SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month FAQ/Walkthrough v0.4
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: : : : SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month FAQ/Walkthrough

SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month FAQ/Walkthrough

by SuperOtakuAlex   Updated to v0.4 on
SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month (PC) 
Walkthrough/Complete Guide

Author: SuperOtakuAlex
Version: 0.4
Console: Microsoft Windows PC
Created: 7/21/12
Last Update: 7/24/12


Table of Contents
[1] Introduction
	[1.1] Game Overview/Intro
	[1.2] Version History
[2] SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month Brief Information
	[2.1] Plot
	[2.2] Gameplay
[3] Characters
	[3.1] SpongeBob SquarePants
	[3.2] Mr. Krabs
	[3.3] Squidward
	[3.4] Patrick Star
	[3.5] Sandy Cheeks
	[3.6] Mermaid Man
	[3.7] Barnacle Boy
	[3.8] Larry the Lobster
	[3.9] Plankton
	[3.10] Marty the Bus Driver
	[3.11] Marlin the Wizard
	[3.12] Gary Gulper
	[3.13] Jojo
	[3.14] Dame Mackerel
	[3.15] Familiar Looking Guy
	[3.16] SpongeBob’s Grandma
	[3.17] Jewelry Store Owner
	[3.18] Jewelry Girl
	[3.19] Cowfish Craig
	[3.20] Tony the Bouncer
	[3.21] Nelson
	[3.22] Ray Soakin’ Up Rays
	[3.23] Receptionists
	[3.24] Carlton Ritts
	[3.25] Eugene
	[3.26] Big-Mac the Bartender
	[3.27] Stella the Waitress
	[3.28] Timmy
	[3.29] Lisa the Coat Check Girl
	[3.30] Shapiro the Maitre’d
	[3.31] Waiter
[4] Game Locations
	[4.1] Game Locations
[5] Chapter 1- Employee of the Year
	[5.1] The Morning Shift
	[5.2] Two Broke Fools
	[5.3] Larry’s Secret
	[5.4] To Grandma’s House We Go!
	[5.5] Smart Shopper
	[5.6] The Dutchman’s Treasure!
[6] Chapter 2- Hitting Rock Bottom
	[6.1] Stuck... in Rock Bottom?!
	[6.2] One Kelpsi Coming Up!
	[6.3] Respect the Tools, Man
	[6.4] Calm After the Storm
[7] Chapter 3- Back to Square One
	[7.1] Somebody Order Ribs?
	[7.2] Whoa...Freaky, Man!
	[7.3] Sandy’s Rocket
[8] Chapter 4- Bottoms Up!
	[8.1] No Jackets? No Service!
	[8.2] Dining Fancy Tonight!
	[8.3] To Neptune’s Paradise!
[9] Videotapes
	[9.1] Videotape Locations
[10] Final Word
	[10.1] Final Word
[A] Email/Contact Information
[B] FAQs
[C] Credit
[D] Copyright
[1] Introduction
[1.1] Game Overview/Intro
Hello again, everyone! SuperOtakuAlex is back with another 
walkthrough, this time “SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month” 
for the PC! I’m lucky to actually have this game be able to run on my 
computer’s model, as a few of my games are no longer compatible!

Anyways, SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month is a point-and-
click adventure game developed by AWE Games and THQ. This game 
revolves around the characters that are prominent in Nickelodeon’s 
SpongeBob SquarePants series. The game involves the adventures of 
SpongeBob SquarePants and his journey to reach Neptune’s Paradise.

[1.2] Version History

Version 0.1 [7/21/12]
I started the walkthrough on this date.

Version 0.2 [7/22/12]
I finished the characters section and finished up the first two 
chapters of the game.

Version 0.3 [7/23/12]
I started the third chapter in the game and made it to the fourth 

Version 0.4 [7/24/12]
I finished the entire game and completed the walkthrough on this 

[2] SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month Brief Information
[2.1] Plot
SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends are shown at a photo shoot, in 
which they’re posing for their usual logo that is shown with the 
franchise most often. There’s a mail call for Mr. Krabs, in which he 
opens an envelope with two free tickets to Neptune’s Paradise, a 
local theme park. Because he’s not going to use them and who could 
never pass up something free, Mr. Krabs gives them to SpongeBob as a 
reward for being Employee of the Month again, which declares him 
“Employee of the Year”. Together with his best friend Patrick, 
SpongeBob can’t wait to get to Neptune’s Paradise.

[2.2] Gameplay
On the main game screen, you use the mouse to move and pick up things 
by clicking around your surroundings. By clicking anywhere, SpongeBob 
will walk to that spot, but clicking multiple times makes SpongeBob 
run. The cursor is a yellow hand, which turns green and points a 
certain way if you are able to go inside a building or travel 
somewhere else. 

At the top left of the screen is a chest, which holds your inventory 
inside bubbles. Needed items can be dragged out and used. At the top 
right is a telescope, which shows you a map of the area you’re in and 
the area around it. When a new area is unlocked, the telescope moves 
to the center of the screen and the area unlocked becomes colored on 
the map. You can find out where SpongeBob is as represented by 
himself on the map.

In point-and-click games, half the fun is exploring the environment. 
If an object in the area is interesting, the cursor will turn green. 
Left-click on it to hear what there is to say about it.

Press the Esc key and you’ll be brought to a game menu. From here you 
can exit the game, resume the game, save the game, load the game, or 
start a new game. You can also view movies you’ve unlocked, change 
options (usually to enable/disable 3D shadows, text dialogue, and 
change voice, music, and SFX volumes), or you can also check out the 
Help section on some helpful “getting-started” hints.

Sometimes an object in SpongeBob’s inventory can be combined with 
another object in the inventory, making a whole new object. These 
objects can be given to people to advance in the game, or can even 
interact with surroundings!

When the inventory is open, you can access the menu also by clicking 
the notepad button, or there’s the Esc key. Or if you need a hint 
from the French narrator (the typical narrator heard in the series), 
he can provide you with one.

When talking to people (you’ll have to in order to advance in the 
game), you can choose from a variety of things that SpongeBob could 
say. There are usually 2 to 4 options, with 1 of them usually working 
to advance the conversation. In reality, you can select any of the 
options, if you want to hear other things people will have to say. 
Some options can lead to new options in that particular context of 
the conversation.

