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Bodacious space animals

The good:

Fairly fast paced gameplay backed up by some tricky obstacles and fairly tough bosses. The way they tackle difficulty modes is rather interesting and manages to avoid potholes other games don't. It's also pretty cool how your comrades have distinct personalities – nice little touch there. The music is excellent – no ifs, ands or buts.

The bad:

Things may look a little too crude for people as the 3D graphics haven't aged very well. You can't always go into first person view for more precise aiming. The big one, though, is that the framerate is all over the place, which can really lower the impact of any dog fight and set piece.


Released in 1993 by Argonaut Games, Star Fox was a test to see exactly how 3D graphics would work on the Super Nintendo and possibly push for 3D games. Now, a small, small handful of console games and even PC games had messed with polyginal graphics (mostly PC), but Star Fox was the first on a console to be at least halfway good.

Well, good for 1993, anyway. 21 years later, it's not quite as impressive as it was. Hell, even 4 years later, it was rendered obsolete since Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars as it's called down under) took that and made it a hundred times better. Now, obviously, the gra...


Breaking New Ground and Soaring Away


Nintendo have had quite a few defining games in their career that have helped to shape their games and consoles to what they are today. Mario and Zelda both did it for their respective genres. The SNES, too, had some games that did that. Star Fox is one of them.

The initial trait that separates Star Fox from the various other SNES titles is that it is a game done in 3D. That's nothing impressive now, but the SNES was a console that dealt with 2D graphics. For the SNES, this was ground-breaking. Star Fox made use of a special Super FX chip to render 3D polygons.

By today's standards those poly...


Star Fox

The good:

Good game and plenty you can redo once finished.

The bad:

It's a little short if you just want to play it through without getting any secrets.


Star Fox was one of the first games i got for the Super Nintendo and i really liked it from the first time i played. The character designs of Fox Mcloud and his buddys are really good along with there spacecrafts. The layout of the screen when you are playing through the various levels is really great and there are two ways to play. The voices match the visuals and the music is different for virtualy every level so doesn't get boring. You can replay through the game once you have completed it to do all the secrets that are scattered through out the game.

Overall i'd say that this a very addi...

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