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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell FAQ/Walkthrough

by maximus86   Updated to v1.1 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell on the PS2, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the GBA version of the game.
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I've decided to start this FAQ for two reasons. First off I didn't think there 
were enough completed guides for this game so I decided to make one for there
to be wider variety. There are many posted guides but most of them contain 
weapon and character info and not really any sort of walkthrough. Therefore, 
since there is enough information on the controls, gadgets, characters, story,
weapons, and tips I'm not going to include that in ths FAQ and only provide the 
actual walkthrough. It's going to be very simple and easy to scroll down to 
where you want to go. The second reason I started this FAQ is because this is
my first one, and I really enjoyed this game. I always wanted to write a FAQ
but never really had the motivation to do so until today, when I learned of the
death of the legendary Chris Macdonald. This FAQ is dedicated to him.

I decided not to include the objectives in this FAQ because they can really
ruin the story for some people, so this guide is spoiler free, aside from the 
mission description in the beginning. The end of each paragraph signifies a 
save point, EXCEPT for the Training Mission. That part of the FAQ is missing
the CHECKPOINT indications and is all messed up because that level is too easy. 
I wrote this FAQ while playing on Hard mode, although I heard there is no 
major difference between the two difficulties (one difference is that you get
more damage when you get shot on Hard mode, I don't know about anything else). 
The briefings that are presented to you before each mission is a personal note
that I included to just say what the mission is going to be like.


Version 0.5:  June 13, 2004
              Half of the walkthrough is complete. It goes up to the end  
              of the Kalinatek mission, beginning at the Power Plant.
Version 1.0:  June 17, 2004
              I added Before You Start, and Contact Info, and finished the rest
              of the walkthrouh. The FAQ is complete.
Version 1.1:  July 19, 2004
              Strategy added for the Abatoir mission. Minor grammer mistakes
              corrected. Missing info for Abatoir mission noted. Before You 
              Start section modified.
1. CIA Training
2. Police Station
3. Defense Ministry 
4. Oil Refinery
5. CIA Headquarters
6. Kalinatek 
7. Power Plant
8. Chinese Embassy
9. Abatoir
10. Chinese Embassy II
11. Presidential Palace               


Mission   : As Sam Fisher, you must prove that you are the man for the 
            job in Third Echelon's upcoming mission to rescue or confirm
            the status of the two missing CIA agents. 
Difficulty: Very Easy
Breifing  : Straightforward and somewhat boring, this mission introduces you
            to Splinter Cell and its controls. You will probably not need 
            any help for this mission, but here is the walkthrough anyway. 

I. You start off listening to simple instructions from  Lambert. This first 
part is very simple and straightforward, and needs practically no explaining. 
Just listen to Lambert and read the text windows and you should get through 
this relatively boring stage within a few minutes. Once you reach a dead-end, 
do a wall jump and grab onto the ledge to drop down on the other side. Save 
if desired. 

II. Ok, pay close attention to the instructions on how to open doors with 
locks, and proceed until you see a CIA instructor. A checkpoint will pop up
just in case you might screw up. Crouch-walk to him slowly or else he will 
hear you. Once you get close enough to him, an "interrogate" option will come
up in the top right corner of the screen. Press the action button and keep
interrogating him until he gives you the password for the door. Knock him out
once you get it, and unlock the door. You will see another instructor. This 
time, you will have to put his eyes up to the retinal scanner to open the 
door. So once again, slowly move up to him, grab him, and move him to the 
scanner. Once the door is unlocked, knock him out and proceed. Never harm or
kill someone who has to be interrogated. The mission will end if you do.

Now you will have to work around security cameras. This first hallway is easy.
Just shoot out the two lights with your pistol, equip the night-vision, and 
walk through the door. This next room is also simple. Just shoot the camera
with your pistol (froma safe distance), and move one. Ok, this next room might 
take a few attempts. You'll have to time your movements so that the camera 
doesn't see you. So when the camera is away from you, move. Stop behind the 
boxes and wait until the camera passes by to keep going. After a few tries, 
you'll be successful. If you seem to have lots of trouble with this, then 
you'll have lots more hard-ships later. You need to master this tactic
because in some levels of the game the cameras will be armoured and
indestructible, leaving you with stealth as the only available option to 
by-pass them. 

In the next room there will be a lone guard. Grab this character, and bring
him to the shadows where nothing can be seen. Once you do this, another guard
will come out to see if you have hidden the instructor well enough. Don't 
attack this guy. Just wait in the dark and wait for Lamberdt to give you the
thumbs up. After that, move to the next room. This is the last part of the 
training mission. It tests your ability to move silently. Simply crouch 
slowly through the room, and climb over the obstacles to reach the end.



Mission   : Your first mission is to find out what happened to the two CIA
            agents that went off-line. You are to contact an NSA informant 
            within a police station in T'bilisi, Georgia. 
Difficulty: Easy
Briefing  : This mission gets the storyline going. Read the data in the 
            pause menu and pay attention to all the dialogue, because the 
            story can get somewhat confusing.
I. This first part can get many people easily lost and confused. Go up the
stairs in front to your right and stand up. You should see a ladder, but 
you'll have to jump for it. Don't worry about that man walking around on the
balcony. He's just a civilian and he won't hurt you or alarm anybody. Once
you climb up the ladder, look for a hatch in the ground to open. Once you
open the trap, jump down, equip your night-vision and make it to the end.
Climb the pole to the top, and listen to what Lambert has to say. You should
see a fire in the building, and a zip-line right in front of you. Jump up to
grab a hold of it and Sam will automatically slide down. Go through the door
and you should see a fire in your way. Simply open the door on your left to 
avoid it. Move straight through this dark room, open the door and go down 
all the stairs. Your path seems blocked and death seems near, but fear not,
there is a pipe on the ceiling that you must grab to proceed. Once you've
avoided the fire pit, Grimsdottir will guide you to meet up with the 
contact. Simply listen to her instructions and avoid the flames to contact
the informant. Once you enter the room, you should see a man on the floor.
Thats the NSA informant. Talk to him and you will receive a new objective 
to find the black box. After he passes out or dies, Grimsdottir will tell
you to take an exit through the west side of the room. Just open the only
available door to get out. Once you are in the hallway, move until you see
a room with lots of smoke in it, but do NOT go in it. If you accidently do,
quickly get back in the hallway or else Sam will die of smoke inhalation.
What you want to do is shoot out the windows on the ceiling/sun-roof and 
wait till all that evil black smoke clears. Once it does, move in, open 
the door, and save.

II. Listen to Lambert and open the door directly in front of you. Run all
the way to the end of the balcony, and you should say an opening in the rail
and a pipe that can act as a bridge. If you jump down, your mission will be 
over because you are not allowed to walk on the streets. So, jump up to grab
the pipe, bring up your legs, and land down on the other side. The moment 
you do this, you will hear radio chatter. You will hear, in a thick accent,
"Put Grinko on!" Don't worry, just stay calm. Nobody has spotted you yet.
Slowly move towards the voice, and eventually you will come to this 
courtyard, and you'll spot the guy. This will be the first enemy you can take
down. Here, you can do one of two things. 1) Shoot the guy once or more, which 
will alert another guard nearby. That guard will come through the door, at 
which point you can then kill him in a shootout. This option can be risky 
because you might get shot and die, but if done right, it won't take as long
as the second option. 2) Sneak up behind the guy, knock him out and cautiously
make your way to the next guy who is inside the building. Use your optic cable
before entering if you have to. Be ready for a shoot out. Whichever option 
you choose, remember to hide both bodies in a dark area. If not, you will
trigger an alarm. 
Alternate Strategy Contributed by Ziad
When you come to the courtyard and see the guy talking to Grinko on the phone,
sneak behind the plants to your right, and walk over to the window which is to
the right of the door, and left of you. Wait then for the guy inside the house
to walk out and talk to the other guy. You will hear him saying something like;
"let's do a final sweep." That's pretty much your cue to slide open the window.
While crouched, go inside, and to the bathroom, get the medikit in a hurry,
then slide the painting and open the door while Lambert talks, just in case 
the guards catch up with you.

After you hide the bodies, walk through the hallway and 
pick up that health pack. Walk into the room and go to the big painting.
You should get an option to slide it. Do it. There will be a computer with a
bright red screen behind the painting. Use the computer. You will get a new
objective: find Gurgenidze's dead drop. You will also get a code to open the 
door. Open it and get onto the balcony. There should be a zipline. Use it, 
and move inside. Keep running until you come to an elevator shaft. Walk up
to the rope and slide down onto the elevator. Open the trap door, and drop

III. Lambert now permits you to use the streets of T'bilisi. There's nothing
in this room, so go to the door, pick the lock, and move on. Walk until you
hear talking and you see three figures ahead of you. There two policemen and
one civilian. This part can be difficult if you have no plan of attack, so 
don't try to go in like Rambo in this situation. What you want to do is pick 
up a bottle on the ground, and move in slowly right behind the first police
man. Go up close enough to him that it gives you the option to 'grab 
character.' But don't do it yet. I should also say this should be done before 
the conversation between the cops and the civilian ends, so go quickly on 
this. Anyway, move up behind the first cop with a bottle. When you've done 
that, throw the bottle in the direction where the first cop is looking so you 
can distract the 2nd cop. When the 2nd cop turns around to investigate the 
sound, grab the first cop, and automatically shoot the 2nd cop. Once this is
done, knock out the cop in your arms, and hide both bodies. Proceed on, go up
the wooden stairs, and you should come to a street with a fountain in the 
center. Don't worry, there is nobody here, so just run right through. There
should be patch of grass with a crawl space sort of hidden. Crouch and go 
through. Once you come out, there will be a desk with a computer on it. Use
it. You'll hear a gate-opening sound. Make sure you also pick up the 2 
medi-kits in this area. Once you've done that, go back through the crawl-
space. Beware, there is a guard roaming the grounds now. He will simply walk
around the fountain, so either shoot him in the head or be stealthy and
sneak up to him and knock the living bananas out of his head. Hide the body
and walk through the previously-closed gate. CHECKPOINT.

