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: : : : Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Xbox Live Guide Final

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Xbox Live Guide Final

by STPRATMGDAY   Updated on
		   S  P  L  I  N  T  E  R   C  E  L  L

	P   a   n   d   o   r   a    T   o   m   o   r   r   o   w


          	       Last Updated: November 29, 2004


Table of Contents:
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1) Version History

2) Introduction
	2a: Rumors!
	2b: Game Updates

3) Equipment

4) Neutralization Mode
	4a: Warehouse 
	4b: Cinema

5) Other Game Modes

6) Tips

7) People Who Have Helped

8) Closing

9) Copyright Information


Version History:

Version 1.0: Parts 1, 2, 4a, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10.  Just a basic start.    (4/2)

Version 2.0: Parts 1, 2, 4a, 4b, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 11 were edited/added   (4/6)

Version 3.0: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4a, 5, 6, 7, 8 were edited/added            (4/15)

Version 4.0: Parts 2a, 2b added						(5/24)

Version 5.0: Lots and Lots and Lots of updates!                          (7/2)

Version 6.0: A new rumor, some more tips, a little updating...          (7/13)

Version FINAL: I'M DONE.  Seemingly incomplete....                     (11/29)



	In this guide, you'll find information for Tom Clancey's Splinter Cell
	Pandora Tomorrow.  This is only for online game play.  This guide may
	not be used on sites other than GameFAQs without permission.

Below is a guide on the function of each button on the controller.

A: General action button (place/remove objects, get up against wall, switches,
grab opponent/strangle <-spy only- )

B: Crouch, jump off a beam

X: Pulls out gun (for spy only), hold it to keep laser from coming on.

Y: Jump, pull up legs on a beam

R: Shoot main weapon (merc and spy when gun is out), quick-use for spy

L: Shoot secondary weapon (merc and spy when gun is out), quick-use for spy

Left D-Pad: Night Vision (spy) or Motion Tracking (mercenary)

Right D-Pad: Heat Sensing (spy) or Electromagnetic Tracking (mercenary)

Up D-Pad: Laser (mercenary only)

Down D-Pad: Light (mercenary only)

Left Toggle: Move

Right Toggle: Change Camera View

Black: Whistle

White: Unknown

Click Left Toggle: Secondary weapon options (X, Y, A, or B chooses secondary
weapon when this is clicked)

Back: Control List (including whatever I missed :D sorry)

Start: Pause menu


2a: Rumors!

	Well, there are tons of rumors out there about ubisoft clearing the
scoring system, which I would like to address right now by saying that they
are NOT rumors, this is actually going to happen sometime in the week of
5/24.  Why clear the scoring board?  Well, a better question is, why not?!

**UPDATE** As you probably know, the scoreboard was cleared later that week.
**UPDATE** Rumor has it, scoreboards are going to be cleared AGAIN this
friday (7/16), although thats only what I heard from my friend.
**UPDATE** This did occur.  You know by now.

	There are also some rumors that I've heard of people freezing mercs
in place on certain maps, going through walls, getting into spawns, and
flipping spies over their backs.

	It is possible for a spy to freeze a merc in his place.  I don't know 
how, but it happened to me a while ago.  Only way to get out of it is to
kill yourself.  Hopefully this will be fixed.  

	The rumor about mercs getting into spawns is quite true.  It's possible
for mercs to get into the spawn of the spies in the Warehouse and in Mount
Hospital.  Don't ask me how to do it, I won't tell you.  This will also
hopefully be fixed in the next game update.

	I recieved an email from a concerned and puzzled player who said that
there were mercs who, when in a choke hold, would flip the spy over their back
and knock them out in the process.  I've actually found that one of my friends
told me that this is possible, by pressing up and A RIGHT after they grab you.
I personally have never tested this method.  I've tested this quite a bit and
can safely tell you that it's not possible.

	Well, that's basically it for the rumors.  Go onto 2b for some
important information on the update.


2b: Game Updates

	As you most likely know, there was recently an update to the Splinter
Cell Pandora Tomorrow game.  Here's the overview of what happened:

	Well, I kinda stopped playing for a while because I was extremely mad
at the cheaters playing in the game, but I came back quite surprised: there
was a new update!  The scoring system is now changed in the following ways:
1) 100 points equals one level
2) There's now a level 0
3) Level 0's, 1's, and 2's can all lose points
4) More information is shown on the points screen, such as penalties and
points in the mode you're playing in.
5) More penalties.  25, 50, or 100 points depending on your rank.

