Super Smash Bros Melee Donkey Kong FAQ v0.2
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Super Smash Bros Melee Donkey Kong FAQ

by Frozen Atari   Updated to v0.2 on

[-[-[Guide to Fighting (and perhaps even winning) With Donkey Kong]-]-]

[Updates and stuff]


Fhew… Finally got this guide done. I think I have all the spelling, grammar, and info all squared away, but
 don’t be bashful to E-mail me if you find/ or want to add something.~Atari

Woops! I forgot all about Wave Dashing! You will find it under Chapter IV, Non-Fighting Moves.~Atari


D. K.!  Donkey Kong!
He's the leader of the bunch.  You know him well.
He's finally back to kick some tail!

His coconut gun can fire in spurts
If he shoots ya, it's gonna hurt! 
He's bigger!  faster!  and stronger too!
He's the first member of the DK crew!
D. K.!  Donkey Kong!  HEY!
D. K.!  Donkey Kong is here!

If this is all you know about Donkey Kong, I would advise you go to a local video gaming dealer and educate your
 self in these two titles: “Donkey Kong” and “Donkey Kong County”. Donkey Kong is a NES game, and the first game
 where both Mario and DK make their first appearance. Donkey Kong Country is not only one of the best SNES titles
 ever made, but it also stars Donkey Kong J.R. (Who is grown up now and took up the name Donkey Kong from his Dad,
 who is now known as Cranky Kong. Donkey Kong from DKC is most likely the Donkey Kong in the Smash Brothers games).
 Or if you feel adventurous, then just find ROMs of them. The instruction manuals of both are also found on the web,
 just type in a word search in your favorite search engine and have a look around. 

Any way, my name is Frozen Atari, and this is my third FAQ I’ve written, and the first for Super Smash Brothers Melee.
 I’ve played SSBM for about 7 months now, but it feels like years since I’ve been playing it constantly almost every day.
 Any way, with no Donkey Kong FAQs (for shame!) on neoseeker, I decided to roll my sleeves up and educate novice and
 intermediate players alike. Pros should able to beat any one with any smash brother (or sister), so if you are one of
 those self proclaimed up turned nose players, I would suggest you stop reading this now, you really don’t need it.
(unless you have some tasty info to share) For the two of you that stayed, you are in for a crash course with Donkey Kong,
 one of the most misunderstood players in SSBM! For those new to the SSMB scene (all 3 of you) you should know what Meteor
 Smash, Smash, Spike, dodge roll, air dodge, and third jump should mean. If you don’t know what they mean, then check
 in the instruction booklet (or look on the interweb for a typed copy) or look in other FAQs on this lovely site.


[Table of Contents]

I. [What, Are You Stupid?]- This is all about me whining about how people don’t use Donkey Kong enough, it
 also contains the big Pros and Cons with DK.

II. [Donkey Kong’s Moves]- Self Explanatory, This chapter gives detail information on Donkey Kong’s Moves.

III. [Non-Fighting Moves]- Details about how DK runs, dodges, and his unique advantage are all written here. 

IV. [How To Use DK]- This is a bunch of odds and ends that I could not fit anywhere else. It talks a little about
 how to edge guard, the best ways to start off a battle, and juggling. 

V. [Battling Who?]-  This chapter lists the weight class, weight number, tactics, and moves humans use over and
 over again with each character. This part also gives a few Boss pointers and a few personal opinions about the 

VI. [Contact Me and Legal Stuff]- This is all about how to get rid of pimples quickly and harmlessly. 


I. [What, Are You Stupid?]

Why play DK? Why not? God damn, you have to be tired of playing as Marth and Shiek some time, so
 give the big lug out for a spin. DK is “agile” for a super heavy weight, and he also has power and reach,
 I’m truly surprised on how many people don’t use him. DK, like all Super Heavy weights, has great Smash Attacks
 and is hard to get out of the arena like all big Characters. DK is best used with an aggressive style but you should
 still be light on your toes. 

Pros and Cons

Good Smash Attacks
Giant Punch is just awesome
Good Reach for most attacks (and he’s not even a sword man!)
A variety of moves for taking on single and multiple opponents
Second heaviest character in the game
Nice throws

Some what Poor Traction
Pitiful Forward B
Not very good in the Air 
Big Target
a little on the Slow side
Vulnerable against Multi Attacks

As you can see, you are going to want to stay on the ground a lot; after all, that’s where gorillas are found. Yet DK
 is not totally defenseless against air bound enemies, His Up A and Up Smash will make any thing twice about using Sky
 attacks on Big ol’ DK. 


II. [Donkey Kong’s Moves]

Ok, this is part of the guide shows how to perform all of DK’s moves (simple, yes?), the move’s name (What the booklet calls
them or what I came up with), the Damage (The first number is how much damage it can do if used a lot, the last number is
the most the attack can deal under normal circumstances.), As well as detail about each move. 


One Two Punch

Damage:  2-4%, 3-5%

DK uses a cross punch fallowed up by an uppercut. Compared to other neutral A attacks, it’s a tiny bit slower than
others (although Dr. Mario’s Neutral A is perhaps the slowest.) Nonetheless, it still has a good speed, and can nab
5-9 points of damage. The Uppercut also has a good up reach, and can hit players on most upper platforms. Although just
using the first punch over and over again is good for stunning and pissing off the enemy. 


