Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron review
It could be alot better

The good:

The gameplay has some great ideas in it
Some great customization
Decent Storyline

The bad:

Suprisingly dodgy graphics
What the gameplay offers is poorly executed
The Controlls feel awkward


Star Wars Battlefront has a good reputation behind it for being every star wars fans' favourite shooter. With each installment came great new features and amazing fun..However the case in this particular title isn't very worthy of being affiliated with the battlefront series.

I would like to firstly praise the gameplay functions though- almost instant transition from Space to the World below is a very nice feature that was hoped for in the cancelled BF3. Players are able to fly in space and dogfight or can descend into a ground war that takes place on the surface of the planet, and you are even able to fly freely close to the planet to bomb the enemies and too unleash terror, being able to land or take off into space again at will.

Another new interesting feature is the use of Ion Cannons and Orbital Strike Cannons, that although enter a charging process for the first part of the battle, can then be captured by either faction to use against the opposing side's captialship, effectivley lowering it's shield alot faster then any other method. Orbital Strike Cannons can fire down at the planet under the players direction.

The developers have also kept the game pretty close to how battlefront would be played on a Console or a PC..Yet the graphics hold this down greatly. Although it may be the result of having 3D graphics that the Nintendo DS can handle, the PSP suffers. Graphics are rigid, and the edges appear blockish and pixelated. The textures used on the planet surface are very low quality (atleast on the outside of the battle area) and it looks extensively blurred. While the infantry themself may not look as bad, the starships suffer greatly.

The controlls also stop this game from being the best it could be. Flying a starfighter feels very awkward. The controlls don't come very naturally, and the fact of how fast paced the game can be makes it frustrating. There is no reticule/barrel sight to assist you in aiming aswell, it's left upto you to use your judgement or press the circle button to recieve a very odd aim sight that is more of a hinder then it is a help.

The animations of the characters, especially the "heroes" which you get to controll from time to time is very poor, and there is a noticable lag from the time you press a button to when the character actually does what you want, again a major hinder towards whatever war you may be in.

This game could have been alot better if the developers had focused more on presenting it nicely while still having those features (which are farly out weighed by the negatives). Although the customization option is boasted as "bringing a whole new level of customization to the psp"- it only consists of a few parts and colours to your team, which is something bleak compared to what it apparently promises. In the end, I suggest if you do buy this game, don't be expecting anything too good.

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