Star Trek: Encounters Cheats

Star Trek: Encounters cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Unlock Passwords
Obtain a high score ranking in Onslaught Mode, & type in a name when on the high score list as the following for the desired effect.
PasswordWhat it does
4jstudiosAll maps & ships available for Onslaught Mode battles & all Episodes are unlocked.
bethesdaAll characters available for Onslaught Mode battles.


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Combat Techniques
During the frantic space combat in Star Trek: Encounters, there are several tips to staying alive longer and beating your enemies.

1: Remember to transfer power: throwing energy from your weapons into your shields will mean you live longer, and your weapons are only marginally decreased in power... an extra second or two is all that's needed to destroy your enemy. It is worth increasing shields over weapons.

2: Circle your enemy: if your ship is equipped with phasers rather than pusle cannons or disruptors, getting a target lock on an enemy and keeping R1 held down while circling ensures a constant, steady stream of fire while you keep moving, harder to hit. This works even better if you disable your enemy's engines: hold down R2 until you see "engines" written on your target lock, then fire phasers.

3: Pick up as much as you can: torpedo ammunition, mine ammunition and energy are left behind after certain ships are defeated. Fly over and use them, as nine times out of ten they'll make all the difference. There is always another battle!

4: Unlock more ships: working to achieve all your objectives in the Episode missions and achieve the rank of Admiral will unlock the various ships from the era you've just played. Enemy vessels as well as Federation starships become available for Battle-Fest and Head-to-Head modes.
Onslaught Mode: Survive the Mayhem
The seven Federation Starfleet vessels available for use in Onslaught Mode each have different statistics with regard to weapon strength and hull integrity. Here's a handy list of which starships will get you further from stongest to weakest:

1: Sovereign-Class
2: Defiant-Class
3: Intrepid-Class
4: Galaxy-Class
5: Nebula-Class
6: Constitution-Class
7: NX-Class

Depending on the Character Cards collected, these statistics will vary: for example, if you have all the original series Character Cards but none of the Next Generation ones, the Constitution-Class will be almost as powerful as the Galaxy-Class. The Defiant-Class is perhaps the only ship this rule doesn't apply to, with respect to realism.