Forward A

Pimp Slap

Damage:  5-10%

DK let’s loose a commanding slap with this attack. This is a great move; it easily has the range of a sword attack,
and with power to match. It has average speed, good power, and nice knock-back. Yet, do not over use it, as with all
moves, it gets weaker the more you use it. Switch it up with Down A to get the most use out of it. Like most Forward A
attacks, you can aim it up or down if you wish by tilting the control stick just a little as you are performing the attack.
 You also can destroy projectiles with the move, all it takes is a little timing and You’ll be smacking projectiles out of
 your way! Although, don’t be foolish and try to knock a fully charged Shadow Ball or Charged Blaster!  This is a good move
 to use at sudden deaths.

Down A

Reach Slap

Damage:  4-7%

Like the Pimp Slap, This is a good move to use. DK simply reaches out for the enemy’s legs and gives him or her a
 quick tap. It can be used quicker than the Forward A, but it does less damage and less knock back. Yet, it has about the
 same range, and like all down A attacks, it hugs the ground, which it good if you are on uneven or sloping ground.


Up A

Fly Swat

Damage: 4-9%

DK Lets his big ol’ backhand fly right above his massive head. This is a nice attack too, as the attack is
 crescent shaped, and enemies right behind DK will get hurt too. With good damage, coverage, and speed, it’s a valuable
 attack when enemies are coming from above. This attack is good for Sudden death too, as it will send your hapless opponent
 into the stratosphere.


Run A

Da Foot

Damage: 6-11%

DK lifts up his short, yet powerful leg to bash any foolish opponents. This move is Ok, I don’t use it much
to tell the truth. It may be powerful, but it’s very short as well. For one, most of the time you will be walking, as
running with DK tends not to be a wise idea. (Unless you need too, as DK has very poor turning and stopping power) Still,
this attack does send people quite high, and it gives you a perfect chance to use an aerial move or wait and use a Smash UP
or A Up. The best time to use this is when your oponent just landed on the ground or is getting up.


Smash Forward

Ear Cracker

Damage: (Uncharged) 11-21%, (Full-Charged) 27-28%

DK lets out a powerful clap that’s nothing like the friendly claps from Donkey Konga. All of DK’s Smashes are wonderful,
powerful, and guaranteed to remove opponents from the field and forward smash is perhaps his best. It has loads of torque,
and is easily one the game’s more powerful smashes.  Like all smashes, use it wisely, for it’s still a little slow and
thus easier to avoid. Start to use all of DK’s smashes when the opponent is at 75-80%, for they can knock a Mario weight
character (although give a little more or less depending on the character weight) out at that percent from the middle of 
an average sized field. (The Battle Field, Yoshi’s Story and such are average sized fields) 


Smash Down

Hammer Crash

Damage: (Uncharged) 10- 16%, (Full-Charged) 16-18%

Big ol’ DK raises both clenched fists right above his head and let loose a crushing blow. This attack is great, and a must
for multiple opponents, for it attacks both sides like most Down Smashes. The attack has butterfly-like coverage, which
means it will hurt all who are not directly above his head. It has surprising knock-back for a down smash, and will
certainly chuck enemies right out of the stage at tad higher percentages than the Ear Cracker. This smash is good to use
any time, the coverage and knock back is perfect for any sticky situation. (Like for people who roll a lot)


Smash Up

Da Clap

Damage: (Uncharged) 14-17%, (Full-Charged) 18-21%

DK Lets out a body bruising clap with his two great hands right above his head. A very nice Up Smash, almost all good as
 his Forward Smash. Yet, it only damages enemies who are directly above his head, you can think of it as a reverse down
 smash for DK. (Seeing how his down smash covers a lot, yet this covers a little) Yet, this attack is the hardest to use of
 all of DK Smashes. It’s takes a little bit of timing, but after awhile you’ll be sending opponents sky high. 


Aerial A

Knuckle Spin

Damage: 6-9%

Let’s face it, DK is a gorilla, he’s better on the ground than in the air. Yet, there are those times that you must defend
 yourself in this odd area known as “air”. Any way, DK gives a quick spin in the air to retort enemy advances. It has good
 knock back, but it is over quite quickly, yet over all, this is one of Donkey’s better aerial moves. If you find your self
 in the middle of a juggle, this is the best move to disrupt it. It is also good for Sudden death Matches, if you are in
 the air that is.


Aerial Forward A

Hammer Blow

Damage: 14-16%

Donkey Kong winds up big time and executes a hard Hammer blow. I really don’t like this attack, while it is powerful and
 can do a meteor smash, it’s very unwieldy, and can leave you vulnerable if you don’t finish it in the air. The attack does
 offer a wide area to hit, and the last second of the attack is when the meteor smash does its work. Over all, unless you
 are good at predicting moves or are very cocky, you would want to stay away from this attack.  


Aerial Back A

Simian kick

Damage: 10-13%

Kong thrusts his stubby muscle filled leg in back of him to knock any back stabber away. This attack has ok knock back,
does good damage, and it’s quick to come out. Back Aerial attacks do not get used much, but use it when the situation 
arises. If you wish, you can do a short hop backwards toward you opponent and execute this attack to throw a curve ball 
for your opponents. 


Aerial Down

Face Stomp

Damage: 13-16%

DK jams his unwashed foot right into the face of his unwilling opponent, not a nice way to go. This attack has a
 manageable charge, and can really throw an enemy off balance. At higher percentages it can clean enemies right out of the
 field. A good attack when you are attacking from above and you want to sneak in more damage then what the Knuckle spin
 can do. If you are good with timing, this is a superb move to mess up enemy juggles.  This too can do a meteor smash.

Aerial Up

Sagittal Swing

Damage: 9-14%

DK winds up and uses that powerful neck to good and destructive use. DK’s got a thick skull; so don’t worry about abusing
this move. This move is quick and powerful, and a good way to catch pesky buggers who think jumping above DK is a good
thing. This attack is also good for knocking high percentage opponents out of the sky, which makes it another good attack
for Sudden Death Matches. 

