a combat situation. First up,
sprint in the direction of the big yellow arrow on your screen. When you arrive
at the mouth of a bridge, you should see a single AT-RT sitting there. Get in it
and go as fast as you can down the bridge. Do not stop along the way to destroy
any enemies, as you do not need to. If you see any straight in front of you then
go ahead and kill them, but it is a waste to stop and turn around to destroy

Continue walking the vehicle forward, in the direction of the yellow arrow,
until you reach some stairs. Head up the stairs and you will be at your
destination, command post #3. This is where the fun begins; use the AT-RT to
clear the area, both at the bottom of the stairs and the corridor to the left of
the CP. Once all the enemies are gone you can hop off the vehicle and start
capturing the base. By now your allies should have caught up to you, or are
close to it, and can help you with the capture of the CP. While you are doing
this, make sure to keep an eye on the corridor to the left of the CP because
many enemies come through that way and start attacking you while you are in the
middle of capturing it.

Once you have successfully captured the CP, you should top up your health and
ammo at the droids behind you. If they are destroyed you can use your
newly-captured base to switch to Engineer class and repair them.

Objective 2: Take out those Particle Cannon Turrets to clear the way for General
Ki-Adi-Mundi's arrival.

Swap to the Heavy Trooper Class; the one who carries a Rocket Launcher. If you
are careful enough you should be able to shoot the Particle Cannon Turrets from
the CP you are at, which means you can avoid going into combat with this unit.
To locate the two turrets, turn around so you face the direction you came from
in the last mission and look for the yellow arrows. It may take a few shots to
hit the turrets from your current location but don't worry; there is an ammo
droid right next to you if you run out. If you cannot get a clear shot at the
left turret in particular because of various pillars getting in the way,
manoeuvre yourself to another location around the command posts, and you should
be able to get a very tight shot between two pillars. And if the turret is in
the correct position, you should destroy it in one shot. If you do happen to die
during this escapade, choose to re-spawn from Command Post #3, as it is the one
you just captured.

Objective 3: Destroy the Generator to power down the Energy Shields. This will
allow us to move our vehicles towards the Energy Collector.

At this stage of the level you should be asked if you wish to play as
Ki-Adi-Mundi. It is optional whether to become him or not, but I highly
recommend that you do. If you choose not to be him, the next best unit for this
mission would be the Engineer.
Head down the corridor and turn left when you become level with the yellow
arrow. You should be able to see a green force field with a small green and grey
box next to it. Your mission is to destroy this box. One shot with a shotgun or
a single swipe of a lightsaber should do the trick. If you are using the Jedi
make sure you keep killing enemies on a regular basis in order to keep your
health up.

Objective 4: Capture the north-western Command Post. It will serve as a
launching point for our assault on the Energy Collector.

Right behind you should be an enemy CP. Head towards it. If you are playing as
Ki-Adi then it is vital you keep killing enemies during this objective to keep
your health up. However you must stay on the platforms at all times. If you walk
off the platforms you must start capturing the CP again. If an enemy is out of
reach you can use your lightsaber throw to hit them. I recommend a normal Clone
Trooper for this mission if you are not playing as the Jedi. Capturing this CP
will prove to be difficult, but it will become easier after time.

Objective 5: Now destroy the Energy Collector Core. This core provides the
factories in the area. Shut it down and we will significantly impair their
ability to manufacture droids.

Follow the yellow arrow until you come to a tall building. The core is inside
this building, but first you must destroy the Energy Shields protecting it.
Along the way you may encounter many droids. Destroy as many as possible, but
keep on track. If you must just run straight past them, as your main priority is
the mission. Follow the outside of this building until you come to a green and
grey box, not unlike the one you had to destroy earlier. Destroy it. Continue
around the building until you find the other box and destroy it too. On
completing this task the energy shields will drop giving you entry into the

Now this may be the toughest part of the entire mission. From here on in is
where it is very useful to be a Jedi. Your aim is to destroy the Power Core in
the centre of the room. This however is guarded by two Droideka. If you decide
to take them on be sure to attack it from behind, as its front section is hosts
a large amount of firepower. It also has a great amount of difficulty turning
around, which gives you the advantage. If possible, destroy it before its
shields come up, because after this happens it becomes a whole lot more
difficult. After you have successfully destroyed the droideka, or lured them
away, then you have access to the core. One lightsaber combo should destroy the
core, or a few shots from a Blaster.

Objective 6: Acquire a sample of the power crystals from the destroyed Energy
Core. Perhaps by studying these crystals we can gain a greater understanding of
the CIS technology.

Again it is very useful to be Ki-Adi-Mundi here as he is the fastest unit
available on this level. At the front of the destroyed Energy Core should be a
bright white orb. Pick it up by stepping onto it. You must now return this to
the drop-ship back where you began. Remember: while carrying the crystal it is
only possible to jump once, and the Jet Trooper is not able to use his Jetpack.
It also means that any unit carrying the crystal will run a lot slower then the
other units, to make up for the weight of the crystal itself.

Look for the big yellow arrow. This is where you are heading. Once found, just
force sprint as fast as you can in its direction, ignoring all enemies along the
way. You will have to eventually slow down to recover energy, during which you
will have to defend yourself from enemies, but as soon as your energy is full
again you can spring to your destination. The quicker you do this the better, as
you are less likely to die if you do not stop and fight. It shouldn't take long
to arrive at the drop site, which is the end of the level.

Mission Complete!



Coruscant: A Desperate Rescue

Overview: Palpatine's Kidnapping gives the 501st a hands-on crash course in
Space Combat.

Mission Objective: General Grievous is holding the Supreme Chancellor hostage
aboard the flagship. The Jedi are on their way but the 501st must first clear a
path through the Separatist fleet. Engage the nearest CIS cruiser and destroy

Objective 1: Press triangle near a fighter to enter it. Tap X to launch into
Tip: The Pilot class can repair your fighter while you are in it.

Select the Clone Pilot class when you spawn as they are best suited for flying
in Space Combat. Run to the nearest fighter and get in. Take off into space.

Objective 2: Destroy 5 incoming CIS fighters.
Tip: Lock onto enemies for easy kills.

Lock onto an enemy fighter (default button is square) so you can keep him in
your sights. When you are locked on down the bottom right hand corner of your
screen a red bar will appear, with the name of the pilot you have locked onto
under it, along with the distance away from the fighter you are. A red arrow
will appear on your HUD to indicate where this fighter is currently positioned.
After you locate the fighter you are locked onto a white ring should appear
around the fighter's position. If you keep your sights on him for long enough
then that white ring will close in and turn red. As soon as it does this, it
means he is locked into your sites, which allows your missiles to home in on

When you see it turn red fire a burst of 2 missiles, (default button is L1)
which should nearly destroy him if they hit. For maximum chance of impact, fire
when the distance meter down the bottom right hand corner is approximately 400,
give or take a few hundred. However if he is more then about 800 then it will
give him time to dodge your fire, and if it is closer then about 200 it will
just go straight past him. Getting the right timing will come with experience,
so don't expect to get it right first time. Use your torpedoes to take down most
of your enemy's health, then finish them off with your laser cannons.

Objective 3: Attack and destroy the enemy frigate with you lasers and torpedoes.
Tip: The Use circle and a direction on the left control stick to do barrel rolls
and other evasive maneuvers. Tap circle twice and a direction to do advanced

The yellow arrow points to the frigate which you must destroy. Just ignore all
fighters around you and focus entirely on the frigate, fully pelting it with
firepower, both Torpedoes and Lasers. If you get shot however, perform evasive
maneuvers for a short while to get the enemy off your back, before attacking the
frigate again. If you do get shot at, you can press circle twice and a direction
to do a snap turn around so you are facing directly behind you, able to take
your enemy by surprise and deal out some revenge.

Objective 4: Disable the shields on the Trade Federation Cruiser.
Tip: The Critical Systems on a Capital Ship can't be harmed until its shields
are brought down. Attack any part of the ship to weaken the shields; keep
attacking until the shield is down completely. Bombers, like the V-Wing are the
best class to bring shields down quickly.

Unfortunately on this battle you are only supplied with ARC-170 Star fighters,
no V-Wing Bombers, so you will have to make do. Just keep attacking the capital
ship at any point on it to take down its shields. Make sure not to venture too
close to the capital ship just yet, but rather fire from a distance. If you are
too close you will be fired upon by the ships auto-defense mainframe which can
result in you dieing a lot.

Objective 5: Attack and destroy the communications relay on top of the Trade
Federation Cruiser.
Tip: Destroying a capital ship’s orbital systems will cripple it. You can lock
onto a critical system by tapping square when your fighter is pointed at it.

This mission is pretty simple; just attack the Communications Relay as much as
you can until it is destroyed. The best tactic I find is to attack it from
directly above; fly as high as you can above it, turn around, and slowly head
directly down towards it firing with both lasers and torpedoes until it is
destroyed. The further you are away from the capital ship the less
computer-players will be firing at you, so you have a greater chance of

Objective 6: Make your way into the CIS hanger and land your ship.
Tip: Ease off the throttle (right analog stick) when entering a hanger. Tap X
once to land your fighter inside the hanger.

This is where it is good to be the marine class, as they have more firepower
then the engineer which can be useful when inside the enemy's Capital Ship.
Follow the yellow arrows to their hanger, fly through the blue ray shields and
land your ship.

Objective 7: Leave your ship and use your explosive weapons to destroy the
engine cooling tanks inside the Trade Federation Cruiser.
Tip: The cooling tanks are one of the systems that can be destroyed from inside
of a capital ship. Destroying the Auto-Defense Mainframe will turn off the
capital ship's turrets, making it easier to attack from the outside.

Once inside, go up the stairs and through the doors. You will enter a big room
full of computers. If you wish you can destroy the big console in the centre of
the room, which will allow you an easier escape later on. However if you do so,
you will have to re-stock on ammunition at the ammo-droid which can be found by
the entrance you came in. While doing so, be careful of the Auto-Turrets which
will fire at you from the roof when you enter the room. You can easily destroy
these however by simply shooting them a few times.

Next, move through the door on the right hand side of the room. If you come into
a room filled with computers and a giant computer at the back of it, leave, walk
directly across the room and go through the opposite door. If you walk into a
room with a giant blue glowing column in the middle, leave, and try another
door, as you have come through the wrong one.

You should be in a room with a lot of large gray cylinders. Navigate through
this room and at the back should be a giant, green, glowing cylinder thingy.
This is what you must destroy. Use your rockets, grenades, or time bombs to do
so. It should take 3 time bombs if that is your weapon of choice. You can place
them anywhere on or around the green glowing tubes; just be careful to stand
back when they go off!

Objective 8: Deliver the killing blow and destroy the targeting bridge of the
Trade Federation Cruiser.
Tip: The Bridge is the entire section located under the yellow objective arrow.
It’s one of the five critical systems that can be destroyed from space.

Run back out the door you came in, turn left, and go back into the main hanger.
Grab any fighter and head outside. Any CIS fighter will do, or your old ARC-170
if it has not yet exploded. On the top of the ship which you came out of is a
giant structure known as the Command Bridge. Destroy it the same way as you did
the Frigate and the Communications Relay. It should not be too hard to find, as
when you look at it, the words Command Bridge will appear on you HUD. After you
destroy it, the level will end. Congratulations.

Mission Complete!



Felucia: Heart of Darkness

Overview: The Droid presence here threatens the Republic cause. They must be

Mission Objective: The CIS is entrenched on Felucia, and have beaten back
several attacks. They 182nd legion landed last month and hasn't been heard from
since. As the Republic's finest, the burden is on the 501st to liberate Felucia.

Objective 1: Our forward unit is under attack by some kind of creatures. Get to
the AT-TE.

For this objective it does not really matter which unit you decide to go as,
however being either the Engineer or Heavy Trooper will be substantially better
for the next objective, so I recommend one of these. Sprint in the general
direction of the yellow arrow, until you come to a broken down vehicle, known as
an AT-TE. Speed is of the essence here, as you only have 30 seconds to complete
this objective before you lose the level. However as long as you do not mess
around and keep your mind on track, you should be able to do this with ease.

Objective 2: Kill 6 Acklay.

