S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

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The good:

A brand new, hyped up PC game for $35 dollars...I've never seen that before.
The concept behind this game is quite original I think. Yes, you can reduce it to "just another FPS game", but the story is pretty unique.

In the remains of the Chernobyl catastrophe, you are a Stalker fighting to survive by completing missions for pay, collecting rare artifacts for sale or use, and finding help in the form of allies or weapons along the way.

You can sway people to be friendly, neutral, or enemies based off of your actions to them and/or the faction that they belong to. You can even join certain factions and create some nice bonuses for yourself.

The shooting system is pretty good. It's at least more realistic than previous games. Every shot doesn't kill, sometimes they completely miss because the further away you are the more inaccurate a weapon becomes. There is also a great selection of weapons to choose from.

The graphics can be very nice, too. Some of the scenery is really up to date, but other areas are circa 2003 in the gfx department.

There are a growing amount of mods becoming available to alter the gameplay to suit your tastes.

The bad:

The game is too short. Far too short.

There are graphical anomalies that cause very high-end graphics cards to produce poor results at times. It would seem that top-end computers are required for mediocre results. More than likely an optimization problem that can be fixed in a game update, rather than the game itself.

There are some serious "stuttering" issues with the game along with other random performance issues which will probably end up being corrected with an update patch(es).

There is barely any difference between any of the default graphics settings. You have to manually tweak them to get any type of positive results.

There are some prominent bugs that need patched.

The rag-doll effects suck.

It's too easy to earn money once you get about 1/4 into the game. The weighting system doesn't seem right, either. You can only carry 60Kg of supplies, ammo and weapons, but somehow you can find room in your pockets for $500,000(Russian currency)..?

It seems like the levels are quite large, but there are distinct limits in each.


I feel this is a very entertaining game despite it's buggyness and graphical anomalies. It's short, but during that short time it is definitely fun. Well worth $35. This is one of few games I've actually bothered to finish multiple times, let alone a single time.

If you liked Half-Life2 you will definitely like this game.

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