Super Smash Bros. Melee review
Get this game and your Gamecube will run more smoothly.

The good:

Well, it has fighting and you don't have to skip the intro scene and wait for ages on the title screen for the turorial you could just go to the thing where the tutorial is. There's more characters and there's special melee where you do Sudden Death or Giant Melee or something like that.

The bad:

Well, when you're doing Adventure Scenarios (which some of us made up), when you face like 20 guys and you die once you have to pause and do L R A Start. Also they made it harder to control Fox, Ness and Yoshi. Classic, Adventure and All-Star mode kinda gets boring after a while and something like that.


The thing is you want to get good at the game before taking on some of the events or trying Hard/Very Hard mode of the game. I mean, some of the time you need to do that for trophies and to unlock some characters like Jigglypuff, Marth, Dr Mario and Roy. The events are sometimes easy like Trouble King 1 and Gargantuan Clash but there are also some hard ones like Space Travellers and En Garde.
Fans of the Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Fire Emblem, Yoshi, Ice Climber, Earthbound, Kirby Dream Land, Poke'mon, Metroid and G&W series's, then you'll love this game 'cause it has all that. This reveals their more competitive yet more violent sides. Plus, you have most the items from the games plus a few more (WOW) and this game will keep you entertained for a while, especially when you make up Adventure Scenarios or Battle Scenarios (especially if you have a printer and computer).
Now that's good.

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