SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month FAQ/Walkthrough v1.02
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: : : : SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month FAQ/Walkthrough

SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month FAQ/Walkthrough

by kyleabcde   Updated to v1.02 on
                SpongeBob Squarepants: Employee of the Month
                                Version 1.00

Table of Contents

 A. Intro/How to Play
 B. Walkthrough
   1. Employee of the Month
   2. Hitting Rock Bottom
   3. Back to Square One
   4. Bottoms up!
 C. Videotape Locations
 D. Legalities/Closing

A. Intro/How to Play

Welcome to my first guide. This guide is to help you get through the game.
If you are stuck, use this to get moving again. I will cover everything.
To be honest, I made this guide because it would be easy and it didn't have
one. The controls are point and click. Use the mouse to go places and look at
or pick up things. Go to map to click where you want to go, and go to the
treasure chest (inventory) to combine or give items to people. There is also a
menu in the chest with save and load slots and a videotape veiwing place.
I hope it will help you!


B. Walkthrough

1. Employee of the Month

  Spongebob got free tickets to Neptune's Paradise for being Employee of the
Month. He and Patrick want to go, but they don't know how to get there.
  You'll start in front of the Krusty Krab. Go in and talk to the Hungry
Customer. He wants a Krabby Pattie... and he'll tell you how to get to
Neptune's Paradise if he gets it! So first, pick up the dirty plate on the
other table and go to the other side of the Krusty Krab. Go to the salad bar
and pick up some fixin's(onions, cheese, and whatnot) then go into the kitchen.
Pick up the normal patty and combine it with the fixin's. Go to the other part
of the kitchen and use the plate on the sink. Then combine the plate with the
Krabby Patty. Order up! Go back to the customer and give it to him. He'll tell
you about the bus that goes from Bikini Bottom to Neptune's Paradise every day.
Yay, now you can go downtown using the map! Go there and go forward to the bus
stop. Talk to Patrick about not having any money for bus tokens. He'll say to
go find buried treasure. Why didn't I think of that! He says there might be
some at Goo Lagoon. Now it also is mapped! Go there, walk to Rays Tanning Salon
entrance and then to Mussel Beach. Talk to Larry the Lobster. He'll talk about
fitness and how he can't eat some foods, but he wishes he could have one of
Grandma's pies. Grandma's house is now avaliable on the map. Go there, walk
into the kitchen, and talk to Grandma. She thinks you're Patrick, but it
doesn't matter. She wants urchin chips for her homemade pie. Barg'n Mart is
unlocked on the map, completing your first map! Go to it and walk in. On your
way in, talk to the fish in the parking lot for some amusement. After getting
in, talk to Bob the cashier. He will pay for your urchin chips if you wash his
boatmobile that is in the parking lot. Walk out to it and run your mouse all
over it to wash it. Go back in and talk to Bob the cashier again to OK the
urchin chip agreement. Go to the other side of the store to meet Mr. Krabs,
selling odds and ends. Oh, and he's also naked. He has sold his clothes to the
fish in the parking lot. Talk if you want, then take the bottle of cooking oil
off of his stash. He says it's okay. Go to the back isle and pick up the urchin
chips. Back to Grandma's kitchen again, to use the urchin chips on the pie. The
pie is on the table, so use the urchin chips and pick up the pie. Head back to
Larry and give him the pie. He will struggle not to, but in the end he eats it.
Now he walks away to burn the carbs. Steal his shovel and pail, then go into
Ray's Tanning Salon(Goo Lagoon). Go off the screen to the left and you're at
the Flying Dutchman's wrecked ship. There are four patches of churned sand on
the beach over there. Dig into the one on the top left, to find a treasure
chest full of........ bus tokens?? Oh well. Go back to the beach and talk to
Ray Soakin' Up Rays, then give him the cooking oil. He'll give you sunscreen.
Give that to the Madame at the entrance you passed earlier, the one with pink
skin, excuse me, scales. She'll give you her parasol(Umbrella). Go all of the
way back to Patrick and give him the bus tokens. We're ready to go! Then the
bus driver comes up. He thinks it will rain so he's not going. Give him the
parasol and plead to go and then..... Lets Go!

