[edit] Background

SH2 is the ultimate thrill ride, combining high-speed combat, espionage, and mission-based play. Take the helm of the world's most powerful counterintelligence combat vehicle, the redesigned G-8155 Interceptor complete with new vehicle transformations, including the snowmobile and four-wheel drive off-road vehicle. Within a compelling story of global intrigue and espionage, your mission is to uncover Nostra's plans for world domination and discover the secrets of a mysterious female agent.

[edit] Gameplay

SpyHunter 2 is a powerful progression in the mission to save the world from the sinister grip of the global criminal terrorist group, Nostra. SpyHunter 2 features an all-new, extremely powerful and customizable G-8155 Interceptor with new vehicle transformations such as an off-road 4-wheel drive vehicle, an off-road motorcycle and a snow ski. In addition, the gameplay includes upgradable offensive and defensive weaponry, as players fend off enemy vehicles throughout massive levels set across enormous regions. A new mysterious, female agent has also been added to the mix to increase the intensity of SpyHunter 2's fast-paced action.

SpyHunter 2 introduces an all-new terrorist threat and it is up to Alec Sects to command the world's most sophisticated super spy vehicle to save the world. Exclusive weaponry such as an auto- tracking turret and an indestructible armored shield are combined with landmines and oil slicks for an impressive defense that will immerse gamers in 16 action-packed levels set across four gigantic regions.

Each region is interactive and dynamic, allowing players to choose their own paths and fight against giant end-of-mission bosses, including eight all-new Nostra/Phoenix enemies. The excitement also continues with the latest version of the Interceptor's online computer, Leonie 2.0, designed to aid in mission-critical tactics and information

[edit] Features

  • Sleek New Vehicle – Brand-new G-8155 Interceptor with new vehicle transformations--snow and off-road--equipped with a new advanced weapon and equipment system that allows players to customize the vehicle with weaponry to suit personal style of play.
  • New weapons – Auto-tracking turret and an indestructible armored shield have been added to the gameplay as well as new defensive weapons such as

land mines, oil slicks and smokescreens,
which allow gamers to play more strategically.

  • New Enemies – Giant, end-of-mission boss battles including eight all-new original Nostra/Phoenix enemies that require players to use strategy and innovation in addition to firepower and speed. Also added is a cutting edge enemy AI, which reacts based on player's behavior.
  • In-Depth Missions – 16 exciting levels set across four gigantic regions that are interactive and dynamic, allowing gamers to choose their own paths through mission areas.
  • Mysterious and Compelling Storyline – Nostra is back and deadlier than ever! Discover more about who Alec Sects really is, and the mysterious female agent who is somehow intertwined with him.
  • Introducing New Technology – Leonie 2.0 is the latest version of the Interceptor's online computer that is designed to provide mission-critical information and tactical advice during missions.

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