Star Citizen is an outer space combat and flight simulator from the key talent behind the classic Wing Commander and Freelancer series, including creator Chris Roberts. Players explore a massively multiplayer open world environment of the Milky Way galaxy during the 30th century, picking up a variety of jobs in whatever capacity they desire.

A major component of gameplay is completing objectives to earn the currency needed to purchase and upgrade a starship to explore and battle in outer space with a Newtonian-based physics model for navigation and combat. Players will share a persistent online universe, with matchmaking and instancing determining how they will connect with one another.

Game development is backed by crowdfunding in what has become one of the most successful campaigns of its kind, surpassing $85 million USD as of July 2015. Backers are privy to playable alphas that are being released as modules. The first, "Hangar", allowed players to explore starships from a first person perspective. The second module called "Arena Commander" was released in June 2014 and featured ship combat and racing against AI or player opponents. "Star Marine" is set to be the third module and will revolve around multiplayer "virtual" deathmatches between up to 16 or 32 players depending on the mode, each set in different environments including zero gravity.

[edit] Game Play

The project also includes Squadron 42, a single player campaign that takes place within the Star Citizen universe. Able to be played off-line or with friends, you essentially sign up to fly for the UEE fleet, manning the front lines, protecting settlements from Vanduul warbands. If you prove yourself, you might get asked to join the legendary 42nd Squadron. Set up like the French Foreign Legion, they can always be found in the toughest war zones and always manage to come out on top. Once you complete your tour however, you re-enter the persistent Star Citizen universe with some money in your pocket and Citizenship to find your way.


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