On this mission you will see several large creatures which look a bit like giant
spiders, called Acklay. You can locate them by either using the yellow arrows on
your HUD, or you can find them on the mini-map. Once you see them use your
shotgun or rocket launcher to shoot them, however make sure to keep your
distance. If you get too close to them they can swipe at you, and one hit from
their giant pincers will kill you. On most occasions, if you shoot at them then
they will start to charge towards you. If this happens, just run backwards, but
keeping your eye on them, and the mini-map to avoid colliding into another one.
While running backwards, drop either a detpack if you are an engineer, or a mine
if you are a heavy trooper, and detonate them as the Acklay steps on it. One
mine will destroy any Acklay, full health or not, and a detpack will cause
significant damage to them. This objective shouldn’t be too difficult, if you
pay attention the whole time and avoid getting too close.

Objective 3: Defend the AT-TE

In this objective, the CIS team will swarm the AT-TE, trying to destroy it. Your
objective is to stop them from doing this for 2 minutes, killing any enemies you
see. It is best to be an engineer or an ordinary clone trooper for this mission
as they are the best at destroying normal troopers. Your lock on function is
very useful for this mission, as the natural fog of Felucia means it is
difficult to see droids coming at you. Use both this and the mini-map to find
hidden droids, and stop them from attacking the AT-TE. The vehicle should not be
destroyed during this time, but it is a good idea to always keep an eye on its
health, by moving your cursor over it, as if it gets destroyed you lose the
stage. Just keep destroying droids until the two minutes is up, which you can
then move onto the next level.

Objective 4: Acquire the Power Cell.
Tip: Aayla Secura has landed!

Become Aayla Secura and jump over all the shrubbery and exotic plants as fast as
you can in the direction of the yellow arrow. After a while you should come to a
destroyed vehicle, with a white power cell on the ground in front of it. Be
careful, as this area is usually swarming with droids. Collect the cell and
sprint back to the AT-TE, in the direction of the yellow arrow. There should be
an easy path made to get back there, without having to go through the thick
bush, which makes this objective a lot easier.

Objective 5: Destroy the CIS defense turrets at the Fungal Tree.

If you still have Aayla Secura, use her to jump to the turrets, and destroy
them. When doing so, stay behind the turret at all times, as if you are at the
front you are at risk of being shot by it. If you do not have Aayla anymore,
become any ordinary unit, and use the AT-TE to destroy them. Pilot it around the
stage, and use it to destroy the turrets as you come up to them. If you cannot
see the turret from the pilot seat, swap to the gunner on top and zoom in, as
this has an improved sniper scope and can be useful at destroying far away
turrets. This vehicle will provide you with extra defense so you are less likely
to die, however at the expense of speed. If you find an un-used CIS tank droid,
hop into it and use that to destroy the turrets, as this will still provide you
with defense, but will still travel relatively fast.

If you see any Acklay as you are playing, as there will be several more around
the map now, do not engage them in combat unless you are in a tank. You are a
lot less likely to die if you just avoid them altogether. Also try and avoid
attacking enemy tank droids, as this is not necessary and just wastes time. It
is much easier to drive past them. Follow the yellow arrows to find the turrets.
In my opinion, this is the most difficult objective of this mission, as it is
the one where you are most likely to die, with Turrets, infantry, tanks AND
Acklay attacking you. Keep your wits about you on this one.

Mission Complete!



Kashyyyk: First Line of Defense

Overview: The CIS blockade on the Wookiee homeworld must be broken by any means

Mission Objective: The CIS is laying siege to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk.
Break through the enemy blockade and relieve the beleaguered garrison until more
reinforcements arrive. Destroy the separatist flagship at all costs.

Objective 1: Droid frigates are inbound, destroy them quickly!

Spawn as a Pilot and head towards the hangar. There should be 4 different types
of vehicles available for you to use. Select the V-Wing on the far left and get
into it. Take off and fly out into space. There are two frigates in this mission
that you are required to destroy. You can find the first one by turning right as
soon as you exit your hangar. If you are having difficulty locating it, use the
mini-map or yellow arrows to direct you. Head towards this frigate, but make
sure you remain underneath it, as if you are higher up, its auto-defense
mechanism have a clear shot at your vehicle. It is much safer to travel
underneath it to avoid enemy fire.

Now the best way to destroy a Banking Clan Com-ship, which is the Confederacy’s
frigate, is to fly into its center. This particular frigate has two sections,
the top and bottom, joined together by a smaller connecting pillar. The best way
to do this without getting too badly damaged is to fly between the top and
bottom layer, so you are positioned inside the ship. You must do this very
slowly though, with the throttled pulled back as far as possible. Once inside,
if you are traveling in the same direction as the frigate, you should be able to
stay in the same spot in the frigate as both of you move forward. This allows
you to constantly bomb the ship from the inside. However if you are traveling in
opposite directions, you may need to do one bombardment, fly out of the ship’s
safety, turn around, and head back in for a second run. Do not bother to use
your primary fire, the lasers, on the frigate as they have little to no effect;
instead use your secondary weapon, the bombs, to do sufficient damage to the
ship. After 3 or 4 loads of bombing the ship should explode, completing the
first half of this objective. Just make sure that while you are inside the ship
that you do not collide with it. You must avoid all contact with the ship’s
walls, as even the slightest touch could knock you into other things and
possibly kill you, so be very careful not to stray too far from the center.

Now you must locate the other ship, using the mini-map or yellow arrows. Once
you do so, if you are coming up from behind, fly to the ship’s left hand side,
the one further away from the CIS capital ship. This will ensure that the fire
you get from the capital ship is minimal, as it often does not have a clear shot
at you. If you fly on the left hand side within the ship, the frigate itself is
blocking the attack from the Auto Defense Mainframe of the capital ship, so you
do not die as easily. Once inside, just repeat what you did for the other
frigate. This one is harder to destroy however, since it is closer to an enemy
threat, so just be careful not to get into the heat of the battle.

Objective 2: The CIS heavy turrets are pounding our shields, destroy those guns.

Again, use the yellow arrows to locate the heavy gun emplacements. They should
be situated on either side of the entrance to the enemy’s hangar. Head towards
them, again from underneath to avoid fire from the main ship. Once you get to
the turrets you can pull up to give you a better shot at them. One load of bombs
should finish them off pretty easily. If you can, attack them from the sides, as
going towards them head on gives you a higher chance of being hit. Whatever you
do, do not fly directly into the path of the turrets, as they will shoot you out
of the sky. You also have to be pretty efficient at destroying them, as they
have tiny turrets guarding them which will shoot at you as well. However, they
are weak, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to destroy.

Objective 3: Take an LAAT Gunship into the enemy hangar and establish a secure
drop point for our troops.
Tip: The LAAT Gunship and other Command vehicles, including the AT-TE and
AT-ATs, act as spawn points for your troops.

Fly as fast as you can back into your hangar, not stopping along the way to
shoot at anything or anybody. Use the select button to access the mini-map, and
use it to find the quickest direct route to your hangar. Use full throttle and
turbo where you can. As soon as you get into your hangar however, pull the
throttle right back and land it, before you crash into the back wall. Careful
timing is needed here. Get out of your vehicle, run towards the LAAT Gunship on
the far right of the room, and get in.

Before you take off, press the “squad commands” button to call allies into your
ship. Make sure to press it three times, and three times only, as it will call
three people into your ship. If you press it four times however, everybody will
get out. When somebody gets into your vehicle, a bar appears on the left of the
HUD which shows how many people are currently in. When a blank position turns
purple, it means that there is a person in there. The reason we are getting more
allies into our vehicle is that while we are completing this mission it will
give us more attack power, with multiple defense, a higher defense, with more
people healing the ship from inside, and more reinforcements quickly available
to help with the next mission. Once you have a few people on board, take off.

Fly forward, straight out of the hanger, and directly into the hanger of your
opponent in front of you. Again, avoid all combat situations, keeping your focus
primarily on the enemy hangar. The LAAT is pretty tough, so it should be able to
sustain a lot of damage. Once you get in their hangar, be very careful not to
crash into the roof or enemy fighters which are taking off, and land the LAAT in
the center of the hangar, where the yellow arrow is pointing.

Objective 4: Destroy their internal systems that control their life support and

To the side of the hangar is some stairs, leading up to a couple of doors. Enter
the internal rooms through these. Once inside the main console room there will
be a couple of auto-turrets shooting at you. The best approach is most likely to
shoot back, as they are fairly easy to destroy with the correct aim, however if
you wish you can just run past them. If there are lots of enemies too, just try
and ignore them. If you get shot however, by all means kill the droid who did
this to you; however it is not necessary for the mission and just wastes time.

Go through either the right or left doors to find an internal system which you
must destroy. If you choose the door on the right, follow the path along,
shooting the auto-turrets along the way, until you find some large, green,
glowing cylinders at the end. You must place time bombs on these to destroy
them. (Or rockets and grenades if you are playing as the marine) Two time bombs
should do the trick; just make sure you stand back when they detonate if you
have friendly fire on!
If you take the door on the left, you must do the same thing as for the right
door, however your target is the large computer on the far back wall. This room
does not give you much protection however, so any droids coming into the room
have an easy target, along with the auto-turret. Again, two time bombs should do
the trick.

When you enter either room however, make sure you have at least 2 time bombs to
start with. If you do not have enough, you can gain ammunition from either
picking up the red and white canisters that are dropped by dead players, or you
can go to the tan colored ammunition “gonk” droid. Standing near this machine
will give you ammunition. If he is destroyed, then you can use the engineer’s
fusion cutter to repair it, which should take a very short time.

When doing this mission, if you are not comfortable going into close combat with
a pistol, I suggest you swap to Clone Marine at you next respawn, as he is equip
with a machine gun. If you do need to respawn at any time during this mission,
do so from the LAAT Gunship that you landed inside the CIS hangar, as it is a
lot closer to your target.

Objective 5: Steal the Kashyyyk holocron and return it to our ship’s command

Now go back to the main enemy control room, the one with all the computers and a
big column in the center. From here go through the door on the back wall, the
only one you haven’t been through yet. The yellow arrow should be pointing in
its general direction. Directly through these doors is a holocron lying on the
ground. Collect this, and as quickly as you can sprint back to the hangar,
avoiding all enemies as you go. Do not go into combat at this stage, as the
holocron is very important. While carrying the holocron, any clones you
encounter along the way will try to protect and defend you at all costs. This
way you do not have to worry about fending off enemies, as your allies will do
that for you.

Once you make it to the hangar, get into the LAAT gunship and take off, out of
the CIS hangar. If the LAAT has been destroyed (which is highly unlikely I might
add) just grab any fighter that you see available. Do not worry about waiting
for any allies to get in this time, as it is not important. Once you are out in
space, press select again to bring up the mini-map, and once again use it to
find the most direct route back to the Republic’s hangar, and take it. Again,
turbo as much as you can, and the rest of the time use full throttle.

Once you reach the hangar, pull back on the throttle again to ensure a safe
landing. Get out of your ship and run up the stairs and through the doors on the
back wall of the hangar. This will bring you into your ships control room, which
you will notice is nearly identical to that of the CIS. Just by the entrance of
the room will be a large, blue, glowing vortex-type thing, which the yellow
arrow points to. Walk into this to complete the objective, and ensure a victory
to the Republic.

Mission Complete!



Kashyyyk: A Line in the Sand

Overview: A fortified Wookiee refinery is the last defense against the planetary
droid invasion.

Mission Objective: The 501st has reinforced the Wookiee defenders at a key
refinery. Master Yoda himself is coordinating the defense of this critical
installation. The line has been drawn, there can be no retreat.

Objective 1: We must hold the beach for 3 minutes until we can setup defenses
behind the sea wall at the Wookiee base.

Spawn at CP1 as a Clone Engineer. If you are not comfortable using the
Engineer’s shotgun, then I suggest going as an ordinary Clone Trooper instead,
as you have a lot of battle ahead of you. Run as fast as possible down the beach
towards CP2 and capture it, if it has not been done already. Your mission here
is to defend this command post for 3 minutes without the CIS capturing it, so I
suggest you play as your strongest unit. You may get into a tank if you prefer,
however this makes you a target for all the other tanks and assault droids. The
droids will be attacking from across the body of water, so you must defend
primarily from that direction to begin with.

Personally I choose engineer for this objective, as the shotgun is good for
close combat, and you can easily handle vehicles by either slicing into them
with your fusion cutter or destroying them with your detpacks. You can also use
the engineer’s Health/Ammo Dispensing ability if you run low on health, so you
just throw a pack to yourself and pick it up. This can be very useful in keeping
you alive when it is critical to do so.

Make sure at all times you stick close to the command post you are defending,
and shoot any enemies who are trying to capture it. If the CIS capture this
command post at any time throughout this objective, then all is lost. There are
no real tactics or hints which can be given for this objective, just try and
kill as many enemies as you can in order to survive. The area around the CP will
be mayhem, so it makes it very hard not to do. However it IS possible to
complete it without getting killed, so long as you do not get surrounded by
enemies or make yourself a large target.

Objective 2: The CIS are beginning their assault on the Wookiee base. Fall back
behind the Sea Wall and fortify your positions.

This mission is very easy to complete. All you have to do is run back up the
beach in the direction, past the wooden barricade, through the metal wall and up
the ramp to command post 3. Try and avoid confrontations, as they only slow you
down. The best tactic is to just ignore all fire and run straight towards your
goal. If you die however, you can always respawn at command post 3, making this
objective a whole lot easier, as this is where you are heading. Once you arrive
at the command post, this objective is complete.

Objective 3: We must now defend the Oil Refinery for 4 minutes. Watch out for
snail tanks, they must be destroyed to protect the refinery.

Once again the best unit to be is the Clone Engineer; I will explain why in a
moment. Run down the slope back to the metal wall again. It is vital for your
mission that you do not let many enemies through this wall, as this is your
greatest defense mechanism in this objective. There are two small doorways on
this wall, one on either end. Go to the one on the left. The best tactic is to
stay at this entrance and kill anybody who comes through. Generally you can
ignore the other entrance, as your teammates have that one covered, however
every now and then you have to turn around and kill a few enemies that have
leaked through.

When an enemy does come through either entrance, they will most likely start
attacking a large, gray panel with red lights near the bottom, which can be
found just to the right of the left hand entrance. If they succeed in destroying
this panel, a large metal gate in the middle of the wall will lower, allowing
access to the Oil Refinery for enemy tank droids to go through. This is where it
is important to be an engineer. When an enemy destroys this panel and the gate
lowers, the voice of a clone trooper, the same one who reads you your objectives
when you receive them, will say “They’ve breached the sea wall, brace
yourselves!” Whenever you hear this message, turn around and head straight
towards that panel ASAP. You must quickly get out your fusion cutter and use it
on the panel. It should only take about a second to repair, however you cannot
leave it too long. Once you repair it, the gate goes back up again, blocking the
entry for the tank droids. You must repair it before any tanks get through, as
if one does then it can cause a lot of damage to your Oil Refinery, and can be
rather difficult to destroy. The panel should be destroyed and the gate should
lower several times throughout this objective, so do not panic if this happens.
Just make your way to it as fast as you can and repair it.

Keep up this tactic for 4 whole minutes to complete this objective. If you
manage not to let any tanks through then this objective should be fairly easy to

Objective 4: Take over all CIS owned command posts and force them off this
peaceful planet.
Tip: Master Yoda has landed!

For this final objective you should become Master Yoda, as it is a much easier
way to capture Command Posts and survive. Start by running through the metal
wall, down the beach and capturing CP1. Use your Force Push to push droids out
of the range of capturing the Cp, or force pull to bring far away enemies into
reach of your lightsaber. This mission is fairly simple as long as you avoid
tanks and only take on one or two droids at a time. If you are Yoda you must
make sure you kill droids on a regular basis so you do not run out of health. If
you are not Yoda, you may like to get in a tank when traveling between command
posts for extra defense. Just remember you cannot capture Command Posts while in
a vehicle, so you must get out to do so.

After you have captured CP1 head as fast as you can to CP2 and capture it,
followed by 4 and then 5. Command post 5 may be slightly more difficult to
capture as it is guarded by both tanks and turrets, so be careful when doing so.
Since it is also the Confederacy’s main command post, it takes longer to
capture. If you are Yoda you may have to kill a few droids to keep your health
up while you are capturing it. There are many rocks surrounding this command
post that can give you defense from the various tanks in the area, so use them
to your advantage. Once you have captured all 5 command posts, your mission is

Mission Complete!



Utapau: Underground Ambush

Overview: Ambushing General Grievous and his army will be the final crushing
blow to the CIS.

Mission Objective: Republic Intelligence believes General Grievous is here on
Utapau. General Kenobi has gone ahead by himself to scout the planet. Secure a
landing area and link up with Kenobi to crush the separatists once and for all.

Objective 1: Assault the command post just south of your position.

Become a normal Clone Trooper and charge the command post. While making your way
there defend yourself from enemy fire, as there are many droids in the area.
Once you arrive at the command post your objective is completed.

Objective 2: Go upstairs to capture the lookout CP.

This objective is pretty self explanatory. All you have to do is turn right at
the command post, locate the stairs, run up them and capture the CP up top. You
do not have to run right to the CP, but rather just crouch down near the top of
the staircase, just within reach of capturing it. This way you are not a visible
target for enemies.

Objective 3: Move down the highway and capture the CP there. Watch out for the
CIS forces there.

Run down the alleyway towards the arrow. Do not head down the main road, but
rather the passage on the left to avoid enemy fire. You are less likely to be
spotted here. However once you reach the end of the balcony you have to jump off
in order to make your way forward. Once you get to the command post, capture it
and defend yourself in the process. A good idea is to jump on top of the command
post light itself and crouch in that little area inside the wall. This blocks
any attacks from behind you so instead you can focus all your fire on enemies in

While you are making your way to the command post, if you feel like you need
some extra firepower then you can always get into the AT-RT to make your way
down there. Driving the AT-RT ruins your chances of being stealthy however, so
it is up to you which is more important; firepower or silence. If you stay in
the AT-RT, you will most likely be shot at the whole way down.

Objective 4: Move into hangar 10 and secure that CP. The droids have the area
pretty well secured, so be careful.
Tip: General Kenobi has landed.

Become Kenobi, who is much better at destroying droids. Spawn with him at your
newly captured CP, CP3. Run further down the highway and you will find a large
open area with a command post by the entrance. Watch out; the area is crawling
with droids. Keep an eye open at all times, and remember that the block feature
on your lightsaber may come in handy. Do not stand still, even when capturing
the CP. There is no cover in this area, so your only defense from the shots is
your movement and lightsaber.

Objective 5: General Grievous is inside of hangar 10, just north of your
position. Do what you can to stop him killing our troops.

This is where Kenobi really comes in handy. If you do not have him, a Clone
Commander is the best to choose, you should have him by now. Locate Grievous and
lock onto him. If you are a Clone Commander, shoot at him with your chain gun.
If he reflects the shots it means he’s blocking. Wait for how he holds his
lightsabers to change position before shooting him again. Try and aim for the

If you are playing as Kenobi, make sure he’s not blocking and force-push him
backwards. When he’s on the ground, or close to it, use your sprint attack
(sprint button and attack button just before you reach him) to attack him once.
If he is not dead yet, then push him again and sprint attack him, just like
before. Repeat this again and again until he is dead. Only attack him once after
a force push however to avoid him attacking you back. You can also use your
lightsaber throw to attack him. You have the advantage when attacking from a
distance, as he has no force powers or ranged attacks. However in close combat
he has the upper hand, so do not stray too close.

Objective 6: Destroy the AA guns on the edge of the hangar.

If you are still Kenobi then this task is a piece of cake. Just run up to them
and swipe a few times with your lightsaber. If you do not have Kenobi any more
then this task can prove to be a little more difficult, but not much. It is
easiest to complete this task as a Heavy Trooper, but the Clone Engineer will
suffice as well. Find the ramps, which are located next to CP3, and go up them.
Now you will be on the balconies in the hangar. Follow these along to the AA
guns so you are almost directly above them. Now shoot them with your rockets, or
drop mines over the edge of the balcony so they land on top of the AA guns. The
same can be achieved with the engineer’s det-packs.

Objective 7: Destroy the ATX Energy Pillar west of your position. Use of the
tanks at the rear of the hangar is optional, but encouraged.

You heard what the objective said, get in those tanks! If you are not in a tank,
heavy trooper is the best option. If you are however, Engineer is the best
option, as he can heal the tank as you drive, or Kenobi, as he has extra health.
Once you arrive at the pillar after following the arrow, just pound it with the
tanks lasers and missiles. Alternatively, the same can be done with the Heavy
Trooper’s rockets, but at a slower rate. In no time the pillar will be
destroyed, and the mission accomplished. The CIS have been finished off once and
for all.

Mission Complete!



Coruscant: Knightfall

Overview: The corrupt Jedi Order must be wiped out, by Order 66 of the new
Galactic Emperor.

Mission Objective: Order 66 has been given. The Jedi collaborators must be
eliminated. On Coruscant, the 501st has been given the singular honor of
executing this order, under the command of the newly anointed Lord Vader.

Objective 1: Capture the Jedi Council Chamber.

This will be your final mission playing as the Republic, so make the most of it.
Spawn as your strongest unit, most preferably the normal Clone Trooper, as you
have a lot of killing ahead of you, and you must be able to defend yourself.
Sprint forward, across the main hallway, and you will hopefully reach the stairs
on the other side before the enemy does. You will quickly notice that this is
your first mission where your enemy is not droids; instead you will be killing
both Jedi and Temple Guards. Be very careful because at the top of the stairs a
group of Jedi will drop down form the ceiling. These enemies are difficult to
defeat because they can block and reflect incoming fire, just as General
Grievous could in the previous mission. Shoot down the Jedi while they are not
blocking your fire so they do not shoot it back at you.

If at any time during this mission a Jedi starts running towards you, run
backwards while shooting at them so they do not get close enough to swipe at
you. If you wish you can wait for your team mates to finish of all the Jedi
before moving on. When you reach the top of the staircase again be careful
because there are three turrets blocking the entrances to the command post. You
must destroy these, or at least the enemies inside them, to advance into the
command post. The good news is your allies will most likely throw a volley of
grenades around the Turrets, which should blow them up relatively quickly
without you having to worry about them. However if this does not happen, then
the best tactic is to aim just above the turret with your rifle, so you are
shooting the head of the person manning it, instead of the turret itself. This
is a much more affective way of stopping them from firing at you.

Once you reach the command post itself, the Jedi Council Chambers, more Jedi
will drop from the ceiling, around the perimeter of the room. Again either walk
backwards down the stairs and shoot at them, or let your teammates finish them
off… or both! Keep your distance from them as they can easily overpower you in
close combat. Attacking them from a distance is your major advantage when
killing Jedi; use it wisely. While you are capturing the CP itself make sure you
keep an eye on the three open doorway entrances, as more enemies may try and
reclaim their command post. Also constantly turn around, as more temple guards
may respawn behind you. Once you have captured this CP, the objective is

Objective 2: Go to the Library.

First check at your newly captured command post whether you have unlocked the
Clone Commander yet, which by this stage you should have. If you do not have the
option to play as him yet, then remain as a normal clone trooper. After you have
chosen the unit to use, make your way as fast as you can towards the yellow
arrow, which should lead you to the library. The easiest way to get there is by
heading back through the main hallway and turning right. Make sure you do not
turn right at the feet of the staircase by your new command post, as this will
only lead to a dead end; this section has been blocked off for the time being.
Take the hallway route to get to your location.

Objective 3: Defend the library and its contents till scan is complete.

Shoot any Jedi you see attacking the bookshelves. There are many bright blue
bookshelves available, however only one needs to survive to complete the
objective. Select a few of them and focus primarily on defending them from enemy
attacks. Any Jedi you see attacking them you must kill ASAP; your chaingun
should make quick work of them. When the time is up if at least one bookcase has
survived, your mission is complete. Don’t fret if several bookcases are
destroyed because the fewer bookcases there are to defend, the better you can
defend them. All of your allied units will be focused on the one or two
bookshelves instead of being spread over many, so they can destroy any enemies
wishing to attack them much quicker then before.

Objective 4: Retrieve the holocron from the Comm Center and bring it to the

At the back of the room you were defending should be a flight of stairs. Make
your way up them to the second level. Once here, head in the direction of the
yellow arrow. When you enter the first of the rooms along your way a group of
Jedi will drop from the ceiling. As soon as this happens step back outside the
doorway, as you will be suddenly surrounded. As long as you remain outside the
door the Jedi should not be able to attack you, giving you a chance to clear
them out. Once there are less enemies defending the room you can sprint through,
past any remaining Jedi, and make your way to the holocron in the next room.