This next part is slightly difficult. There is going to be a long alley and
several gaurds patrolling it. Some guards are civilian, so don't shoot them
if they are not in a police uniform, or the mission will end. Use bottles on
the ground and use the garbage dumps for cover. Hide the bodies in the dark.
A policeman will have a satchel, so pick it up from him and you will get a 
data stick. Once you've taken down the first two guards, walk through the 
alley until you come to this narrow point with a lot of glass on the ground.
At the end of this narrow alley, there should be a guard with his back 
turned from you.  Slowly walk all the way up to him, making sure you don't
make any loud noises from the broken glass. Once your behind him, knock him 
out and hide the body. You should now be in a place with a huge gate in your
face. You can't open it, so you need to find another way around it. There is 
a small garbage dump near the wall. Climb up it, then wall jump to reach the
gate wall. Climb up, avoid the barb wire, and drop down. Save.

IV. Move up, you should see wooden stairs and a door below ground. The door
you see leads you to the cell blocks of the police station. Once you open it
or look with your optic cable, a guard will start walking away from you. So
open the door. The easy thing to do is to shoot the policeman right away. 
Take that headshot, and move on past the cell blocks until you go up a short
flight of stairs. Cautiously peak around the corner and a door will open. A 
police man will walk through and go down the hallway. However you decide to 
take him out, make sure he does not die near the windows in the hallway, or 
else someone will see him and an alarm will be pulled. Once you take care of
the two policemen, slowly make your way to the windows on the wall. What you
want to do is put your back to the wall and move like that to the window 
door. This way, the guy inside the room will not see you. Once inside, just
sneak up to him, grab him and interrogate him. If he does see you, you can 
make a run for him and grab him, but chances are he's going to pull the 
alarm. Just remember not to kill him. After the interrogation, take 
the data stick from the computer and read the info. You will learn there is 
a security camera in the morque, so take it out once you open the door. Move 
to the room to find Blaustein and Madison's dead bodies.  Once that's taken 
care of, move out.

V. Your new objective is to access the surveillance system. Go up the stairs
and open the door. You are in the main lobby of the police station. There is
one guard here. A civilian will come to talk to him. Listen to the 
conversation, it's quite funny. Actually, what you want to do is totally 
avoid the gaurd for now, and just walk around the entire perimeter of the
lobby when the civilian and the gaurd are talking. Once you make it to the
other side, there's an open entrance to go up to the second floor. Go up the
stairs. CHECKPOINT. You'll come to a big room with two policemen working at
their desks. You can easily sneak up behind them, knock 'em out and hide the
bodies. Take the data stick from the computer. Move to the next room. Slowly
walk through the curtain (admire the realism) and knock out the guy staring
at the computer screen. Use the computer, and carry out your next objective.
All you have to do now is go back to the lobby and exit through the police
station entrance. 



Mission   : Agent Blaustein and Agent Madison were killed for getting too 
            close to a secret that President Nikoladze did not want to be
            discovered. Find out Nikoladze's secret.
Difficulty: Normal
Briefing  : No alarams are allowed to be triggered, so be extra sneaky.

I. You should be on a roof. Go up to that thing sticking out. An option will
come up permitting you to 'rappel.' Use the rappel to go down to the only 
open window. Go inside but walk slowly. There is a lone guard and security
camera. The guard will sit down, so take him out once he does that. Shoot the
camera and take the data stick from the computer. Move on until you approach 
the next door, but don't open it. Use your optic cable and you will see a guard 
coming straight at you, but don't worry, he won't come to the door. Once he 
fully turns around, open the door and slowly follow him until you see a door to
your left. Open it and go through it. Go up the stairs and get the medical kit. 
Go down the stairs, but watch out for the security cameras. Shoot them all out
and eventually you'll come to the basement parking lot. Shoot out the cameras 
if you want, but I just avoided them. Keep going until you see a car with a guy
standing beside it. Walk around the perimeter and walk up to the guy, but don't
confront him. Once you get close to him, he'll turn around and go relieve 
himself. Once he's doing this, grab him and interrogate him, he's Grinko's 
driver. Knock him out once you are done, and make your way back up the stairs,
but beware, because a guard will come to see if there's anything happening in 
the parking lot. Simply walk around the perimeter and knock him out. Don't 
forget to hide all the bodies because even one alarm will mean failure. Once 
you go up the stairs, you have to go to that hallway that was being patrolled. 
The guy who was walking around is no longer here.There is only one guard now,
and he's got his back turned and just standing know what to do.
Move on and open the door. Shoot the camera that's above your head and pick
up both data sticks. As you probably might have noticed, there's a huge 
opening in the ceiling. Hop onto the desk and jump up the vent to go on. Save.

II. Move through the vent and there will be a brief cutscene notifying you of
a crazy chef. Move on and eventually you'll have to drop down into the kitchen
back room. Slowly move to the kitchen, but don't go in. Observe. A guard will 
come in and have a conversation with the chef. Once the gaurd leaves, take out
the chef and hide him. Open the door and take out the guard who has his back 
turned to you. Hide him too and proceed to the hallway. Go down to the stairs
and you'll hear radio chatter between two soldiers. You'll see two gaurds in 
your view. One will be patrolling on the carpet, and one will be idle behind 
the desk. When the patrolling guard will come to the end of the carpet, he
will stop and take a break for about 15 seconds. This is when you should grab
him and knock him out. Then, sneak up behind the desk gaurd and knock him out
also. Before you use the computer, put both bodies near the back of the room,
preferrably near the retinal scanner. Once that's done, use the computer, and
the colonel will come down. Make sure he does not see you. I suggest standing
where you laid down the two guards. Once he sits down behind the desk, sneak
up to him and grab him. Do NOT knock him out until you use him to open the 
retinal scanner. Once the door is open, knock him out and take his satchel.
Checkpoint. Move on and take out the security camera that you hear. Open the
door and you will be in the courtyard. Don't worry, you have already take out
the laser grid. Grimsdottir will soon tell you that Grinko and Masse are in 
the elevator. Take out your laser mic and aim it at the two. Once the talking
is done, Lambert will give you a new objective. You now have to seize 
Nikoladze's computer. Thankfully, your mission is a bit more relaxed now, 
allowing you to trigger up to three alarms. But don't slack off just yet, 
there are now 2 guards patrolling the courtyard, so get out of sight! Move
to the doors opposite of where you just came from. To the left of the doors 
will be a medical kit. To the right will be a lattice ornament that you have 
touse to get out of this courtyard. That's right, the doors are all locked, 
so Sam has to start busting some sweat to accomplish his missions. If you 
kill the gaurds, one of them will have a satchel containing a data stick that
has an officer complaining about the lattice on the wall, and how it can 
contain the weight of a human being. He suggested taking it down for security
reasons, but I guess it's too late for that :) Climb up the lattice. Save.

III. You have now ifiltrated the North Wing. A cutscene will commence showing
that the elevator in front of you is descending. Quickly go to the door to 
left of it and hide in their. Two soldiers will walk right past your room.
Once they reach the end of the hallway, go to the elevator and use it. Go up
and wait until you reach the top floor. Once the door opens, quickly go left 
and lock pick the door that you will immediately see. Go in and hide from a 
patrolling soldier. Get the data stick from the computer and go up the left
side (facing the desk) of the vent (don't worry if you think it's the right,
you'll see that one of the ways is a dead end). Once you see an opening in 
the vent, drop down. You should see a security camera in the distance. Shoot
it. Once you do that, enter the door to your left. Inside should be a small 
room with 5.72 mm ammo and a medi-kit and a ladder. Pick up the stuff and 
climb the ladder to get to a roof top. Once there, go to the chimney-pipe
and rappel down. You should be on a huge office window with a soldier 
sitting at a desk. Take him out with a headshot. The window will shatter, 
allowing you to go inside. Go in and shoot out the lights, then use the 
computer. Lambert tells you of some disturbing news, and then you hear radio
chatter. Get ready for one of the biggest invasions in office-place history.
Since you shot out the lights, you should not have too much trouble killing
anyone who comes in the room. Just remember to use your ammo sparingly. 
Once you have annihalated the "re-inforcements," head to the computer and 
use it again. The rest of the information should be sent and Lambert will 
give you the order to go to the extraction area. Go to the hallway and turn 
right. Keep going until you come to this open room with two computers. Take 
the data sticks. Now you can go to that first door you saw when you dropped
down from the vent, but was previously locked.The door has a red light on 
top of it. Go in and go down the stairs. When you open the door, you should
see a guard patrolling near you. Take a note that once you step outside a 
soldier will come from the stairwell, so be ready. Take him out, and get 
ready to turn around to kill a soldier that will come from the stairwell. 
Once everyone's dead, move to the opening that you see. There will be a pole
and ledge. I have tried to use the pole to slide down, but I fell to my 
death trying that. So grab on to the ledge, and then drop down to the ledge
below, and repeat. Do this until you reach the bottom. You should now be in 
the basement parking lot. You will hear weapons firing, but do not worry, 
they are not directed at you. Simply run towards the direction of the exit
and you will see Wilkes and his van waiting for you. Talk to Wilkes.