Z trigger or R/L or A-Run Z Trigger or L/R and A


Damage: 0%

DK reaches out and snags his opponent from the ground. It has ok reach and speed; so use it when you get the chance, for
DK has good chucking ability. Like all grabs, the higher the enemy’s percentage, the more you can hold them and the 
farther your enemies fly.



Neck Chop

Damage: 2%

Donkey takes a few pot shots at his disabled opponent. Hey, some times you just need an extra 2 or 4%.


Grab Forward 

Piggy Back Ride (Up Chuck, Spiral throw, Barrel Toss)

Damage: 0%, Up A 7%, Down A 6%, Forward A 8%, Get loose 10% on both

WOOOO!!! Piggy back ride!! Ok, this move is only really useful at very high percentages, other wise it’s only good
 for taunting of setting some space apart from you and the enemy. You can move at about full walking speed, and jump at
 about the same as your first jump, but you cannot use a second jump. Like grabbing, the higher the percent the longer
 you can hold them, the more an opponent wriggles, the less you can hold them. Up A is much like DK’s normal Up toss,
 Forward A has the best range out of the forward throws, and down A is the weakest of the bunch but tosses the opponent
 in a downward motion.


Grab Back

Get Outta’ Here!

Damage: 11%

DK Uses all his Primate strength to send opponents back to their mamas. This is a good way to throw people out of the
 arena or set A LOT of distance between you and your enemy. This throw is up there with Ness, MewTwo and Mario for shear
 throwing distance, this is surely the throw you want to use often. If you get a hold of your opponent (for some reason)
 in sudden death, this will certainly give you the match.


Grab Up

Canopy Chuck

Damage:  7-9%

Donkey launches the sucker he’s holding on to strait up into the air with this throw. Like all Up throws, this is good
 for Setting up an opponent for an attack (any kind will do) or just give you and the opponent some space. A fun way to
 rack up damage is to catch the opponent again before they hit the ground and Throw them right back in the air, and then
 repeat the process. Although, this takes some skill to do, so take some time and practice this unorthodox attack if you
 wish. Like DK’s back throw, this will certainly give you the win in Sudden Death matches.


Grab Down

Eat Dirt

Damage: 7%

Donkey Kong rams his victim’s face right into the ground, ouch… ok not really. This attack looks more painful then is
really is. It sends an opponent forward a little for a set up, but unless you like tormenting your friends, don’t use 
this attack all that often. 


B (Chargeable)

Giant Punch

Damage: (Uncharged) 3-12% (Charged) 28-30%

DK’s signature attack, Donkey cranks up his fist and lays low any foe that happens to be in its way. This attack is
just great. It has great range, power, and knock back. Of course, this is your secret weapon you will have stored up to
blast your enemies out of the field. Also, charge the attack up any free time you get. Right when you blast some one out
of the arena or when you start off the match are prime times to start winding up.(although watch out for Falco or Samus, 
as they have a nasty habit of disrupting your charge.) This attack is also swell for Edge guarding, even when not fully
charged. Yet, the charge will fizzle if you get hit too much or get knocked out, so don’t keep it hidden to long. The
charge will also fizzle if you get hit while charging up the attack. You can stop charging by pressing right,left, or


Forward B

Head but

Damage: 4-5%

DK looks like he’s going to bash the stuffing out any one who falls under his brow… But this is DK’s all bark and no
bite attack. It has a real unlikable charge, and does pitiful damage. Rarely will you get the chance to pull off this
attack, and rarely will it’s side effect have any great change on the battle. If an opponent is hit on the ground, they
will be crammed right into the earth and made into an easy (more or less), unmovable target. Yet, even at high percentages,
an enemy can still break free very easily and continue to fight. In the air, it’s a little different, but equally hard to
use. It will send enemies strait down, which can make it a good spike, but its awkward charge makes it hard to hit. This
is DK’s worst move, it’s just a pity that it’s a B move as well. 


Down B

Hand Slap

Damage: 7-10%

Another of DK’s most noticeable moves; the DK Slap!! This is best used in Multi man melee and when fighting more then
one opponent. It has insane range; good power, and will send people flying, although it will never send any one out of
the arena. Still, this is a good move to say “Back off!”. And will all those bodies up in the air you can either single
one out with a Up Smash,(Da Clap) or Use an Up A and hit the whole lot. It is good, but don’t use it a whole lot, for it
can leave you vulnerable. And remember, the more you hit the B button, the more Donkey with slap the ground, and the less
damage the attack will deal. This is also one of the few attacks that cannot be used in the air.


Up B

Spinning Kong

Damage: 2-10%

DK uses his Herculean strength to turn him self into a deadly top. The attack has ok knock back, and is DK’s only third
jump. The attack has more Horizontal movement than Vertical, unlike other 3rd jumps. But don’t worry; it’s still a solid
third jump and a good attack to UFO DK across the field if you wish to get away from trouble. The more the attack is kept
up, the less amount of damage and knock back is dealt. As with all 3rd jumps, it will leave you vulnerable after you use
it in the air.


III. [Non-fighting Moves]

This is where you find every thing from walking, dodging and various tidbits that make DK, Donkey Kong. 

Walking, Running, and Turning:

As you know, DK is kinda slow, he is only about as fast as Link. So when playing as DK, it’s better to Walk at full speed
then run right at the enemy. The reasons are because Donkey Kong’s Running Attack and Forward B are both pretty poor,
not only that, but DK’s poor Traction leaves him wide open. Three ways to get around DK’s poor traction is by Ducking
and then turning around (or what ever you have in mind), use a dodge roll to roll forward or back, or just do a short hop.


