Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow review

The good:

~The stealth like game play
~The graphics
~The physics
~The detail to many things
~The cool moves you can do
~The multiplyer (if you have live or system link)

The bad:

~The enemies make stupid movements


This game is a must own (especially if you have live or sytem link) as the game makers have added in multiplayer this time round.

The game kicks off straight away (as in the last game there was a training mission). They kind off mixed half of a level with a practice part but you don't really notice it.

The game play is way better this time where there is more action harder difficulty and better levels. As seen in the pictures from the images page you can see that this game brings you into the jungle for the first time. This is quite interesting and makes the both the games different and unique.

The garphics are still the same but they are still good. The detail to things is extrordinly good as you can zoom in at things and really notice the detail.

The sound is not as good as the first game and of most the voices sound the same, plus the sound like they are robots with some metal gismo in their throughts. The music is good though.

The physics are as good as the last and there are a few new move that you can do.

The multiplayer is kick ass, as you can either play as the spies (what your like in single player) or you can play as the terrorists. The terrorists have some sort of machine gun and they are in first person mode. They also have haet seeking goggles and electro goggles as well.

Overall the sory line is excellent and this is a great game and I recommend it to all, so buy it.

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