Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell review
Snake who?

The good:

- amazing graphics - storyline is great - gameplay is just so addictive and easy - controls are a gem, a great conversion job - Sam is likeable, its not a case of crap main character crap game. - Movements are all so fluid - They have finally nailed a perfect game completion time - the camera has been fixed from the demo version, so don't judge by it

The bad:

- Can be frustrating - Some issues with aiming and shooting - Occasionally bad AI. People can sometimes see you in the complete darkness, other times they can't. - Only 2 difficulty settings, normal and hard. For wooses this ain't. (meaning its not a good game for a first time player, the more experienced person whos knows were buttons are should be ok though) - Inability to save when you want (like PC version)


Well, because I am not a great fan of stealth games, I waited until this game came down to platinum. I was not to be disappointed. I eargerl walked into GAME as the man and me had a chat about stealth games, how lucky I was to get the last platinum copy in all of Northern Ireland. Well, I popped the disc, and said "Oh, the opening cutscene is played by real characters". On closer inspection I realised I was wrong. The graphics literally are that good. Anyways, I started off on training level. the sheer amount of moves that Sam has are staggering (the man can do split jumps in mid air damn it!). Makes Snake look like Tommy Vercetti (pm me if you don't get this). First of all, the key element of this game is using lights and shadows to your advantage. A quick play around, a few alarms, and I realised just how important it was to do this. Next of all, hiding bodies is crucial. If you think you have cleared the way, and don't need to hide bodies, think again. The game plays in the factor of people walking about randomly, for whatever reason. Hide the bodies. On with the bad stuff. As many have mentioned already, headshots do not kill all the time. Also, it can take sometimes up to 7 shots to kill by shooting in the body. I guess stealth played such a big factor, Ubi Soft forgot completely about shooting. Also, this game is hard. If you want a game that you can complete, bring it back within a 10 day limit and get another 1, you're wrong. Its long, its a massive game. Its fun. Possibly the worst thing is lack of savepoints and checkpoints. In the PC version we could save when we want. Not the case for the ps2. This is very disappointing, and leads to excess frustration. Enough of my whining though. This game is first class, and is well worthy of its score. Go buy it.

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