Star Fox 64 3D Cheats

Star Fox 64 3D cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for 3DS.


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Alternate Routes
Here's a list detailing most(if not all) alternate route in the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Corneria-Sector YSave Falco and fly through each stone arch in the lake area of the stage.
Sector Y-AquasScore at least 100 hits.
Meteo-KatinaFly through each Blue Warp Gate found just after Slippy tells you to "Hold B/A to charge your laser"
Katina-SolarDefeat the Boss.
Aquas-ZonessBeat the stage normally.
Fichina-SolarDefeat Star Wolf.
Zoness-Sector ZDestroy EVERY search light before they spot you.
Solar-MacbethComplete the stage normally.
Sector X-Macbeth/Sector ZTo get to Macbeth, defeat Spyborg before Slippy gets slapped down by Spyborg. To get to Sector Z, take the left path that Falco takes and shoot through all 4 rectangular warp gates.
Sector Z-Area 6Destroy all 6 Copperhead Missiles.
Macbeth-Area 6Shoot all 8 switches and switcher/switchbox.
Titania-BolseComplete the stage normally.
Area 6/Bolse-VenomComplete the stage(s) normally.
To unlock the medals for each level requires you to have a certain high score for each.
The required amount of hits are listed below;
LevelHits Required
Sector Y150
Sector X150
Sector Z100
Bolse Defense Outpost150
Area 6300
Sound Test
Like the music in game? If so, you'll love the Sound Test feature!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Sound TestComplete the Main Game once.


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Secret Path in Corneria
In Corneria (the fist level) when you reach the water area of the stage, if you fly under all the arches in the water, if Falco is with you, he'll lead you into a secret pathway through a waterfall and you'll end up fighting a new boss, which when beaten gives a 'Mission Accomplished' message instead of the usual 'Mission Completed'.