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Spore Unlockables

Unlockable Cheats
If you go to the the Sporepedia in the start menu, then to the Badges section, then to the Cheat shop you can buy cheats via. Badge points, earned when gaining levels. The cheats can be turned on and off.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Tribal stage foodunlockAllFood If this cheat doesn't work then I'll try to redo it
Become an epic on Creature StageMegaSize
10000 health for chieftain tribal stageCaptainsHealth
friends with all creatures on Creature StageBefriendAll
Add more Boats/Planes/ground vehicles on Civilization stagelongList
Poison is turned to fire x2 damagePoisonBurns
Make an asteroid appear in front of you Creature stageLookOutAbove
Turn invisible to playersWhereAmi
Make a bomb when done chargeRamBam
Fly on Creature Stage for 1mFlyHigh
Toggle speed 1 is normal 2 is faster and 5 is fastestSetSpeed 1-5
Always have 3 pack members or moreDefendPack
This cheat will give the user 50 extra health each stage(one use)extraHealth
rechargeSpaceToolsyou have to get all the space tools you have to recharge all at once
evenMoreMoney(30,000 sporebucks in civil stage 500,000,000 sporebucks in space stage) you have to have more than 80,000,000 sporebucks in the civil stage