[edit] Background

Star Ocean: The First Departure is a fun action game that has a very interesting premise. The idea here is that you play the role of a small boy whose name is Ratix and you live in a town that has a medieval appeal and culture. The neighboring town is dealing with a plague and your friend’s dad acquires that diseases to begin with. The adventurers will try to do all in their power to find the cause of the plague and stop it.

[edit] Gameplay

At its core Star Ocean: The First Departure is a singleplayer game where you can guide the adventurers in their quest.

You will always have the ability to change your attacks and as you play you will acquire new abilities that you can use to eliminate your enemies. It’s a very action packed and diverse game that allows you to test yourself and your actions via intricate and varied missions.

The gameplay is created in such a way that you will always find new stuff to do here. Star Ocean: The First Departure uses action and powerful gameplay in order to offer you a simplistic gaming experience but the main core is still on action. The enemy types are varied and you will have to create your own attack strategies if you want to win.

[edit] Features

Immersive story
Lots of quests and enemies to eliminate
Great enemy variety
Unique attention to detail
Beautiful level design
Wonderful team that you can control and kill enemies with

[edit] Players Like:

The great gameplay variety
The fun locations
Character interaction

[edit] Players Didn't Like:

Graphics are slightly dated

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Star Ocean: First Departure update

Europe's release date, feature set, new screens

Oct 03, 2008, by Sean Ridgeley | 1 comment

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