[3] Characters
[3.1] SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants is the main character of the game (and the 
show). He’s a funny, generous guy that loves to have fun with his 
friends and thoroughly enjoys his job. His chipper nature often 
annoys others, but he’s happy to be himself and have an optimistic 
outlook on life, regardless of any insults thrown at him. He’s won 
Employee of the Month every month since he started working at the 
Krusty Krab.
[3.2] Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs is the greedy, penny-pinching boss of SpongeBob and 
Squidward, and is the owner of the fast-food establishment known as 
the Krusty Krab. He’ll do anything to get a quick buck (even if it 
means scamming people or overpricing menu items!) and often will find 
cheap, unsafe ways to do things. Mr. Krabs never passes up anything 
that’s free!
[3.3] Squidward
Squidward is SpongeBob’s sarcastic and pessimistic neighbor and 
coworker. He has a good reason for his negative nature, after all, 
he’s SpongeBob’s neighbor. Squidward has a passion for the arts and 
is involved in nearly all forms of it. He dreams of becoming a famous 
clarinet-player and getting far away from the likes of SpongeBob. 
[3.4] Patrick Star
Patrick is SpongeBob’s best friend and neighbor. While not the 
brightest star under the sea, Patrick is a loyal friend and is always 
there for SpongeBob when he needs honest advice. He does have his 
sheer strokes of genius and isn’t shy to put his ideas out there, 
even if they can be rather idiotic.
[3.5] Sandy Cheeks
Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel from Texas that lives in an air dome in 
Bikini Bottom. She’s so fascinated with sea-life that she chose to 
live down there (of course, not without her astronaut suit and air 
helmet). Sandy is a good friend of SpongeBob and the others and 
provides them with more logical answers to their everyday problems. 
She practices karate and the arts of science.
[3.6] Mermaid Man
Mermaid Man is a retired, undersea superhero along with his “young” 
ward, Barnacle Boy. Over the years, Mermaid Man has packed on a few 
pounds and definitely shows his age, tending to forget things he was 
doing and often succumbs to tricks of old age. He misses the action 
of being a superhero.
[3.7] Barnacle Boy
Barnacle Boy is Mermaid Man’s cranky sidekick who is also in 
retirement. While not as old as Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy can 
definitely express his contempt for things that involve anything more 
than just being retired. 
[3.8] Larry the Lobster
Larry is a lobster that is usually found lifting weights at the local 
beach, Goo Lagoon. He’s very muscular and tends to show off his 
strength to others, including ladies. While he’s a friend to 
SpongeBob, he’d rather be viewed as an acquaintance, as being seen 
with SpongeBob could doom his reputation.
[3.9] Plankton
Plankton is a miniscule creature of evil. Or so he says. Plankton has 
an obsession with the formula for the Krusty Krab’s Krabby Patties, 
but has been unsuccessful in his attempts to get it. He wishes to 
sell Krabby Patties at his restaurant, the Chum Bucket, and steal all 
of his rival’s business.
[3.10] Marty the Bus Driver
Marty is an easily irritable fish that works for Bikini Bottom 
Transit. He doesn’t seem to hate his job, but more rather the 
passengers he has to deal with, namely SpongeBob and Patrick. He 
drives the bus that goes to Neptune’s Paradise.
[3.11] Marlin the Wizard
Marlin is a marlin wizard that resides in Rock Bottom. He’s 
responsible for the bad weather that seems to be brewing. Marlin has 
a personal dislike for Gary Gulper, the TV station’s weatherman. His 
name is a play on Merlin the Wizard.
[3.12] Gary Gulper
Gary Gulper is the weatherman for WSEA TV, the local TV/weather 
station located in Rock Bottom. He’s very arrogant about his fame. 
Gary’s responsible for a weather-controlling machine, which seems to 
infuriate Marlin the Wizard.
[3.13] Jojo
Jojo is the repairman at WSEA TV. He’s a pretty relaxed guy and seems 
to enjoy his line of work. Jojo has a hard time talking with the 
employees of WSEA TV, especially since they don’t believe his claims 
that the station’s antenna isn’t even broken. He loves Kelpsi soda.
[3.14] Dame Mackerel
Dame Mackerel is a tourist fish from the English Channel that has 
come to Bikini Bottom. She is worried about too much heat at Goo 
Lagoon, which explains why she has a parasol. Dame is very kind and 
[3.15] Familiar Looking Guy
A fish that is... oddly familiar. He seems to appear everywhere you 
go and claims that he doesn’t recognize you. Could he be following 
[3.16] SpongeBob’s Grandma
SpongeBob’s Grandma is a sweet old lady that lives in Bikini Bottom. 
She loves her grandson, knitting, and baking. Especially pies. 
[3.17] Jewelry Store Owner
This fish is the owner at Bikini Bottom’s local jewelry store. He 
speaks in a strange lingo, but is an all-around nice guy.
[3.18] Jewelry Girl
A little girl who spends most of her time at the jewelry store. She 
has a strange fascination with jewelry, to the point where that’s the 
only word she can say.
[3.19] Cowfish Craig
A cowboy that lives in a shack called Ugly Shack located in Bottoms 
Up. He lives next-door to a wealthy fish who accuses him of stealing 
his golden coconuts. He’s a good friend of Sandy.
[3.20] Tony the Bouncer
Tony is the bouncer that guards the entrance to the classy sea-food 
restaurant, Sublime Seafoods, located in Bottoms Up. He’s usually 
hidden inside his booth, but you’re in for a surprise once you see 
[3.21] Nelson
Nelson is the psychedelic owner of Sardine’s Sundries, a knick-knack 
store with some pretty weird stuff. He’s a calm, level-headed 
individual that always has peace on his mind.
[3.22] Ray Soakin’ Up Rays
A manta ray that has an unhealthy obsession with tanning. He’s always 
looking for ways to get a tan even faster.
[3.23] Receptionists
There are two receptionists in Rock Bottom. There’s one at the bus 
station and one at the WSEA TV station. They’re twin sisters. The one 
working at WSEA TV is named Tiffany. Both of them tend to speak very 
sarcastically and monotone, and are especially rude to SpongeBob.
[3.24] Carlton Ritts
A wealthy fish that lives in Bottoms Up, next door to Cowboy Craig 
and his Ugly Shack. He often accuses Cowboy Craig of stealing golden 
coconuts that fall from the tree in his yard.
[3.25] Eugene
Eugene is a fish that works as a cashier at the Barg-N-Mart. He’s 
obviously a bit nerdy and owns a rather filthy boat-car. Eugene’s 
willing to make a deal however.
[3.26] Big-Mac the Bartender
Big-Mac works at the bar and restaurant, The Rusty Anchor, in Rock 
Bottom. He’s rather big and tough, but he’s a very nice guy.
[3.27] Stella the Waitress
Stella is a fish that works at the Diner in Bikini Bottom. She’s a 
sweet and spunky old lady that seems to know Sandy very well. 
[3.28] Timmy
Timmy is an entrepreneur that stands around the mezzanine outside 
Sublime Seafoods. He sells trinkets, gold, and money.
[3.29] Lisa the Coat Check Girl
Lisa works as the coat check girl at Sublime Seafoods. She assures 
that all customers have a jacket before entry and that the jacket is 
returned upon exiting. She has a French accent.
[3.30] Shapiro the Maitre’d
Shapiro is a shrimp with a heavy French accent. He works at Sublime 
Seafoods. He’s very high class and wears elegant clothing. Monocle 
[3.31] Waiter
A lobster waiter that works at Sublime Seafoods. He’s got a French 
accent. He looks a lot like Larry, doesn’t he?
[4] Game Locations
[4.1] Game Locations

=Bikini Bottom Map=

Bikini Bottom is the hometown of SpongeBob and his friends. Also home 
of the Krusty Krab, Goo Lagoon, and various other landmarks.

The Krusty Krab – The local fast-food restaurant and home of the 
Krabby Patty located in Bikini Bottom owned by Mr. Krabs. SpongeBob 
and Squidward work here!

Downtown Bikini Bottom – Most of the city’s stores and industries are 
located here, as well as some housing. The bus stop can be found 

Goo Lagoon – Bikini Bottom’s local beach with an ocean of goo. 
Bodybuilders, tanners, and other residents can be found soaking up 
and enjoying the sun. There’s “Ray’s Organic Tanning Salon” as well 
as “Mussel Beach” for bodybuilders.

Barg-N-Mart – The Barg-N-Mart is more-or-less a 99¢ store. You can 
get many different items here, ranging from everyday necessities to 
food all at a bargain price!

Grandma’s House – SpongeBob’s Grandma’s house located in Bikini 
Bottom. SpongeBob’s Grandma can be found here, baking delicious 
homemade pies.

=Rock Bottom Map=

Rock Bottom is the city located in the bottom of the trench after 
Bikini Bottom’s drop-off. The residents here are pretty scary and 
prefer to live in the dark, murkiness that is Rock Bottom.

Bus Station – The local bus station in Rock Bottom. Outside are 
restroom facilities, a candy machine, and a bus stop.

WSEA TV Station – The TV and weather station located in Rock Bottom. 
There appears to be plenty of weather problems here to report.

The Rusty Anchor Bar – A bar that sells cola and other beverages. 
They hold cola-drinking contests sometimes.

Marlin’s Cave – A cave where Marlin the Wizard resides. Its exterior 
is shaped like a wizard’s hat.

