Star Ocean (Import) Cheats

Star Ocean (Import) cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Oracle Room
Reload your saved game and have somebody use the Oracle speciality after you have beaten the game. Next you will be sent to a secret area. Each door in this new area takes you to a room where you can talk to the members of the game's development staff. Take the passage on the lower left or right corner to leave this area. The lower right corner will take you to the Revorse Tower and the lower left corner will take you to the Tatoroy.
Seven Star Ruin.
Use the oracle skill and go through the south-west door after beating the final boss of the game. You'll then end up in the Tatory arena. To arrive in the Seven Star Ruin go one step up. This secret ruin has 30 levels and no save points. The Seven Star ruin contains super hard enemies and an even harder boss. At the bottom of the ruin there are some of the best items in the game.


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money and level

Game Title: STAR OCEAN
Game Code 1: 7E02737F + 7E027496 + 7E027598
Game Code Description: This code will give you tons of gold(9,999,999).
Game Code 2: 7E748B7F + 7E748C96 + 7E748D98
Game Code 2 Code Description: This code will give your hero Tons of EXP. Level up to 130 after 1 battle.
code really works it action replay