SpongeBob's Surf & Skate Roadtrip (Xbox 360) Cheats

SpongeBob's Surf & Skate Roadtrip cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Two maps for the price of one (40)Unlock all twelve tracks in 1 player
Magical slideshow extravaganza! (40)Unlock all challenges in 1 player
The best stars ever! (15)Earn 1/3 of all stars in 1 player
Look at the shiny stars! (25)Earn 2/3 of all stars in 1 player
It's full of stars! (35)Earn all stars in 1 player
A Spongetastic victory! (5)Complete any race as SpongeBob
I think I got sand in my shorts (5)Complete any race as Patrick
Show the clock who's boss! (20)Three Star rating for any Against the Clock
Getting there in style! (20)Three Star Rating for any Superscore! Challenge
Out of harm's way! (20)Three Star Rating for any Danger Dash Challenge
A test of skill! (20)Three Star Rating for any Red Gate Challenge
An easygoing tour! (20)Three Star Rating for any Green Gate Tour
As fast as you can! (20)Three Star Rating for any Accelerator! Challenge
MAXIMUM Awesome! (20)Three Star Rating for any MAXIMUM Awesome Challenge
Pineapple Salad (15)Smash 75 pineapples in one playthrough of Pineapple Farm
Yo-ho-ho! (15)Smash 25 XX barrels in one playthrough of Floater's Peak
Nearly Explodilicious! (30)Complete a Danger Dash Challenge without hitting a single trap
Extreme Extremeness! (30)ROCKET MASTER: Finish a Rocket race without losing speed
Super-Maximum Awesomeness! (30)AWESOME MASTER: Max out the awesome meter during an Awesome race
Spongeriffic! (5)Reach XP rank 5
Spongeadelic!! (10)Reach XP rank 10
Spongetronic!!! (15)Reach XP rank 15
Spongelicious!!!! (25)Reach XP rank 25
Spongetacular!!!!! (35)Reach XP rank 35
Spongesplosion!!!!!!! (45)Reach XP rank 45
SpongeSTRAVAGANZA!!!!!! (55)Reach XP rank 55
Danger! Leviathan! (20)Get a 3-star rating playing Danger Dash on O'Buoy Bay with The Leviathan
All the Seaweed you can eat! (20)Get a 3-star rating playing Green Gate Tour on Seaweed Alley with The Seaweed
Tastes like salty rain! (20)Get a 3-star rating playing Against the Clock on O'Buoy Bay with The Big Wave
The Royal Sand Castle (20)Get a 3-star rating playing Green Gate Tour on Sand Castle with the Royal Tapa
Pineapples mean Prizes! (20)Get a 3-star rating playing Superscore on Pineapple Farm with the Flower Power
Clamstravanza! (20)Get a 3-star rating playing Danger Dash on Clam Mountain with the Pink Clam
Big Red Skate Master (35)Get a 3-star rating playing Red Gate Challenge on Cephalapod Alley with The Shivering Timber
Big Red Surf Master (35)Get a 3-star rating playing Red Gate Challenge on Rudder Reef with The Sharkbite
A karate master does not smash (15)Complete a track without smashing a single obstacle
Lucky Dip (20)Score at least a Two Star Rating in a one player Quick Play match
Gas Guzzler (20)Collect 4 refuel pickups in one Accelerator! Challenge
The giant wheels are invading! (5)Get your photo taken in front of a ferris wheel
Oh Duuuutchy, you home? (5)Get your photo taken in front of a wrecked pirate ship
Playing to the crowd (5)Get your photo taken beside some fish folk
Coach Pincers would be proud! (10)Complete 5 grind rails without falling over on a single track
SpongeBob SpeedyPants (10)Maintain awesome boost for 45 seconds uninterrupted
SpongeBob SandPants (10)Ride over 10 seconds of slow surface at boost speed in one track
SpongeBob SkyPants (10)Spend 15 seconds in the air total in one track
Gravity Schmavity (5)Turn 360 degrees round the walls of a tunnel
Lucky Dip for Two (20)Come first in a multiplayer Quick Play match
I've been dizzy before! (20)Survive a 'swap your controls' multiplayer attack without crashing
Shockproof! (20)Survive a 'crazy handling' multiplayer attack without crashing
Dizzier than a dizzy thing (10)Make another player crash by using a 'swap their controls' attack
Shockier than a giant jellyfish (10)Make another player crash by using a 'crazy handling' attack