Star Wars: Battlefront II Tips

amazing skating glitch
ok, i admit i haven't played swb2 for a while but i think this is how the glitch goes. go to assault mode in that dessert place and choose any character(hero/villian). u know about those brown wooden crates all over the place? thats the key for sucess in this glitch. squeeze your self (well, basically walk in) between the crate and the wall.(all of the crates should be located just about a foot away from a wall.) face the wall, and start jumping. maybe about 5 jumps should do it. on the 5th or 4th jump JUMP OUT and u should be skating, permanently. unless u jump again which kind of makes this glitch suk for some people. u'll be like this weird floating figure and your feet will be frozen. u still move though.again, i haven't played for a while so there may be a problem. this glitch is really weird......