As soon as you collect the holocron turn right and slowly make your way down the
stairs. Once you get about halfway down, you should notice some Jedi, which is
your cue to retreat back up the stairs. Make sure all the Jedi on the staircase
are defeated before you try and make your way down again, as you are their main
target when you are carrying the holocron. Several clones may follow you in an
attempt to protect you from enemies, so you do not need to worry about shooting
any of the temple guards you encounter. If you spy any Jedi who are in your path
then shoot them down before moving on to maintain adequate defense. If you do
not wish to shoot at the Jedi, at least avoid them so you do not get mowed down
by a lightsaber. Once you reach the end of the hallway you will have arrived at
CP1, which is where the drop site is. Run to the back of this veranda to
complete the objective.

Objective 5: Kill the Jedi with the holocron and return it to the Veranda.
Tip: Lord Vader has landed.

Become Skywalker, spawn at the veranda which is CP1 and force sprint towards the
yellow arrow, not stopping to kill enemies along the way. If the enemy is right
in your path then by all means sprint attack them, but try and avoid stopping
and turning around to attack your opponents when it is much quicker and easier
just to spring straight past them. Once you arrive at the arrow you will
discover that it is pointing at a Jedi. He is your target who you must kill to
retrieve the necessary holocron. He will also be guarded by a few other Jedi, so
make sure to defend yourself from them. You must swiftly kill the Jedi, most
preferably with your Saber Throw to keep yourself from being injured. After the
Jedi Master is dead he will drop a holocron. Collect it and force sprint back to
the dropsite at CP1, whereupon you will be given your next objective.

Objective 6: Kill 3 Jedi Masters.

It is very handy to play as Anakin Skywalker AKA Darth Vader here as he can kill
other Jedi much quicker and with greater ease. Take down the three allocated
Jedi Masters as per usual, but this time avoid throwing your lightsaber at them.
Jedi Masters are far more skilled then your average Jedi, which makes them a lot
harder to take down. They are much smarter too! They will realize, as should
you, that if you throw your lightsaber at an enemy you will temporarily become
unarmed and unable to defend yourself, which gives them an ideal opportunity to
attack you. Instead, wait for them to make that same mistake. Constantly block
with your lightsaber until they throw theirs at you, whereupon you should take
the opportunity to fight back. While they are unarmed charge at them and slash
your blade around as much as possible, making sure not to be in the path of
their lightsaber as it returns.

The Masters have more health then the normal Jedi Knights so they will be a bit
harder to kill, but not too difficult all the same. If you are not using Anakin
Skywalker for this mission then a Clone Commander should suffice, but be more
difficult. If you are using one of these units then keep your distance from the
Jedi and shoot from afar; the Jedi Masters seem to sprint towards you and charge
at you the second you shoot them. If this happens then it is a very smart idea
to kill them before they reach you. If you do not succeed at this then most
likely the result will be reversed, and this time you will be the victim. Finish
off the three Jedi Masters who have the yellow arrows above their heads and the
mission will be completed, bring a new era to the galaxy. The Empire has been

Mission Complete!



Naboo: Imperial Diplomacy

Overview: The Queen of Naboo threatens the peace of the New Order. She must be

Mission Objective: The Empire is flourishing under Emperor Palpatine but there
are still elements that resist the New Order. Chief among these is the Queen of
Naboo; rumour has it she is also sheltering fugitive Jedi. It is time to bring
Vader’s fist down on these traitors.

Objective 1: We will begin to seal in our enemy by creating a perimeter around
the central courtyard. Capture the Plaza security post.

From here on in you will be playing as the Empire for this campaign. Spawn at
CP1 as your strongest unit, the one you are best at killing foot soldiers with.
Just ahead of your starting position will be a turn in the road, where you will
be fired upon. Since it is dark you maybe not be able to see your enemy too
clearly, so the lock on feature is very useful for this level. Press back the
incoming fire, making your way to the nearby CP.

Once you have made it there you will notice a large square fountain next to it.
This fountain provides an excellent defense when capturing the CP. You will
notice the fountain has 2 levels. Jump into the upper level and crouch down.
Here you will be safe from enemy fire, but still within capturing range of the
CP. Make sure not to stand up however, as if any enemy sees you your cover is
blown. If they do see you, they may decide to lob a grenade into the fountain
next to you, which results in almost certain death for you. Stay here until the
command post is yours.

Objective 2: Take over the Plaza command post.

For this mission it is very important to head in the same direction as your
troops do. You must still head towards the yellow arrow, but making sure you
follow the path by the river, coming back from where you started. If you decide
to go the other way, heading forward from CP2, you will soon enough find the
Central Courtyard; and all the auto-turrets defending it. You will have little
chance of survival.

When making your way down the other route by the river, the closer you stick to
the water the less likely you are to be fired upon, as you have extra cover and
are not where the bulk of the fighting commences. Continue down the river path
until you reach the end, where you will find two turrets, most likely manned by
your enemy. Be very careful of these turrets, taking them out if possible
without them shooting at you, or avoiding them altogether. Just round the corner
from the turrets is the CP you must capture. Abolish the surrounding enemies
before once again jumping into the nearby fountain while capturing the CP,
making sure to crouch.

Objective 3: Capture the Guard Security Post.
Tip: A tank has been snuck in for you.

This objective can be relatively easy if you do it correctly. Get in the tank
and head forward towards the yellow arrow. As soon as you turn the corner you
should run into a tank. Pelt it with both missiles and lasers until you destroy
it. After you manage to do this, another tank should come up behind the first
one, which you must also destroy. Do this and move on down the alleyway to the
command post. Hop out and start capturing it. Use the tank as a shield against
any fire from both enemy soldiers and a few turrets. Be careful when the enemies
throw grenades at the tank not to get caught in the blast radius. In no time at
all the CP should be yours. Remember; getting back into the tank to destroy
enemies means you have to start capturing the CP again, so try to avoid doing

Objective 4: Destroy Central Grid Console.

Another simple mission. Right next to your newly captured CP should be a ramp
leading up to a computer console which you must destroy. Avoid charging straight
up the ramp however, as several enemies will be defending it up top. It is
useful to be a Dark Trooper for this objective as his primary fire can attack
multiple enemies at once. Alternatively you can lob grenades up the ramp to
destroy the enemies. Once the area is cleared you can make your way up the re to
destroy the computer console. One grenade should do the trick, just make sure to
stand outside the blast radius as it detonates!

Objective 5: Destroy the Jedi Royal Guard

The best way to do this is to run back down the ramp and get into a tank. Then
continue down the path you were heading before where you will find several Jedi.
Just drive around killing any Jedi you see. After the first batch has been
destroyed, yellow arrows will point out the locations of the remaining 4. As
long as you stay in the tank to destroy them you should complete this with ease.

After you have killed the Jedi Guards you must kill the Queen herself. Do not
worry about any Jedi any more, killing them will only use up time. Just aim
straight for the Queen and blast her with the tanks missiles. Whatever you do,
do NOT exit the tank at any time throughout this objective, as you will most
likely just be killed by the Jedi. Use the same tactic in the tank as the last
part of this objective to destroy the Queen and your mission will be completed.

Mission Complete!



Mustafar: Preventative Measures

Overview: The Separatist threat is stirring again and lingers in orbit over

Mission Objective: Gizor Delso, a Geonosian fugitive from the Clone Wars, has
reactivated a battle droid army in the Mustafar system. The 501st is in the
system but its Star Destroyer has been boarded by Delso’s forces. Repel the
enemy boarders and take the fight to them.

Objective 1: The Droids have invaded our ship. Destroy their landing craft and
repel the assault.

Start off by spawning as a marine, which is the safest way to complete this
mission. You should spawn inside your control room. Head towards the door on the
left, near the ammo dispenser. Do not go out the door, just stay by its
entrance. Walk forward so that the door opens, and you will see your main
hangar. Quickly survey the area and find the Droid Landing Craft in the middle
of the hangar. What you must do is fire a rocket at it, then retreat back a few
steps so that the door closes again. Wait until you have reloaded before walking
forward again so that the door opens, and taking another shot. If you do this at
the entrance near the Ammo Dispenser you will not run out and can keep up with
this tactic. If a droid comes to the other side of the entrance trying to shoot
you, quickly swap to your rifle and kill him, but you do not need to worry about
any of the droids in the background. It should take several shots with the
Bazooka before the ship destroys, so you must be patient.

Alternatively, a quicker way to complete this mission is being a Pilot instead,
as their time bombs do a lot more damage then a Bazooka. The problem with this
option is that in order to plant a bomb you must run up to the ship, where you
are an easy target for droids. Also, all you have to defend yourself is a
blaster pistol, so it is harder to take down any attacking droids. The advantage
of this option though is it only takes 4 time bombs to destroy, compared to
about twice as many rockets. If you are confident with your ability playing as
the Empire then you can attempt this method, however I strongly recommend
playing as a marine instead and taking the more protective option.

Objective 2: The enemy are dispatching their bombers. Exit the hangar and
destroy those droids.

Before you do anything else, make sure you clear out all the droids in your
hangar, as they will only cause you problems later on if left alive. Once you
have stopped their threat you can become a pilot and hop into either a Tie
Fighter or an Interceptor. My personal choice for this objective is the Tie
Fighter for the slight bit of extra health, however either vehicle works. Take
off out of your hangar, immediately flying up and back over the top of your
capital ship.

Your objective here is to destroy 8 of the enemies fighters, so you must be very
careful at all times if you wish not to die. All the action should be happening
just outside your hangar, so if you fly over your ship to the other side of it
you should be relatively safe. What I find works best is to head over that side,
turn around, and fly back very slowly. When heading back turn your target
tracking on and find a suitable opponent. Wait until a white ring forms around
their ship, and wait until that ring turns red, before firing missiles at them.
If they are on very low health you can fire your primary lasers at them, but do
not do this if they have more then about half of their health remaining as it is
less likely to hit and draws attention to yourself. Make sure to use evasive
maneuvering throughout the level, as it will greatly increase your chances of
survival in a dogfight. If the missile detection warning appears down the bottom
of your screen at any time, pay great attention to it, and when the counter gets
down to less then 200 feet, use an evasive maneuver of some kind and you should
dodge the missile without any problems.

If at any time during this objective you happen to get shot and need to recover,
you can do just that, as you are a pilot. The best idea in this situation is to
fly back over your capital ship again so you are on the opposite side of all the
fighting, before very slowly flying between those overlay parts of either side
of the Star Destroyer. Flying in this area gives you the most protection of all,
as you are safe from fire from three sides. Just fly in here going back and
forth until all your health has recovered before heading back into the battle.
Just be careful not to touch the Star Destroyer with your vehicle at any time,
as even the slightest bump does significant damage to your fighter. One more
thing you must look out for on this objective is all the asteroids located
around the map. Yes, they can be easily destroyed with your lasers, however if
you fly into them too fast it will mean certain death.

Objective 3: Their ship is vulnerable, swoop in and destroy their protective

For this mission you require a bomber. Even though it may be easier to get a Tie
Bomber from your own hangar, the best option here is to collect a Droid Bomber
from the enemy hangar, as it will make your next mission a lot easier. Fly as
fast as you can into the enemy hangar, being careful of all the auto-defense
turrets. Use the tactic described in some of the earlier missions of flying
below the capital ship until you reach the hangar entrance, to avoid enemy fire.
Once you have landed inside the enemy hangar you should spot one of their
bombers near the steps. Hop into this vehicle and make haste to leave the
hangar, as most likely the bazooka-carrying droids will be firing at you.

All you have to do here is continuously bomb any part of the outside of the
enemy Capital Ship until their shields drop. This is best approached from the
left hand side of the ship, away from the heart of the battle. If you stick
close to the hull of the cruiser you are less likely to be fired upon by enemy
ships. Just be careful not to touch the hull with your vehicle, as again, even
the slightest tap could mean the difference between life and death. Just keep
bombing the outside until the shields are destroyed.

If you do happen to be fired upon while bombing the ship, tear off from your
attack and fly as fast as you can away from the main part of the battle,
throwing in the occasional evasive maneuver if you are still being hit. Soon
enough your attacker should have left, whereupon you can continue firing at the
Capital Ship. If you are low on health after the attack, fly around for a while
away from the battle and the enemy cruiser while your health restores, before
going back. If you go back into battle with little health, you are sure not to
survive too long.

Objective 4:Land in their hangar and take the designated bomber; then return it
to our hangar.

If you collected the correct bomber from the enemy hangar in the last mission,
then you should have a yellow arrow pointing to your ship, which means this will
be a very easy objective for you. If you did not collect the correct bomber,
then fly to the enemy hangar as fast as you can and take the one with the yellow
arrow above it. After you have the correct bomber, simply fly back to your
hangar using turbo as much as possible, and using evasive maneuvers if
necessary, and land the bomber in your own hangar. Do not bother firing at any
enemies during this objective as it will be over shortly anyway, but still be
careful not to hit any stray asteroids. Once you reach your hangar, just land
the ship. You do not even need to get out, simply land it and the mission will
be over.

Mission Complete!



Mustafar: Tying Up Loose Ends

Overview: The Geonosian Insurrectionist must be destroyed, along with his droids
and facilities.

Mission Objective: Gizor Delso has built prototypes of a new battle droid in the
hopes of resurrecting the CIS army. Destroy the plans for this prototype and any
reactivated battle droids in the mining facility. Needless to say, Delso must be
found and terminated.

Objective 1: Seize control of the Lava Observation Room

Spawn as your strongest unit, most likely the normal trooper or engineer. You
should start on a large platform in the middle of the lava. Ahead of you will be
two ramps, both leading down to doors which are an entrance to what appears to
be a large building. Make your way down the path on the right, as the door on
the left is locked. Inside you will come to a large passageway, where you must
immediately turn left and continue down the corridor. Make sure you kill any
droids you see, and constantly push back their attacks as you make your way to
their command post.

If you are coming up to a turn in the road, do not just run out past the corner,
but rather make sure to look around it first. If you just run straight past into
the open, any enemy droids around the side can easily shoot at you, making you
vulnerable. Rolling can be a good way to make it past a doorway quickly while
still being able to check for enemies. Throughout the level you will notice many
barrels or drums around the place, which can be used as an excellent cover when
reloading or escaping enemy fire, so use them to your advantage. If you are in a
firefight and are low on ammunition in that clip, crouch behind a drum as you
reload, before popping up to finish off the enemy. There are also many walls
around the level which can be used to the same effect.

Objective 2: Proceed forward across the bridge and take control of the walkway.

This objective is almost exactly the same as the last objective; however this
time you have a lot less cover to protect you from enemy fire. Instead of using
barrels and walls to hide behind, you must use strafing and other movements such
as jumping to avoid their shots. While you are moving about, keep in mind that
the edges are very close, so be careful not to accidentally roll or jump down
into the lava below.

One trait of this map is that the enemy droids blend in surprisingly well with
the background, making them very poorly visible targets. It is important all
throughout this level to use the lock-on feature as an effective way of locating
the enemy before they locate you. Once you make it to the command post itself,
make sure to run around it in a circular motion, not standing still for more
then about a second at a time. All throughout capturing this CP you will have
enemies spawning around you and more coming from a nearby door attacking you, so
you must keep your wits about you and your eyes peeled. You must make sure you
are the one who attacks first, or else you can be quickly outnumbered and

Objective 3:  Battle your way out onto the Collection Base and take control of
the Overlook CP.

Head along the nearby path towards the yellow arrow. Be careful, as all along
this path you will encounter many Auto-Turrets, the first being just through the
nearby doorway. Just as it is with the droids themselves, it can be very
difficult to locate the auto-turrets, even with them firing at you, so use the
lock-on feature to your advantage. Make sure that when attacking an auto-turret
that you do not stand still, as movement is your greatest advantage here. The
thing about these turrets is that they have a rather slow aiming apparatus and
take a while to get an accurate lock on you. If you stay moving, you will
increase your chances of survival tenfold.

Once you arrive at the required CP area you should easily be able to locate a
nearby medical droid. The best tactic is to stay in range of both the medical
droids healing and the command post’s capture range, as you can wreak the
benefits of both this way. Make sure to keep moving however, as droids will be
spawning all around you again, trying to kill you. If you must, move out of the
range of the medical droid rather then the command post, as capturing that base
is your priority. One thing to keep in mind is to destroy any auto-turrets in
the area before attempting to capture the CP, as they will only cause you
problems later on if you don’t. They should be located above you on either side
of the CP, and should be easy to find using the lock-on feature.

Objective 4: Destroy the Droid Prototype Schematics

Head straight up the ramp at the CP and down the other side, which leads to your
first target. In the middle of the room you should see a large box-like console.
Four grenades should be able to finish it off; however using these means you
have no ammunition left. The best option is just to stay in the local vicinity
and destroy attacking droids, waiting for your allies to weaken the box. Once
its health reaches a certain level it will not be able to drop any further,
which is when you should strike. If it is at this stage, a single grenade should
be able to destroy it.

After the first box has been destroyed, head to the other side of the large room
and you will find another box identical to the first. Just use exactly the same
tactic as above to finish it off; defending yourself until your allies have it
weakened, before going in for the kill. The reason behind this method is that
you only have to use one grenade on it, conserving your ammunition for when you
may need it later on in the level if you are attacked by droids.

Objective 5: Retrieve the Orbital Strike Beacon dropped by your ally, in the
Conference Room

Navigate your way through the rooms, heading towards the yellow arrow. Soon
enough you will find a white glowing object to collect. Pick it up and continue
through the room in the direction of the arrow. Ignore any droids in the area as
your allies who begin to follow you once you pick up the beacon should be able
to finish them off. Focus primarily on your objective and head straight there.

Once you leave the main building and go outside, make sure you stay on the top
level. Going down the ramp outside means you will just have to turn around and
go back up again once you get there, which is just a waste of time. Instead,
stay on the top, where you will soon make it to the CP you captured in objective
3. From here just cross the nearby bridge out onto the platform where the arrow
points, and walk into the given zone there.

Objective 6: Clear the Antenna Array

This objective is so short that I believe it should have been part of the
previous one. To complete this, simply run back across the bridge and up the
ramp on the other side. Once you make it to the top of the ramp, the objective
is completed. There is no tips involved with this, just don’t bother getting
into any confrontations with enemy droids, just run straight up the ramp.

Objective 7: You have permission to kill anything that moves in the name of the
Empire, but you must kill Gizor Delso

As soon as this objective starts, a swarm of Geonosians will attack you, one of
them being Gizor Delso. Be very careful here, as he has a lot of health and his
sonic-blaster can pack a powerful punch if it hits you. Gizor is the Geonosian
who has the yellow arrow constantly pointing towards him. If you can, avoid
going to the bottom of the ramp, as this is where the majority of the Geonosians
and battle droids are. You are much safer to stay on the top of the ramp and
fire upon Delso below. Only attack enemy Geonosians if they attack you, ignore
them otherwise as your teammates can take care of them. If you happen to die
during this objective, just respawn at the CP closest to the yellow part on the
map, which is where Delso will be located. While shooting at Gizor Delso
himself, make sure to strafe, as his sonic blasters take a while to reload and
if he misses the initial shot, it creates an opening for you to attack. Simply
keep shooting at him until he falls, claiming you victory.

Mission Complete!



Kamino: Changing of the Guard

Overview: The Kaminoan Facility must be seized. They resist us with our own

Mission Objective: The Kaminoans have turned against the Empire and are using
our own brothers against us. Lord Vader has hired a special mercenary to lead us
in this difficult battle. He has unique knowledge of the Cloning Chambers that
will be invaluable during the siege.

Objective 1: Proceed southwest to the main entrance of the Upper Cloning
Facility and use Boba Fett to gain entry.

It is crucial to be Boba Fett for this mission, as he is required to open the
entrance. When you begin you will notice that there are no CP’s for you to spawn
at, but just press accept anyway and you will be able to spawn none-the-less.
Simply become Boba Fett and fly in the direction of the door, using the yellow
arrow to guide you. You can easily use Boba’s jetpack to fly over to your target
instead of traversing the many platforms and pathways there, making your job a
lot easier. Once you arrive at the door, you cannot do anything, as your
commanding officer decides to spontaneously change your mission objective. Just
wait while the new Objective 1 message pops up.

New Objective: Use Boba Fett’s destructive abilities to blow that panel and gain
access to this facility

Now all you have to do is use one of Boba’s detpacks on the door to destroy the
box, gaining you entry. Be careful of the auto-turrets on the roof by the door
guarding it, and the manned turret a little further along the walkway, as they
will all most likely shoot at you on sight. Also, various clone troopers, mainly
the Jet Trooper class, will come around the corner to attack you, so have your
rifle ready. Just place the detpack on the box and either run or fly out of the
way before detonating, gaining you access inside.

One thing you will notice about this level is that it may be hard at first to
tell which troopers are your allies and which are your enemies from a distance,
as all the units wear similar white armor. It is important on this stage to use
the lock-on feature as it will help you to pick out your allies from you
opponents. An easier way to identify them is to aim your firing reticule at the
unit. If it turns blue, they are your ally. If red, then shoot like mad! If you
do not have time to double check they are an enemy however, just fire at them
anyway. Killing an AI teammate is better then dying yourself, keep that in mind.

Objective 2:  Retrieve a sample of Clone DNA to ensure that the Kaminoans can
never again clone themselves an army.

Inside the complex will be many auto-turrets, so watch out. Basically all you
have to do here is collect an object from inside the complex and take it back
outside. Run through the various rooms in the direction of the yellow arrow.
Shoot any lone auto-turrets you see, but if there are 2 or more in a room simply
sprint past them, using any objects you can as cover. For greater control of
your movements, use the Jetpack to make your way through heavily guarded rooms,
as for some reason the AI have a greater time hitting you while you are flying.
You also have the advantage of extra speed when flying, so use it wisely.

The first thing you should do as you enter the room containing the target is to
fly straight forward, landing within the console in the center of the room. If
you land up on the ledge, neither of the two auto-turrets will be able to shoot
you, your back will be covered from fire, and you can easily shoot any enemies
in front of you. Simply wait here for 30 seconds or so until your allies come
charging in through the entrance you just came in. Use the stupidity of your
allies to your advantage; as decoys. Let the diversions take the fire from both
the auto-turrets and the enemy units alike, while you make your quick getaway.
Simply slip out from the cover of the console, run around to the other side
where the object is, collect it, and sprint as fast as you can forward, out of
the complex from the opposite side you came in. This tactic may be cheap, cruel,
and un-justly, but by god it is effective and may mean the difference between
life and death. It can also save you a lot of health loss, which can be very
important if you wish to still use Boba Fett later on in the level. However, if
the AI do not turn up after a minute or two, or you notice that your
reinforcement count gets too low, your health gets too low, or just get bored,
then don’t bother waiting for your teammates. Just run around yourself, trying
your best not to get shot.

Once you make it outside of the complex, you may be tempted to use your jetpack
to take you quickly to the base. Do not do this under any circumstances. While
carrying a flag or object, such as the DNA sample you currently have, all
jetpack, flying and double jumping abilities are canceled out, and you can only
perform single jumps. So if you try to use your jetpacks by jumping out over the
edge, you will promptly fall to your death. Not good. Just use the paths to make
it to the yellow arrow instead. It is not too far, just be careful not to get
into the fire of turrets, sprint past them instead. Once you get close to your
destination you will see an Imperial Drop Ship waiting to collect the passage.
Simply run up near it to complete the objective.

Objective 3:  Take control of the Center Platform.

Simply head in the general direction of the command post, and capture it. If you
are a normal soldier then follow the path along, pushing back the enemy until
you make it to the CP. If you are a dark trooper of Boba Fett however then you
can instead simply fly past the battle and sneak up on the CP from behind,
giving you a greater chance of survival. Once you make it to the CP itself, you
will notice it is on a large circular area extruding from the ground, with
several higher points around the outside. It is a little hard to describe,
however you will recognize it when you see it. You can use the higher points as
protection while capturing the CP. They may not help you much against foot
soldiers nearby, you will have to be quick to destroy them yourself. However if
you crouch down behind the higher parts then you should be protected from all
the turrets in the area, including the one right next to the base which you will
surely be shooting at you. As long as you are protected, you should survive. In
any case, make sure you still move around while crouching, but staying on top of
the circular area, as this will give you even less of a chance of being hit by
stray fire.

