Star Wars: Battlefront II Tips

Hero Cheat/Tip/
You know when you collect enough points to play as a hero/villain? Well, I figured something out that can be used on any place that has Conquest and Hunt mode on it. It's not big, like the secret to the universe, but it can still be pretty useful.

Let's say you're on Naboo as droids. You kill enough people, get enough points, and the game will prompt you to play as Darth Maul. You don't want to play as him yet, but don't want to blow the opportunity. So, simply say yes, and pick a different person. It's that simple.

Then, when you want to swap infantry, the hero (in this case, Darth Maul) will be available as a selection.

NOTE: The Hero thing still applies. You still only have a certain amount of time to use him. To increase it, type in the invincibility cheat.