=Bikini Bottom Outskirts Map=

The Diner – A warm and cozy diner that many people go to eat at. 
Besides the Krusty Krab, of course. This place likely offers 
healthier choices. Wait, a whitish thing with a bit of dark meat on 
the side? Er...maybe not so healthy. 

Sardine’s Sundries – A knick-knack store owned by Nelson. Most of the 
stuff here probably came from the 1960s and the era of peace and 

Home Lane – The street where SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick’s 
houses are located. This lane is also known as “Resident Row”.

Sandy’s Treedome – Sandy’s house. When she decided to live 
underwater, Sandy had a dome filled with air that was placed in 
Bikini Bottom so that she could live there. Inside are a tree and a 
comfortable yard fit for a land creature.

Jellyfish Fields – The local home of the jellyfish. Jellyfish Fields 
is often where SpongeBob and Patrick go to “jellyfish”, which 
involves catching the creatures in nets and releasing them.

=Bottoms Up Map= 

Bottoms Up is an upscale city outside of Bikini Bottom. The residents 
here are wealthier and can afford some of the fancier ways of living.

Rocket Crash – The crash site of Sandy’s rocket.

Oxygen Springs – The hot springs located in Bottoms Up. Because 
they’re already underwater, these springs jet warm oxygen.

Waverly Hills – The residential area of Bottoms Up. Rich people live 
in this area in large homes that suit their fancier living.

Sublime Seafoods – A five-star restaurant that the people of Bottoms 
Up dine at. You must dress appropriately to get in. Luckily, they 
give you a jacket if you don’t have one. The employees are easily 
offended by cheap food, as expensive is the way to dine.

[5] Chapter 1- Employee of the Year
[5.1] The Morning Shift
The game starts outside the Krusty Krab with you in control of 
SpongeBob. Before SpongeBob can go to Neptune’s Paradise this 
afternoon, he must complete his morning work shift. Enter the Krusty 
Krab by clicking on the entrance. Inside, fortunately, there is only 
one customer! But first, pick up the dirty plate from the table at 
the left. At the right table is the only customer, who is waiting for 
his order to be taken. Talk to him and he’ll say that he’s been 
waiting to be served for what seems like ages. Select the second 
option and SpongeBob will begin a conversation on Neptune’s Paradise. 
The customer says he just came back from there and had a lot of fun. 
Click the new second option and SpongeBob will ask how the customer 
got there. The customer wants to be asked nicely, so select the new 
second option. After SpongeBob has pleaded, the customer will refuse 
to tell you because he’s starving and hasn’t been served yet. When 
he’s brought his Krabby Patty, he says that maybe he will tell you 
then. Walk to the back end of the restaurant and enter the kitchen, 
which is the first door on the right. Pick up the plain Krabby Patty 
from the grill, and then walk to the right side of the kitchen, which 
should be in front of SpongeBob from the angle you’re looking at. 
Here is the kitchen sink. Before we can serve the customer, we’ll 
need a clean plate. Take the dirty plate from your inventory and drag 
it to the sink, so that SpongeBob can clean it. With the clean plate 
in your inventory, drag the plain patty over to the clean plate for 
the main dish. However, we need some other ingredients. Exit the 
kitchen and go to the salad bar beside the cash register. Pick up the 
fixin’s, which consist of tomato, cheese, lettuce, etc. Add the 
fixin’s to the plain patty and you’ll finally have a Krabby Patty. 
Walk back to the front of restaurant and drag the Krabby Patty to the 
customer. Now that he’s got his food, maybe he’ll tell about how he 
got to Neptune’s Paradise. SpongeBob will ask, and the customer will 
reply that there’s a bus stop in Downtown Bikini Bottom where a bus 
travels to Neptune’s Paradise every day. With that information, 
Downtown Bikini Bottom will be unlocked on the map. Just click on 
Downtown when the map is accessed.

[5.2] Two Broke Fools
Now that you’re in Downtown, you’ll notice that Patrick is already 
waiting at the bus stop. Walk forward and go talk to him at the bus 
stop. When first spoken to, SpongeBob will comment on Patrick’s new 
camera, which he apparently won as first prize at the Bikini Bottom 
Bikini Contest. Click the first option and SpongeBob will reply in 
shock that Patrick had won a bikini contest. Patrick will explain 
that he was the only male contestant, but the judges had complimented 
him on his unique figure. Select the new first option and SpongeBob 
will ask if Patrick has any bus tokens for the bus. Patrick doesn’t 
have any and is worried about what they’re going to do now. Choosing 
not to worry, SpongeBob promises that he’ll find some, while Patrick 
saves their place in line. Pick the first option and SpongeBob will 
ask if Patrick knows where he could get some bus tokens. Patrick 
suggests he just buy them, but SpongeBob reminds him that neither of 
them have any money. At that point, Patrick suggests that SpongeBob 
just find some buried treasure, since the Flying Dutchman has buried 
treasure at the Goo Lagoon according to him. After that information 
is gained, Goo Lagoon is added to the map. You can talk to Patrick 
more or just end the conversation. But before you go to Goo Lagoon, 
head down the path to the left and you’ll come to a jewelry store. 
Enter the store and talk to the owner. SpongeBob will greet the owner 
and tell him that he has a very nice store. The owner will ask him if 
he’s “yanking his chain”, to which SpongeBob says no and that the 
store is really pretty. For being so kind, the owner will give you a 
videotape. This videotape is a movie that can be viewed at any time 
from the main menu screen. When you’re ready, leave the store and go 
to the map. Select Goo Lagoon. 

[5.3] Larry’s Secret
It’s time to dig up some buried treasure! You’ll be brought to Goo 
Lagoon’s parking lot, which has pits of goo (SpongeBob can slip in it 
if he walks in it), as well as a ball and net for a quick game of 
soccer. You can play with the ball, if you want, but you won’t gain 
much from it. When you’re ready, walk towards the castle gate and go 
to the right to get to Mussel Beach, where you’ll find Larry the 
Lobster and other bodybuilders working out. You’ll notice that beside 
Larry is a shovel and pail set. Perfect for digging! However, if you 
try to take it, Larry won’t let you, as he’s not too keen about 
letting people use “Ole’ Shovely and Mr. Pail”. There has to be some 
way to convince him to let you use the shovel and pail. Talk to him 
and select the second option. SpongeBob will ask if the shovel and 
pail are Larry’s beach toys. Larry says they are, to which SpongeBob 
asks if he could borrow them. Larry refuses, getting very protective 
of them, as they mean a lot to him, apparently. SpongeBob tries to 
distract Larry by saying there’s a mermaid that is looking at him. 
However, Larry knows better than that! Pick the second option and 
SpongeBob will ask how Larry got to be so big and strong. Larry 
explains his weight training regimen, as well as his schedule, and 
his diet-plan, which consists of healthy foods and NO Krabby Patties. 
SpongeBob is shocked and decides that that type of diet is not for 
him. Pick the second option and he’ll find out an important piece of 
information. Larry will mention that the one thing he misses the most 
are “Grandma’s Homemade Pies”. This unlocks Grandma’s House on the 

[5.4] To Grandma’s House We Go!
Go to Grandma’s House via the map and enter her house. A cutscene 
will be triggered that shows Mr. Krabs on his way to the Barg-N-Mart. 
The narrator says that Mr. Krabs is apparently going there to find a 
bargain. Back at Grandma’s House, walk into the kitchen from the 
living room and talk to Grandma. Grandma will greet SpongeBob and 
mistake him for Patrick (a possible reference to the episode 
“Grandma’s Kisses”). SpongeBob exclaims that he’s not Patrick, but 
SpongeBob. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will continue to 
whine that he’s not Patrick, before finally giving up. He’ll then ask 
what Grandma is baking. Grandma says she’s baking a homemade Urchin 
Chip Pie that’s Patrick’s favorite, but she ran out of Sea Urchin 
Chips. Pick the first option, and SpongeBob will tell her that he 
could go to the Barg-N-Mart and get her some. Grandma doesn’t want 
him to bother and says she’ll just feed the pie to seagulls later. 
SpongeBob yelps and says that it’s no trouble, to which Grandma tells 
him to be careful. This unlocks the Barg-N-Mart!

[5.5] Smart Shopper
As you stand in the Barg-N-Mart’s parking lot, a fish will exit the 
store wearing clothes that look very baggy on him and are oddly 
similar to Mr. Krabs’. Talk to him and SpongeBob will point out how 
big his clothes look. The fish will say that he has to get them 
altered. SpongeBob wonders where the fish got them, and the fish 
answers that he got them from Mr. Krabs for a great price and that 
he’s selling all kinds of other junk inside the store. Head inside to 
see for yourself. Walk past the registers to the back of the store. 
Mr. Krabs will be standing there, completely naked. Talk to him and 
pick the first option. SpongeBob will ask what he’s doing at the 
Barg-N-Mart. Mr. Krabs says that he’s moonlighting, which means he’s 
trying to get a quick buck by selling old junk. He asks why SpongeBob 
isn’t on his way to Neptune’s Paradise. SpongeBob answers that he’s 
working on it, and then asks if it would be alright to come in a bit 
late for work tomorrow. Mr. Krabs tells him that he can’t stand 
tardiness and that maybe he should’ve given Squidward “Employee of 
the Year” instead of him. In fear of losing the position, SpongeBob 
exclaims that he’ll get work on time tomorrow no matter what. Mr. 
Krabs says good and then tells SpongeBob to scram as he’s scaring 
away his business. Walk down the aisle in the far back and you’ll see 
the bag of Sea Urchin Chips on the right shelf. However, SpongeBob 
doesn’t have any money to pay for them! Go to the front of the store 
and talk to Eugene the cashier. Maybe you could make a deal. Pick the 
first option and SpongeBob will ask Eugene if they carry Urchin 
Chips. The cashier replies that they do. Pick the first option again 
and SpongeBob will ask about the cost. Eugene says he doesn’t know 
and guesses a lot of money. SpongeBob knows he has no money to pay 
for them, in which Eugene just says that he simply won’t get any 
Urchin Chips. Select the first option and SpongeBob will explain that 
he really needs the Urchin Chips and he’ll do anything to get a bag. 
With that notion, Eugene says that if SpongeBob can wash his boat 
outside that he’ll pay for the Urchin Chips. This next part is 
simple. Go outside to the parking lot and click on Eugene’s boat, the 
only one outside. Using SpongeBob, move him around the surface of the 
boat to get the grime and algae off. When the boat’s clean, head back 
inside and let Eugene know that you’re done. Pick the first option 
and SpongeBob will let him know that his boat’s all clean. Eugene 
gives the a-okay and tells SpongeBob to grab a bag of Urchin Chips 
from the back aisle. Go to the back and get a bag of Urchin Chips, 
but before you leave, pick up the bottle of cooking oil from Mr. 
Krabs’ junk box. It will be useful later. Now that we have all we 
need, head back to Grandma’s House via the map.

[5.6] The Dutchman’s Treasure!
Go into the kitchen at Grandma’s House. A pie will already be set on 
the table, but it really does need the Urchin Chips! Pick up the pie. 
Grab the Urchin Chips and move them to the Chipless Pie in the 
inventory. There you have it, Urchin Chip Pie! Head to Goo Lagoon and 
go see Larry at Mussel Beach. Take the Urchin Chip Pie from your 
inventory and give it to Larry. He will refuse to eat it at first. 
Unable to handle the temptation of the pie, Larry eats it, but then 
realizes he’s cheated on his diet and is probably going to get love 
handles. He runs off to take a jog on the beach, leaving “Ole’ 
Shovely and Mr. Pail” for your taking. Pick up the shovel and pail 
and head to the left out of Mussel Beach. Go back to the front of the 
castle. The sign says “Ray’s Organic Tanning Salon”. Enter and you’ll 
see that the castle is made of cardboard and that the “salon” is 
really just the beach. To the left is a fish holding a parasol. Talk 
to her and pick the first option. SpongeBob will ask why she’s 
standing in the shade on such a beautiful sunny day. She will reply 
that her skin is very sensitive, but she agrees that it is a 
beautiful day. Pick the first option and SpongeBob will mention that 
she talks funny and he wonders where she’s from. The fish replies 
that she’s from the English Channel and she’s definitely not used to 
the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean. SpongeBob asks why she chose 
to come to Bikini Bottom. She answers that she came to see the 
sights, to hear the undersea tales, and even find buried pirate 
treasure! It all seemed so quaint to her, but she has the hardest 
time being in the heat. Once again, pick the first option and 
SpongeBob will ask about the buried treasure she’s referring to. The 
fish says that the buried treasure belongs to the Flying Dutchman, 
who supposedly buried his most precious treasure on the shores of Goo 
Lagoon. Walk towards the beach and talk to Ray, the orange manta 
tanning in the sun. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will ask if 
he can borrow Ray’s sunscreen, as he doesn’t really think it’s 
working for him. Ray responds that he doesn’t use it anymore and 
would rather amplify the sun’s rays and continue to achieve the 
highest level of tan. SpongeBob suggests he use cooking oil, to which 
Ray finds that to be a great idea. He says that if you give him 
cooking oil, he’ll trade you his sunscreen for it. Give him the 
cooking oil from your inventory and Ray will be eager to get his tan 
on. Take the sunscreen and bring it to Dame Mackerel, the lady by the 
entrance. Give her the sunscreen and SpongeBob will let her know that 
it’s industrial-strength SPF 100. Dame thanks him and takes it, 
letting him know that he can borrow her parasol. SpongeBob says he 
wants to borrow her “umbrella”. Dame corrects herself and lets him 
have it. Return to the beach and walk towards the left. You’ll come 
to the Flying Dutchman’s ship that is mostly buried under the sand. 
In front of it are patches of sand that look like they’ve been moved. 
Use the shovel and pail to dig up those patches until you find the 
Dutchman’s treasure. Drag the shovel and pail to those spots and 
SpongeBob will dig. Click on the treasure chest once you’ve found it 
and inside will be... bus tokens? So much for treasure. But at least 
you can ride the bus now! A couple will be added to your inventory! 
Go to the map and head to Downtown to meet up with Patrick again. At 
the bus top, drag the bus tokens from your inventory and give them to 
Patrick. Patrick will thank SpongeBob and wonder where the bus driver 
is at. Marty the bus driver will have come out of the bathroom and 
mention that he shouldn’t have eaten those burritos for breakfast. 
Talk to Marty and pick the first option. SpongeBob will ask where 
this bus will take them, to which Marty answers that it goes to the 
Ancient Mariner Valley where Neptune’s Paradise is. Pick the first 
option again and SpongeBob will ask if they can board since they have 
bus tokens now. Marty will say no on account of the weather. 
SpongeBob counters that it’s a beautiful day, but Marty points to the 
clouds in the distance, saying that the weather is just waiting to 
get him and he doesn’t even have an umbrella to use in case of rain. 
Give him Dame’s parasol and that should be enough to convince him 
about driving the bus. Marty says that the wind is picking up and 
it’s unsafe, besides the umbrella is actually a parasol. SpongeBob 
will beg and plead to Marty to take them to the park. Marty sighs, 
having a bad feeling about this, but decides to let them board 
anyway. The cutscene shows SpongeBob and Patrick boarding the bus. 
Patrick falls asleep and is snoring incredibly loudly, while 
SpongeBob just gets out of his seat and starts being silly. The bus 
driver notices that the weather has gotten worse, and before they 
know it, they get caught in a whirlpool and spiral away from 
Neptune’s Paradise. The whirlpool tosses them down into Rock Bottom, 
delaying the trip further.

[6] Chapter 2- Hitting Rock Bottom
[6.1] Stuck... in Rock Bottom?!
The storm has really stirred up. Rain is pouring and SpongeBob has to 
find out when the next bus will be available. Walk into the bus 
station at the right. Inside you’ll find Marty sitting on one of the 
benches and a notice on the bulletin board that says “All buses 
cancelled until further notice”. Walk over to the receptionist window 
and talk to her. Select the second option and SpongeBob will ask when 
the next bus is scheduled to leave. The receptionist says that all 
buses are cancelled due to inclement weather. SpongeBob exclaims that 
he has to get to Neptune’s Paradise, but the receptionist just tells 
him too bad. Pick the new second option and SpongeBob will ask for 
some information on Rock Bottom. The receptionist would be glad to 
help, however she’s hungry and wants a Kelp Bar. SpongeBob groans and 
says that he’s not some delivery boy and that he’s been running 
errands all day. The receptionist ignores it and asks for a Kelp Bar 
and not to let it get mushy. Unfortunately, we don’t have any money 
for the vending machine and the bus tokens would be useless. Head 
back outside and walk down the road in front of you towards the 
restrooms. By checking the manhole, it seems like a quarter might be 
down there. Enter the restroom and SpongeBob will flush himself 
accidently, but at least he’ll get the quarter after emerging from 
the manhole. Walk back up the road and keep going to the left where 
you’ll see the bus stop as well as the Kandy machine across the 
street. Hurry to the Kandy machine and deposit the quarter by 
dragging it to the machine. You’ll receive a Kelp Bar from the 
machine. Return to the bus station and drag the Kelp Bar to the 
receptionist. She’ll thank you and then asks what you want to know. 
SpongeBob will ask if there’s anything to do in Rock Bottom. The 
receptionist says that there’s not much, but there’s the WSEA TV 
station where her sister works and that they give a free tour. 
According to her, the station is down the street. This unlocks the 
WSEA TV station on the map. Via the map, go to the station.

[6.2] One Kelpsi Coming Up!
When you arrive at the station, enter the building. Inside the lobby 
is Tiffany the receptionist, as well as the control room, the 
broadcast room, and the newsroom upstairs. A funny side note is that 
there’s a poster for SpongeBob SquarePants: Operation Krabby Patty 
which was SpongeBob’s first video game. Anyways, go talk to the 
receptionist. SpongeBob will greet her, to whom Tiffany replies by 
welcoming him to the station, but unfortunately, SpongeBob is not the 
repairman and due to some problems caused by the weather, the tours 
are cancelled until tomorrow. Click the first option and SpongeBob 
will say he just wants to check things out. Tiffany shakes her head 
and says no one is getting past her without means of station 
business, and seeing as SpongeBob has no tools, he doesn’t mean 
business. Go back outside and walking around to the back of the 
building. A cutscene is shown involving Patrick and Mermaid Man at 
the local restaurant. They appear to be having a cola-drinking 
contest. You’ll see how that unfolds later. Behind the building is a 
fish that appears to be the repairman. He seems to be having some 
trouble with the satellite. Talk to him and SpongeBob will greet him. 
The repairman named Jojo greets him back and SpongeBob asks what he’s 
doing. Jojo says he’s trying to fix the antenna, which SpongeBob 
comments that it looks hard. Jojo says the hard part isn’t fixing the 
antenna; the hard part is that it isn’t even broken! Pick the first 
option and SpongeBob will ask why he’s fixing something that isn’t 
broken. Jojo replies that he’s argued with the employees inside the 
station that the antenna is working perfectly fine, but they beg to 
differ and say that it isn’t working, which means Jojo is stuck 
outside trying to figure out how to get them to believe it works. 
Pick the second option and SpongeBob will ask if the tools in the 
toolbox belong to Jojo. Jojo says that he doesn’t own anything 
because possessions drag a person down, and that the tools are merely 
temporary companions that he has mutual respect towards. SpongeBob 
asks if he can respectfully borrow them, which doesn’t sit too well 
with Jojo. Jojo thinks it’s because he’s thirsty, but he’s willing to 
make a deal. If you bring him a Kelpsi, he’ll let you borrow the 
tools for awhile. Pick the first option and SpongeBob will ask where 
he can get a Kelpsi. Jojo suggests you go to the Rusty Anchor, as 
that’s where he goes after work. This unlocks the Rusty Anchor 
location on the map. But first, head back to the bus station and walk 
all the way up the road to where a fish is kicking a can by the bus 
stop. Say, doesn’t he look familiar? Talk to him and pick the second 
option. SpongeBob will ask if he’s met the fish before. The fish 
replies that he’s never seen SpongeBob in his life, however, he seems 
to know SpongeBob’s name. He tells you to quit badgering him about 
it. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will comment on the can. The 
fish says it’s a Kelpsi can, which is great for kicking. SpongeBob 
asks if he can have it, which the fish says that he’d have nothing to 
do while waiting for the bus. SpongeBob tells him that he can talk to 
him, but the fish sarcastically says he’d sooner watch paint dry. 
Click the second option again and SpongeBob will ask what he thinks 
of the weather. The fish replies that he believes it’s voodoo and 
then tells of a wizard named Marlin who controls the weather in Rock 
Bottom. Unfortunately, nobody knows where the wizard lives. With all 
the information needed, pick up the can. Go to the Rusty Anchor via 
the map. In the parking lot, you’ll notice that Barnacle Boy, Mermaid 
Man’s sidekick, is standing there. Upon closer inspection, Mermaid 
Man is sitting on the ground. Talk to Barnacle Boy and SpongeBob will 
say hello. Barnacle Boy says that he and Mermaid Man are a little 
busy at the moment, seeing as Mermaid Man apparently bit off more 
than he could chew. Pick the first option and SpongeBob will ask what 
happened and that maybe he could help. Barnacle Boy is confident that 
SpongeBob could take a bad situation and make it worse. Select the 
first option and SpongeBob begs to know what happened so he can help. 
Barnacle Boy says that somebody challenged Mermaid Man to a cola-
drinking contest and that Mermaid Man can’t hold cola like he used 
to. He’s suffering from terrible gas and is unable to even stand up. 
Barnacle Boy threw out his back dragging him to their “Invisible 
Boatmobile” which is just behind Mermaid Man. Pick the first option 
again and SpongeBob will suggest he help in getting Mermaid Man into 
the boatmobile. Barnacle Boy explains that it’ll take a lot more than 
their strength to get someone of Mermaid Man’s size off the ground. 
Enter the Rusty Anchor and pick up the mug on the table by the wall-
mounted pictures. Talk to the bartender named Big-Mac and pick the 
second option. SpongeBob will ask for a mug of Kelpsi; however Big-
Mac says he’s fresh out on account of the cola-drinking contest from 
earlier. He says all they have is diet, caffeine-free Coral Cola with 
a lemon twist. SpongeBob says that will do. Big-Mac says it costs a 
dollar, but as usual, SpongeBob doesn’t have any money. Looks like 
you won’t be able to get the soda with Big-Mac standing there. Pick 
the third option and SpongeBob will tell Big-Mac that Barnacle Boy is 
having trouble lifting Mermaid Man into their boatmobile and needs 
some help. Big-Mac says he’ll help, since he doesn’t want his 
customers scared off. He’ll ask if you can watch the bar, and allows 
you to have as much of Coral Cola as you want, since it doesn’t sell 
well. Awesome, now there’s no need to be a thief! Head to the kegs 
behind the bar and take the mug from your inventory. Drag it to the 
keg on the left and it will be filled with Coral Cola. Grab the mug 
and combine it with the Kelpsi can in the inventory. Big-Mac will 
return, which means you can take the beverage to Jojo. Return to the 
WSEA TV station and go to the back. Give the Kelpsi can to Jojo and 
he’ll remark that that was the best Kelpsi he’d ever had and thanks 
you. SpongeBob asks if he can borrow the tools, to which Jojo accepts 
and reminds him to respect the tools. Pick up the toolbox and you can 
now pose as a repairman!

