Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow review
The King Of Stealth Is Back

The good:

+ Awesome Graphics
+ Superb Dolby Digital Sound
+ Great Gameplay
+ Good Story
+ Cool New Moves and Gadgets
+ Good AI
+ Fun, Unique Multiplayer

The bad:

- Occasional Glitches
- A Few Fustrating Trial and Error Moments


Gameplay: Stealth gameplay perfected. Sneaking around in the shadows taking people out by surprise makes you feel like a real spy. There's a number of ways to take people out using the enviorment if you know what to look for. You have a number of gadgets you can use to take people out as well, or you can always shoot them in the face. There's also the occasional bomb unarming, code breaking, etc to mix things up. The multiplayer is awesome, one team is spies and the other team is mercs. The spies control like Sam does in the single player game, while mercs play like a first person shooter. The clash of styles really makes a fun and very unique multiplayer game unlike anything you've ever played.

Graphics: Looks great, with some very realistic lighting and shadowing. Second best looking Xbox game behind Ninja Gaiden. The enviorments look amazing, but character models aren't all that impressive, especially with their akward animations.

Sound: Turn up the surround sound because this baby sounds great! Excellent use of surround sound. Everything sounds very realistic and you can actually hear exacly where the sounds are coming from. Best sound i've heard in a game yet.

Control: Controls great, as the original did. Very responsive and the aim feels good. Buttons are well mapped.

Story: Better than the original, and less confusing. Basically, terrorists want to do very bad things, and you've gotta prevent it.

Replay Value: The single player is a great experience, but with a lack of unlockables I don't know if you'll want to play through it multiple times. The multiplayer's where the replay value's at. The Spy vs Mercs gametype is awesome and completely different from anything you've ever played. You'll be on this for months.

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