Alright, there were also some other gameplay changes, such as the glitch where
a spy can get stuck above a mercenary's head when they neutralize them.  Also,
the glitch where you can talk to your partner when you're dead is fixed.  You
can now leave a game while the countdown is taking place.  Also, you know who
is talking to you in the lobby, and it's more obvious when the host changes
a certain feature (glows yellow or blinks).  The revenge and game in a row
features were removed.

**UPDATE** There's a new way to talk to your partner after you're out of
lives.  To do this, wait for your partner to die.  When the countdown is
occuring on his screen for the respawn, add him to your mute list, then remove
him.  Ta da!  You can talk to eachother.



Smoke Grenade - Basically the name says it all.  Throw this grenade and a
cloud of smoke appears that lasts around 5 seconds.  It can knock out mercs if
they are standing in the cloud for around 3 seconds.  Also good to get out of
the sight of a merc when you're running away.  Have these with you at all
times, and I'd suggest putting them as one of the quick-use items.

Flash-Bang Grenade - A grenade that releases a flash similar to but much more
powerful than a camera flash.  This flash will blind a merc for around 2
seconds, allowing you to temporarily escape.  After you throw this, and if you
are close to a merc, make a turn, because the image that they last saw before
you threw the grenade will be stuck in their vision, so they'll be able to
shoot you if you continue straight on.  Something to keep in mind is that
these grenades don't work when mercenaries are using a vision mode, so if you
see the red or blue glow on their goggles, don't bother using this.  Also,
they must be looking in the direction of the grenade for it to function.

Chaff Grenade - Temporarily disables all electrical devices, including the
reload function on the merc's gun, lights, and more.  Useful only when the
merc knows where you are (because they'll be shooting at you) or in a lit-up
room.  May want to keep this or the flash-bang grenade as your other quick
use item.

Spy Bullet - A bullet that can do one of two things: give you the radar
view for the area you fired the bullet, or it could also give similar
effects to the spy trap, in which you have the enemy marked and can press
white to hear their communications.

Sticky Camera - An extremely useful item for two reasons.  One of the reasons
is because you can see what's going around in the area that you fire it.  The
other reason is that you can shoot out a cloud of smoke that knocks out the
merc almost immediately.  Be careful about moving this around, because as a
merc, you can hear it being moved around.

Alarm Snare -  Can be used to set off alarms, or to divert attention by making
noise.  I haven't really ever used them, so I'm not sure how helpful they can
be.  Experiment with it, and find out yourself.

Tazer - Okay, well now, I've been recieving quite a bit of criticism from
many different people about not explaining the importance of the tazer.  The
tazer can be one of the most useful weapons as a merc, aside from the mines.
The tazer, although it has a low range, can knock an opponent to the ground if
they are standing about a foot in front of you.  Once they're knocked out,
it's basically an automatic kill.  This tazer ONLY works for very close range
though, it just shoots an electrical current about a foot out of the end of
the gun.

Spy Trap - Spy traps are layed like mines, and can be placed in many strategic
places.  Because they can be used to get more than one spy, I think they're
better than the spy's Spy Bullet.  What it does is the same thing as the spy
bullet, but with a laser beam.  When a spy trips the laser beam, they're
tracked.  You can also listen to their communications by pressing the white

Flares - Basically a really bright glowstick that can be shot out of a gun.
They stick to walls and stay illuminated for about 15-30 seconds.

Phosphorus Grenades - Well, pretty much a mix between a grenade and a flare.
It outputs a cloud of luminescent green smoke, that will stay on a spy if they
go through it.  Slightly better than a flare because they illuminate them even
while they're moving around, but both have their advantages.

Frag Grenades - Basically just your plain old grenade.  Blows up people.

Mines - Two kinds of mines: Laser mine - triggered by tripping the laser.
Proximity Mines - Triggered by moving rather quickly in the area of the mine.
Have these with you at ALL times!!!!!!!!


