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Walkthrough Title Date/Author
General FAQs/Guides
FAQ/Walkthrough (Xbox) Apr 10, 2007
FAQ/Walkthrough (Xbox) Dec 2, 2016
Maps FAQs/Guides
Cloudy Domain Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 2, 2015
Coastal Remains Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 2, 2015
Crocovile Swamp Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 2, 2015
Dark Mine Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 2, 2015
Dragon Village Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 2, 2015
Dragonfly Falls Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 2, 2015
Frostbite Village Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 2, 2015
Gloomy Glacier Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 2, 2015
Ice Citadel Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 5, 2015
Magma Falls Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 5, 2015
Molten Mount Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 5, 2015
Red's Laboratory Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 5, 2015
Stormy Beach Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 5, 2015
Sunken Ruins Map (PNG) (PS2) Oct 5, 2015
Spyro: A Hero's Tail Walkthrough May 30, 2015

Video Walkthroughs and Guides

Individual Videos
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdoGh-BaVudqGH8hbXV40wAZ51bDq915p (00:17:56)
by thesonicshuffle Aug 20 2014
Walkthrough Video Playlists
Spyro: A Hero's Tail 100% Videos
50 videos by (10:53:05)
Spyro A Heros Tail Walkthrough Videos (Completed)
41 videos by FSLAR (06:22:48)
Spyro A Heros Tail Walkthrough Videos (Completed)
63 videos by dessertmonkeyjk (08:11:45)
Spyro A Heros Tail Walkthrough Videos (Completed)
21 videos by UltimaShadow7 (10:16:07)
A Heros Tale Walkthrough Videos (Completed)
1 videos by JoeSchulz (00:14:34)
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