Star Fox Command review
A fine installment to the Starfox series

The good:

The touch screen controls work marvelously and while the battle system is a bit different then the last Starfox games, mapping out your route on the touch screen and fighting any enemies you encounter works out pretty good. Multiplayer also proves to be just as fun as always.

The bad:

The game has the problem of being way to short, maps usually being cleared in a few minutes and the campaign runs too short as well, but fortunetly the game offers a number of alternate paths which is great for replay value.


The plot to Star Fox Command is pretty brief which is one of the major downfalls of the game, the incredibly short storyline. After you've completed the game once you can play it again taking alternate paths with new missions which compensates for the length.

Basically what is happening in the game is that a new threat named the Anglar Emperor unexpectedly attacks the Lylat system, with all of the members of Star Fox disbanded Fox McCloud decides to meet the Anglar forces alone.

Heads up display

Shown on the top screen is...
  • Shields
  • Remaining time. This shows how much time you have left to clear the stage before you run out of fuel
  • Boost gauge
  • Item countdown. An item appears with every five enemies you shoot down, this meter counts the current number you've shot down
  • Reticule. Basically used to target enemies, it flashes red when it locks onto an enemy

And on the touch screen...
  • Radar. Shows the entire playing field, enemies and items
  • Loop Icon. Tap to do a loop
  • U-Turn Icon. Tap to do a U-Turn
  • Bomb Icon. Touch and slide to the area you want to bomb

The controls are not complicated at all which was one of my favorite parts of the game, at first I was afraid they were going to be over complicated but they really aren't thanks to the ingenious design from Q-Games. A,B,X,Y,L,R and the Control Pad are all used for firing which is very handy for left handed gamers like myself since you can easily use whichever hand you feel comfortable with. The rest is done on the touch pad, to move simply slide or tap in the direction you want to go, double tap and holding the stylus on the top portion of the screen will boost you forward which only lasts for a little while. And likewise for braking, just double tap on the bottom portion. Barrel rolls are easy as you just rub the stylus left and right, tapping the Loop and U-Turn buttons will do just that... a loop and a U-Turn.

Mapping your route

I also enjoyed the music in the game, it was quite energetic mixed in with the random squabbling of the characters voices (which got annoying fast), the DS pulled the graphics off quite well they were just as good or better compaired to StarFox64. Replay value is moderatly high, although campaign is short it offers a few alternate paths and of course multiplayer which as always is a blast, my friends and I got together every once and awhile for a little download play which was awesome since up to 6 players can play via download play. And it also has Wi-Fi which is pretty fun.

So overall I'd recommend StarFox Command to anyone new or old to the series though just be warned about the duration of the campaign.

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Oceanic Sun Apr 25, 08
Very nice review, madtown! You may want to include something about Wi-Fi, and download play. The only thing regarding that was "Multiplayer also proves to be just as fun as always.", which you could have built onto a bit.
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