Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron User Reviews


A game that really sets the bar for the battlefront franchise

The good:

- Online or offline multiplayer with up to 16 players or bots
- A wide range of weapons, items and buffs
- Huge battlefronts ranging from the ground, to space and on board capital ships

The bad:

- Quirky controls
- Repetitive storyline
- Quirky AI


The Star wars battlefront franchise is popular in that you get to replay famous battles from the star wars universe as a clone, rebel or droid in modes such as CTf and conquest. Elite Sqadron takes it a few steps further with it's larger battlefronts. We have battled on the surface and we have battled in space. These larger battlefronts combine both, to give a larger sense of freedom to the battlefront.

First off we will look at the singleplayer. Looking at it from a non-spoiler perspective, the campaign has you, a clone named X2, fighting alongside the republic and rebellion against the CIS...


It could be alot better

The good:

The gameplay has some great ideas in it
Some great customization
Decent Storyline

The bad:

Suprisingly dodgy graphics
What the gameplay offers is poorly executed
The Controlls feel awkward


Star Wars Battlefront has a good reputation behind it for being every star wars fans' favourite shooter. With each installment came great new features and amazing fun..However the case in this particular title isn't very worthy of being affiliated with the battlefront series.

I would like to firstly praise the gameplay functions though- almost instant transition from Space to the World below is a very nice feature that was hoped for in the cancelled BF3. Players are able to fly in space and dogfight or can descend into a ground war that takes place on the surface of the planet, and you are ...

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