Mission   : NATO has pushed back Georgian troops from Azerbaijan, but several
            cells still remain. One of them is in an oil refinery in the 
            Caspian Sea. You are being sent there to get some intel from a 
            Georgian technician that could be vital.
Difficulty: Easy
Briefing  : Fast and fun, this is one of my favorite missions in the game. 
            Because of the chaos, you do not have to worry about alarms for
            once, so don't hide bodies. Kill everyone you see (except for the
            technician). Enjoy.

I. Go up the ladder all the way to the top. Go right. Run until your way is 
blocked. Notice the pipe on top of you? Jump to grab it and tuck in your legs
to cross the obstacle. Your way is blocked again. See that ledge to your right?
Yes, you are going to have to jump the death gap and grab on to it to carry out
your mission. Once you've survived the leap, move left until you land on the
platform. Move forward. CHECKPOINT. Look right and step onto that tiny 
platform. Take another zip-line ride and be amazed by the dazzling explosions
ahead of you. Don't worry, they don't harm Sam one bit. Once you have barely 
landed on the platform, crouch and move left, under the pipeline. Grab that
pole in front of you and get onto that big red pipeline. There is an opening
in the pipeline that you have to get into. It will be to your left once you
put your feet on it. Get in and move forward. Yes, it's dark and scary, but Sam
has those cool looking nightvision goggles to equip, so use 'em. Eventually
you'll hear more Georgian radio chatter about a technician. Keep going. Save.

II. From now on you have to be somewhat careful. You can not alert the 
techinician before he makes his encryption. Doing so will result in mission
failure. You can still kill the soldiers, but not when he's around. He is 
usually walking somewhere, so just wait a few seconds until he gets out of 
sight. Anyway, you are now in a small, dark room. Climb the ladder and open the
trap. Watch the cut-scene and remember what I just said. Get on the platform
and go up another ladder, moving up all the way to the top. Get off at the top
and move until you see a blue box that you can climb on. Climb on it, and jump
for the pipe that's above it. Tuck in your legs and move forward. Eventually, 
you will come right up above the patrolling guard. Wait until he's right under 
you, then just drop down and Sam will automatically give him the double-whammy
on-the-head to knock him out. Proceed forward and save.

III. You will see two soldiers up ahead. Wait until they stop talking, then
proceed to take out one soldier. The others have left. Once you kill him, there
will be two directions to go. Go right, there's nothing to the left. You'll see
the technician and his bodyguard, but don't alert them or shoot at them. Keep 
following them until you seem enter a room, with a soldier guarding that room.
Get his attention by switching a boiler on or throwing a bottle. You will lure
him away from the view of the window. Once he's safe to kill, take him down. 
Do not go into the room the technician went. Proceed forward until it looks 
like you have reached a dead end. Notice the red boxes, climb up them. See the
windows on the building? Shoot one of them, jump up to grab the pipe, and go
through that window you just shot out. You'll hear a soldier firing, but he's 
actually firing at some computer, not at you. Since he's totally distracted, it
will be easy to take him out. Take the medikit in this room, and exit, going up
the stairs. Watch the cut-scene of the helicopter getting blown up. Once up the
stairs, you'll see a soldier walking around as if nothing is going on. Kill him
and notice the maniac soldier up to your left, firing at the jets. Take him out
take both of the data sticks from their satchels. After that is done, take the
straightforward path. Eventually, a timer will come up giving you 1:30 to find
the technician and collect his briefcase. Don't worry, about the time, the 
technician is nearby, just follow the linear path. Interrogate him if you want,
and trust me, you do have time to do that. Once the clock starts winding down,
knock him out, get his satchel for one last data stick, and take the briefcase.



Mission   : The briefcase you collected contains information of a retaliatory
            strike against the U.S. For now, you are sent back to the U.S. to
            uncover a mole working for Nikoladze inside the CIA.
Difficulty: Hard
Briefing  : As you can imagine, you are not allowed to kill anyone, since 
            everyone here is American. This mission is a bit more difficult, so
            be prepared for multiple attempts for success. Thankfully though, 
            you will finally be rewarded with an assault rifle during this 
            ordeal :)

I. Your first objective is to retrieve the SC-20K. Move forward until you see 
two doors. Wait in a dark area until a guy comes out from the right door to the
left. Follow him unto the room and knock him out. Switch off the lights to hide
the body. Now go into the room where he first came out of to use the computer 
for a data stick. Once that's done, go into the main hallway. You will see a 
guy patrolling the hallway. Take him out however you want. I lured him into the
room and switched off the lights so he couldn't see me. You could do the same.
Once he's taken care off, head left at the intersection and wait just outside 
door you will come upon. Wait until the conversation between the two guys is 
over, then slowly head in to easily take care of the guy in this room. Pick up
the data stick from the computer, and take the medical kit from the back room.
Hide the body there too. Once that's done, proceed past the security room 
(right from the intersection). Wait behind the vending machines until you see
a guy walk out from a door. He's not armed, but he can still alert others, so 
don't let him notice you. Once he's out of view, head into the room to the left
and you should see a CIA guy standing there, looking out the window. Take him 
out. Soon enough, that unarmed guy will come back, so take him out also and 
hide the bodies. Use the computer to get a data stick that will open the door
across from the room you are in. Before you head in there though, go to the 
left to enter a small closet and pick up that disposable pick lying around.
Now go into that room and enter the password. Once you enter, quickly get cover
because there is a gaurd walking around. Study his pattern, and take him out 
when he's turned around. Move on, use the computer, and walk through the door.
You should now be in a large storage room with two unarmed employees. What you 
want to do is make a noticable sound so that you lure the guards to the
staircase. Once one of the gaurds is in the middle of the stairs, go up to him
and punch him out without the other gaurd noticing. The other guard should now
no longer be a problem to take down. Hide both bodies and move on. You will
reach a staircase going up. Don't worry about that security camera you hear.
At the top of the stairs you should see the SC-20K lying around on a shelf.
Pick that up, along with the gadgets, and blast the hell out of that camera
with your brand new assault rifle(only one bullet is necessary). Move on and
open the door. Save.

II. Move up the hallway until you see a guy standing in your way with his back
turned. You know what to do. Nest, keep moving until you see a big office room
to your right. There will be a gaurd walking around. Use the dark spaces to get
up close to him and take him down using non-lethal ammunition. There is also an
unarmed employee working in this place, so take him down also before he has a 
chance to pull the alarm. Use the computers to get all the datasticks. Across
from this office room are glass doors. Go through them and go through those 
cool looking hi-tech lasers. After that laser corridor, you will see a door on
your left and a door on your right. Unlock them both, but use the left door for
now. You will come to the CIA mainframe room. Shoot out that camera and drop 
down through the opening in the railway to use the computer. Beware that there
is an unarmed guard patrolling, so get ready to take him down because he will 
arrive soon. Once you use the computer, Lambert will give you a new objective:
to acces Dougherty's computer. Now proceed with the linear path until you come
back to that laser corridor. Go through it and go left. CHECKPOINT. Keep 
going and you will come up to the washrooms. Go into the open washroom and walk
slowly to the stalls, where a guard is relieving himself. Take care of him. 
After that, move on. CHECKPOINT. You will now see metal detectors in front of 
you and a guy to your left sitting in a booth. What you want to do is get near
the booth, and jump up so that you get the gaurd's attention. He will get out
of his chair and go to investigate. Once he gets up, jump through the booth 
and follow him. Sneak up behind him and knock him out. You should now be in the
corridor behind the booth. Go and open the door. You will now be in a lobby 
with elevators, pillars, benches and what-not. You will also hear security 
cameras. Look closely and you will discover they are the evil armored ones.
That's right, Sam is going to have to sneak around them this time instead of
just blasting them to hell with his firearms. Before you sneak around them,
hide and wait for a single guard to come and patrol the lobby. Take him down
when he's not the in the view of the cameras, preferably with a sticky shocker.
Once he's down and hidden, it's time to get past those cameras. What you want 
to do is move when they are not in your direction, and hide behind the pillars
or even directly under the camera. It should not be too hard, but those things
tend to notice you sometimes even when you think you are not in their sight.
Anyway, once you've gotten passed them and you are in the hallway, proceed 
forward until you reach a staircase forcing you to go down. At the botton of 
the stairs you will notice yet another armored camera. To the right, you will
notice a door and a keypad. Here is a worthy challenge: you are going to type
in the password on the keypad when the security camera is not facing the door.
Be quick but patient, because there is a comfortable window of opportunity for
this task. Once you enter the 6 digit code, move quickly back up the stairs, or
else the camera will see you if you decide to make a dash for the door. Once 
it's safe to go, go through the door. CHECKPOINT. You should hear a guy 
talking to someone on the phone. Just stay where you are and wait for him to 
walk towards the vending machines. Follow him and take him out. Proceed and 
you will come to a small arms firing range, with a live turret moving around.
Pick up the flares and use the computer to pick up the data stick and learn 
all about this hi-tech automated turret. Throw a flare in front of the turret
to see its might and power. Once you've had your fun, go through the door and
enter the elevator. Go to the top floor and save. 

