SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! (GC) Cheats

SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants! cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Bubble Bass:Krusty Krab
Larry:Goo Lagoon
Ms Puff:Boating School
Squilliam:Sand Stadium
Karen(computer wife):Chum Bucket
Kevin:Jellyfish Fields
Don:Bikini Bottom Jail
Jenkins: Downtown
Mini Games
Flipping In:First Mini Game Of The Game
Order Up:Take Orders By Customers and Make the Chef(teamatte) Do It
The Boucers:Flip Ingredients with your teamatte To The End
Inflatetable Pants:Race with Inflate Pants To The End
Weigth&Sea:Collect Weigths And Help Larry or Don To Lift them
Surf Les Goo:Fish To Grab Items In the Sea
Goo Ladiators:Knock Off You Opponement To The Goo
Pedal Of Honor:Jumps Platforms And Do 3 Different Tricks
Boat Raceo 3 Races Riding A Boat Car
Rock Bottomlay Your Instrument In The Buttons Demanded
Jig On The Brig:Repeat Squilliam's Dance Notes and Do Them
Beats Me:Repeat Squilliam's Drum Solo And do the same thing
Machine Meldown:With you teamatte,Repair Machines And Look for you ganirator
Bubble Blowerop Bubbles To Earn Pts
Charge:Charge Up And Take Ropes To You Color
Seahorse Stampeddeo A Soccer-Liked Game With a Sea Horse and score Goals
Breaking Out:Release Prisionners By Pulling Ropes where they are and Bounce them to freedom
Rock Blast:Break Rocks To Earn Diamonds And Gold
Blisterring Barnecles:Clean Barnacles Off The Tower
Rope Burn:Use Baterries To Help Your Climber Climp A Building
Swing and Fliwingo A Escalade-Like By Earning Pegs
Jellyfish Jamberee:Catch Jelly Fish and Put them In your Face Machine To Make Jelly
Jallyfish Swish:Collect Jellyfish by Sliding down with your kelp rope A Mountain
The Tide Piper:Hypnotizes Jelly Fish To Your Color And The Netter Must Grab Them