Objective 4: Destroy the 5 Clone Life Support Systems to further annihilate the
Kaminoan Clones

For this mission it is best to be Boba Fett if possible, but otherwise an
Engineer or Heavy Weapons will do. Make your way back inside the main building,
following the yellow arrows the whole way. If you make it to a completely white
room (yes I know they are all pretty much white!) with seats hanging from the
ceiling then turn towards the arrow and walk forward. In case you cannot quite
see it, there is actually a large door there, disguised as a wall.  Enter this
room where you will find a lot of computer consoles, some with yellow arrows
pointing towards them; the ones you must destroy. If you are Boba, which
hopefully you still will be, place detpacks on them to destroy them. If not, use
any explosive weaponry available to do the job. In order to place the detpack
you must move close to the console. When doing this use extreme caution as your
allies will most likely be throwing grenades at the console to destroy it, and
you might be caught in the blast. Be careful to check the area before you move
in to destroy it, as it could save your life from careless allies. Make sure to
defend yourself against enemy fire at all times, as your opponents will
occasionally just walk in on you and start shooting, so you must be prepared.
Once all the required consoles are destroyed your objective is complete.

Objective 5: Destroy 2 Gunships.

If you are no longer Boba Fett you are in luck, as it means you do not have to
intentionally kill yourself to have this objective easy. This is one of the few
objectives in the campaign where it is easier to complete as a Heavy Trooper
instead of a Hero. The reason is you have to destroy two gunships, one which is
flying in the sky. If you are Boba Fett you can destroy the landed one simply
enough with a detpack, however the one which is flying is a harder task. The
only way you will be able to attack it with Boba is your wrist rockets or
blaster, both which do not damage it greatly. The best option for this objective
is to be a Heavy Trooper, as their missiles perform the most damage upon the
vehicles. Unfortunately you cannot swap class if you are a Hero, so if you are
Boba you will either have to suicide, which I do not suggest, or put up with a
very slow and painful destruction of the vehicle.

Get out your Wrist Rockets or Rocket Launcher and search the skies for LAAT
gunships flying about; the yellow arrow should be pointing towards them. If you
find a stationary one, simply shoot it from where you are (hopefully next to a
health droid and away from the heart of the battle where you are safe, one of
your CP’s would be good…) to destroy it. It should take 2 shots with a rocket
launcher, but more with wrist rockets, which is where it is good to be near an
ammo droid. If you find the LAAT that is in the sky, it should be flying about.
This one will be harder to hit as it is moving. Make sure to take into account
of the distance the LAAT is away from you, so aim slightly in front of the LAAT
before firing, as it takes time for your rocket to get there. If you score a
direct hit then its health should drop significantly. If you miss, then use your
error to calculate where to fire the next shot. Get two successful shots to
bring it down. Once both of the ships are destroyed, victory will be yours.

Mission Complete!



Death Star: Prison Break

Overview: Military Detainees aboard our secret battle station have broken free.
They must not escape.

Mission Objective: A contingent of Rebel Prisoners have escaped from their
cells. Making matters worse is the fact they have also managed to steal the
technical readouts to the Death Star. Eliminate the prisoners and secure the
plans before they are beamed off-station.

Objective 1: Meet up with the rest of the 501st.

Spawn at your only CP as your favourite class. Simply turn around and head
through the open doorway, down the corridor, and out into the hangar below. Just
move near the landing craft to complete the objective, making it a very easy one

Objective 2: Defend the Hangar

All you have to do for this objective is defend hangar 84G, where you are, for
two minutes. As long as the Rebels do not capture the hangar’s CP during that
time you will have completed it. The enemy will be attacking from two different
directions; mainly the doorway closest to the CP, ahead of the Landing Craft,
however they will also come from the doorway to the left of the landing craft,
so make sure to keep your eye on that too in order to avoid surprise attacks.
Wookiees will be your hardest enemy on this stage, as they are much stronger
then the other units, meaning it takes longer to shoot them down, and for some
reason the AI tends to roll more with them, which means they avoid grenades
more. Be careful of these units while playing this level, and if you see one
amongst a crowd then make sure to take him down first. After the two minute
timer is up, located on the left of you screen, if you have managed not to let
the Rebels capture the hangar you have completed the objective.

Objective 3: Capture the Detention Block CP

Kill all the remaining Rebels in the hangar and make your way along the
passageway where the majority of their troops came from in the last objective.
If you do not know which one this is, then use the yellow arrow to help you
locate it. At the end of this corridor you will come into a large, circular
room, with a gaping hole in the middle of it. Turn right and head along a little
further until you arrive at an open doorway. Do not simply walk through this
doorway however, as it will most likely be heavily defended. Instead, stand by
the entrance and use the camera angles to peer around the corner, making sure
there are no enemies present. If there are some troops guarding the room then
throw a grenade in, rebounding it off the wall to avoid becoming a target. As
soon as it detonates, charge the room, killing any survivors.

Once inside the room you will notice there are two other entrances, with a CP in
the center. Run to the other side of the room and press yourself up against the
wall between the two other entrances. This way you can easily kill any enemies
who enter the room without becoming a target for the others, and you will still
be in range of capturing the CP. Just wait here until it is yours, letting your
allies kill off any enemies in the surrounding rooms. While capturing the CP be
very careful to not loose too much health, as there are no health or ammo droids
in the area. The only way you will be able to get more health if needed is by
either killing an enemy and hoping they drop a bacta tank, or manually throwing
one for yourself as an engineer, so keep this in mind when attacking.

Objective 4: Secure the stolen plans

Start by heading along the pathways and corridors in the direction of the yellow
arrow. The location of the arrow will not be the same every time, as it is
pointing to a rebel soldier who is moving around. Just keep moving about killing
any enemies you see until you find him. Once you do, promptly kill him, retrieve
the stolen plans, and return them too your command post. When you collect the
plans, the best way to get back to your command post is to follow the same path
you took to get there, as all the various corridors can become very confusing if
you get lost.

Objective 5: Retake the Fire Control Room

For this objective I find it is best to be a Dark Trooper, as his jetpack and
multi-enemy attacking primary weapon are very useful. Head back down the
corridor to the room containing all the tall, green pillars and various
bottomless pits. Once you arrive here navigate the various paths, using your
jetpacks if you must, until you get to a doorway at the end. Stop here and wait
until your jetpacks are fully recharged. You have a battle ahead, so be
prepared. It is always a good idea to wait until a few allies catch up to you as
well, but it’s not necessary. From here just step inside the room, look around
to locate the round platform containing the CP just left of the center of the
room, and use your jetpacks to get there in one leap.

As soon as you land here you will most likely be swarmed by enemies, so use your
primary weapon to attack multiple enemies at once, quickly taking them out. If
you need defense for one reason of another then duck behind one of the many
console surrounding the CP, making sure you are still within capturing range of
it. Once all the enemies located in the round CP area are destroyed look around
to the balconies on either side, as more enemies are sure to come while you are
capturing the CP. Use your lightning to finish them off before they arrive as to
avoid conflict, again being careful of the more powerful Wookiees who will take
more shots to destroy. Remember; your gun is a charged weapon, so hold down fire
before shooting to perform maximum damage, or just press it for a quicker,
weaker shot. The more it is charged the more damage it performs, and the more
enemies it can hit at once.

Objective 6: Destroy the shuttle in Hangar 85G before the Rebels are able to
escape with it.

Swap to your best trooper-class at your newly captured CP before moving on. Then
head along the balcony towards the arrow, passing through the round room
containing the bottomless pit again, and into a whole new area. If you are
looking at the mini-map then you should be aiming to get to CP5. Once you arrive
at this CP stop and swap class to Heavy Trooper, as you have some destroying
ahead of you. Run through the next corridor and into the hangar. At the head of
the room you will notice another landing craft with a yellow arrow above it.
Simply stay on the balcony and shoot it from above over and over again with your
rockets until you destroy it. Do not go down into the hangar, as you will only
have to come back up again, and could cause problems for the next mission.

In the case of an enemy coming towards you to attack, get out your pistol to
kill him. If he is a Wookiee, aim for head shots to be most effective or if he
is far enough away you can blast him with your rocket launcher. If you run out
of ammo, head back into the room containing CP5 and use the ammo-dispenser there
to gain more. If the vehicle is on very low damage, feel free to attack it with
grenades instead. However whatever you do, don’t use any of your mines, as you
will need them for your next objective.

Objective 7: Exterminate the Rebel Leader

Once again you will be attacking an enemy Jedi. As soon as you begin this
mission, do not bother to locate him, and do not run down into the hangar.
Instead, turn around and head back through the corridor towards CP5. While you
are going, place all of your mines in various places throughout the corridor, in
an attempt to stop the Jedi on his way through. The Jedi will not be the only
enemy running through, so normal troopers may detonate the mines instead,
however if you are lucky you will destroy your target, as one mine will kill
him. After you have mined the corridor don’t stop to look, keep running through
to CP5. Once there, promptly change your class back to your strongest and guard
the door, waiting for the Jedi to come through in case he survives. If he misses
all the mines, keep shooting him until he dies, like you have in all the
previous missions where you have had to kill Jedi. Once you exterminate him,
victory will be yours.

Mission Complete!



Polis Massa: Birth of the Rebellion

Overview: The Death Star plans have been traced to a secret Rebel facility
hidden in an asteroid field

Mission Objective: The Death Star plans have not been secured as previously
thought. Imperial Intelligence has tracked the plans to a small Rebel Outpost in
the Polis Massa system. Recover the plans and destroy the Rebel Outpost.

Objective 1: Capture the Radar Facility
Tip: Dark Troopers are not very effective on this map. Their jetpacks are fairly
useless as it is mainly an indoors map, and their armor is just not strong
enough to defend themselves against enemy fire for too long.

Run through the room you started in, through the nearby corridor and out into
the circular room with a smaller, round room inside it. You must capture the CP
located in the center of the smaller, middle room, so head in that direction
now. Once you find one of the corridors leading into this room head down it
about half way before stopping. From here, throw a grenade or two inside the
room, to help clear the area of potential enemies. After you see them detonate
charge your way inside, shooting any Rebel’s you see. While capturing the CP use
the health and ammo droids on the outside of the room to your advantage, which
will raise your chances of surviving.

Objective 2: Retrieve the Holodisk from Command

Run through all the corridors in the direction of the yellow arrow again. If
necessary, use any support beams you notice in the corridors or tables and other
machinery you see as protection from enemy fire. Once you arrive in a
rectangular room with what looks like a table in the center, you know you are in
the right place. Go up the nearby step where you should see two entrances into
the wall next to you, and one leading down the end of the corridor. Out of the
two doors leading into the wall, take the one on the left, which goes up higher
then the other one. This will lead you up into another room containing the
Holodisk. This room will most likely be heavily defended, so be very careful
when entering. Once you have cleared the area just grab the Holodisk and run as
fast as you can back to the CP you captured during the last objective.

Objective 3: Defend the Radar Facility till uplink
Tip: Wookiee Warriors are very effective on this map; be wary of them. Their
bowcaster can do a lot of damage to almost any troop and their health is much
greater then ordinary units. If you see one in the crowd you are attacking,
target it out first.

Stay in the small, round room containing the CP for this whole objective. Now
you should notice that this room has three entrances; all of them being
corridors at equal pacing surrounding the room. The best way to defend the CP in
the middle of the room is to circle around it while looking out for enemies, so
you get a good view of each corridor in succession. When you spy an enemy coming
down one of the corridors then you must shoot him as quickly as possible. You do
not want any of the Rebels to make it into the room you are guarding as this is
within range of capturing the CP, so make sure to keep them at bay inside the

If you can avoid it, do not go into any of the hallways themselves. You have
minimal defense within these and are an easy target for enemies, most likely
resulting in your death. The best way to do it is stay back in the room and
shoot from a distance. If you do not have a clear target on the enemy in the
corridor because your allies are blocking your view, do not fret about it.
Simply leave them for the time being and move onto another corridor. Check back
in a few seconds and you should have a clear path to fire again.

If the corridor you are aiming at has more then about 3 or 4 allies within it
firing upon the enemy, then there is no real reason to worry about shooting at
that one; your allies should be able to handle it. Instead go and defend the
other two corridors, as enemies can still sneak up behind you. It is always a
good idea to check back at each of the corridors every now and then as the tide
of the battle can turn quickly, and where you had about ten reinforcements
guarding a few seconds ago there could be only one or two remaining, leaving it
open for the enemy to swarm in. As long as you keep moving about the corridors
then you should be able to keep the enemy at bay for the required time without
too much difficulty. 

Objective 4: Destroy the databank in the cavern

You are practically on the opposite side of the map to where this objective take
place, so get ready to battle your way there! First, head across the level
following the Yellow Arrow for directions. If you get confused or lost then you
can use the mini-map to locate your position and re-align yourself. Once you
arrive in a large, open room made almost entirely of rock, you know you are
there. Head to the back end of this room, making sure to stay on the ground
level and not go up the ramp. At the end of the room will be a large computer
console in the middle of an open area, which you must destroy. Three grenades
should do the trick, so no need to be a special unit for this objective. If you
do not have enough grenades then nearby should be an ammunitions droid to help
replenish you.