III. Run down the hallway and open the door. You will see two CIA agents at a
desk working on some audio. What you wan to do is go around the perimiter of 
this room and avoid everyone here. Watch out for the 3rd guy just walking 
around, I got screwed over many times because of him. Once you sneak by all 
three guys, you should be in a brightly lit hallway. Quickly move forward and
enter the small room to your right and use the computer and get out to keep on
going. If you don't move fast enough, one of the CIA guys will come in the 
room and find you. Proceed along the hallway until you reach a dark office 
room with two computers in front of you. Take the data sticks from both 
computers and wait until you see Doughertey exit his office. Once he's gone,
move into his office and use his computer. Once Lambert gives you the word
to bag Dougherty, move along the hallway. CHECKPOINT. Move slowly along the 
hallway because you will soon notice a gaurd sitting in a corner with an 
armored camera above him. Avoid him, and enter the double doors to your left.
You are now in a theater-kinda room. There are three guys here, only one is 
armed. What you want to do is make it to that door where you see the CIA guard
standing, watching the presentation. So crouch under the projector and sneak 
up to him and take him down. Leave the other two guys alone. Lock pick the door
and move forward until you see a door to your right. Go in it and take the data
stick. Exit and unlock the new door. Go along until you make it to another door
where it says smoking are above it. Open it to see Dougherty. Sneak up to him
and grab him.

IV. If you were just getting tired of moving bodies into dark spots so that the
alarm doesn't sound, wait till you hear what you have to do now. You will have
to take Dougherty's unconscious body all the way to the extraction point. 
Thankfully, Ubisoft made all the doors in this part of the level automatic
sliding ones. Anyway, leave Dougherty on the ground for now and go outside. 
There will be an armed guard walking around. Use the shadows to take him down.
After he falls, take Dougherty and walk all the way until you make it inside a
building. Go down the set of stairs, but shoot down that camera in front of you
once you are at the bottom. Once you shoot the camera, get into the next room
(without Dougherty) and take down the guard there. Pick up the sticky shocker
that's on the racks. After that, pick up Dougherty again and move out. You will
be outside again. Keep moving until you come to an elevator lift. Drop 
Dougherty and get rid of the gaurd patrolling the grounds. I suggest to shoot
him with the sticky shocker. Once he's down and out, take Dougherty with you 
and go down the elevator. Keep moving, going down to the basement parking lot.
You will eventually make it to the bottom and see some glass on the floor. 
Keep going and then you'll see your buddies talking to the CIA security guard.
Take him out and bring Dougherty's body right up to the special agent's face.



Mission   : A nearby internet service company called Kalinatek has been 
            receiving CIA intelligence and passing it on to Nikoladze. 
            Detection of Grimsdottir's investigation has made the need to go in
            instantly even more important. If not, all evidence could be 
            destroyed. You must recover the encryption key from a technician 
            named Ivan. Doing so can locate the where-abouts of Nikoladze.
Difficulty: Normal
Briefing  : It's time to bust out that SC-20K. Don't hide bodies, there are no
            alarms in this mission.

I. Watch the cutscene and listen to Labmert. Proceed and you will see or come 
to a parked van. Hide behind that because two mercenaries are going to come, or
they're already here. When you are ready, just kill them with a weapon. Just 
don't use too much ammunition because you will need to conserve the ammo. When
they're taken care of, head up and open the door. Go up the stairs, pick up the
medikit, and approach the door. The moment you open this door, three mercs will
start firing in your direction, so either take out one of them with your SC-20K
(use the scope and hold your breath to increase accuracy) right away or take
your time to kill them all. Use your night vision (or thermal goggles) becuase
it is really dark in here. Once they're all dead, pick up a satchel from one of
the guys to get a data stick. Find the only door and go in. You will come 
across boxes. Climb them and you will have to jump another death gap to 
proceed. Don't worry, it's not hard. All you have to do is run and jump. Once
you are on the crate, you'll notice it's a dead end, but fear not, there is a
cable overhead. Jump up to grab it and go forward. Save.

II. After a few more moves Sam will get tired and start to slide down the 
cable. Once you've landed, turn around and you will notice yet another death
gap. Jump it. Once you're on your feet, move over to the ledge. You'll notice
a mercenary patrolling the hallway below. Put a bullet in him from above. Next,
you should see a chimney-rappel pole. Rappel down and you will see two mercs
standing over a dead person. Kill one of them if you want, I'm not sure if it
will help you or not later on, but I took one of them down just in case. Once
you've planted your feet on the floor, pick up the guy's satchel for a data
stick. Go through the double door and enter the password on the keypad. Move in
and open the next door. Walk normally around here to attract an unknown guard's
attention. Stay in a corner and wait until he comes in to turn on the lights. 
When he comes in, shoot him mercilessly. Move on. You should now be on the 
other side of the metal detector. Go through the door and you will reach a
CHECKPOINT. Lock pick this next door and open it. You will hear weapons firing
but don't worry, it's not directed at you. You are now in a dark room with an
aqaurium in it. Pick up the gadgets on the table and optic cable the next 
door. You will see two mercs, talking about a mine. However you want to take
them out is up to you, just be ready to put several bullets in them because
they are wearing armor, unlike theose policemen from the earlier levels. 
Once they are dead, pick up their satchels to pick up an important data stick.
It will inform you how to disarm wall mines. Once you've read it, disable that 
wall mine. If you don't feel safe, then go ahead and avoid it. Move past the
door no your left (it's locked but there's nothing inside). You'll see another
wall mine. Go up to it disable it and go into that small room the right of it
to grab a medikit. Then go and crouch into that opening in the wall. Save.

III. From this small elevator, stay in but look to your right at the light 
switch. Soon, a mercenary will come, so when he does, give him a head shot.
Proceed. You will soon hear the music playing. Don't panic yet, there's only
one merc, and he's shooting at the computers, not you. Take him out and keep
moving until you are in a long hallway with mercs patrolling. There are two 
of them. Take both of them out quickly if you want, or just one now and one
right after. Disable the wall mine and move on. You will come to a room with
two technicians stranded because of the wall mines. Disable them and talk to
them. Then leave them and proceed until you reach a CHECKPOINT. Lambert will
now confirm that technician's story about the bomb in the archives. You will
have a limited amout if time to make it there and defuse it. If not, it's game
over. So get out of the crouch position and run! I avoided the wall mines and 
simply ran by them, but that was a risky move and disabling them would be a 
good idea. Avoid the fires and keep running until you reach the Archives. You
will hear the bomb ticking. Get inside the room and climb up that archive-thing
between the two fires. Go and defuse the bomb. I made it with 1 minute still on
the timer, so take your time on this task and don't panic. Once the bomb is 
defused, go through the sliding door (there will be a CHECKPOINT just before 
it. Go through the door. Once you come across a room, go quickly right. A merc
will come to the room. Take him out safely. Next, turn off the lights to 
attract another merc's attention. He will come to turn the lights back on. When
he does, kill him as well. Avoid that door for now, its locked. Go into the
huge auditorium and go behind the stage on the left. There will be a 
stairset leading down. Go down and watch the cutscene. Now, move back a little
bit and kill the two guys that come. There is one guy that did not come to 
attack you, so go in there and kill him however you like. He assumes that his
men have killed you, so he's not ready for you. Once he's dead, go to the table
and pick up all the stuff there (Ring airfoil round, ammunition, grenades, etc)
Go to the switch on the wall and turn it on to restore power to the fire door.
Now head back to that door that was previously locked, but watch out, one guy 
has come to patrol the auditorium. Once he's dead, open the door and save.

IV. From your starting position move right, into the corner and look up. 
Position yourself so that you can clearly see the door. Soon a merc will come
and open it. Once he is in plain view, snipe him. One of his buddies will soon
come, so take him down too. Once they are both dead, go up the stairs and into
the next room. Avoid the two locked doors to your left. Go right and there will
be a door. Inside is a gaurd, so don't go in just yet. Hit that switch to your
left for the lights to go out in the room. Once they are out, storm the room
and blast him while the merc can't see. Then proceed on until you see a medical
room. Go inside and speak to the technician. Once he's done talking, take the 
medikit and be ready to kill a new merc that just came in from behind where you
just were. Once he's dead move on and kill the next merc that gets in your way.
You should now see a red computer in the vicinity. Avoid the door with the 
number four near it, it's locked. To open it, use the red computer that's 
nearby. You have now opened the fire doors to Ivan. Head through and climb up
the stairs. CHECKPOINT. Lambert clues you in that the FBI are going to come in.
Open the door and you will immediately see two mercenaries walk away from you.
Kill them right away. Use the back counter for cover, and use a grenade if you
feel necessary ^_^ Anyway, move on and a cutscene will start, showing a merc
pointing his AK at a technician. Once you have control of Sam, move forward
and head into the washroom. Once you're in, you should notice a huge vent
opening directly in front of you. Climb in and go left. Crawl until you see
the merc. Shoot him in the head before he kills the technician, which is Ivan.
If Ivan dies, the mission is over. Talk to Ivan once the merc is dead, and you
will receive the order to go to the extraction. Move on and press UP in the 
elevator to save.

