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Star Fox Command cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Star Fox Command cheat codes.


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All Nine Endings!
In the beginning you can only go the normal path, but once you unlock the "Key Of Destiny" then you can venture out to new endings. Here is a list of how to achieve each of the endings! when the game asks you where you want to go just select the location.
END 1: "Fox and Krystal"
Move 1-"Attack Advance Guard"
Move 2-"Meet Up As Planned"
Move 3-"Bring Her Back"
Final Move-"Go With Fox"

End 2: "Good Bye Fox"
Move 1-"Contact Slippy"
Move 2-"Set Course For Fichina"
Move 3-"Fight Oikonny"
Move 4-"Check Out Corneria"
Final Move-"Head To Titania"

End 3: "Contact Slippy" (you will have unlocked this one on your first time completing the game0
Move 1-"Contact Slippy"
Move 2-"Set Course For Fichina"
Move 3-"Fight Oikonny"
Final Move-"Go To Amanda"

End 4: "Star Wolf Returns"
Move 1-"Attack Advance Guard"
Move 2-"Go To Fichina Instead"
Move 3-"Lets Find That Device!"
Final Move-"Adios, Fox"

End 5: "Lucy and Krystal"
Move 1-"Contact Slippy"
Move 2-"Set Course For Fichina"
Move 3-"Fight Oikonny"
Move 4-"Check Out Corneria
Final Move-"Say Farewell To Peppy"

End 6: "Dash Makes a Choice"
Move 1-"Attack Advance Guard
Move 2-"Go To Fichina Instead"
Final Move-"Sorry I'm Outta' Here"

End 7: "Slippy's Resolve"
Move 1-"Contact Slippy"
Move 2-"Locate Peppy First"
Final Move-"Join The Hunt on Aquas"

End 8: "Pigma's Revenge"
Move 1-"Where's Falco?"
Final Move-"Search For Krystal"

End 9: "The Curse Of Pigma"
Move 1-"Attack Advance Guard"
Move 2-"Go To Fichina Instead"
Move 3-"Let's Find That Device!"
Final Move-"Go After Wolf"

I hope that these helped in some way! Have Fun!
If you press fire and hold it will turn into a red cross hair, then if you aim at an enemy a red box should form around him... once locked release the fire button you prefer to use and a guided missil will hit your enemy.

NOTE: not all characters can auto aim
Collecting star more easily
Since your ship is magnetic, when you do a barrel roll the stars will come to you if you are close enough.
Deflect Enemy Fire
To deflect enemy fire move your stylus to the left and right of your touch pad. This will send you into a barrel roll. For each missile you deflect you will get 2 seconds added onto your time. This can really help with long single player missions.
Destroy the Credits!
Have you noticed that when you see the credits they are on the touch screen? Well you can tap the letters on the touch screen and they'll fly off! What fun!
Extra Time
Any time you have to go through the beacons for missile missions or enemy bases, for every time you fly through the middle of the beacon through the little plus sign, you receive an extra +1 second
find bases/ships.other in fog of war
on you first turn in fog of war try finding ships and such till you can't clear any more then go to start menue reset and find any you missed this helps a lot when you want to clear the map up with missles
More Damage!
When playing online either grabing the red or green symbol you can see on your map will almost double your damage. This is very helpful for fast kills!
More Time!
Once you make your move, if there is a missile to deal with, go for the missile first, as this doesn't use any time & when you take it down, you will gain time, this will give you more time to attack the enemies.
Unlock Classic Title Screen
Play through every mission in the story mode to unlock the Star Fox 64 Title Screen theme for the title screen and the Star Fox 64 Main Theme for the main menu
Unlock James McCloud, Fox's Son's Nephew's Uncle's Brother's Father
To get Fox's father as a playable pilot you need to first get the key of destiny. Then when you restrart story go from cornaria to "Attack Advance Guard," to "Go To Fichina Instead."

After destroying the Solar Satellite choose "Sorry, I'm Outta Here." Once you get to Venom collect all the cores. Just before going up against the boss Fox's father, James McCloud, shows up from the left. Now complete the boss fight and get "Dash Makes a Choice" ending and unlock James McCloud as a pilot in the gallery.
Unlockable - First Stage Hell Mode
Unverified. The first level of the game evolves to a more difficult one after the game has been completed successfully five times. Once completed, this level replaces the orginal in the stage select menu and the original stage is no longer playable.
Unlockable: Bill Grey
You must choose the path to start the mission "Falco to the Fore!"


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Alternate Title Screen
Complete the game and unlock each ending to hear the StarFox 64 music on the title screen.
Change music for title screen
End Story Mode and have all 9 endings. Now the music will be the one like in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Lylat: Venom.
The Key of Destiny
Complete the game to unlock it, and not only that, this grants you access to the many branching paths and endings.