Objective 5: Capture the Hangar

Once again, your objective is located on the opposite side of the map, back
where you were a few objectives ago. Head back that way until you arrive at the
large, round room again. The CP you must capture to complete this objective is
the one you started off with at the beginning of this mission. The only problem
is that now it is guarded by all the Rebel forces, so you will have to fight for

There are two entrances to the room which you must capture; one located down the
bottom of a ramp, and one through a doorway on top. Make sure to go through the
top door, not going down the ramp, as if you choose the bottom door you will
come out pretty much underneath all the Rebel Forces, which means they are able
to fire down upon you. If you choose the top door however you can make your way
through the various rooms until you get to fight the rebels on level ground,
taking away their advantage.

The only problem is that height isn’t their only advantage on this objective;
they also have a better defense. The CP they are guarding is surrounded by
various crates, making the task of capturing it just that little bit harder. The
good thing about these crates however is it means you can use it against them.
If you manage to get into their base you can use these crates for cover while
you shoot at the enemy. It is very hard to get behind these crates however, as
the area is so heavily defended, so you are faced with a bit of a dilemma.

Just try your hardest to clear the area of as many troops as possible before you
move in. It is best if you do not attack alone, but allow your teammates to come
with you, as they will draw some of the fire away. Use all your dodging,
shooting and fighting skills possible to capture this command post, and when you
succeed the mission will be complete.

Mission Complete!



Tantive IV: Recovering the Plans

Overview: Lord Vader has sensed the plans are aboard a Consular Ship making its
way to Tatooine

Mission Objective: Lord Vader has determined the Death Star plans were beamed to
the Tantive IV, a Consular Ship under the flag of Alderaan. The ambassador,
Princess Leia Organa, is believed to be a member of the Rebel Alliance. The
501st will storm the ship, recover the plans, and take Leia Organa prisoner.

Objective 1: Capture the Barracks Command Post. It will serve as a central
location for our raid of the ship.
Tip: Health Packs are a great way to replenish health when you are low on it;
use them to your advantage on this map. Both allies and enemies can drop them,
so there should be plenty around the level to use pick up.

As soon as you spawn inside the small room as a normal trooper, promptly fall to
the back of the room before the door gets blown open. As soon as this happens, a
barrage of enemy fire will assault you and your teammates; so use them as cover
fire. All you are trying to do is survive the initial attack. If a grenade gets
thrown into the room you are in, run out of there as fast as you can. However,
if you manage to hold off the whole time without one coming in then wait until
the enemy fire dies down and their reinforcements get worn out before moving in.
If there are only one or two enemies in the starting room then you should be
able to finish them off without any problems.

Once you make it out of your tiny room you will notice that you come into a
large hallway, with a left turn at the end. Finish off the enemies in the
hallway but do not turn the corridor; even more are waiting for you there.
Instead, peer around the corner and let your allies take the bulk of the fire,
while you throw grenades down inside. Once the enemies in this room have also
been depleted, then you can step down the stairs, but do not continue down the
rest of the passage way. Instead make a right turn through a doorway which can
often be mistaken for another part of the wall.

In here will be another room, containing the CP you are trying to capture. Yet
again, this room will be guarded by even more enemies. However this time, your
strategy will be slightly different. Since the door automatically closes if you
do not stand there you cannot just watch and wait until your allies deplete your
enemy reinforcements. The best option here is to run into the room and make a
sharp left straight away, heading for the health droid in the corner. Wait here
while being healed, using the nearby desk as cover, occasionally peering up to
shoot at enemies. After a short while the number of enemies in the room will
have reduced, and hopefully your teammates will have stormed the area, providing
you with sufficient cover-fire while you capture the CP.

Objective 2: Make your way back to the Tech Room, and be quick about it.
Tip: Lord Vader has arrived on the battlefield.

At this stage you should get the option the become Darth Vader. If this occurs,
jump on the opportunity, as his extra health can mean the difference between
life and death in a battle like this. Yes he may be slower then regular
troopers, but for this stage it does not really matter as the corridors are so
compact and small anyway that you can just slice your way through your enemies.
If you do need to get somewhere quickly you can force-sprint there, but you
would never have to make it a far distance on this level. For this objective
just run towards the yellow arrow, not stopping to kill any enemies but rather
just swiping your lightsaber at them along the way.

Objective 3: Destroy the Security Mainframes in the Tech Room so we can gain
access to the Engine Room
Tip: When playing as Darth Vader on this map, avoid using the force choke
attack. There are just too many enemies around for this to be effective, and you
are left vulnerable while using it. Lightsaber-throw is an acceptable attack
however, as it can perform damage on multiple enemies at once.

Walk around this room and the cockpit further on and just blow up any computer
terminal you see with a yellow arrow above it. One slash of a lightsaber should
to the trick, so as long as you stay as Vader for this objective it should be
easy. You should not have to worry too much about your health depleting if
playing as Darth Vader. The majority of the time the enemy will not shoot at you
anyway, and there are plenty of them too kill to keep your health at an
acceptable amount. As long as you keep attacking them throughout the level you
should be safe.

Objective 4: Acquire the Access Coeds and return them to the Security Terminal
in the Tech Room. This will allow us to access the rest of the ship.

This mission is significantly easier if you remain as Darth Vader, as his
ability to fly for the first part of the mission can be very useful, and his
extra strength and attacking ability and help you when faced with large
quantities of enemies. Head in the direction of the Yellow Arrow, navigating
your way through the various doors and passage ways throughout the level. Just
near the object you are capturing is an enemy Spawn Point, so you are faced with
a lot more enemies when you are in this area. Plow through them using any method
available to you, whether it is Lightsaber, Rifle or Grenade. I do not suggest
using a Dark Trooper for this objective; although his arc-caster can be
effective at killing large quantities of enemies, he does not have the health
required to survive, and will quickly die when faced against a large crowd.

Once you have captured the object, head back along the path you came in through.
Do not continue the way you were heading as that only leads to a dead end; you
must retrace your footsteps to find the exit. Then head back towards the room
you were in for Objective 3 by following the yellow arrow. Just stand near the
control panel in the center of the room to complete the objective. All
throughout this objective, make sure to keep an eye on your reinforcement count,
as if it drops too low you could be in a bit of trouble. The quicker you
complete this objective, the more reinforcements you will have remaining, so
make haste while doing so.

Objective 5: Find and capture Princess Leia and bring her to Lord Vader. We will
find out what she knows about the Rebellion and the Stolen Plans.
Tip: It may not be the best idea to be Darth Vader for this objective if you do
not know your way around; you may be traveling for long period of time without
finding any enemies to kill, and your health may run out meaning you have to
start your search again from a CP.

This is arguably the hardest objective on this level, and possibly the whole
campaign at this point. For this objective you do not have a yellow arrow to
guide you to where you must go; instead you have to find your own way there. It
comes in handy if you already know your way around this level by playing it in
instant action as you will be able to find the various rooms much easier. Keep
moving around the level looking for Princess Leia as she could be hiding
anywhere. Always be ready to fight because at any moment an enemy could pop-out
and shoot at you.

The most common place that Princess Leia hides in is a red engine room. If you
find this room she will most likely be somewhere near. One way of locating where
this room could be is to use your enemies to your advantage. Most of the rebel
forces will spawn near the princess’ hiding place, spreading out from there. If
you keep exploring the ship you can use your enemies to navigate your way there.
If there are only one or two enemies near you at a time, you know their spawn
point must be far away, so try searching the other side of the ship. If you are
constantly coming across large groups of enemies, you know you must be getting
warmer so check all the surrounding rooms. This is not always an accurate way of
locating Leia, but it can be helpful if you do not know your way around.

All the time you are trying to find her, your allies are being killed. Even
though it is possible to complete this objective as the last member standing for
your team, it is always good to have other allies there to take the fire away
from you. If you are the last member of your team alive then use all your
ability not to die; use walls and objects for defense and only kill enemies when
necessary, not taking on large groups of opponents.

Once you actually find the princess the best way to destroy her is with a
well-placed grenade. They often do a lot of damage to her meaning she will be
easier to shoot and destroy. If you cannot use a grenade to finish her off, then
try aiming for head-shots, as they are also quite effective. You do not need to
worry about her fighting back too much; as long as you keep moving her pistol
should have difficulty hitting you. You should be more worried about Rebel
Soldiers sneaking up and firing upon you, so constantly look behind you to make
sure you aren’t killed by them. Once you manage to kill Leia you can advance to
the next level.

Mission Complete!



Yavin 4: Vader’s Fist Strikes Back

Overview: The Rebels must not escape our retribution. Strike them out of the

Mission Objective:  The Rebel scum are fleeing their base on Yavin 4. Imperial
Intelligence believes most of their command staff is spread among the transport
ships. Destroy the transports before they can make the jump to hyperspace, then
attack the remaining warships

Objective 1: The Alliance is evacuating its main force from Yavin. Use a
Tie-Bomber to destroy their transports before they can make the jump to light
Tip: You do not have much time to complete this mission, so do not waste any of

You only have 3 minutes to complete this first objective. Spawn in your hangar
as a Pilot class. Grab the nearest bomber and use its turbo-abilities to get to
the nearest Rebel Transport as fast as you can, using the yellow arrows as
guidance. All you need to do is to bomb every one of the Rebel Transports out of
the sky. This would usually be a very simple task to complete, however it is
increasingly more difficult considering you have such a short time limit. Do not
waste time when bombing the ships. The most effective way to destroy them is to
line yourself up with the transports so you are facing in the same direction and
pull back on your accelerator so you are flying as slow as you can. This way you
are keeping at approximately the same speed as the transports meaning they will
almost always be within your bombing sight. Just empty two loads of bombs onto
the vehicles to destroy them. Once one is gone simply turbo to the next nearest
vessel and repeat the procedure.

Objective 2: The Corellian frigates are causing our pilots some trouble, destroy

Simply bomb those two frigates out of the skies. Do not use the same method as
in the last objective however; frigates can shoot back. You must be much more
defensive and evasive when attacking these frigates so you do not get in their
line of fire. It shouldn’t be too hard, but you just need to execute more
caution on these two.

Objective 3: The Rebels are trying to jump to hyperspace; we need to use our
Tie-Interceptors to weaken their fighter presence before we can attack their
Tip: During this objective you may notice a timer on your display which will be
counting down from 10 minutes. You do not have this much time for the objective;
that timer is how long you have to complete this and the next two objectives, so
make haste!

Although this objective says that you must use a Tie-Interceptor, you don’t. It
does not matter which vehicle you use to blow up the enemy fighters, as long as
you destroy them. Fly back to your hangar as fast as you can and grab whichever
vehicle you wish, preferably the one you can destroy other fighters with the
quickest. You must destroy a total of 10 fighters, so make sure you do this in
the quickest time possible. Use the lock-on feature to your advantage, finding
the closest fighter in your field of view to destroy, and use your missiles as
much as possible to make quick work of your enemies. Remember, you are pressed
for time, so do not take lots of time choosing a target carefully, just shoot
and kill any enemies you see. Try to stay near your hangar though, as the
further you stray out the longer it will take you to get back, wasting valuable

Objective 4: We can’t move our frigates in without taking out their heavy
turrets, use a Tie-Bomber to destroy those guns.

Fly straight back to your hangar as fast as possible. Grab the nearest bomber
and take off again, not waiting for a Co-Pilot to board. Fly straight across the
map to their main ship where you will see the yellow arrows again. They will be
pointing to large turrets mounted on either side of the ship; bomb all four of
these. If you manage to hit all six bombs on your target you should be able to
destroy one turret per round. The longer you take on this objective, the less
time you will have for the next, so keep an eye on that clock at all times. Make
sure your aim is correct before dropping your bombs to avoid having to turn
around for a second attempt.

Objective 5: Stop the Alliance from jumping to light speed by destroying their

Use the arrows to locate the 6 engines, found at the back of the Rebel Cruiser.
As in the last objective, if you have good aim you should be able to destroy
each engine with one round of bombing. You should not have to worry about enemy
fire back here as not many fighters come back this far, and as long as you keep
at an equal or lower height to the engines then you shouldn’t be in range of the
Cruiser’s defenses. If you manage to destroy all the engines before time runs
out, the mission is complete.

