Star Wars: Battlefront II Tips

Use 3D to Your Advantage
Battlefront II does not only work in side to side, forward and back, and the like. You can also oftenmove higher. To other platforms higher up, slightly elevated grounds, like a hill, a small bridge, and similar areas in the game are so useful because of this. Anyone who has tried tracking an enemy or getting a bead on one in the top floor of the Naboo Temple Library CP can vouch for this as well. Almost everyone has difficulty aiming higher then themselves, as it is usually unexpected, and most of the time you are off the screen.

So the next time you play, think 3D. Up can be a big help... being below can obscure your view to far too much, including the small visible bit of their character's body and weapon to your fully unpretected one. How do you combat it? The only way you can. Moving erractically side to side (not forward or backwards, and moving from having them shooting your back to you head isn't much of an improvement) and finding an obstruction or trying to get to the same level as they are are the best strategies. Just remember... your changing elevations on stairs, so it's a lot easier for your enemy to get you then it is for you to get them. Plus, be wary, as the steps are almost always in the open....