[edit] Background

Betrayed and left to die. Stinger, Clandestine, and Bouncer narrowly escape death at the hands of a maniacal traitor. Driven by revenge, and armed with cybernetic enhancements, the Spyborgs must stop their renegade ex-teammate before his fulfills his quest for ultimate power.

[edit] Gameplay

Pick from a team of three cybernetic Spyborgs and team-up with your friend to punch, slice, and blast your way through waves of enemy robots. Aim the Wii-Mote at the screen and use the high-tech SpyVision to uncloak hidden power-ups and points for upgrades. Move the Wii-Mote and nunchuk to complete devastating and stylish "Co-op Finishing Attacks" with your friend. Face-off against powerful, screen-filling bosses and save the world from the hands of evil. Team up and take charge!

[edit] Features

  • Players jump between the identities of a team of five bionic superspies to combat a rogue squad of wacky, dysfunctional super villains.
  • Your favorite Saturday morning cartoon come to life: tone, visuals and quick episodic themed gameplay reminiscent of your favorite cartoons growing up!
  • Each character has a unique power to match their superspy skills, such as heavy firepower, bladed weapons, acrobatic skateboarding skills, pure robotic destruction and more!
  • Created by Bionic Games, a hot new development team made up of former Insomniac and High Impact developers known for their work on hugely popular franchises like Ratchet and Clank and Resistance: Fall of Man.
  • Teamwork is one of the key elements of the game: this team of misfits seem like an unlikely group by themselves, but when thrown together and topped off with a few bionic enhancements they become the ultimate superspy dream-team, set to save the world!
  • Designed for either single player action or 2-player co-op play, Spyborgs takes the theme of team outside the game and into your living room.
  • Playable wild and wacky commercials are transformed into mini-games that bring humour and additional fun to the fast-paced gameplay.

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Dark Arcanine
Sep 18, 10 7:50pm

Spyborgs is another Capcom title I own, bought before Monster Hunter Tri....

Sep 02, 09 11:51pm
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Dark Arcanine
Aug 14, 09 5:54am
added 18 new concept art
Dark Arcanine
Aug 13, 09 8:25pm
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Dark Arcanine blogged
Aug 13, 09 9:40am

This forum needs some loving! And by this I mean, the Spyborgs game needs some loving. It is likely that it's not a very well known game yet on Neoseeker, which is why I felt it couldn't hurt to raise some awareness through my blog.

Now you must bare with me, because I don't know much myself. :O Though it is an Action game on the Wii, so I'll have the majority of Wii owners with me so far. Then consider what it's about, Spyborgs. Which obviously, is a combination of a spy and a cyborg. Futuristic sort of games are pretty interesting right?

If I still haven't got anyone interested yet, perhaps I should show off some screenshots and concept art:

There's also more screenshots and plenty of more concept art in my gallery so be sure to check it out if you're interested.

That's about it from me, I'm sure Spyborg fans could have done a better job. Instead, you got stuck with a guy who liked some pictures and wanted to do a good deed... so deal with it. Remember, check out the forum and don't be a stranger!

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Dark Arcanine
Jul 30, 09 11:04pm
added 2 new concept art
Apr 29, 09 8:14pm
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Aug 09, 08 11:32am
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Jun 10, 08 1:06am
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