V. You are now on the roof top. This part is meant to be fun. Move forward a 
bit and you will see three guys talking about how many guys they killed 
downstairs. For this part, you should use a grenade. It probably won't kill 
all of them, but if you're lucky, it could. Shoot the survivors. Move to the 
door and open it. You will now have to climb a few obstacles to proceed. Once
you drop to the grounf, keep going until you see a door. You should hear mercs
talking. Two of them will soon come through the door, so hide behind a nearby
box and massacre them when they come through. Use the medikits if you've got
'em. On a nearby brick-stack there should be ammuntion and a medikit. Take it 
all and move through the door to reach a CHECKPOINT. Move forward until you 
are forced to put your back to the wall to continue. Creep up along the wooden
wall until the music starts playing. Mercs have seen you, and it's time for 
another fire-fight. Wait a bit until the mercs get out of view, then come out
and draw your SC-20K just in case you see anyone. There are two mercs on the
ground and one up top at the ladder you will soon see. Use the walls for cover
and use those frag grenades you've got. If you don't like using them, just take
the three guys down with your rifle. Once they're dead, climb up the ladder or
use the hallway (both lead you to the same destination) and pick up the medikit
in the room just before the door. Go through the door to reach a CHECKPOINT. 
Go up the staircase and open the door. The music will start playing again. 
There are another three mercs here, all ready to kill you. This time, one of 
them has grenades. Once you open the door, hide behind that huge pillar 
directly in front of you. From here you should scan the horizon and locate the
two guys on the ground and the one on the floor above, throwing grenades. Take
them out one by one and don't panic. It's not as hard as it seems. Once they
are all dead, proceed on until you drop into a hole to save.

VI. This is the final stretch before this fun massacre mission comes to an end.
Crouch and move forward until you see a merc with his back turned to you. Knock
him out to save a bullet. Go up to the door and use your optic cable to open it
when nobody is around. If you get noticed, make sure you kill three guys. There 
is a buch of supplies in the room to the right, it's on the blue box. Once all
three are dead, move until you come up to an open washroom with a wall mine
beeping. Avoid it or take it if you want. Keep going until you see another wall
mine. There will be a gaurd patrolling this area, so kill him once you see him
enter the open door-way. Keep going and enter the next room. There's more ammo
and another medikit. Keep going and you will hit a CHECKPOINT. Move forward
and walk through the open doorway. To the immediate right of you should be a 
staircase leading up. Go there. At the top of the stairs you should see a merc
walking on the walkway. His back should be turned. Put a round in his head and
wait there for his two friends to see what happened. Kill them both, drop to
the ground floor and proceed. Keep going until you see a helicopter in the 
sky. There should be several explosions going on. Snipe one merc on the top
roof, and drop down. Go up the ladders, killing any mercs that shoot in your
direction. There will be bunch of them, so be ready. Once you make it to the
top, climb the box, and jump in the chopper. 


  7. Power Plant

Mission   : The encryption key has traced a location relating to Nikoladze's
            where-abouts in Russia. 
Difficulty: Hard
Briefing  : Exclusive mission to the PS2. You are now in Russia, and you get to
            wear a cool, new winter uniform and listen to some different, 
            better music.

I. Slowly move forward and when you can't go anymore go right. You should see a
security camera, and a Russian soldier directly beneath you. What you want to 
do is shoot the camera, and then quickly drop down on the gaurd, because he 
will notice the camera's been shot at. Once he's down, hide his body, and move
inside the fence area. See that window? Take out the SC-20K, aim and wait until
a soldier comes into your sight. Kill him and leave his body there. If you look
through the door with your optic cable you will notice a guard in front of you.
Don't go out this way, instead, slide the window open and climb out. Move 
around the building and shoot that guard from afar. Hide his body and step 
inside the big building he was gaurding. Once inside, move slowly and turn the
camera to the left to notice a soldier patrolling the hallway. Kill him when 
his back is turned. Proceed forward into the small room to get a medikit. Open
the door to hit a CHECKPOINT. You are now outside. Open the door directly in 
front of you and pick up that flare inside the small room, you'll need it for
later. Now go back outside and look for the pipe on the wall right beside the
door. Climb it up all the way. When you've got your feet on the ground. Look
around and you'll notice a searchlight pattern going on the wall. Behind you
is the searchlight and two soldiers beside the searchlight. You can avoid all
conflict right now if you make it to the top by avoiding that searchlight, so
do that if you are brave enough. If not, just shoot out the searchlight and 
hope the soldiers don't hit you. Don't shoot the soldiers because if you do,
their bodies will be discovered and you'll use up 1/3 of the alarms. Anyway,
once you make it to the top, get into that vent and keep going until you are
forced to stand up. Stand up, but don't go up just yet. You'll hear two 
soldiers talking. Once they are done, one will stand as a gaurd far away, and
one will start to patrol. Once that's happening, you can jump in the vent to 
attract the guards attention. He'll come to the vent, but he won't actually 
look in it. At this point, just shoot him in the head. Climb out, and look
around. You will see his friend standing a few feet away from you. Take out 
the camera and take him out too. Go inside. Get the medikit on the box, and 
lock pick the door. Move inside, drop down, crouch and drop again. 

II. Sam is now on an elevator with his winter kit off. Watch the in-game
cutscene and wait until the elevator reaches the bottom. Once it does, go off
the edge and drop down until you are under the elevator. You'll have to crouch
to an opening in the crate-floor. Watch out though, there's a camera right 
ahead of you, and a soldier patrolling this hallway. Shoot the camera and take
the soldier down when you get the chance. Also, knock out all the plant 
employees because they can signal the alarm. Hide all the bodies. Shoot the 
camera at the end of the hallway and avoid that opening in the crate-floor for
now. Shoot the third camera and proceed. Enter the small room for a medikit. 
Go on and you will come across this special door which you can't open. So go
back to that opening and jump down to proceed. A cutscene will come up. Keep
going until you reach a CHECKPOINT. You should now be at the bottom pit of a
room. You'll hear footsteps nearby. That's the technician that you need to 
interrogate, but don't get him just yet, there is a soldier walking on a 
catwalk above, and he'll kill you if you try to get him. What you want to do
is head through that sliding doorway nearby. Then, move into the sliding door
right beside that one. You'll be in a maintenance room, with one worker. Knock
him out and hide his body. From here you can see the technician's route. What
you can do is shoot the soldier on the catwalk and then just run up to the
technician and snatch him before he raises the alarm. I kinda got his 
attention into coming the maintenance room and snatched him without the 
soldier on the cat walk knowing. Whatever you do, just make sure you interrog-
ate him before you knock him out. Once the technician business is done. Move
on, shoot the camera just around the corner, and take care of the patrolling
soldier. Also make sure those guys in the orange jumpsuits don't see you or 
else they'll be quick to pull the alarm. Head into the room to the right to 
take out another plant employee. Move out, shoot the camera at the end of the 
hall, and proceed until you reach a CHECKPOINT. You are now in a narrow 
corridor with a big window to your left and door just up ahead. Before you try
to unlock the door, shoot out the lightbulb that's above it. Then, shoot the
security camera that's watching the door. After that, head into the huge room.
Surprisingly, there are no gaurds here, just two security cameras and an 
employee. Take the cameras out (they're on the huge rods) from the stairs and
go all the way down. Once you knock out the employee, use the 4 computers and
head back up to where you shot that security camera gaurding the entrance to 
this room. Head left and go through the opened doors. 

III. Move up until you see an open doorway in the hallway, but don't step into
the hallway. There's a turret guarding it and it will attack anything that's
not friendly. What you have to do is either make a dash for the doorway and
risk being hit, or you can roll into it and guarentee your safety. Once you're
in, move forward until you see a small room that leads to a big room. There is
a soldier nearby, so watch out. You should hear his footsteps. Hide in the 
corner and take him out when his back is turned. Once he's down, head down the
stairs and interrogate the technician, knock him out and get his satchel. Now
go back to that turret hallway. What you want to do to bypass that turret is
throw that flare that you picked up a while ago (or a chemical one). The turret
will fire wildly at it, at which time you should run around it's fire. Once you
do that, go behind the turret and disable IFF. Leave the turret running, you'll
thank me later:) Anyway, head into the room to the right and pick up some 
supplies. Soon, you should hear the turret open fire on someone. That someone
was a Russian soldier that didn't think the IFF would be turned out. Too bad
for him. Anyway, unlock those glass doors and head on.Notice the window to your 
left with the flapping curtains. Those lighting effects are freakin' awesome!
Keep going until you enter a room and Lambert starts talking. There's a turret
at the end of the hallway, so don't just storm in. Use the roll feature to roll
into the holes of the windows. When you see a hallway going left, go into it.
Move until you see a camera. Shoot it and take the medikit that's nearby. Open
the door and proceed. CHECKPOINT. Optic cable the next door and you'll see 
there's quite a bit of activity in this next room. Basically, I just shot the 
first soldier in the head and took my time on #2. There are two medikits in the 
hallway, so use them if you get hurt.  Shoot through the glass if you want, it
is not bullet-proof. Once they are on the floor, open the next door and 
interrogate the technician. Knock him out and use the computer. Open the next
door and save.

