Spy Hunter (Xbox) Cheats

Spy Hunter cheats, and Codes for Xbox.


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Cheat codes
OGSPY Original SpyHunter Game
GDOG57 Unlock all extra features.
SHAWN Unlock Concept Art
WOODY Unlock Early Test Animatic
SCW823 View Concept Art
GUNN View Spy Hunter Theme FMV
WWS413 View test Animatic FMV
MAKING View the Making of FMV
SALIVA View Your Disease FMV
Play Original Spy Hunter Game
Play Original Spy Hunter Game
To play a version of the original Spy Hunter arcade game, enter OGSPY as your spy name.
to get all levels and weapons for your car
enter this as your name!only in capitals "GDOG57" now see how much fun this game really is....
Unlock FMV Sequences
Start a new game and at the Profile Menu, enter the following agent names to unlock their cheats. If you entered it correctly, it will disappear and allow you to choose any name you want. Then go to System Options, choose Extras, then select Movie Player and you will be able to view the movies.

MAKING - Making of Spy Hunter
GUNN - Spy Hunter Theme: Saliva
SALIVA - Saliva: Your Disease