Neutralization Mode:

	In neutralization mode, there are two roles that can be played: Spy or
	Mercenary.  The goal of a spy is to find the ND133 and neutralize
	them. The goal of a mercenary is to stop the spies from neutralizing
	the ND133.  For a spy to neutralize the ND133, they must get to the
	keyboard side of the ND133, and a menu will come up when they press A.
	They want to click Use and then in a certain amount of time, that
	ND133 will be neutralized.  A spy can win in one of two ways.  One is
	they can kill the mercenaries until the mercenaries run out of lives.
	Two is they can neutralize all three (or sometimes two) of the ND133s
	within the time period.  For a mercenary to win there is also one of
	two things they must do.  One is they must hold off the spies from
	getting all three ND133s within the specified amount of time.  Two is
	to kill the spies until they run out of lives.
	If you can figure out the neutralization mode, it's not too hard to
	figure out the rest.  If I have time, I might add other sections for
	the other game types, but don't count on it.



	This is my personal favorite level.  Thanks to "Cmdr Spanky" for 
	adding onto this section.  Here's how it's set up.
Part One: A large warehouse (what a surprise!) with 3 ND133s.  Two levels,
catwalks, strange conveyor- belt like thing, air-ducts, and large crates.

Part Two: Indoors with 3 ND133s.  Two levels, small offices with partially
closed-off cubicles, air- ducts, spaces above rooms, light switches, and a
hallway that runs in one large circle.

Part Three: Another warehouse-type of area with 3 ND133s.  Two levels,
catwalks, heaters or generators or something, a few air-ducts, underground
crawling passages, and many entrances and hiding places for spies.

-----))))) Spy:

	When playing as a spy at the warehouse, some people may consider you
	to be at an advantage, others may not.  It really depends on your
	opponent, since this area is fairly even for the two teams.  When you
	start, you're in an outside area.

The only place you can go is inside; however there are several ways to get in.

You can go straight forward (with the night vision goggles on) and climb up a
pole to an upper area. From here, there are two ways in.  One is to the left,
which brings you to the strange conveyor belt thing I'm not sure what it is.
To the right, there's an opening with a small thing to stand on when you go
through it.  From this way, you can use the beam above you to get around.

You can go to the right.  Shoot the glass on the door to the right.  This puts
you inside a little room. From here, you can jump on the shelf to your right
and crawl into a small air-duct or you can go straight through the opening and
climb over the fence.

You can go to the left.  Shoot the glass on the door.  You're in another small
room with several places to go.  You can go down the small opening in the
ground.  You can also climb the beam right next to it, which will bring you up
to a staircase.  Once you go up, there are three places you can go. You can go
to the right and to the conveyor belt thing.  You can go to the left and
through the opening.  Or you can go straight and through the air- duct.

	Once you've made it inside, you want to either play stealthy or go all
	out to try to get a ND133 that is unguarded.  There are three ND133
	that you can go for.  One is in the back left corner on the upper
	floor. Another is on the back left corner of the lower floor, and
	another is on the back right corner of the lower floor.  Try the one
	closest to you and hope for the best.  Do your best to stay in the
	shadows, and move quietly.  If you happen to stumble across a mine,
	which you WILL no matter what, shoot it to disable it completely, or
	if you're going for the more stealthy operation, sneak up on it as
	sloooowly as you can, and you will be able to remove it.  Make sure
	you don't trip the laser if it's a laser mine.  There's really only
	one surefire way to disable an ND133, and it involves high levels
	of teamwork.  One partner needs to disable the mercs while the other
	partner goes for the ND133.  Decide who's better at keepin Mercs
	away, and then have the one start shooting them, throwing smoke
	grenades, flash-bang grenades, and chaff grenades to distract them.
	Possibly jump on them if you get the chance, or snap necks if you can.
	Then, have the other partner go for the ND133 that's the FARTHEST
	away from where the Mercs are located, and the hardest to reach.  
	This way, if the Mercs manage to overpower the spy, it'll be harder
	for them to kill you in time.  It's hard to perfect this, but a good
	spy can easily distract the mercenaries, giving his partner enough
	time to complete the neutralization.