DK is really a pretty good jumper. In DK’s two jumps he can easily touch the top of the visual screen in a normal sized
arena, pretty good for an ape that spends lots of time on the ground. Donkey Kong also has one of the best vertical moving
third jump; the Spinning Kong. It may not add much upward thrust, but it will certainly help nonetheless. Yet, DK’s weight
can be a little too much for him, as he will hug the ground when he lands, making him vulnerable.


DK has about average dodge time, but poor dodge rolling. Donkey Kong’s dodge roll is short but it has average speed, yet
the big guy is still a tad obvious when he rolls. Yet, it is still a vital move, so learn it well. DK’s air dodge is
average, giving good distance, speed, and time. DK’s Recovery Dodge is also average, giving a little more speed and
distance than his regular rolling dodge. Oddly enough, there is a small glitch when DK Dodges or Shields, and it is not a
good one. When DK puts up a hard shield (Holding the R or L button all the way down) DK can still be attacked at the top
of the head… Yet you will not move, just take the full damage. This is also the same when DK dodges, and in the same spot
too. Yet, this is something rare, so don’t be too worried about it. Oddly enough, this only happens with DK from my

Wave Dashing:

Wave Dashing is simply a physics glitch in SSMB, but it has become a useful and interesting way to help win a battle.
The popularity of the move has had many people move it from the realm of glitch to technique because of its helpfulness.
But hell, don’t call it cheap, programmers can’t find every thing in a game. Just like the belly flop drop in “Joust”, or
the 200+ extra men move in “Sinistar”, Wave dashing has just been regarded as an extra feature in the game. 
Basically, Wave Dashing is getting the ability to move with out walking for a short time, pretty cool. You can use attacks
that you normally could not use while moving (like giant punch for example) or shielding while moving, also nice. Many
people use it as an alternative to rolling, dodging, and even running all together.
Like DK, Wave Dashing is difficult to get a grasp of at first, but can become useful. Wave dashing is performed by Air
dodging diagonally to the ground in the first jump animations of jumping… Yeah, it sounds odd at first, but you’ll get it
when you perform it. It takes a lot of timing, but after a while you’ll be wave dashing back and forth if you practice with
Any way, DK is a poor wave dasher, his jump animation is a little longer than most characters, his ground hugging is pretty
long, and he does not go far… which almost nulls the opportunity to make a move, but it is still a good thing to dodge or
mess around with. 
Yet, don’t get the idea that the secret of being good with Smash brothers (being good with DK for that matter) is Wave
dashing; it’s not, but having lots of fun is! It is entirely possible and plausible to become good with a character with
out knowing or caring how to Wave Dash.
Countering Wave Dashers with DK is easy, like when fighting against Fox, Hand Slap, Spinning Kong, and Down Smash are all
great ways to mess up a person’s Wave Dash.


If you don’t know, pushing Up on the directional pad will make a character taunt. DK’s taunt has average time, is loud, and
little funny to watch. Yet, what is the point of a taunt? A few extra points here and there and to piss off your buddies.
After knocking a character off the field, give a taunt, it will give you a few extra points, and annoy the enemy. 

Unique Advantage:

Just about every character has an advantage in certain situations. Captain Falcon has a truck load of starts shoot out
when he uses a star rod, Peach floats, and the Ice Climbers can walk on slippery surfaces with no problem. Donkey Kong’s
advantage that no other player has is DK’s ways with the heavy item. Crates, Smash Brothers (or Sisters), Monsters, and
most importantly Barrels are all easy to use with DK. Not only does DK move the fastest while hauling a heavy item, but
also he’s the only one that can jump! Donkey Kong also chucks heavy containers a little farther then other characters. So
the next time you see a big heavy crate, use it to your advantage!

Also, DK is the only character that can have 4 grab attempts, but 5 throws.(Assuming they all hit) How does this happen?
Simple, his forward grab counts as two, well, assuming that you threw with the second throw. Yet, this gives no real
advantage, but it’s a little thing I thought that was note worthy. 


IV. [How to use DK]

As I said before, DK is best used aggressively. You can start the battle by charging up a Giant Punch and than start laying
down the pain. Walking up to your enemy and using forward, down, and neutral A is also a great way to start the match.
They all rack up damage well and can be annoying to non-sword men characters. Another good way is to use Hand Slap; it
makes everything an easy target, and a good attack if you start near your opponent, or if you opponent is fast. With the
hand slap you can pull off early smash attacks like Up Smash and really start the ball going on damage. Also, be sure to
dodge and roll.  Since DK is pretty big, he can be caught in a combo easily, so be sure to learn how to roll and air dodge.
Edge guarding is also key in becoming good with any character. If you don’t know, edge guarding is preventing a character
from coming back in the arena. DK’s Giant punch and Forward smash are easy ways to edge guard. If you are more confident,
DK’s Head but used in the air is also a good way to edge guard. Also, DK’s Aerial down A and Aerial forward A will surely
displease any opponent… that is if you can time it correctly. 
Juggling is a great way to rack up damage in battle. For DK, being so big and poor in the air makes him very vulnerable to
other people juggling him. Yet nothing says sweet revenge then juggling one of your buddies into oblivion. Any way, a good
start is to first soften up your rival, DK can’t nail move after move after move quickly, so you are going to want the 
target to fly a little higher then what other characters would need. After a few punches and slaps, the best way to start 
a juggle is either by grabbing and using the forward up throw or regular up throw, running A attack, Smash Down or his 
Down B. Good moves to keep a person up in the air are: Up A, Running A, Smash Up, Smash Down, Aerial Up, Down B, and 
grabbing the opponent before they fall and using his Up throws. Now, you can either end juggles by letting them fall 
(or missing) or using a finisher. Good finishers are: Aerial Forward, Aerial Down, Any Smash, Forward B (in air), Aerial 
Up, and Back throw. Thus a good Juggle could be: Run A, Smash Down, Up A, Smash Up, Aerial Up, Up A and finished with an 
Aerial Forward. DK has about average juggling potential, so you don’t need to rely on it to win a battle, but it does help
make the battle run smoother.  


