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Sam Fisher is out of hiding and is once again creeping around your room in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. And hes back in a big way. After two years from his first release Sam is back and better then ever. This game is a must have for anybody anywhere! But the biggest feature ever given to this game is its Multiplayer.

But lets start out with the single player. The single player has all new features and add-ons for you from the first Splinter Cell. Sam has new moves, and new gadgets. The enemy A.I. has be upgraded and become more deadly making the game not as frustrating as the first one but still pretty hard. For example, you won't keep dying for some stupid little reason. And even the graphics have been increased from a game that seemed like it couldn't be improved. Once you get to the Jungle level you will just be in awe with how beautiful and well detailed it is. It is amazing. The story line itself is very mature and a bit confusing at times but it should all piece together once you get deep into the game. Now that I'm done saying the good stuff about the single player, let me tell you the bad. First off, besides the new A.I., new gadgets, new moves, new story and better graphics the single player hasn't seen any drastic or major changes to the single player. There are still gameplay objectives that you must follow (do not use lethal force or don't raise and alarm or you fail, etc...). And besides that the single player itself is good.

Now, theres the biggest feature to this game: the online play. You can be a spy or a mercanary (merc) and you battle up to 4 people to a room. The spies, have to use their stealth skills to the fullest of their abilities because they cannot survive in a front on confrontation against a merc, while trying to fullfill a number of objectives. While the mercs try and use everything in their ability to find you, and kill you. At first, and I have to be honest, I thought this wasn't a good idea. I mean really! Online stealth game. Sounds cool but it sounds like it could bomb major. Boy was I wrong! The online play is intense, nerve racking, and very competitive. With brillant made multiplayer maps, witty gadgets at your use and a oppenent who isn't an A.I., Splinter Cell online isn't just good, it might just be one of the best online games I've ever played. Now, the only thing I could find wrong with this is that the multiplayer may drag you away from the single player, which I highly recommend you do not do. Play the single player, not just multiplayer.

All in all, this game might be one of the best games of not just the month, but probably the whole year! With better single player, ingenius multiplayer, and a little whip cream on the top. If you have XBox Live! and need a good game get off your ass right now and buy this game. If you don't have Live, then this game is still a must buy.

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