2. Hitting Rock Bottom

  As the bus driver said, it rained and he missed the turn. A tornado picked
them up and tossed them down a cliff to Rock Bottom.
  Start in front of the bus station. Go in and talk to the info lady. She will
help you if she gets a kelp bar. Go outside and to the right until a bathroom
is visible. Go in and SpongeBob will get flushed into the sewer. He climbes
out, stating that he found a quarter. Back up the street past the bus station
there is a candy machine. Use the quarter on it to get a kelp bar. Go further
up the road and talk to the guy at the bus stop. Hey, that looks like the
hungry customer! He denies it though. Pick up the kelpsi can that he was
kicking around, and head back to the bus station. Give the info lady the kelp
bar, and she will tell you about the TV/weather station down the road.
Map sector unlocked. Go there and walk inside. Talk to the info lady's sister,
and she'll say you can't go anywhere in there unless it's official business. Go
outside and walk around to the back of the station and talk to JoJo the
repairman. SpongeBob asks for the tools, JoJo says he wants a kelpsi, and that
you can find one at the Rusty Anchor. In the meantime, Patrick and Mermaid Man
had a kelpsi burping contest and now Mermaid Man has gas and can't get in his
car! Go into the parking lot and talk to Barnacle Boy, who is Mermaid Man's
partner. He'll tell you all about this problem. Go in the Rusty Anchor and tell
the bartender about it. He'll leave the bar to you to go help them. Pick up the
mug over near the wall with pictures all over it. Then fill it with diet-free
lemon twist cola at the bar. Combine it with the kelpsi can and head back to
JoJo. The stupid fish can't tell the difference, so he gives his tools to you.
Go inside and trick the info lady's sis by using the tools to pass off as JoJo.
Head upstairs and through the door to talk to Gary Gulper, the weatherman. He
says it's raining everywhere exept for one place on the radar, but when it
stops, he will unleash his weather-controlling thingamajig and it will never
rain again. Look at his radar and finish your map. I'm sure you've heard about
Merlin the weather wizard by now, for everybody blames him for the relentless
rain. The place on the map where it never rains is his lair. Go there and
walk past the skull and into the wizard hat. Head on over to the slot machine
and pull the lever a few times(I only did once) and three arrows eventually
appear. Remember them. Mine were right, down, and left. Go out of the back of
the hat and you'll be at a cave crossroads. Go in the direction of the first
arrow on the slot machine to go to another crossroads, then do the same with
the second and the third. If you mess up you go back to the hat. Hopefully
you'll end up at Marvin's Bedroom/Library. Marlin is on the top of the
staircase, and Patrick is in his bed. Talk to Marlin about Gary Gulper's
weather-controlling thingamajig and he'll want it broken. SpongeBob and Patrick
are good at that sort of thing, So he gives you a wand to open the door that he
sealed. Behind that door is the weather-controlling thingamajig he wants
destroyed. So go on back to the weather station and use the wand on the door
behind the info lady's sister. Then fiddle with the controls and.....

3. Back to square one

  Warning: Watching this cutscene may induce spasms of laughter.
  The weather is now clear, thanks to SpongeBob, and now the bus is on its way.
But the bus driver gets annoyed with SpongeBob and Patrick and drops them back
in Bikini Bottom. Patrick goes into the nearby cafe and eats, leaving the work
to SpongeBob....Again!
  Start near where the bus dropped you off. Find the cafe that Patrick went
into and follow his cue. Once inside, talk to Patrick to get a handful of
encouragement and an idea. Let's ride Sandy's new rocket! A waitress will walk
over to the bar with food for Sandy. Ask if you can deliver it and she will
send you to the new map sector, jellyfish fields! Walk on through the jellyfish
fields and find Sandy. Give her the sack of lunch and she'll tell you to get
your water helment from your house and meet her at her dome. Go to the newly
unlocked Home Lane and into your house. There's a snake in the water helmet!
Go over to Squidward's place and watch a commercial on his TV. Come to
Sardine's for dream glasses so you can enter a friend's dream! Interesting! Go
there and talk to the owner. He'll tell you to go on and pick up the free dream
glasses off of the counter. Go do it and.... hey, it's the hungry customer/can
kicker! Go talk to him and.. as always, he says you're a complete stranger.
Hmmmmm..... Oh well. Go back to Squidward's Tiki Idol and go upstairs.
Squidward is asleep and he has his clarinet, so use the dream glasses on
SpongeBob to enter Squidward's dream. You are now Spongeward! Go up pineapple
lane, up and into the pyramid, and down the isle. Talk to Squidward and
convince him to dance instead of playing the clarinet for the crowd. You'll get
the clarinet and leave the dream. Go to your pineapple and use the clarinet to
charm the snake into leaving your helmet. Pick up the helment and head to
Sandy's dome. Use the helmet to go in and talk to Sandy. She can't find her
oxygen(fuel) tanks. Look around for an overturned picnic table and look behind
it. I found them! Go into Sandy's tree and give her the tanks....