V. [Battling Who?]

Here is a small list of some tips to help beat these characters. Yet, do not go solely and only on these tactics alone, 
not every one plays the same. Yet typically, many people do use the same tactics for the same characters. I also give the 
Weight Class and how heavy each character is. Thus Ganondorf is a Super Heavy Weight (Because he’s really hard to knock 
off the stage) and gets a Weight Number of 4, which means he’s the forth-heaviest Smash Brother. Get it? Good, now lets 
not waste any more time!

Dr. Mario- Middle Weight #7

For DK, the good doctor is a bigger problem than regular Mario. For one, his pills do more damage than Mario’s fireballs 
and his forward aerial A can blast you right out of the arena.(Unlike Mario’s, which just meteor smashes the person, a good
meteor smash at that) Yet, DK has more reach, so use this to your advantage when facing him. Other than that, there is not 
much to worry about compared to other characters, but he is no walk in cemetery either. Humans tend to use many of his A 
attacks, his Back throw, Magic Cape and pills to string good ol’ fashion combos.


Mario- Middle Weight #7

Like his counter part, Mario is on a level field when it comes to fighting DK. Just fight aggressively and pick your times 
to smash him out of the arena. Humans like to use forward smash attack because of its good range, speed and power, other 
wise he is just like the good doctor, just a tad faster.


Luigi- Middle Weight #7

Yikes! Stay out of the air! Luigi is like his older brother Mario, but he is geared to more of an aerialist. His Up B 
attack is also far more deadly to DK, so try and stay at gorilla’s arm length from the green avenger. Luigi also falls a 
tad slower and has bad traction, so try and use theses weaknesses to your gain. Humans really want you to stay in the air 
and will try at all costs to keep you there. Use DK’s Spinning Kong to good use to disrupt this naturally good aerialist. 


Bowser- Super Heavy Weight #1

Bowser and DK are a lot alike. They are both big, heavy, strong and have many of the same down falls. They both have slow 
moves (although DK is a tad faster) both lack a good ranged weapon, and both can have average to poor recover times. Yet 
DK fights better of the ground, while Bowser has the edge in the air against DK. If you fight Bowser, it can turn into a 
long fight, just keep hitting him and look out for the tell tail signs of his smash attacks, for they are more powerful 
than DK’s! Yet Bowser also lacks reach, big time. So like much as a stated above, keep at a good distance and when the 
opportunity comes, smash him! Which should not be too hard. Humans are far and few, but they are there! They tend to like 
to use Bowser’s Fire Breath and forward aerial A.


Peach- Light Weight #9

Peach can be annoying, but lets face it, unless the person you are fighting someone who is incredibly good, you are going 
to have an easy time. Peach is light, so fatally smashing her is no big deal, but doing that can be a challenge. In good 
hands, Peach can seem to recover instantaneously, and have a non-stop flurry of weak attacks. Also, unless you fatally 
smash her out, she will return. Her floating ability and third jump are both top notch. Yet she lacks smash power, so you 
have little worry about when it comes to that. Also, Peach has deceptive attack range, her A attacks have good range, but 
not as good as DK’s. Humans will always have a Turnip in hand and will try and lure you to the edge to make up for her poor 
Smash attacks.


Yoshi- Heavy Weight #5

“He has no third jump! Ah ahh haha hah hah ahahhaaa Snort!” Don’t laugh, Yoshi is also one of the more misunderstood 
characters. In average hands, he can be a handful. He has deceptively strong smashes, with range to boot. Yet his normal 
attacks are a tad short, but powerful nonetheless. Yoshi is good both in the air and ground, and watch out for his flutter 
kick, it smarts! His special moves are nothing to be too worried about, but let your guard down.  Yoshi is also quite 
heavy, so it will take a bit more to knock him off than you think. Hell, he’s right under Ganondorf for weight, one of 
four super heavy weights! Humans will tend string you up with combos and aerial finishers fast. They can also keep DK up 
in air with a slew of eggs. Use loads of aerial dodges, rolls, Aerial As to destroy the eggs, and DK’s reach to keep Yoshi 
off guard to get some good ol’ hits in.


Donkey Kong- Super Heavy Weight #2 

DK…watch out for, DK things, Heh heh. Any way, you know what’s up with Donkey Kong, so all you have to be is trickier than 
your enemy.


Captain Falcon- Heavy Weight #6 

I used to say “I HATE CAPTAIN FALCON!!” a lot when I first got the game. I mean hell, he drives a racecar and he has some 
of the best moves in the game. Any way, the Captain is something else. With good speed, power, smash, weight and attack 
flow, it is no wonder why he is commonly given the title of “best character”. Some people say he has really poor recovery, 
but we know he has about average. Any way, try and catch him off guard by rolling a lot, and you are also going to be air 
dodging a lot as well. One of his most feared attacks is his up B, and as you know, it hurts and sends you flying. Well 
fear no longer! A well placed aerial A will certainly make your opponent say an obscene phrase. This little trick works 
with any character, so have fun messing around with most C.Falcon player’s favorite attack. Any way, Smash or Giant punch 
Falcon when ever you get the chance, and hopefully the beefy boy with stay out for good. Humans will abuse all his special 
moves but C.Falcon’s Falcon punch. So keep those air dodges and rolls happening and try and catch him off guard.


