Super Smash Bros. Melee review
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The good:

  • Good selection of characters
  • Loads of items
  • Loads of stages/arenas
  • Ever Lasting Game
  • All the things you can unlock

    The bad:

  • Credits everytime you finsih classic, adventure or all star mode


    Super Smash Brothers Melee [SSBM for short] was one of the first games to be released on Gamecube which was over 2 years ago. But still this is one of the best game on gamecube.

    You start off with a resonable amount of characters and you have to battle your way though a total of 3 game modes to unlock them all. At first you only have the Classic and Adventure mode but once clearing Classic mode with every character [including the hidden ones] you unlock All Star Mode.

    As you can probably see from the first paragraph this game is good. The amount of things that can be unlocked is unbelieveable. If someone has completed this game 100% on all difficultys then I wouldnt believe them because this game is that big.

    About the diffulculty level well when you go into a single player game mode like Adventure or all Star Mode you will have to choose a character and a difficulty level that can be too easy, easy, normal, hard and then I think there is a very hard so that just proves to you that trying to complete all different modes with every different character [25 in total could be 26] on very hard must be extremly difficult

    In Classic mode you go though different rounds and vs different people and also have some bonus games like break the target which I will explain fully later on in this review. Basically Classic mode is what you do on the N64 game Super Smash Brothers. Adventure is a bit different. You go through a adventure having to do lots of mini challenges aswell as having to vs big kirbys and loads of little pichus and finally there is All Star mode where you choose a character and are given 3 hearts and you must defeat every character [including yourself which makes 25] without dieing. All you have is 3 hearts that can heal you.

    Now onto the trophys. There are a total of 296 I think of trophys that you can get in the game. You get trophys in many ways. Some ways are completing a single player mode like All Star with a character will get you a trophy of that character and there is a total of 3 trophys you can get with each character. Other ways are going through the single player modes and picking up trophys you find lieing around on your journey and other ways are playing a little game in Classic mode where you have to kick the trophys into a little basket. Also you can get trophys for doing different events throughout the game but im not going to list all them cos we will be here for ever And finally you get trophys by getting coins going through the single player modes and playing matches in vs mode and going to the lottery and gambling your coins to get new trophys.

    Other than Classic, Adventure and All Star mode you can go to Event mode where there is a total of 51 events that you must try to complete that will tell you to do different scenarios like defeat all the Jigglypuffs in the time limit. Also they is a Stadium option that has Target Test, Home Run Contest and Training Mode in it. In Target Test you have to smash the targets as fast as you possibly can to get records. There is always 10 targets. In Home Run Contest you have to smash a sandbag as far as you can in 10 seconds while you are standing on a little platform. People world wide have taken this VERY very seriously and 100s of people are trying to get the best ever records which is really amazing cos all you are doing is hitting a sandbag. And lastly there is training mode where you can decide what you want to do and just get used to the game

    And now I go on to talk about VS mode. This mode is for up to 4 players where you just battle eachover in different types of game modes. You have Coin Mode, Stock Mode, Time Mode and Bonus Mode [but i dont really understand bonus mode so I wont talk about it]. In Coin Mode your aim is to get the most coins and reach the maximun amount of coins that is setted in the game option, Stock is when you have a set number of lives that you choose in game options and the last person standing wins and Time Mode is when you try to get the most points in a set amount of time. Also in VS Mode you can have teams where people team up to take on another team

    Another game option is Multi Man Melee where you have to chose a game potion and then try to defeat as much of these people made of wires as possible in a time limit. I can go on and on about Multi Man Melee but I just cant be bothered all you need to know is that you have to defeat as much wirey people as you can in a time limit or try to suvive from them.

    Some other useful information is that all characters have different costumes a total of 5 I think and all charaters have different poses. All characters have there own arena, stage that you can battle in and there are loads and loads of items you can use in your battles to make things more fun


    This game is one of them best games on Gamecube despite being 2 years old and has unlimted game play. Brilliant Game


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