IV. Ok for this next part, get ready to face some serious commandos. Move 
forward and slowly go up the stairs. If you move fast enough, you should see a
masked soldier walk by. Follow him before he turns his back, and shoot him in
the head. These guys are heavily armored. Once he's on the floor, his buddy
from around the corner will soon come by. Kill him too when he comes. Use the
computer and pick up their satchels for medikits. Use them if you've been 
shot. Walk into the small room for another one. Move out and proceed until you
reach a checkpoint. Drop down and jump onto the pole to slide all the way down.
When you reach the bottom, you will be in the train loading area, which is 
being guarded by two very vulnerable soldiers. Kill them from above, and open
the door to stow away in the train. 


  8. Chinese Embassy

Mission   : You are too infiltrate a Chinese Embassy to find out the political
            situation/possible alliance with Nikoladze and China.
Difficulty: Hard
Briefing  : This mission is going to be hard because you are not allowed to 
            kill anyone. It's like the CIA mission, except this time you are in
            a city, not inside a buidling, so sneaking up on people is going to
            be significantly harder. Use those non-lethal rounds, but conserve
            them as much as you can. Avoid soldiers can be effective too.

I. For this mission you should use your lethal rounds for distracting the 
soldiers. Shoot at a wall so you can sneak up on them from behind. This is a 
good tactic to use throughout open spaces. Talk to your new driver, and from 
here, move left. Climb the dumpster to get over the wall and get on the ground. 
Quickly go to the left part of the wall where you can get good cover from the 
incoming guard. When he comes close,take him out and proceed. The next guard 
will be patrolling a significant circle of ground. Just shoot at the far wall 
to distract him and sneak up take him out. Move to the end of the street and 
climb that ladder that's inside the building. CHECKPOINT. You should see a
guard nearby. Totally avoid this guy and climb up that ladder just ahead. Don't
worry if he notices something, just keep climbing the scaffold. When you're
at the top, drop down on the canvas. This will give you an excellent position
to land on the second guard when he comes. When he's down, run to the end of
the street, climb the dumpster and wall. From here, make a dash to the 
intersection and go immediately left. Go behind that fence you see in front of
you and use the dark spots to safely go down into the open sewer. You have just
avoided two soldiers that would be very difficult to neutralize. 

II. You are now in a sewer system. Move up and turn left. Move quickly so you
can contact the two man patrol at the next intersection. Slow down when you
approach it. You will see two soldiers walk by. What you want to do is sneak
up behind the second guy that passes by and grab him. Take him hostage, and
bring him back to the intersection. His friend will be far away. Knock him out
and hide in the dark space and wait for his friend to come help his fallen 
comrade. When he does, shoot him with an unlethal round, and wait for a third
soldier to come. Take him out also. You have now neutralized all the guards in
the sewers. From the intersection, go right and make the first left to get a 
medikit. Now just follow the straightforward path until you see a ladder. Jump
up and climb it. CHECKPOINT. Climb to the top and leave the the guy alone to 
your right. Go left and look left to spot a ladder. Climb it to the top. Do 
what Sam needs to do to climb up to the roof. You'll see a man at the top. 
Talk to him and you will have completed and objective. Collect the medikit and
ammunition on the roof and look for a rappel-thing on the ledge. Use it to 
rappel down the entire side of the building. Save.

III. Move into the inside of a building to your right and hide in the corner
of the other doorway. Wait here for a soldier to come in. Put a sticky camera
in his head once he comes through the doorway, and pick up his satchel. Now
move on, until you come to a street. Run straight and climb the ladder at 
beside the wall. Then climb the ladder on the wall. Move inside the building.
Proceed slowly, moving through awesome lighting effects until you hear foots-
teps. It's a soldier, so move slowly until you spot him on the balcony. You 
should reach a CHECKPOINT just when you step on it. Hide his body, and climb
up the box that is on the balcony. Use the zip line. Land on the floor and look
left for a thin alleyway. Go into it. Slowly move forward because there is a
soldier patrolling this location. Take him down and go ahead and run. Climb
over the dumpster and do a wall jump.

IV. Move forward until you notice a parked van to your right. Go up to the 
front of it and sit there until the soldier in the distance walks right beside
you. Take him down. Next, move and turn the corner and shoot that security 
camera just outside the gate. Pass through the left side of the gate, and hide
near the booth. You can take the booth gaurd out whenever you want, even when
he's talking to the driver, your mission will not be affected. By the time you
hide the booth gaurd the driver would have already sped off, scared out of his
mind. Next, just avoid the gaurd you see patrolling up ahead of you. Just move
left when his back is turned. Keep moving until you have to turn right. There
will be a soldier here. Use your sticky shockers or aerofoil rounds, the 
mission is over soon anyway. After that, move until you see the embassy. Make
your way towards the patch of grass, taking advantage of the bushes as cover.
CHECKPOINT. Look at the second floor of the embassy to see a Chinese man in 
the window. Take out your laser mic and aim it at him. Listen to his 
conversation, and then listen to him again when he's in the car. Once you're
done eavsdropping, head over to the far wall (behind the booth at the gate)
to find a pole on the wall that you will have to climb to reach your extracti-
on. Avoid the guards if you want, take them out if you've got the ammo(non-
lethal) and feel like it.


  9. Abatoir

Mission   : On a second's notice you have been sent to the location where the
            American soldiers are being kept prisoner. You must find them 
            before they get executed.
Difficulty: Normal
Briefing  : I hope you enjoy using your thermal goggles, 'cause you'll need 
            them. Alos, you can resume killing in this level.

I. Wait right where you start until a soldier comes straight you. Snipe him in
the head and hide the body. Move up a bit and snipe another soldier that's
walking around. Proceed to the door and open it. A CHECKPOINT will come once
you're inside. Open the next door and move on outside. You'll hear radio 
chatter. Equip your thermals to spot the landminds on the ground. There are
two lookout guards and a spotlight, but dont kill them, because an alarm will
sound because you can't hide their bodies. You have to make it to the other
side, avoiding the land mines, and sometimes climbing in the boxes to go on.
Don't forget to un-equip your thermals near the end so that you can see the
spotlight and not run into it. Once you've made it to the far wall, move right
and head inside. Look up and you'll see an opening. Get on a dumpster and do a
wall jump to get up there. Crawl on. CHECKPOINT. Stop once you're outside. 
You should see the satellite transmitter on the far side. That's where you want
to go, but it's going to take some work. Don't just walk over the roof, because
you will be heard. You have to make it there silently. What you have to do is 
first walk on the hard part of the roof, it's a thin walkway. Once you reach 
the end, jump to grab the ledge and move left. Then drop down and go over the
wooden planks. Next, grab the pole over your head and move until you can land
on that thin hard walkway. Climb over the fence, and switch the satellite off.
Watch the cutscene, and prepare yourself for another fierce Georgian attack. A
grand total of one guard will come and try to kill you, just wait for him to
open the door, then snipe him down. Open the door and hide his body. Head down
the stairs to pick up a substantial amount of supples. Also, make sure you
pick up the dead soldier's satchel, he's got a data stick. Once you've picked
up all the supplies head back upstairs, enter the password for the door, and
go in. 

II. Go up and open the door to your left. You'll be at the top of a big 
washroom. You can see the shadow of a still guy just underneath the walkway.
There is another idle guard behind that wall in front of you. You can easily
kill them both with your weapon. Just get their attention that you are up top,
crouch, use the rails as cover, and snipe them. There is a tecticl way of 
taking these two guys out though. For that, go down the pole on the ride side
of the wall and slide down. You'll now be on the ground. Shoot the first guy
with a non-lethal round, and head back up the pole (I tried sneaking behind 
but he always sees me). Now climb the first barrel and then get on the 2nd 
one. Jump up to grab the pole on the ceiling. Move until you see the second
guy. Drop down on him to make him go unconscious. That is the proper, stealth
way of taking care of those two soldiers, although more time consuming. Anyway
head out of the washroom and go left in the hallway. Keep moving and turn left
again. Avoid the vent opening for now, open the door just ahead of you. A guy
is sitting in his chair. Interrogate him. Now you can go back and drop into 
that vent. Keep moving and climb the pole when you reach the end of the vent.
At this time I realized the alarms went away, so you can stop hiding bodies 
now. Once you've climbed the pole, move until you see an opening. Slowly move
up to it and you will notice there is a soldier there. If you look closely, 
there are actually two. What you want to do is shoot a non-lethal round into
one of them, and then drop on the other. Once they're down, move up and enter
the cold room. CHECKPOINT. For this part, you're going to need your thermal
goggles very badly. Thankfully, the soldiers don't have them, so they are
going to have a really hard time finding you. NOTE: Someone pointed out to me
that I forgot to include a turret somewhere in these cold rooms, so be careful
for it, because I forgot to include it in the FAQ. Ok, once you're in the cold 
room go hide to that mini-wall to your right. A guard will soon come by. Take 
him down when he does. Now go into the next room, and there will be another 
soldier. Kill him also. Don't go to the next room though, 'cause there's a 
turret guarding the entrance. What you want to do is go to the left side of 
this room and climb over the obstacle to land right behind the turret. Disable
it and move on. Just keep following the linear paths and kill anyone who comes
in view. The enemy can barely see anything for now, so don't worry about 
being seen from afar. Keep proceeding until you see an open vent in the ground.
Drop in and move until you come to this room. Look at the window to your right
and note the soldier walking around. Go down the stairs and kill him when he
is near the doorway. Go in the room and turn on the switch on the wall to
open the door beside. Head in and save.

III. You are now in a tight corridor. Move along until you reach the end, but
don't come out. Wait for a soldier to cross your path, then shoot him with a
sticky shocker. Note that the alarms have come back on, so hide the bodies.
Keep going until you here and see two soldiers talking. What I did was sneak
up behind the turret right beside them and turn the IFF off. The turret would
fire, attracting the guards attention(but it didn't hit me). The soldiers 
would run in, thinking the IFF is turned on. The turret would then rip them
apart. If you don't want to do that, just snipe them from afar. Pick up the 
guy's satchel. Move on until you hear another turret. You'll need to throw a
flare for this one so that you can move in and deactivate the turret. Once
you're done, keep moving and eventually you'll reach a CHECKPOINT. Pick up the
medikit and move on, going through the cow blankets. Stop after you go through
the second one, and wait for two soldiers to come down the hallway. Snipe them
from afar. Once they're done, keep moving and you'll hit another CHECKPOINT. 
Move on and you'll reach a big stable. For now, it's empty, except for two
turrets at the far end. Go down the middle and disable them both. Head left
to find the American soldiers. Get the medikit and now go back to the turrets
and go right to find the hostages. After the conversation, a CHECKPOINT will
pop up, and you'll have to fight a bunch of soldiers at the stable. Go and
fight them! The first wave consists of only two soldiers. Kill them however
you like, use grenades if you have them. Just stay near the two entrances to
the hostages. If not, the soldiers will just run in and kill the soldiers and 
hostages, resulting in mission failure. Once they're dead, Grinko will come 
down with one of his men. Use the same strategy, they're not much different.
Use the boards as cover and put the SC-20K on automatic mode.
Alternate Strategy Contributed by Genius in the Hole

In mission 9, when you have to fight the oncoming guards and Grinko the easiest
thing to do is: talk to the Chinese, watch the cut-scene and then run out of the
turrets as fast as you can and bring them back online. Disable the IFF and enjoy
them guarding the hostages for you, while all you have to do is concentrate on 
the middle corridor and throw a grenade now and then or snipe one guy. Then when
all the guards are down simply sneak up on the wall ahead, stand up and aim at
Grinko who will be hiding in the doorway. Snipe him down, and that's it. Can't
get any easier that. 

Once these guys are dead, the mission ends abruptly.


  10. Chinese Embassy II

Mission   : Immediately after your previous mission, Sam Fisher must return to
            the Chinese Embassy to prove that the Chinese general represents
            only a splinter faction of the Chinese government.
Difficulty: Normal
Briefing  : Although you couldn't kill anyone at the last embassy mission, 
            that restriction has now been waved.

I. To your immeditae left you will see an entrance. If you go straight you will
also see an entrance to your left. Both of these lead you to a restaurant, one
of them being the back door and the other being the main one. Take the main 
one. Go through the restaurant until you hear two soldiers talking. They are
sitting at a table, so get a good view of one them. Shoot one of them with a
non-lethal round (preferably with a sticky camera to the head). When the other
soldier gets up to investigate, shoot him lethaly. Don't hide the bodies yet.
Instead go the the kitchen, take out the chef, switch off the lights, and hide
all the bodies here. Go into the female restaurant washroom to pick up a medi-
kit. Now, go back to the kitchen, and look for a ladder. Climb it to the roof,
and cross the wooden planks to go to another building. CHECKPOINT. Open the 
door and wait right there for a soldier to come walking by. When he stops at 
the window, nail him with a sticky camera in the head and pick up his stuff.
Proceed on and you will eventually be outside on a small porch. Notice the 
pipe to your right? Climb it, and then slide down the zip line. Then, keep 
moving on the ledge until you get to another pole. Climb it up to enter the
embassy. Open the trap and fall down. Move slowly until you will notice a
soldier to the right of the red curtains. What you want to do is fire a diver-
sionary camera on the wall close to him, sound the noice, and then releade the
gas when he gets up off his chair. The smoke will irritate him, at which point
you will grab him and knock him out. Then, move through the red curtains to 
enter a small room. Pick up the medikit and move right. Here, you'll have to
put your back to the wall to proceed. Once you reach the end, get out of the
position to slide down the pipe. When you've reached the bottom,, you'll have
to put your back to the wall again. Keep moving. You'll hear the music come on
but don't worry, the soldiers aren't shooting at you. Keep moving and you will
see a soldier right beside you, his back turned. Grab him. If you do it right,
the other soldier (who's shooting the monitors) will not notice, and their 
conversation will continue. Take the soldier you just grabbed and bring him 
back behind the wall, so his friend doesn't notice. Knock him out, and kill
his friend, who should still be firing at the monitors. Once both guys have 
been taken care of, open the door and use the computer inside the small room.
Next, open the next door. 

II. There will be a leaking pipe directly in front of you, and two doors to 
your left. Open the first one, and pick up the medikit. Now go to the second
one, and climb up the stairs (that long corridor to your right has nothing).
Stop at the top. You'll notice a soldier with his back turned to you. Grab him
when his patrolling friend is not in sight, and knock him out on the stairs. 
Now, turn off the switch to your left, and the other soldier will come to turn
them back on. When he's at the switch, grab him and knock him out. Shoot that
security camera, and move in the big room. Open the door to go on, and you 
will reach a CHECKPOINT. Go into the dark room to discover two sleeping
soldiers. Don't wake them, just take the medikit beside the first one and 
move on to the next room. You'll hear two soldiers talking. Optic cable the 
next door and wait until both soldiers leave the hallway. Then, go up to the
keypad and equip your thermal goggles. What you want to do is press the button
that is the coldest, moving to the warmest (coldest= light blue, most warm=
orange). If you still have difficulty finding the order, the numbers are
1, 4, 3, 6 (using the below interface).

1 2 3            
4 5 6
7 8 9
# 0 *

Once you've opened the door, Look to the right to see a turret and a soldier.
What you want to do here is creep directly beside the turret (the right side)
and then move behind the guard to knock him out. Pick up his satchel, and hide
his body. Next, do NOT go up the main stairs. There are turrets guarding each
entry at the top and you will only get slaughtered if you do that. Instead, 
you will have to take an alternate route. Move to where that soldier you just
knocked out was standing. There's a very small roof that you can climb. What 
you have to do is climb this small structure, and then jump up the grab the 
open ledge to reach the second floor. You should now be standing right behind
a turret. Interact with the turret and turn the IFF off. Soon, a soldier will
come in this direction, and, well, it's better to see the enemy die by his own
equipment. One he's dead, deactivate the turret and move up this hallway until
you see a door to your left. Enter it and you will be in a room with a Buddha 
statue. Pick up the medikit, and go back to the deactivated turret. Go behind
the turret and look  up. Jump up to reach the pole on the ceiling, move
forward until you see a soldier and a colonel heading towards the door. Don't
move up too close though, or else they'll see you. Eventually, the soldier 
should enter the door and the colonel should stay behind guarding it. Once 
that happens, move up right behind the colonel via the pole, and make sure
you do a QUIET drop, and not just a normal drop (press circle right when you
let go of the pole, and when I mean RIGHT AWAY, I mean like press circle 
before you even see Sam fall, because by then, it's too late). If you have
managed to land softly, the colonel should not notice you. Grab him and move
him to the retinal scanner to unlock the door. Once the door is unlocked, 
knock him out, hide his body and move in. That soldier you saw walk in the 
room should be walking around in the next room. Take him down however you 
want. Once the room is clear, move up to the second window, slide it open, and
drop down. 

III. For this next area, you will encounter one of the deadliest enemies in 
the game: the dog. These guys can mow you down faster than a commando with an
AK-47. They're quick, small, and they can detect you better than the soldiers.
There is one way of silently and effectively neutralizing them: using the gas
from the diversion cameras. This will knock them out cold. Anyway, move up to
the opening to the right, hide in the corner a bit, and shoot a diversion 
camera on the right side of the opening. Wait until the dog comes, then release 
the gas when he is close to the camera. If you do it right, the dog should get
dizzy and will fall. Once he's down, there are two soldiers walking around in
the grounds. One will be close by the opening, patrolling the bridge. Snipe 
him, and snipe the soldier on the other side. It should be easy, so just hide
their bodies once you're done. Next, go to the right side of this huge place
(right side of the entrance, from where you came) and get into the shallow
water. Keep moving until you reach a door that you can slide. Slide it open 
and head on. You will come to a place with a soldier and a camera. Shoot the
camera, and then the soldier, shouldn't be trouble. Open the door to reach a
CHECKPOINT. Inside, go left to pick up a medikit. Open the door and you should
be in a big storage room, with boxes and all. Move on through, climbing up the
racks until you see a soldier walk into a room. Go up to the door he just went
through and use your thermal goggles to unlock the keypad. The numbers are: 
9753. Open the door and go. You'll see the soldier with his back turned. 
CHECKPOINT. Grab the soldier and bring him back to the room. Knock him out and
switch the lights off. Look out the doorway to your right to shoot the security
camera. Go back into the room and wait in a dark spot. After a minute or so, a
guard will come in two switch the lights on. Grab him and knock him out when he
does that. Next, take the third soldier, seen standing there with his back 
turned, and bring him to the room also to knock him out. Now, proceed down the
center of this room until you reach the end, or the huge truck doors. Climb up
the boxes to reach the catwalk at the top. Once you're on, run its path until
a cutscene comes up showing the two fuel trucks. Keep running until you see 
them. Shoot the gas pump in between the trucks to blow them up. If you don't
do this quickly enough, the trucks will leave and the mission will end. Once
the trucks explose, go down the stairs, open the trap door, and go down the
ladder to save.

IV. You are now in a thin corridor with a soldier walking away from you. Sneak
up to him and knock him out. Move along the corridor and you'll see a soldier
coming around the corner. Hide from him and he will be called up by radio. 
Wait until he runs off, and never kill him, because he will enter the password
for the door that you need to go through. Once you reach the door, the code is
1456. Move on and go up the elevator. Follow him. The code for this door: 1834
The code for the next door is 7921. You are now in the general's room. See him
and cutscene will play. Once it's done, he'll get up and start firing wildly.
He shouldn't hit you because he's drunk out of his mind. Just run up behind 
him and force him to use the computer. Once that's done, shoot the bulb to
hide the bodies, and exit through the double doors. You'll witness an explosion
but don't worry, it won't hurt you. From now on just follow the linear path,
avoiding the fires and opening the doors. Roll when it looks like the fire
will harm you. Eventually you will come to see a window in a stairset. Slide
it open and fall down. You'll see your escape aircraft. Approach it to end the


  11. Presidential Palace

Mission   : As Chinese-American relations return to a friendly nature, the hunt
            for Nikoladze resumes. Intel has shown that Nikoladze is coming to
            Georgia to retrieve a weapon, known only has "The Ark." Find him 
            and the weapon.
Difficulty: Hard
Briefing  : This is the last mission, and it won't be an easy one. Throughout
            this level you'll find armored cameras, Georgian special forces, 
            and yes, killer dogs. 

I. You are outside what seems to be castle walls. You'll see a guard and a spot
light up ahead. If you move up a little bit, you'll see an opening in the fence
with a rappel pipe. Rappel down into the cave. Turn your thermal goggles on,
because this place is wired with laser detectors. The first ones you see are
two lasers criss-crossing each other, blinking in 3 second bursts. When the
lasers are off, quickly run past them. Go right at the intersection and spot
the next lasers. There are two of them, separated a bit, so be careful when 
crossing these two lasers. The next set of lasers are constantly on. Jump up
to grab the pipe, NOT jump to get over that laser. Once you are at the end of
the tunnel, climb up the ladder all the way to the top. CHECKPOINT. You are now
outside, inside those castle walls you just saw a few minutes back. Anyway, see
that stairset up ahead? Wait until a guard walks by, then go up, turning right
at the top. There will be a dog there, so be ready and shoot a sticky shocker
at him. That'll take him out in one hit, and won't alert the guard. Next, take
care of the guard. Make sure the body is hidden, and move on. Eventually, you
will hear the sounds of a security camera. Unfortunately, these are armored.
When you see the 1st camera, you want to take the right path (don't go straight
there's nothing there). When you've made it past the first camera, there is 
going to be a second camera immediately after, so stop and hide behind the 
bush. What you want to do for the second camera is move along the outer bushes
and go under the camera when it's not looking. Or, you could use the camera
disruptor tool that you have. Once you've gotten past the second camera, move
along and go where the big water fountain is. Go to the gate(watch for the 
security camera) unlock it (2126), and go left after you open it. There will be
a small panel beside the door that you can slide. Go in and save.

II. You are now inside a room in the presidential palace. Go up the stairs and
open the door. You are now in a big room with paintings and sculptures. To the
right will be a door with pillars around it. Before you dash in and make a run
for the door, put on your thermal goggles to see the lasers in between the two
pillars, blocking your entry to the door. Soon, two guards will come through 
the door, turning off the lasers directly in front of the door. If you want, 
you can safely avoid these two guards by standing behind the closest pillar
and waiting until they move out of sight. If you do that, open the door and 
head in. Go ito the left immediately after you enter and look down the hallway
to spot an idle guard. Shoot him in the head. Hide his body, and put on your
thermal goggles before you head up the stairs. There is a laser at the bottom
of the stairset, and one at the top. Don't try to jump over them, that won't
work. What you want to do is go beside the fire extuingsher(mounted on the 
wall) and do a wall jump. This way, Sam will land on the hand rail. To avoid
the next laser, just climb up the top hand guard. Move on and open the door.
You are now in a hallway. Lock pick the next door and pick up the medikit and
disposable lock that is in the room. Proceed down the hallway until you reach
a CHECKPOINT. Open the door to see a heavily armored soldier in your view. 
Don't be intimidated by their looks, they act pretty much the same as every
other enemy in the game. Shoot the commando in the head, and then look up to
see another Georgian Elite. Shoot him in the head also, then hide their bodies
and pick up the second commando's satchel. Go to the top and unlock the only 
door that you can open (70021). CHECKPOINT. This next part is ridiculosuly 
easy if you find out the trick to this hallway. There will be three guards in
this area, and one armored security camera. EVERY light in this hallway can be
shot out, producing total darkness. So shoot out every light, and taking down
all three guards will be as easy as pie. Go down the stairs to get a medikit.
At the end of the hallway will be double doors that you can't open. Go into
the corridor to your left, where an armored security camera is looking around.
Just shoot out the lights to avoid it detecting you, and unlock the door 
and the end of the corridor. CHECKPOINT. Put on your thermal goggles. There 
are lasers here to avoid. For the first set of lasers, just crouch to go
under them, avoiding the 3-set. Next, do a wall jump. You will now hear a 
guard talking. Sneak up to him, take him out and take his satchel. Use the
computer on the desk. Go inside the next room to pick up a medikit, and return
back to the main hallway where the double doors were. Open the double doors
and peek right to see a guard coming towards you. Just wait behind the door
until he turns around. Grab him and knock him out. To avoid the security camera
ahead, just shoot out the two lights in the hallway, and move on. Open the door
and save.

III. You are now in a hallway with slain palace guards on the floor. Proceed 
and open the door. Move up to see a commando walk by. Again, just shoot out all 
the lights in the hallway to make this part unbeliavably easy. Take out the 
commando and take his SC-20K ammo. Next, go up to that guy working on the
elevator to knock him out. Move on until you reach the stairs. The opera music
should now start to go quiet as you look into the huge room ahead. Creepy. Ok,
you knew a big shootout was going to happen, so get ready. As you approach the
room, you'll hear radio chatter from soldiers that say they have spotted an
American commando, which is Sam Fisher. There are three guys in this room. I
recommend you kill as many as possible from the bottom of the stairs. Shoot the
two spotlights, and put on your thermal goggles to see the soldiers. For the 
first few seconds, you can see they will be running around down the center.
Try and kill as many as you can now, because soon enough they will get scared
and just camp from behind cover. Usually they start to hide when you've killed
one. Once they go into hiding, you can expect the remaining two soldiers to be
in the following areas 1) hiding behind the center object, a little bit to the
left 2) hiding on the second floor, to your right (you could see his leg if 
you go slowly enough). Just be careful, and use the medikits if you've got em.
One of the soldiers has one. Once everyone's dead and the music returns to 
normal, go behind the staircase to see a passage going down (the double doors
come later, just take note of them for now). Head all the way down until you
reach a CHECKPOINT.For this next part, I sure hope you have five medikits. 
This next part is the hardest time in the game, so get ready. You are now in 
the basement. Run up to find Nikoladze. Grab him and interrogate him if you 
want. Use him to use the retinal scanner, and watch the cutscene. Wait until 
the cutscene ends, then stand still. The lights will go out soon. When they 
do, grab the first soldier and knock him out. If you fire at him, he might 
fire back, so go behind him, grab him and knock him out. Immediately turn on 
your thermal or night vision, and move to the back, using the boxes as cover. 
Get your SC-20K out, and get ready to fire at a charging soldier. Once he's 
down, there's one more to go in the basement. He will be further back, 
probably waiting behind a pillar. Move slowly until you spot him, then kill
him. I know this part can be nerve-racking and you might die a few times,
but there really is no easy way out of this. Once the basement is cleared,
pick up a medikit and head back to the library, but don't go in. There's 
more to kill here, so be ready for anything. One soldier should be hiding
behind a book stack at the back, but don't think he won't see you, even if
you are in the dark. Use a sticky camera to find him. Once he's dead, there
shouldn't be anyone else in the room (there wasn't when I played, but the
music still goes, so be careful). Dash to the double doors to your left (use
the left corridor for more cover) and open them.

IV. After the cutscene, you'll notice you are outside. To you immediate right
is a commando. Kill him. On the left, second floor, is another one. Kill him
also. Now, move to the back wall and climb the pole. Grab the the ledge and 
climb over. This is your only chance to kill, so don't miss. Snipe Nikoladze
in the head. Move back, and wait for a commando to come out of the door. Kill
him. Pick up the ammunition on the ledge, and open the door. CHECKPOINT. Move
through the hallway until you come to a huge room. Look to the left to see
two palace guards walking down the dining table. When you hear running foot-
steps, turn around to see a palace guard coming straight at you. Kill him.
Next kill the two palace guards however you like. Go down the stairs, and
run through the dining room to reach the double doors at the end.


Maxym Kowcun

Email me for any questions, comments,corrections, suggestions or cries of 
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