Ganondorf- Super Heavy Weight #4

Ol’ Ganon is back, and with a huge honkin’ nose to boot. Ganondorf is basically a more menacing Captain Falcon, yet he is 
slower and has Recovery issues. Yet his slow speed is off “balanced” by his agility and fast moves. Ganondorf can be a 
handful, but like C.Falcon, a well placed aerial A can disrupt the flow of Ganon’s Up B. Basically, take any chance you see 
to start laying down pain, because in a battle with Ganondorf, you are going to want to play a bit more defensively. Humans 
use him just like the Captain, so you know what to look for; you just have more time to capitalize on it when your enemy 
messes up.


Falco Lombardi- Light Weight #13

Damn bird. Falco can be a real pain to DK players (I should know, I play as him a good deal), his multi attack can slow 
down battle and his small and fast size has a lot of power and nice aerial moves. His blaster can be annoying when you try 
coming back to the arena, but just try and use the Spinning Kong as much as you can, for you just might get back. His Up B, 
Falco fire, cannot be disrupted easily by DK, and most likely will be used to juggle DK out of the arena. Yet, the young 
bird is light, and can be knocked far. So after a few smacks, a well placed back throw, giant punch, or smash will send him 
out of the field. Mr. Lombardi players LOVE his Smash forward, but it’s a little obvious, so take that chance to hit or roll 
and smack some sense into him. They are also fond of his blaster, but just use well timed rolls/dodges to get around it if a 
player start creating a defense with the blaster.


Fox McCloud- Feather Weight #14

Fox is like Falco, just faster, lighter, weaker and has more annoying multi-attack moves. Fox is like the hotrod of smash 
brothers; really good players tend to use him with devastating effects. Average players can still use Fox well enough to 
tick off DK players. Yet Fox is not good as edge guarding as his wingman, so coming back after of his smashes can be easier. 
Also Fox is light, lighter then Pikachu light. So fatally smashing him can be done is a short time if you get enough hits 
off.  Fox players love to juggle and use Fox’s multi attacks as much as possible. Some times it can become over bearing, 
but don’t get pissed, just get even. Use DK Hand slap to disrupt an on coming Fox. Since he is so fast, few players can 
react when a wall of pain erected by a Hand Slap. Use this opportunity to bash up Fox and get him out of the arena. Other 
wise just be aggressive with your range.


Ness- Middle Weight #8

No worries. Unless you are playing a person who is a devoted Ness fan, you have little to worry about. He has pitiful range,
power, and a difficult third jump. He is just barely a middleweight, so taking him off the field will only be a matter of 
time. Yet, his forward Smash is powerful and deserves respect no matter who you are. It has insane power and range, unlike 
the rest of Ness’s moves. Ness also has great throws, but there is a good chance he won’t get close enough with DK’s long 
arms in his way. Humans will tend to use Ness’s specials and forward smash a lot.  All of his specials are nice, and his PK 
Fire can be the most annoying. But you way out range him in close combat, so try and get there quickly.


Ice Climbers- Light Weight #10

My favorite underdogs! Popo and Nana can be annoying and might seem insane in a pair, but all in all, they can be taken out 
quickly. They are light, and have average range with no really good ranged attacks, but when they get close they can be a 
problem. Yet the duo will have a tough time knocking DK off, and they are poor edge guarders, so if you get knocked off you 
don’t have much to worry. Also, do not grab them; the other Ice Climber will certainly hit you, having you let go of his of 
her other half. So you have to smash them off the arena, and they can have a tough time coming back on, so most likely if 
you get them out far they are done for. Human players are not found that often, but they will use there nice A attacks and 
Smash attacks combined with their forward B. They also enjoy using the Ice Shot to keep players away, but once you get 
passed the wall of ice play it offensively and take them both out with DK’s range.


Kirby- Feather Weight #15

Another joke for DK. Sure he has suicide moves, a heap of jumps, and can copy giant punch, but Kirby packs very little power.
His smashes are lousy against DK, they have little range and he is light as a feather. In two minutes, you can easily get 
3 to 4 knockouts on a good day. Unless you are facing some one who is a devoted Kirby player, you have very little to worry.
Humans will try and copy your power; it’s pretty good after all. They will also use loads of smashes since Kirby’s regular 
attacks are kinda lousy. Kirby can also juggle fairly well, just try and disrupt it with well-placed aerial attacks and 
bring the fight on the ground where the ape is supreme.


Samus Aran- Super Heavy Weight #3

Oh! I like Samus, she is one of the most balanced characters, and can be lethal with some practice. If you didn’t know, she 
is a range specialist and can really give a run for your money with her powerful ranged moves. Not only that, but she is at 
home in the air and ground. She has average power and range when it comes to close combat, but she does not stand up well 
when it comes to DK. Donkey Kong’s power and range can quickly subdue her, yet she is heavy, so you might have to wait until 
she hits 100% or so before you start removing her from the arena. Human Ms. Aran players will use missiles every chance they
get. They also like to charge up that big ol’blaster to send DK flying. A common tactic is to use missiles before they 
bring out the big gun, so block/dodge/roll everything that comes. But use your good range to effect when you get close and 
do not let her get away! Humans are also in love with Samus’s grapple beam and will snag any charging brutes. Simply jump 
when you get close (because there is a good chance they will lay out a beam) and hit her hard when she is vulnerable. 


Zelda- Light Weight #9

Ah Zelda, perhaps the least used player, but her alter ego not. Zelda is really a good fighter, it’s a shame not many people 
has seen that side. She’s light and has move that don’t flow well, but she packs very powerful and very weak moves. Her 
forward B can pack heat, but easily blocked, and it is the only ranged weapon you have to worry about. Yet, removing her 
can be easy, as many of her attacks will leave her open. Human player (All 4 of you) tend to use her smash, Neutral B and
aerial attacks to good use. Like always, dominate with DK’s long powerful arms to claim victory.


