Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell review
Man, they are super-human

The good:

The graphics and shadows are world-class. The realsim is superb, and the missions are realistic. Lots of weapons also. And off of them are contained within a silenced sniper/assualt rifle and a silenced 9mm semi-auto. There are quite a few attachments to the assault rifle like the sticky camera, gas grenade, frag grenade, sticky shocker and a few others.

The bad:

The missions are a little too hard for the normal player. Also the storyline is difficult to follow, other than 2 agents are missing. AND it seems gaurds have super-human hearing and vision. Its seems pretty hard to nail that perfect split-jump at the right time. Ammo is really limited and you constantly run put of ammo as none of the weapons are accurate at long range except for the sniper mode of the assault rifle. It is also apparent that fragmentation grenades have little or no effect on enemies-only you.


Overall good game, an excellent addition to a collection, just be prepared for countless enemies either coughing at a shot to their head, or using your game disk as a coaster and a frisbee. You may enjoy it if you are a Metal Gear Solid fan, as stealth is the only option- it is counterproductive to rush into a room full of enemies- they will certainly kill you.

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