SSX Tricky review
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The good:

  • Great levels
  • Good selection of snowboarders
  • Uber tricks


    SSX Tricky is the second game in the SSX franchise after SSX 1 was a tremendous hit when it arrived onto the PS2 back in the year 2000. Since then SSX Tricky has been given a few new tweaks to make it even better than before.

    So how is SSX Tricky better than the original? Well firstly the tricks have became alot better. With the new Uber Tricks. Now when you have landed a few backflips and 720's you will noticed the bar on the right of the screen rising in colour. Get the bar to the top and your snowboarder will unlock some super cool tricks for the time being. Uber tricks are easy to use, simply press and hold one of the shoulder buttons (L1 L2 R1 R2) and tap square and your snowboarder will pull off a special trick which will leave your jaw dropping. With the Uber line it is possible to do a 720 Triple Backflip with the snowboard spinning around your neck. Sounds sweet huh.

    But that's not the only thing which makes SSX Tricky so good, the levels are just as great as SSX 1 with Pipedream staring again and Tokyo Megaplex which has you riding in what I can only describe as a funhouse! Snowboards can be unlocked as you progress through World Circuit and new outfits can be obtained as you unlock new chapters in your boarders trick book.

    Multiplayer is as good as ever, hours and hours can be spent playing your friends as you can never get bored with all the levels the game has to offer. Graphically the game is bright and visual and the soundtrack for the game is just what you would expect for a snowboarding game.


    EA have taken SSX to the next level, SSX Tricky is brilliant and offers hours and hours of lifespan. A must try game.

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