Star Ocean: The First Departure Cheats

Star Ocean: The First Departure cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Defeat the boss at the pirate cave easily.
Ok, Just defeat the mini boss first, get the flint, blow up a wall, I forgot which wall, go to the boss, when you get to the boss, defeat the little opponent first, then after that little dude is finished off,(Wow, that little dude that battles with the real boss looks like the mini boss!)put Ilia on one side of the boss, then make Roddick go to the other side, then just keep hitting him then BOOM! He is dead. Boom baby! They are really pretty easy anyway, so you don't have to read this.
Getting Ashley and Phia
to get ashley, one of the best swordsmen in the game and phia( you get to try her out for a chapter of the game but dont get to keep her permently if not done in this manner) simply refuse to take cuiss after completing the weapon delevry. Ashley will automaticly join your party when you reach astral and to get phia you must answer 3 questions right. I dont remember the answers so save before you do this


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No enemies in dungeons ( and a few other tidbits)
When you first start the game (after you go back 300 years i mean) you'll see a man named cyuss. If you ask him about a hidden cave after delivering a giant statue he will tell you of one on the mountain. If you go in there at this time, you will hit 0's and will probably die. But if you save your game, then as soon as you enter a cave open the disk cover. your psp will ask if you would like to quit. hit the circle button. after you have exited that, close the cover. Now no enemies will appear and you can explore the cave, you will find a lot of good pieces of armour and weapons, the strongest ones for about half the game. You will have to fight a boss at the end though the jabberwabbit, 45000 health and he jumps around. he also has a lot of goons, i suggest you bring a lot of blue/blackberrys and ressurection vials. Oh ya, if you are doing the no enemies glitch, everytime you open a chest/re-equip someone/change to a new screen you need to re-do it. bothersome but it allows you to do a lot, give you a power full weapon and armour and afterwords you will not get hit by anything in the cave! Good luck leveling and cheating <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />