: : : : : : : getting 1400 feet with Ganon in the Homerun contest

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getting 1400 feet with Ganon in the Homerun contest
you must be patient and accurate when trying for this. what you have to do it grab the baseball bat, run to the punching bag but dont run to the other side of it. press the joystick up with A at the same time so he does his slam attack upward. the punching bag should go up. when it comes back down, jump in the air when it's in the air too and kick it down with A and joystick down so you do your electric kick thing. quickly do your slam attack again (the upward kick with joystick up and A)again, when the bag comes down again repeat the downward kick. as soon as it hits the ground or gets to u do the homerun (same as slam attack (joystick right/left +A)) and they should go flying. if you want to improve that score, try pushing the punching bag a bit when you run towards him each time that you do which should only be twice. a couple of cm makes a couple of feet difference at the end.