[6.3] Respect the Tools, Man
Now that you’ve got the tools, Tiffany will let you in the back areas 
of the station. Enter the building and drag the toolbox to SpongeBob. 
SpongeBob will talk to Tiffany and let her know that the antenna is 
fixed. Tiffany is delighted and tells you to head upstairs to the 
newsroom to talk to Gary. But first, enter the broadcast room at the 
left and you’ll find another door leading to where the filming is 
done. Inside is Plankton. Talk to him and he’ll be less than amused 
to see SpongeBob. However, he’s trying to advertise the Chum Bucket, 
but there isn’t a cameraman around. Pick the first option and 
SpongeBob will say he would help, but isn’t sure if he should aide 
the competition. Plankton quickly lies and says that he’s filming a 
Public Service Announcement to encourage kids to stay in school and 
get a college education. SpongeBob questions it, but eventually falls 
for Plankton’s lie, especially since he’ll get something in return. 
Go back into the other room and click on the controls. Move the 
camera by moving the mouse in different directions to focus on 
Plankton. By helping him film the commercial by focusing the camera 
on him, the “Public Service Announcement”, or the Chum Bucket 
advertisement rather, will be recorded. Go back inside the broadcast 
room when you’re done and SpongeBob will confront Plankton. Plankton 
argues his point and rewards SpongeBob with a videotape to get him 
off his back. With that, he leaves. Afterward, head upstairs. The 
fish inside the newsroom is the weather reporter for WSEA TV, Gary 
Gulper. Talk to him and he’ll go on bragging about his fame and that 
SpongeBob is lucky to meet him. SpongeBob then returns to the point 
at hand and says he needs to ask Gary something. Pick the first 
option and SpongeBob will ask if Gary knows when the weather is 
supposed to clear. Gary exclaims that it’s his lucky day as the 
station has just built a weather-controlling machine. He declares 
that once the machine is running the weather will always be clear in 
Rock Bottom. Pick the first option and SpongeBob will say that if the 
machine controls the weather then why does the station need him. Gary 
can’t find an answer for that. Select the second option and SpongeBob 
will ask if Gary knows why the weather is so bad. Gary mentions that 
people in Rock Bottom believe the weather is controlled by a wizard 
named Marlin, but he refuses to believe such nonsense. SpongeBob 
wonders why the wizard would conjure such bad weather, but Gary 
suggests that maybe he feels threatened by their weather-controlling 
machine. Click the first option and SpongeBob will ask why they have 
Jojo working out back. Gary groans and says that their weather 
viewing machine, the Mega-Screen 2000 isn’t working correctly. It’s 
showing a perfect weather zone without a single drop of rain. 
SpongeBob thinks that maybe it IS a perfect weather zone. Gary 
believes it’s a glitch in the system despite Jojo’s claims of their 
equipment working properly. Go over to the Mega-Screen 2000 and take 
a look. The perfect weather is shown to be near a strange-looking 
cave. This adds Marlin’s Cave to the map. Go there via the map.

[6.4] Calm After the Storm
You’ll arrive a bit close to the cave. Walk to the left from the 
skull to where the sign is pointing. Enter Marlin’s cave, which is 
shaped like a wizard’s hat. Inside are a huge curtain and a slot 
machine. Approach the slot machine and click on the handle. The three 
slots will eventually show three arrows after pulling the handle a 
few times. These arrows show you the directions you need to take, so 
be sure you right them down or memorize them. The curtains will open. 
Head through them and you’ll come to a maze. Apply those arrow 
directions in this maze. You’ll come to Marlin’s lair, not only is 
Marlin here up the stairs, but also... Patrick?! Head up the stairs 
and talk to Marlin. SpongeBob will say hello and ask if the fish is 
Marlin. Marlin in turn asks SpongeBob if he is Marlin, thus spiraling 
into a confusing conversation. He then asks if Patrick is Marlin, in 
which SpongeBob corrects him. Marlin claims that he’s the only one 
that can possibly be Marlin and that he’s not too happy about it, 
seeing as Marlin’s a grouch. Pick the first option and SpongeBob will 
ask why Marlin is so grouchy. Marlin replies that the reason is Gary 
Gulper. SpongeBob thinks he’s a genuine guy, but Marlin says that 
Gary is responsible for the weather-controlling device and that 
controlling the weather is his job. In order to get back at Gary 
Gulper, Marlin has sealed the vault door to the machine with his 
magic. Pick the first option again and SpongeBob will ask if Marlin 
is responsible for all the bad weather. Marlin responds that he’s 
purposely clouding up the area to teach Gary a lesson for trying to 
steal his job. SpongeBob exclaims that he really has to get out of 
Rock Bottom and the buses are delayed until the weather gets better. 
Marlin refuses to fix the weather until that weather-controlling 
machine is destroyed. Select the first option and SpongeBob offers to 
help, anything to get out of Rock Bottom. Marlin says that he’ll give 
SpongeBob his magic wand so he can get in the control room and 
destroy the machine. He’d do it himself, but the receptionist won’t 
even let Marlin inside anymore. SpongeBob asks how to break it, but 
Marlin has a hunch that SpongeBob is pretty good at breaking things. 
Click the first option and SpongeBob will ask about the wand. Marlin 
will give you the wand. Return to the WSEA TV station via the map. 
Once inside, use the magic wand on the door. SpongeBob will break the 
spell on the door and enter. The weather-controlling machine is to 
the left. Approach it and click the lever to tamper with the machine. 
A cutscene will activate involving SpongeBob and Patrick wrecking the 
machine. Peeking out the back door, they find that the weather’s 
cleared up and they can now get back on the bus! Back on the road, 
Marty gets sick of their antics and claims that the bus is running 
out of gas, lying about the near full tank. He quiets Patrick with a 
candy bar and parks somewhere in Bikini Bottom on the outskirts of 
the city. Marty directs Patrick to the gas station near the diner, 
and then drives off while SpongeBob and Patrick aren’t looking.

[7] Chapter 3- Back to Square One
[7.1] Somebody Order Ribs?
It looks like you’ll be on foot for awhile. Walk along the path 
you’re on and you’ll approach the Diner. Enter and you’ll find 
Patrick eating a sandwich at one of the booths. At the other side is 
a dart board, which you can play darts on, as well as jukebox, which 
can change the background music. Talk to Patrick and SpongeBob will 
tell Patrick that maybe they’re not meant to go to Neptune’s Paradise 
and that they should just go home. Patrick shouts that the person 
he’s speaking to isn’t the SpongeBob he knows. Click the first option 
and SpongeBob will ask what he’s talking about. Patrick gives 
SpongeBob the pep talk of a lifetime, raising SpongeBob’s crushed 
spirits. Patrick says he’s willing to help as soon as he finishes his 
sandwich, at which point he then mentions that he saw Sandy working 
on a rocket the previous week and that could be their source of 
transportation to the theme park. Click the first option and 
SpongeBob will agree that it’s a great idea and they’ll have to go 
ask her. Patrick tells him that he’s going to finish his sandwich and 
catch up later. Seeing as Patrick won’t budge until he’s done, 
SpongeBob decides to go ahead and go. The waitress named Stella will 
come out from the back and place a bag with Sandy’s picture on the 
counter. Talk to her and SpongeBob will say hello and ask how long 
she’s been working here. Stella says that she’s worked at the Diner 
for going on 25 years and that they have the best grilled cheese 
sandwiches in town. SpongeBob comments that she must be old, to which 
she isn’t too impressed. Click the first option and SpongeBob will 
ask if she knows a squirrel named Sandy. Stella apparently just got 
off the phone with her. Sandy had needed a “recharge” and ordered a 
slab of baby back ribs. SpongeBob remarks that he doesn’t like Texas 
food, but offers to deliver her lunch as he needs to go see her 
anyway. Stella tells him that Sandy’s in Jellyfish Fields, which 
unlocks that area on the map. Pick up Sandy’s lunch and then head to 
Jellyfish Fields. When you arrive you’ll have to walk to the right. 
There are three jellyfish swimming around, and they can sting you. 
They won’t deplete any health from you, so keep walking to the right. 
Head right again to find Sandy. Give her lunch to her and she’ll 
thank you for delivering it to her. She tells you to come to her 
house to talk about the rocket, but reminds you to bring a water 
helmet. This unlocks Home Lane on the map. Go there via the map.