4. Bottoms Up!
 Sandy's rocket crashed in a rich community, and Spongebob needs to get some
oxygen for the rocket.
  You'll start near the rocket. Talk to Sandy to get the oxygen tanks and the
rite of way to oxygen springs. Go to Oxygen Springs and talk to the intercom.
It says that to get in you need a jacket. Go tell Sandy and she'll send you
to Cowboy Craig to get a jacket. Use the map to go to the new area. Click on
one of the nearby trees to drop a coconut. Pick it up and go up the path.
There's a gate with a mat that senses your weight... but SpongeBob isn't heavy.
Turn on the water pump to your right and go back to the fountain near the palm
trees. Look at the fountain and it will fill you with water. Bloated. Heavy.
Go back to the gate and it will open. Down the path is a great many houses,
including one golden mansion and one ugly shack. Go to the golden mansion and
talk to the angry dude. Cowboy Craig(from the ugly shack) took one of his
golden coconuts! Oh no! Go to Cowboy Craig and talk about it. He found it on
his lawn and now he uses it as a paperweight. Go through the door to the back
room and trade the coconut for the golden coconut. Head back to the angry guy
and give him his coconut. He gives you a kings ransom... er, quarter. Go on
back to the rocket and down the road from there is a broken sign. Click to
fix it, and read the telephone number on it. Back at the rocket(again) there
is a telephone booth. Put the quarter in it and dial the number. Sundrie's
Seafood will finish off the map. Go there and walk down the sidewalk to the
guy selling stuff. He'll give an invitation to Sundrie's Seafood if you know
their slogan. Go further down the sidewalk to a observation thingy. Look
through it and view upwards to find the slogan. Sundrie's Seafood: Tastes Like
Chicken! Go back and get the invitation, then head back to the gate. Talk to
The Bouncer then give him the invitation. Head on up through the newly opened
gate to Sundrie's Seafood. Go in and talk to the Matre D. Then talk to the
jacket lady for a jacket. Talk to the Matre D again and then go to your seat.
Wait for the waiter(Ha Ha) then tell him your order, a Krabby Patty! He gets
mad at you(you hick!) and throws you out. He left you your jacket though.
Go get into Oxygen Springs(finally) and talk to.... Patrick?? He is in a spring
and wants you to retrieve his shorts. Go into the locker room and talk to the
extremly familiar guy for the relevation of why he follows you everywhere.
Pick up the shorts and go give them to Patrick. He leaves the spring, so go to
the controls on the side of the spring to turn it on. Fill the tanks in the
spring and head back to Sandy. Give her the tanks and.....

                \ / [^] [ ]   \  /\  / [^] [\ ]  |
                 |  [_] [_]    \/  \/  [_] [ \]  .

        Watch the following cutscene and enjoy it, you(I) earned it.

C. Videotape Locations

Videotapes let you see concept art from each level and there is one hidden in
each level.

1. Employee of the Month
Go past the bus stop and into a jewelry store. Talk to the owner(use flattery)
and he gives you a videotape.

2. Rock Bottom
At the TV station go into the On Air room |Toolbox Needed| and go down into the
newsroom. Talk to Plankton and offer to be his cameraman. Go back up into the
cameraroom you went through on the way to Plankton. Center the camera on him
and watch his commercial, the go talk to him to get a videotape.

3. Back to Square One
In SpongeBob's closet at his pinapple. 'Nuff said.

4. In the locker room at oxygen springs, there are many lockers. The videotape
is in Davy Jones's.

D. Legalities/Closing

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