Shiek- Light Weight #9

Uuhhgg… That’s all I gotta say. Nothing worse than watching players win because of Shiek. Any way, Shiek is like every one’s 
fantasy ninja: Fast, Stealthy, packs a good punch, and flows like pure water. The only advice I can give is stay a good 
range away from her and try and stay out of the air. She murders both on the ground and in the air. It’s also really hard 
to find a good time to smash her, so chucking/Giant Punching her out of the arena in the best way to go. Human players will 
try and confuse you with her speed and flow, and yes, you will be confused. They will tend to juggle DK way up and out of 
the arena. Try and Air dodge and use well placed Spinning Kongs/Hand Slaps to disrupt her tsunami of attacks. But hey, 
she’s light, so a few good place attacks will spank her out of the arena. 


Link- Heavy Weight #6

Damn pretty boy. Link is heavier than he looks, and has as many fan boys as Cloud. (Which means you will face him a lot)  
His range is about the same as DK’s, but he packs an annoying multi-hit attack. His smashes are a tad weak to DK, but they 
have insane range. He also has a slew of ranged items to use and the feared “down thrust” (aerial down A). His down thrust 
will either A) Hurt a lot. B) Kill you. I never knew aiming a sword down would send you flying up out of the arena… but 
that’s pretty boy logic for you. Any way, Link does have two disadvantages, but DK can only capitalize on one. Link is a 
tad slow, but faster than our favorite simian. But, but, Link also has bad recovery. If he misses with most of his attacks,
he is left wide open. Perfect for a Giant Punch out of the arena! So pick your moment to strike and you will be rewarded. 
Human players will use Link’s Boomerangs, normal attacks, Down thrust, and Up B like crazy. When you are close to him, take 
a few shots and roll away then move in and attack, because when a Link fan boy (or girl) is in trouble they will try and 
summon up the magical Up B attack to get them out of the situation. Also, Aerial juggling is something you might not want 
to try much: Linkers love there Down A aerial, and it’s very hard to counter. 


Young Link- Light Weight #12

Just like his teenage popstar self, young link can be an annoying, but not as bad as Link. He’s a whole lot lighter and 
faster, and does not have his insane range and lag. Yet Little Link is easily smashed out, and DK out ranges him, so left 
him fly often! Humans use him like Link, but they tend to use his special attacks more (after after all, they are more 
powerful than big Link's) so you know what to look out for.


Pichu- Feather Weight #17

Pichu is to Smash Brothers as Dan is to Street Fighter. Honestly, you would think hurting your self would create more 
dangerous moves. But Pichu is just a joke of a character, even if you do find a devoted Pichu Player. He's  The only real 
threat he has is his Thunder bolt, but if you just smack him around a bit, you will get him out of the arena 3 to 4 times 
in two minutes and he will never get to fire it off. Humans player will keep Thunder bolting and jolting. So just don’t get 
caught in the air too much, and smashing this rat out will be no problem. 


Pikachu- Light Weight #13

More dangerous than his devolved self, Pikachu is a good character that packs a good punch. Yet, he is light, and has poor 
close combat range, so you can easily keep him away with DK’s range and power. Although, Pickachu does not have many moves 
that leave him open, so rolling and throwing is a good thing to do against him. Humans will also lighting bolt and lighting 
jolt with Pichachu a lot. Also, Dodge if you are in the air when you hear the annoying “PIIIka!!!” if you are on the ground,
roll out of the way and smack him for doing that.


JigglyPuff- Feather Weight #16

Unless you are against some one who practices with JigglyPuff you have little to worry. But, most people who use her know 
her insane secret, REST! Her down B is one of the most powerful attacks in the game, and since DK is so big he is 
particularly vulnerable to it. JP also has a mix of short and average reaching attacks, which makes her a deceptive 
(and good) close combat attacker. She is very good in the air, and will be nothing but havoc if you try and meet her in 
there. She has good juggling potential, which can set DK up for a nasty rest. Yet, like Kirby, she’s really light. Fatally 
beating her out of the arena should not be hard. A few slaps and a well placed smash is all you need to send her out. 
Humans will always try and set you with rest. A typical combo will be a flurry of Pounds followed by Up As and perhaps a 
sing to make sure they will hit with rest. This is a little hard to avoid, so jump/ dodge out the way when you can and use 
that good range and great ape rage to keep JP on her toes.


MewTwo- Light Weight #12

More Pokemon!? Geeze… Any way, Mewtwo is a good fighter. He has good range and nasty throws. He is also an insane juggler, 
and when I mean insane, I do mean it! All his moves his put you in the air or knock you off balance. He also very sneaky, 
his Up B makes him teleport, and he can turn invisible in the air! He also has an infamous Multi attack, so watch out for 
that too. He is also a master with items, and he throws them a tad farther and harder due to is telekinetic powers. Yet, 
he is big and light, a poor combination. Getting him primed for a smash is easy, since he gets knocked back far you can 
really start laying down the law with few worries. Humans will surely try and juggle you, no second thoughts about that. 
Just keep him away and try and stay out of the air, Mewtwo is pretty damn good up there. This one of the few characters 
that does not have a move that people will constantly abuse, which is kind dangerous because you don’t know what will happen.