[7.2] Whoa...Freaky, Man!
Once you arrive, you’ll be standing in front of SpongeBob and 
Squidward’s house. Go inside SpongeBob’s house and walk to where the 
chair is. You’ll find that SpongeBob’s water helmet is being guarded 
by a large sea snake. Yikes! It looks like it’ll have to be charmed 
out by music. But first, walk over to the closet at the right and 
you’ll get another videotape. These can be viewed via the main menu 
screen or also the TV in SpongeBob’s house. When you’re ready, exit 
his house and enter Squidward’s house. Go over to the TV and you’ll 
view an ad for Sardine’s Sundries, a knick-knack store in Bikini 
Bottom where they’re selling FREE Dream Glasses, which let you enter 
someone’s dreams. After viewing the commercial, Sardine’s Sundries 
will become available on the map. Go ahead and go to the store via 
the map. Enter the store and talk to Nelson, the owner. He’ll ask how 
your journey has been, in which SpongeBob says that he tripped on a 
rock out in front and the items in the store are making him dizzy, 
but he’s okay. Nelson says he meant his journey through life. Pick 
the first option and SpongeBob will explain his Neptune’s Paradise 
problem and how wound up right back where he started. Nelson will 
explain that SpongeBob’s aura reads very yellow and asks if he’d like 
him to read the bumps on his head. SpongeBob says no thank you and 
asks what kind of store Nelson runs. Nelson says his store is here to 
provide a car for the brain to drive in the fast lane of the universe 
music. SpongeBob says it sounds dangerous. Pick the first option and 
SpongeBob will tell him about how he needs to get Squidward’s 
clarinet, but Squidward is fast asleep. Nelsons suggests he use the 
Dream Glasses to enter Squidward’s dream and get the clarinet and 
that the Dream Glasses are at the other side of the store. SpongeBob 
asks how much he needs to pay, but Nelson says that his store doesn’t 
accept money. Finally! Anyways, head to the other side of the store. 
Here you’ll find the free Dream Glasses on the counter, but you’ll 
also see someone oddly familiar. Go and talk to him. Pick the first 
option and SpongeBob will exclaim that he just saw him at the Bus 
Stop in Rock Bottom and ask him why he’s pretending to not know him. 
Pick the first option again and SpongeBob will continue to antagonize 
the man, who claims that he’s been mistaken for a movie star lots of 
times. Well, anyway, pick up the Dream Glasses and head back to Home 
Lane. Enter Squidward’s house and make your way upstairs where he is 
in a deep sleep. Put on the Dream Glasses and get ready for a freaky 
experience. You’ll enter Squidward’s dream. For some odd reason, 
SpongeBob resembles Squidward, but at the same time doesn’t. You’ll 
be standing on a road lined with variations of SpongeBob’s house, 
leading up to a large temple at the end of the road. Run towards the 
temple. When you reach the temple, click on the stairs to make your 
way up. Inside is an auditorium where a huge audience is watching a 
performance. Walk towards the stage and you’ll find Squidward. Talk 
to him and SpongeBob will convince Squidward that he’s another 
Squidward and that he’s currently in the left side of the brain, 
where dancing is being held and that the clarinet recital is in the 
right side of the brain. Squidward says he’ll just go over there, but 
SpongeBob says no and that he’ll go over there, as he just needs the 
clarinet. After Squidward gives up the clarinet, he’ll immediately 
begin to dance, allowing SpongeBob to get the clarinet and leave. Now 
that you’re out of the dream and have the clarinet, hurry back to 
SpongeBob’s house. Approach the sea snake in the water helmet and use 
the clarinet to charm him out of it. With the snake out, you can pick 
up the water helmet. When you do, this unlocks Sandy’s Treedome. 
Hurry on over there!

[7.3] Sandy’s Rocket
Approach the front door to Sandy’s Treedome and put on the water 
helmet before entering. Talk to Sandy inside and SpongeBob will ask 
Sandy how she’s doing. Sandy says things are going fine except she 
can’t find her oxygen tanks. SpongeBob asks what she needs oxygen 
tanks for. Sandy replies that the oxygen fuels her rocket and that 
it’s a much cleaner fuel. SpongeBob says he’ll find the tanks for 
her, so they can go to Neptune’s Paradise. Walk to the other side of 
the dome by heading to the bottom left. Check behind the flipped over 
picnic table and you’ll find the oxygen tanks! Go back to the front 
and enter Sandy’s tree. Give her the oxygen tanks and Sandy will 
prepare the rocket. The cutscene starts which shows Patrick finally 
showing up. SpongeBob is making sure the oxygen is making it into the 
rocket, but doesn’t notice Patrick standing on the pump, stopping the 
oxygen and building up pressure. SpongeBob says to hurry into the 
rocket while it’s fueling. When Patrick gets off the pump, it jets 
off, meaning the rocket didn’t get enough fuel. As they take off, 
SpongeBob is already asking if they’re there yet and Patrick needs to 
use the restroom. Unfortunately, the rocket runs out of gas, causing 
them to crash land far from their desired stop!

[8] Chapter 4- Bottoms Up!
[8.1] No Jackets? No Service!
Well, it appears that the rocket won’t be going anywhere until it’s 
fixed. Talk to Sandy and SpongeBob will ask if there’s anything he 
can do to help. Sandy instructs him to head down the road and fill up 
the oxygen tanks at the Oxygen Springs. The Oxygen Springs will be 
unlocked on the map. Go there via the map. At the front gate, talk to 
the intercom, which is the camera up above. Select the first option 
and SpongeBob will say that he wanted to use an oxygen spring for a 
moment. The intercom says he would be more than welcome to, but 
SpongeBob is not up to par with the dress code, which requires 
wearing a jacket. Pick the first option again and SpongeBob will 
exclaim that people inside would be wearing swimsuits and not 
jackets. The intercom says yes, but that they must wear a jacket to 
enter, and then they may change. He suggests SpongeBob not think 
about it too much and come back when he’s dressed appropriately. Go 
ahead and return to the crash site to talk to Sandy. A cutscene shows 
a fish garbed in cowboy clothing being yelled at by another fish, 
most likely about the golden coconut he is tossing up and down. Talk 
to Sandy and SpongeBob will ask if the rocket can be fixed. Sandy 
says it’s nothing she can’t handle. Pick the third option and 
SpongeBob will let Sandy know that the Oxygen Springs have a strict 
dress code and they won’t let him in. Sandy says he’s wearing a tie, 
but SpongeBob says he needs a jacket to get in. She suggests he go 
visit her friend Cowfish Craig and see if he has a jacket SpongeBob 
can borrow. He lives in the residential district, Waverly Hills. 
Waverly Hills becomes unlocked on the map. Go there via the map. Near 
the fountain in the front are two coconut trees. Click on the right 
tree and pick up the coconut that falls. Approach the front gate. 
You’ll notice that there is a pressure plate in front of the gate, 
which requires some heavy weight to open it. Turn on the water pump 
at the right. This will get the fountain running again. Click on the 
fountain and SpongeBob will absorb the water. The added water gives 
him some extra weight! Return to the pressure plate and stand on it. 
Once the gate opens, enter and make your way towards the house made 
of gold. Talk to Carlton Ritts, the owner. Apparently, Carlton is 
very angry. Pick the first option and SpongeBob will ask why, seeing 
as it’s a nice day and Carlton’s house is made of gold. Carlton gets 
defensive and claims that it is HIS gold and no one elses. SpongeBob 
says that he doesn’t want any of his gold. Carlton apologizes for 
yelling and explains that his neighbor, Cowfish Craig, takes golden 
coconuts from his yard, which has driven Carlton to stay outside and 
guard his property. Pick the first option and SpongeBob says that 
he’ll get the coconut back for him. Carlton says he’ll give SpongeBob 
a King’s Ransom for getting it back. Return to the road and head 
north towards Cowfish Craig’s shack. Enter and you’ll find him on the 
couch. Talk to him and pick the second option. SpongeBob will ask why 
Craig is taking Carlton’s coconuts. Craig gives his side and says 
that the tree hangs over his yard and he decided to prove a point and 
take it. He refuses to give it back because he’s put it to good use. 
As a paperweight. SpongeBob says he’ll find a new item to replace it 
with, which Craig agrees and tells him the coconut is down the hall. 
Pick the third option and SpongeBob will ask Craig if he has a jacket 
he can borrow. Craig says he doesn’t, but he would lend him one if he 
did. He mentions that Sublime Seafoods gives a jacket to their 
customers, but it must be returned after the meal. Enter the room at 
the back and SpongeBob will walk cautiously. The floor near the entry 
will give, but SpongeBob safely makes it to the pedestal where the 
golden coconut is. Swap the golden coconut with the normal coconut 
and head outside of the shack. Return to Carlton’s place and give him 
the golden coconut. As a reward for returning it, Carlton gives you a 
quarter. A quarter, really? Apparently, Carlton doesn’t carry a lot 
of cash on him. With that, return to the crash site. 

[7.2] Dining Fancy Tonight!
Walk down the road to the right of the crash site and click on the 
sign the rocket crashed through. The advertisement shows a phone 
number for the restaurant, Sublime Seafoods. The number is 555-4444. 
Walk back to wear Sandy is and enter the phone booth. Deposit the 
quarter and dial the number. Someone at the restaurant will answer 
and SpongeBob will ask for directions to the place. The person on the 
other line answers that the restaurant is located on a cliff above 
the Kelp Forest and it’s a breathtaking view. He also mistakes 
SpongeBob for a woman twice before finally getting correct. They both 
hang up afterward after he apologizes. Sublime Seafoods will be 
unlocked on the map. Go there and you’ll be at the security gate. 
Talk to Tony the Bouncer inside the booth. He says that SpongeBob 
isn’t allowed in without an invitation, since the restaurant is 
hosting an exclusive party to celebrate their new catchy slogan. 
After some back-and-forth talk, the Bouncer will get angry and decide 
to come out. Sure, he’s small, but he means business. No invitation, 
no entry to the restaurant. Go to the right and you’ll find Timmy, an 
entrepreneur walking around in the mezzanine. Talk to him and 
SpongeBob will notice business is slow. Timmy says it should pick up 
at the party tonight and he was given an invitation as a prize to one 
lucky winner. However, they have to answer a trivia question for 
Timmy. Click the second option and SpongeBob will ask what’s required 
in the contest. Timmy says that SpongeBob must find out Sublime 
Seafoods’ new slogan and tell him what it is. Head to the right of 
the mezzanine and you’ll find Look Out Point. You can use the 
binoculars to get a good look at the restaurant and its slogan. Using 
the mouse to move, focus on the restaurant’s sign, with its slogan 
below. “Sublime Seafoods...Tastes like chicken!” Return to Timmy and 
tell him the slogan. You’ll have won the invitation! Walk back to the 
security gate and present the invitation to Tony. Tony will grant you 
entry. Walk up the long pathway to the entrance and enter the 
restaurant. Talk to Shapiro the Maitre’d. Pick the second option and 
SpongeBob will show Shapiro his invitation. Seeing as SpongeBob’s not 
dressed appropriately, Shapiro tells him to go see Lisa to get a 
jacket. Talk to Lisa the Coat Check Girl to get a jacket. However, 
you can’t leave with the jacket. Its purpose is to be worn for the 
best fine dining experience and nothing else. Once you’ve got the 
jacket, talk to Shapiro and he will allow you to enter the dining 
room. In the dining room, find the vacant table at the top of the 
stairs and have a seat. The waiter will come to take your order. You 
can find out what the specials are or cut to the chase. Pick the 
second option and SpongeBob will let the waiter know he’s ready to 
order. The waiter will ask what he wants and SpongeBob will reply 
with a Krabby Patty. The waiter will become offended and toss 
SpongeBob out of the restaurant in rage, forgetting to remove his 
jacket, however. At least the jacket came out of that fiasco. This 
will do for entry to the Oxygen Springs. Head there now.

[8.3] To Neptune’s Paradise!
Talk to the intercom at the front gate and he’ll finally let you in, 
seeing as you have a jacket. When you enter, Patrick will be relaxing 
in one of the geysers. But first, enter the locker room and open the 
locker on the right. Inside is the fourth and final video tape. 
You’ll see that familiar guy, yet again! Talk to him, you demand to 
know what’s going on! SpongeBob demands to know why he keeps seeing 
the fish everywhere, when suddenly a similar looking fish comes out 
and the two converse. It was apparently his twin brother. Shortly, 
another fish comes out, seemingly another twin brother. SpongeBob 
asks how many twin brothers he has. The fish says he has four 
thousand, two hundred and thirty two brothers, more or less, which 
explains why the guy seemed to be appearing everywhere. The first 
twin will have come and hung Patrick’s shorts on one of the racks. 
Take them and go back outside to see Patrick. Talk to Patrick and 
SpongeBob will ask what he’s doing. Patrick says he’s relaxing and 
enjoying the geyser. Pick the first option and SpongeBob will ask how 
Patrick got in without a jacket, since he had to run all over the 
place to get one. Patrick claims he just climbed over the back wall 
because he really had to use the bathroom. Give him his pants and 
he’ll tell SpongeBob not to peek while he changes. Patrick gets 
dressed shortly. Now, all that’s left to do is fill up the oxygen 
tanks. Turn on the oxygen timer on the side of the geyser. Grab the 
oxygen tanks and fill them up using the geyser. Neptune’s Paradise 
away! The final cutscene shows SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy boarding 
the rocket and riding towards Neptune’s Paradise. However, when they 
arrive, nobody seems to be around. They approach the security guard, 
who tells them the park is closed. SpongeBob tells them they have 
free tickets, but the security guard points out that they’re for next 
week. SpongeBob and Patrick break down in tears, since they worked so 
hard to get there. The security guard says that the park is having a 
private party for “SpringBoob SquirePin”. Sandy corrects the security 
guard and says that it’s SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob jumps up 
excitedly, when the various people he met on his journey surprise 
him. They enjoy a fun day at Neptune’s Paradise, riding the rides and 
just having a good time. At the end of the day, SpongeBob is just 
glad to have such great friends.

[9] Videotapes
[9.1] Videotape Locations
Throughout the game, you’ll find various videotapes in every chapter. 
There are four total to find. These can be viewed any time from the 
main menu by clicking the View Movies option. There are movies that 
are automatically unlocked as you progress.

Videotape #1 – Downtown Bikini Bottom. Talk to the Jewelry Store 

Videotape #2 – WSEA TV Station in Rock Bottom. Help Plankton film his 
commercial and then talk to him.

Videotape #3 – Home Lane in the Outskirts of Bikini Bottom. Go to 
SpongeBob’s house and look in the closet.

Videotape #4 – Oxygen Springs in Bottoms Up. Go to the locker room 
and look inside Davy Jones’ Locker.

[10] Final Word
This is the end of my walkthrough for SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee 
of the Month. I absolutely love this game and always find myself 
coming back to it. The back-and-forth work can be tedious, but the 
game’s so short that it’s a good balance. And you’ve just gotta love 
Timmy. ^^ He’s probably my favorite character in the game. Anyways, I 
hope this guide is helpful to anyone who needs it, as I’ve had prior 
experience with being stuck in this game. 

Until my next walkthrough! Thanks!
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