Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell review
Stealthy action

The good:

~The stealth like game play
~The graphics
~The physics
~The detail to many things
~The cool moves you can do

The bad:

~Not to much action at sometimes
~The enemies make stupid movements


Finally the PS2 has a great game that is based around stealth/action. The first time I saw this game I wasn't to sure about it but I had cash and there wern't many good games out that I don't have so I went and got it. It turned out ok for the first mission but after that the game really kicks in.

There aren't may levels (nine) but they keep you in there for a while as they are quite big. Also this is a difficult game and it adds more time onto the levels you play.

The graphics are amazing with many different lighting affects which add to the atmosphere in the game. Also if you notice this game is one of the few that actually has coded atmosphere. This is where for eg. You walk past the sun but instead of the whole lighting affect been canceled the light goes around your body which makes a cool affect.

There are many cool movements in which you can do. These movements help you around the levels to get past or kill your enemies. Though in some missions you won't be allowed to kill any one as they are "good" but will attack on site.

The physics in the game are quite simply one of the best I have ever seen. Every thing is fluent except sometimes the enemies can make stupid movements that look dodgy.

This game can get a tiny bit boing but you can always liven it up as you choose how you want to play it. There are many cool gadgets at your disposal and are really usefull.

I recommend getting this game as it is a classic and a must own.

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