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Presentation (10)- This game is really presented well. I love how much humor that they put into this game to make it just like the show. The story is generic, but with the above statement, it works. I really admire how they brought back some minor characters that aren't seen as much as SpongeBob and his friends. Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy, Bubble Buddy, Larry the Lobster, and the Flying Dutchman. The levels they brought back are great, such as Jellyfish Fields, Goo Lagoon, Kelp Forest- even Rock Bottom and Industrial Park! You can really see how much of the show they put into it.

Graphics (9)- This game had astounding graphics for its time. While they aren't as awing as they were in 2003, they're still pretty to look at. The character models are good. The robots look pretty nice as well. The levels are really what makes the game shine in this category.

Sound/Music (10)- They brought back all but two of the necessary voices for the characters (Mr. Krabs & Mermaid Man). They were great. They brought back their colorful personalities, and its done well. The music is very memorable. You'll end up looking it up and listening to it time and time again. It's that good of a soundtrack.

Gameplay (10)- The gameplay is simply perfect. There are a total of three playable characters that can be used and each of them have their own unique special abilities to help them clear the challenges of the game and add some variety to it (SpongeBob has bubble attacks, Patrick has strength attacks, Sandy has karate and lasso attacks).

The tasks that you're given are also fun. SpongeBob's extra upgrades, the Bubble Bowl and the Cruise Bubble were also awesome to use, especially to make those past levels a lot easier. Each level has 8 tasks, while boss levels have 1 task. The levels are very fun to play and will take you over 90 minutes to beat, depending on how good you are with that level. Sure the Kelp Caves can be a pain and the replay value is poor (if you've collected every spatula), the stupendous gameplay more than makes up for it!

I also truly enjoy the other tidbits of the game, such as having underwear as health, collecting spatulas to get to different areas, shiny objects used as currency, and so much more. Just like the Presentation, they put plenty of things into the game to really make it seem like the show.

Overall (10)- This game is simply amazing, and one of the most underrated GameCube games of all time. Everything about this game is outstanding! The story will keep you booked for a while. If you've just started this game, it will take a while to beat, but if you're a veteran at this, you could have it beat in a day! I truly recommend this game to any diehard SpongeBob fan. It's one of the hidden gems for the GameCube.

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InsanityS Jul 23, 11
I noticed you mentioned "tasks" but what kinds of tasks are these? It might be worth offering an example or two in your review that would give an idea of what these are.

I like the way the review has been structured though, giving each area it's own section and relevant scoring.
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