Star Wars: Battlefront II Tips

Some maps in this game, such as Tantive, Mos Eisely and Mygeeto, have areas on the maps where people have to travel through to get to another location, such as a command post. This has two primary effects with troops, one which is defensive and another which is offensive.

First of all, the offensive point of view. Let's take the map Mygeeto as an example. The map is basically one giant wheel with two protusions, both for bases. Whether the republic or droids (this is more effective on this map as the republic) you can take the advantage of troops having to walk into the same short and narrow path to get out. Taking down mass numbers by sitting there and shooting as well as using tanks to keep them in are tactics that can land devastating blows to troop reinforcement counts throughout the game. Other maps, such as Kashyyyk, also have this advantage against the AI, with being able to shove droid tanks right against the doorways out of the rear beachfront base and shooting in to allow few to no one out.

It also have several defensive effects, most coming from being able to keep the people from advancing without havy losses. While you might be bottlenecked, you also have the advantage of haivng a fairly narrow space to shoot down. You can also use these small spaces to pull back to so that droid tanks or other things can't get in easily. Also, setting traps to keep out tanks and troops becomes far easier because the paths they have to take to get in are usually in short supply and in small size. Mining these areas or keeping a detpack nearby has lead to a lot of deaths in my instant action games.

There is one small addition that I did not add to the others, and that is that of the heroes. Both ranged and lightsaber based Jedi have prominence here, with the former being able to shoot their often incredibly powerful shots down the corridor or space and easily hitting units, to the latter being able to slash wildly and still be contained to take down anything that tries to stay ahead or go around them.

Good luck with the rest of the game!