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Star Fox 64 3D Unlockables

Alternate Routes
Here's a list detailing most(if not all) alternate route in the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Corneria-Sector YSave Falco and fly through each stone arch in the lake area of the stage.
Sector Y-AquasScore at least 100 hits.
Meteo-KatinaFly through each Blue Warp Gate found just after Slippy tells you to "Hold B/A to charge your laser"
Katina-SolarDefeat the Boss.
Aquas-ZonessBeat the stage normally.
Fichina-SolarDefeat Star Wolf.
Zoness-Sector ZDestroy EVERY search light before they spot you.
Solar-MacbethComplete the stage normally.
Sector X-Macbeth/Sector ZTo get to Macbeth, defeat Spyborg before Slippy gets slapped down by Spyborg. To get to Sector Z, take the left path that Falco takes and shoot through all 4 rectangular warp gates.
Sector Z-Area 6Destroy all 6 Copperhead Missiles.
Macbeth-Area 6Shoot all 8 switches and switcher/switchbox.
Titania-BolseComplete the stage normally.
Area 6/Bolse-VenomComplete the stage(s) normally.