Spyro the Dragon Cheats

Spyro the Dragon cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Spyro the Dragon cheat codes.


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Crash: Warped Demo
Hold L1 and Triangle when it says "Press Start" and you'll get the demo.
Doctor Shemp
Here's how to beat Dr. Shemp: First, he will swing his sceptor at you. Next, he will walk. Flame him on his back. He will run to another platform. This time, he will spin. Flame him on his back again. He will run again. This time, he will spin faster than ever. If you don't flame him on his back, he will hit you. If you do flame him, then you've killed Dr. Shemp!
Don't Drown in Water
When Spyro falls in the water, press X to jump out. This will only make Sparx change color.

Hidden Level
Collect all the gems to obtain a 100% ending. Go to
Gnasty's World and approach the green dragon head. The head will open to allow access to the Gnasty's Loot bonus level.

When you are home in Artisans, where the lake with the stepping stones are at, step on all of them to unlock another level.
Home Worlds
To travel to home worlds you will need certain things. I will list them right here:
Artisans: Free! After all, you start out in it.
Peace Keepers: 10 dragons
Magic Crafters: 1,200 jewels
Beast Makers: 5 dragon eggs
Dream Weavers: 50 dragons
Gnasty's World: 6,000 jewels
Immortality glitch in Stone Hill
Well, this is more of neat little glitch in Stone Hill than a cheat.

Right ok. When you first arrive in Stone Hill, go through the tunnel to your right to the other field with the small tower. Go up the tower using the whirlwind and glide onto the raised land and go in the direction of the small castle and glide down to the small beach when you get to the edge of the cliff. Then what you do is jump into the sea three times until Sparx is gone and then take the whirlwind upto Astor and then position yourself right infront of Astor and the archway and the Ram will charge into you but knocking you onto Astor, freeing him. After the scene with Spyro and Astor, Spyro is still alive! And when the Ram charges into Spyro again, he won't get hurt, Spyro's immortal! Spyro can even walk on water too but I wouldn't do this because when you jump onto the sea, you won't be able to jump back onto land again and you'll be stuck there.
Here is how to beat Toasty, the pumpkin guy:
First, Toasty will stand near a guard dog. Either kill it or ignore it. Flame Toasty because charge won't hurt him. Once you do this, Toasty will scream and open a gate leading to another room. Follow Toasty into the room. In the next room, there will be two guard dogs. Again, either kill them or ignore them and flame Toasty. Toasty's clothes will fall off revealing that he's really a sheep trying to get revenge on you. Again, once you flame him he'll scream and run into another room. This room as THREE guard dogs. Your best chance of surviving is to ignore these. Flame Toasty one more time and he's history.
Tree tops dragon
Okay so let's face it that one dragon in tree tops is a real pain to get but I have found a super easy way to get it, go to the super charge that is the closest to the platform (there should be a dragon near this super charge) charge down the super charge and go slightly to the left of the platform and glide into the whirlwind let it take you up then quickly turn around and you should be right over the platform with the dragon and thief, just drop down and your there. <img src="http://staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Two Stone Hill Proxy Jumps
Go to Stone Hill and kill all the rams. Next, find the tiny contained waterfall that has a castle at the top of it. See how it has a wall surrounding it? Look sraight at the center of the waterfall, then jump onto the wall a little to the left of it. Now charge into the waterfall. Spyro will be flung into the air, sometimes almost high enough to jump onto the grassy area in front of you! Keep the square button down to be launched repeatedly into the air!
Now for the better proxy jumps. Jump onto the same spot on the wall, and jump onto the top of the waterfall. MAKE SURE that you hold down the X button the whole way through your jump, or it will not work right. Spyro will bounce up into the air while doing a front flip, this time high enough to jump onto the grass in front of you! Have fun trying this out!


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Crash Bandicoot Demo
Press L1 + Triangle when "Press Start" appears at the opening screen.
Get 99 lives!
During gameplay, put this code in to get 99 lives: Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Up, Circle, Left, Circle, Right, Circle.
Level Select
Warp instantaneously to any level by pressing start during game play and entering: Square, Square, Circle, Square, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Up, Right, Down. Then go to the balloonist to go to any level in the game.