Mr. Game and Watch- Feather Weight #16

Blip! Beep beep beep. Mr.G&W players are few and far between, some times that can be a good thing. Mr. Game and Watch is a 
good fighter, a little more home on the ground than in the air, but sill deadly nonetheless. Mr. Game and Watch has a 
confusing fighting style, who else can win a game with out slapping, kicking, or punching, not even once? Yet the real 
danger comes with his flow of moves. Mr. Game and Watch has good recovering and speed, and can set a long chain of attacks 
before smashing a person off the edge. The 2-d fighter also has an over exaggerated attack called “The Judge’s Hammer” 
(forward B) Yes, it’s true the 9 will kill, but it has a 1 in 9 chance of coming up, the rest of the numbers do average 
damage at the least. Yet, Mr. Game and Watch is a featherweight, so taking him out with a good Giant Punch should be no 
hard task. So look out for Mr. Game and Watch Flowing moves and dash attack, not his Judge’s Hammer. Humans will use his 
confounding attacks to their advantage. But don’t be fooled, he plays just like all the other characters! Mr.G&W players 
will typically throw a sausage defense when they start off then move into strings of combos. When you get close to this 
yummy defense, rolls under it and start smacking him around. Like Mewtwo, Mr. Game and Watch players will use a variety of 
attacks to throw you off balance, so be wary when you face one.


Marth and Roy- Light Weights #11 and #12

I put theses two together because they are basically the same. They are more alike then Dr.Mario and Mario, it’s a little 
creepy, really. Any way, Marth and Roy are two pretty boys with big swords, and if you know any thing of Japanese 
pop-culture, you know what that means: they kick the preverbal ass. Marth and Roy are shining examples of why swords will 
always remain top over guns in video games, if you have not noticed, both Falco, Fox, and Samus have really weak fire arms. 
(save Samus’s )fully charged blast) While one swing of one of these two pretty boy’s swords will be superior to any gun ever 
made. Any way,if you are fighting one the million Marth and Roy players, you are going to have a tough fight, even if they 
are average players. Marth and Roy have insane range and good power. They are also fast, have good weapon speed, good flow, 
nice jump, great special moves, nice big smashes, good in the air and great knock back. Yet, they do lack a good throw, but when you 
have a sword in your hand, why would you need to dirty your hands by throwing?  Yet, their biggest flaw is that they are 
both light, Young Link light. Which means if you can get through their wide swinging sword attack and place a Giant punch, 
smash or throw you can win. But, this can be difficult as they have good rolling and dodging ability. (ug…) You also have 
to watch out for their edge guarding skills, any average player can have a dominating edge play with Marth and Roy. But 
what is the different between Marth and Roy? Simple; their weapon sweet spot. Marth’s is at the edge of the blade while Roy 
is near the middle. Also Roy’s sword explodes when he has the Shield breaker fully charged, but most people never charge it 
to that point. Humans will use Marth and Roy’s superior close combat range to the fullest, and if a Jam erupts, they will 
simply chuck up a Counter (Down B) and blast you away. Not only is it a slap in the face for DK, but a slap in the face to 
you to: countering a fully charged DK punch can really piss you off, but try and keep cool. If you are pummeling the hair 
gel out of them, roll back (or behind) because 9 times out of 10 a Marth and Roy player will flip up a counter. The good 
thing is that counter only lasts for a short time, so after the initial flash go in and chuck’em, smash’ em, slap’em with 
what ever it takes to get the advantage! So good luck against Marth and Roy, you are going to need it


Giga Bowser-Boss 

Giga Bowser is one of three Super Smash Brothers Melee’s bosses. Giga Bowser, unlike Master and Crazy hand, fights more like
traditional battle, and has all the moves that Bowser has, with a few slight differences here and there. The only big 
difference is that he is extremely heavy, and you cannot grab him. Since Giga Bowser is so fricken’ big, you can use 
attacks like Forward Aerial A and other attacks that have a big lag to inflict big damage. Two other attacks that you can 
use to rake in the damage are Hand Slap and Spinning Kong. Hand Slap will juggle Giga Bowser for a good amount of time, and 
Spinning Kong will just blast up his percent since you can connect with all of the attacks. When Giga Bowser starts 
reaching 170%(!!!) Start to Giant Punch and smash him out. If he tries to return to the field, you will surely want to 
spike him. Aerial Forward A and headbut are the attacks you will want to use on him when he starts reaching the arena. You 
can also try and spike him early on to make the match go by quicker. Thankfully, Giga Bowser is not a playable character… 
Well, unless you have Hacking devise for your Game Cube. (like me, heh heh) 


Master Hand and Crazy Hand- Bosses

You will be in for a very different fight this time around. Master and Crazy are two big white gloves with big nasty attacks.
Normally, You will only have to face Master, but if you complete the Classic mode quickly on normal or higher you will face
Crazy half way into the fight. Master and Crazy hand have the same type of moves: both have finger lasers, Attacks that 
come from the background, grabs, sweep slaps, punches, explosives and pounds. Although Crazy Hand has a move where he wigs 
out and start flopping on the floor. Despite this arsenal of moves, they are all easy to avoid, even for DK. Simply Air 
dodging will thwart almost all of the attacks that Master and Crazy have up their non-existent sleeves. Unlike other matches,
Master and Crazy cannot be grabbed, or smashed out of the arena, but they do have Hit Points. Simply drain them of HP and 
wining becomes pretty simple. DK is a good choice for taking on the hands; He jumps well, has nice damaging attacks, and 
he’s heavy.  To Attack these hovering Hands, use DK’s Aerial Attacks, all of them work well on the hands, and switch up the 
attacks to prevent one attack from becoming really weak. Spinning Kong once again becomes an attack of choice to rack up 
damage. Like Giga Bowser, you cannot play these characters unless you have a hacking devise. Other than that, there is not 
much more to say about them, good luck!   


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