Mission Complete!



Yavin 4: Revenge of the Empire

Overview: Their base is ripe for the taking. The Death Star’s destruction will
be repaid in blood.

Mission Objective: The Rebels still maintain a sizable force in their base on
Yavin. The 501st has been given the honor of avenging the Death Star’s
destruction. Remember your brethren aboard the battle station and show the
traitors no mercy.

Objective 1: Capture the water fountain.
Tip: On this map you will most likely come across many turret out-looks high up
in the air; do not shoot at them. The only unit which can effectively reach them
and do any significant damage is the Sniper, and shooting at it will only draw
attention to you. Instead just move about to avoid there fire and you should be

You should spawn on a bridge, whereupon you run forward to get into the nearby
tank. Drive this all the way to the yellow arrow, where you will find a large
round construction of what looks like ruins, with a CP in the middle. Circle
around it with your tank shooting at the people inside until you find a nice,
large entrance. Use this entrance to get your tank into the middle of the CP.
Even if the entrance is slightly smaller then the tank is you can use one of the
games glitches against it by using turbo as fast as you can into the slightly
small entrance, and hopefully you will pop right through into the center.

Once you are in here just circle on the spot clearing the area of as many rebels
as you can. When they arrive and there are not too many rebels left in the area
you can hop out of the tank to begin capturing the CP. Make sure there are no
grenades on the ground near the area you are getting out, as they could detonate
on you and possibly kill you. As soon as you get out turn to the tank and use
the Command function to tell him to stay put so you can use the vehicle as
defense from enemy fire. Another advantage of having a tank there is that if a
grenade flies to your feet instead of having to run out of the way you can
simply jump into the tank, protecting you from the blast.

Objective 2: Capture the Viaduct.

If you have managed to keep your tank alive, unfortunately it will be next to no
use now; although it is relatively easy to get your tank into the fountain it is
rather difficult to get it back out again. The good news is that just by the
fountain a brand new tank should spawn for you. Get into this and make your way
to the yellow arrow. Once you arrive at the next CP use your tank to blow up all
the other tanks and soldiers in the surrounding area, not forgetting the turrets
as well. Continue with this destruction until your allies come to back you up,
either by foot or hopefully another tank as well.

When you have checked that the area is mainly secured you can start capturing
the CP. Again make sure to check for grenades before getting out of your
vehicle, and be especially careful that there are no tanks left standing. In
order to capture the CP you have to be on top of the platform it is situated on,
so get up there as quickly as possible. Once you make it, crouch down to have
less of a chance of being hit by enemy fire. Do not stand still, as you are more
of a target then. Keep pressing the lock-on button in an attempt to locate any
enemies. This way as soon as one appears you will be ready which gives you less
of a chance of being taken by surprise.

Objective 3: Capture the Reflecting Pool

 Just like in the last objective, a new tank should spawn for your use right
next to your newly captured command post. Take it and head straight up the
nearby hill with the yellow arrow above it. If you go fast enough then you
should fly straight over the wall at the top and into the dry pool on top. From
here use the tank to clear out all the enemies inside the pool itself. If you
can avoid conflict with any enemy tanks outside the pool as it will most likely
do significant damage to you.

Once the area is clear you can do exactly the same thing as in the previous two
objectives; get out of the tank, tell it to stay put, and then capture the CP
using the tank as defense. Again, if a grenade comes towards you then get in the
tank for protection. This time you will have many turret-towers shooting at you,
so keep moving about to avoid getting hit as their shots are quite slow. As long
as you kill anybody who enters the dry pool and ignore everybody outside of it
you should survive long enough to capture the CP.

Objective 4: Defend the Reflecting Pool for 2 minutes.

Just as you have previously, grab a new tank from next to the Reflecting Pool as
it will have full health and take it back inside the pool. Now just wait here
with the tank on top of the command post, shooting anybody who enters. Just like
in the last objective, avoid going mono e mono with another tank and only shoot
people who enter the pool. Keep this up for two minutes to complete the

Objective 5: Bring the Breaching Bomb to the Temple Doors.

Stay in your tank and head towards the yellow arrow. Along the way you can shoot
at any people who get in your way, but again avoid battling other tanks as they
will just do too much damage to you; you need that health for later. Once you
arrive at the arrow’s location you find yourself at the foot of a pyramid-type
structure. Clear the area of Rebels using your tank. When there are few left you
can get out of your tank, telling it to stay put if you had a co-pilot, and
running up the side ramp of the pyramid. At the top you will find the bomb.
Collect it and jump, not run, back down the pyramid so that you will land on top
of your tank. Do not actually hit the tank, but rather get into it a fraction of
a second before you land meaning you can make a quick get away so you are less
likely to be shot.

Drive the tank towards the new yellow arrow until you arrive at a large temple
structure with a wooden gate at the front. Do not attempt to do this objective
on foot unless you have to, as you will most likely not make it through their
defenses alive if you aren’t in a tank. Take your tank right up next to the gate
at the entrance of the temple and hop out. Simply walk around near the large
barrier defense until a timer starts counting. As soon as you see this get back
in your tank and drive away from the entrance. Once the countdown is complete
the entrance will detonate, completing this objective.

Objective 6: Destroy the Rebel Leadership.

Use you tank to go through your brand new entrance. Inside will be several enemy
tanks and other foot soldiers. If you tank is low on health then a good idea
would be to quickly get out of that and into an unmanned enemy tank instead, but
it is not necessary. Once you have the tank you are happy with drive it up one
of the staircases located at the back of the room.  Be very careful not to fall
off. At the top of the stairs you will find a small entrance to another room.
Although the entrance may appear too small to fit your tank through, again you
can take advantage of poor programming on behalf of the game and use your turbo
ability to make it through the door.

The targets you are trying to kill are Bothan Spies, so they have the ability to
turn invisible. The good news is however that they will still have a yellow
arrow above them, so just shoot right underneath the arrows and you will kill
them relatively easy. You should be able to get them from inside the room, so
there is no need to get out of your tank. If one does leave the room however you
must chase him on foot as you cannot get your tank back out of that room, but
avoid doing so if you can. You have much more defense being inside the tank so
use it to your advantage. Once all three are destroyed you have completed the

Mission Complete!



Hoth: Our Finest Hour

Overview: The Rebel Outpost has been discovered and will be destroyed. Galactic
peace is at hand.

Mission Objective: Lord Vader has discovered the hidden Rebel Base on Hoth.
General Veers is leading the ground assault on the base’s shield generators.
Lord Vader will land once the generators are down and personally see to the
destruction of the Rebel base and the end of the Rebellion.

Objective 1: Capture the Outlook Command Post; it will serve as a landing point
for our ground troops.
Tip: You only have 22 minutes to complete this entire mission. You shouldn’t
have to worry about the time too much as it will be relatively easy to complete
in that time, however just keep an eye on the clock.

Get into the nearest AT-AT and reposition it so it is facing towards the command
post you are trying to capture. From here just slowly edge it forward, shooting
at all the rebels spawning at the command post. Make sure to destroy all the
turrets surrounding the command post while in the AT-AT as they will only come
back to haunt you later if you do not. Make sure to make good use of your
missiles as they reload quicker then your primary lasers do and perform
wider-spread damage.

When you see your allies running up to the base then you can get out of the
AT-AT and make the rest of the distance on foot. Since your teammates are
already there they will be able to help defend you while you do all the
capturing. When making your way to the CP you will come across an enemy trench
blocking your path. There are three ways to get to the other side of this
trench, the best being simply sprinting up to it and jumping at the last minute
so you land on the other side. Alternatively you can either run around the side
of it, which takes a long time, or you can go into the trench and walk up one of
the ramps exiting it, which leaves you vulnerable to attacks from grenades. When
capturing the CP use all the crates and other nearby objects to defend you from
your enemies, using the lock on feature to easily distinguish between allies and

Objective 2: Capture the forward bunker as we push towards the Shield Generator.

Repeat the same tactic as you used in objective one for this; get into the
closest AT-AT, turn it around so it is facing the CP you are heading towards,
shoot all the enemies while moving towards it, and then sprint the final
distance when your enemies arrive at the CP. Again, make sure to destroy all the
turrets before you get out of the AT-AT. When capturing the CP do not stand
still as snipers tend to shoot you while you are in there.

Objective 3: Destroy the Shield Generator

Again get back into the AT-AT and reposition it so it is facing your new
objective, the Shield Generator. Once you have it in your sights constantly fire
upon it with both lasers and missiles. After a short amount of time it should be
destroyed. When firing upon it make sure to zoom in as this provides you with
greater accuracy and a higher chance of hitting your target.

Objective 4: Capture Echo Base Hangar and stop the Rebels from launching

Since you only have a limited amount of time to complete this mission you should
not make this journey in the AT-AT. Get out and head towards the yellow arrow
either on foot, or on a Taun Taun if one is available. Once you get to the
entrance of the hangar do not yet go in, but rather stay outside right next to
the health and ammo droids until you are as good as new. Once your health is
fully replenished you can charge the base, preferably with some allies to back
you up as there will be many enemies inside. Use the various walls and boxes
around the room as protection while capturing the command post.

Objective 5: Destroy the Shield Console in the Echo Base Tech-Room to gain
access to the back hangar.
Tip: Darth Vader has landed

Become Darth Vader as his added speed and strength will be useful for these last
few objectives. At the back of your newly captured hangar should be an entrance
to some snow-passageways. Follow these along, the entire time heading in the
direction of the arrow, until you come to a room full of computers and other
technology. On the wall should be a computer console which the yellow arrow is
pointing to. Keep swiping at it with your lightsaber until it is destroyed.
Although your lightsaber may appear not to be doing any damage, it is, so just
keep attacking it. If your allies catch up to you however then you may wish to
use saber-throw instead. They will be throwing grenades at the console so you
don’t want to be too close when they detonate, which is why a ranged attack
would be a better option.

Objective 6: Capture the back hangar CP

Go back through the ice passageways the way you came, but instead of heading
into your hangar go down the passage that was previously blocked off. If you get
confused or lost, use the arrow to guide you. Follow this new path along until
you enter a hangar filled with lots of Rebel soldiers. Kill as many of them as
you can to keep your health up while capturing the CP. It is better to have your
allies with you at this stage as they will draw away some of the fire. Try and
conserve as much of Vader’s health as you can while capturing the command post
as you will need it for your next objective. If you are no longer Vader then not
to worry, just capture the command post as a regular trooper.

Objective 7: We have supplied a bomb beacon for you in the back hangar. Acquire
it and place the beacon under the transport ship so we can lock in on your
current position.

Go to the side of your newly capture hangar where you will find a beacon for you
to collect. Once acquired run back into the main part of the hangar and out into
the open, where you will instantly be fired upon by many rebels and turrets.
Just sprint past them all straight through the middle to the very back trench of
their defenses, located on your mini-map. Once in the required area, drop into
the trench to place the bomb. Be very careful to avoid all fire from turrets
during this objective, as they can easily kill you and you will need your health
for the next objective.

Objective 8: Now defend the bomb beacon for one minute so we can lock in on your
current position.

Again, this objective is much easier if you play as Darth Vader as his extra
health can become really useful. This objective can be considered the hardest
out of the entire campaign so be very careful when defending the bomb. Rebels
will be trying to attack the bomb so you must kill them to defend yourself. Most
of the attacking enemies will be coming from the one entrance to the trench,
down a ramp to the side. Once you locate this ramp the best tactic is to
position yourself between the ramp and the bomb. Make sure you do not get too
close to the bomb beacon as the enemy will be throwing grenades onto it in an
attempt to blow it up and you do not want to get caught in the blast radius.

If you decide not to enter the trench then you must make sure to destroy the two
or three turrets surrounding it as they will constantly be shooting at you and
could cause some significant damage. If you do decide to go in the trench and
have positioned yourself as described above, then use either lightsaber throw or
your rifle to kill enemies as they attempt to run down the ramp. If several
enemies come down at once a grenade might be more useful, but make sure to step
back when you throw it so it doesn’t bounce off the ramp right back at you. It
will be very hard not to die during this objective, but if you can hold them off
until the last 15 seconds or so without dying then you will have a much greater
chance of completing it, as they will most likely not be able to destroy it in
such a short time. Once you have managed to successfully defend the bomb beacon
for one whole minute your objective, mission, and campaign are complete.

Mission Complete!