Super Smash Bros. Melee Cheats

Easy Luigi
To get Luigi easily just do these three simple things. Start a new Adventure Mode. Put the game on Very Easy mode and your stock full then start your game with Donkey Kong. Do the first level and before you go into the checkered area at the end stop, wait until the clock says something like this....2:42:09. Make sure that the seconds end with 2 like the 42 shown above. When you see two quickly go across the line. After that you'll see a pic of Mario jumping and Luigi stepping on him. You'll have to fight Peach and Luigi. Use the Slam ground attack (down+B) until they are severely hurt and deliver the final blow. Now play through the rest of the Adventure mode until you get to the screen that says "a foe has appeared." You'll fight Luigi and like before just use the Slam Ground Attack to weaken him and then deliver the final blow. Enjoy Luigi.