	There are three entrances to sector two.  Two are upstairs, one is
	downstairs.  As a spy, the doors will not open for you, so you must
	climb through the cleverly placed air-ducts to get to your
	destination. The easiest one to go for is the downstairs ND133.  To
	get there, here are some tips.  If you take the top one, closest to
	the spy's spawn, you'll notice on your left that there's an opening in
	the wall, dropping into a hallway.  Inside that hallway, slightly to
	the right in front of you, there's an opening to an air duct.  Get in
	the air duct and crawl down to the bottom.  That's where the easiest
	ND133 is located.  If you go in the other top entrance, you'll end up
	on the ceiling of a waiting room.  You have to go out of the room
	through the exit on the right, and then run all the way down the
	hallway.  Take a right, and there will be a staircase.  If you're
	daring and speedy, take the staircase.  But if you've got the time,
	use the air duct located just to the left of the staircase.  This will
	take you to the downstairs ND133.  If you decide to use the downstairs
	entrance, you'll have to climb up a pipe and you'll find yourself with
	three ways to go.  You can either go to the right, or straight.  If you
	go to the right, take a left once you drop down, and when you reach the
	end of the hallway, there's a staircase on your right.  Use the airduct
	or the stairs again, leading to the ND133.  If you decided to go
	straight, you'll drop down in a room.  There will be an exit on the
	right.  Use this exit, then take a left.  At the end of the hallway,
	take a right.  On your right side will again be the staircase with the
	airduct.  Choose which one you want to take.  Your partner should be
	waiting at this entrance for you to start the ND133. Once you get down
	there, look out for mines, and start the ND133.  Your partner should
	then use the quick-use trigger for smoke grenades at the entrance,
	blocking it off from the use of mercenaries.  Once you finish, leave
	the area when its clear.

	The entrance to sector three is in the square hallway of sector two.
	Just keep going around until you find an opening that wasn't opened
	before.  This is going to be another hallway.  There's two ways to get
	in.  There is a way into the ducts in sector three by going through the
	bathroom.  This route protects spies from being shot as they run
	through the hallway, plus, there is a medical station in there to heal
	up if the spy has taken a few shots in either sector 1 or 2. The trick
	in the bathroom to get into the duct is to do a running starting up the
	wall to reach the higher than usual duct. Otherwise, you should go to
	the right, towards the doorway for the mercenaries.  On the left side
	of the door, there is a shelf. Jump on top of this shelf and then pull
	yourself through the opening into another air-duct.  You can go left or
	right.  Left is quicker, but more complicated.  Going to the right has
	one advantage.  There's a zip line that you can take if you go The zip
	line gets you across sector three extremely fast.  At the end of the
	zip line there is a pipe you can go across so you can come down on top
	of the back ND133, or jump on the head of a merc who is trying to
	protect it.  Works 90% of the time, because most players aren't aware
	that you can get up there so quickly and silently.  If you choose to go
	to the left, you'll come to an opening very quickly.  Get out of the
	ducked down position, and jump back over the air-duct you just crawled
	through (it'll be on your right). Once you're on top of this, you'll
	notice there's an opening to your left that is large enough for you to
	walk through.  It's like a small hallway.  There are two openings.  I
	always take the second one because it brings you closer to the ND133.
	You'll be pretty high up, so don't fall all the way to the ground or
	you'll die.  If you go this way and go fast, you should be able to get
	the ND133 neutralized before the mercenaries even show up.  If not,
	you're in for a real challenge. There are two underground passages in
	this area.  They come from the back of the room to the middle of the
	room, and one leads from the back right to one of the ND133s.  These
	are good to use if you want to temporarily hide from the mercenaries.
	The key for this place is to either use a lot of smoke grenades until
	they fall asleep, or kill them all. Because it's so small, it's nearly
	impossible to get the ND133 neutralized while the mercenaries are in
	the room.  If you happen to die, don't worry; it's a lot easier to get
	to this than it was for sector two.  When you die, you'll notice
	there's a small alleyway on your right side with a gate that was
	originally closed but is now opened.  Going through here towards the
	end, you'd think it was just a dead-end, however on the building to
	your left, there's an opening you can crawl through that will take you
	into sector three.  If you want to try an alternate route, there's also
	a pipe that leads up even higher to an opening that leads to sector
	three.  Either one will get you where you need. This is one of the
	hardest places to neutralize the ND133s and it takes a lot of skills to
	do so.  Just have one partner keep them busy while the other one
	knocks the heck outta them.

That's it with the spy mission.  Once you neutralize this last ND133, you're
done.  Good job, congratulations.  Try to do it faster and faster each time
until you get really good at it.

-----))))) Mercenary:

	 This is going to be quite a bit simpler than the spies.  I'm going to
give a few tips and pointers because there are really no techniques to be
used. Here are the steps to take(and some tips): 
1) Place mines by all the ND133s. Try to keep them as much out of sight as 
possible, but still enough to kill your opponent.
2) Place spy traps in three strategic places.  The first spy trap should go 
on the beam next to the entrance downstairs, parallel to the wall. This way,
it will cross the entrance to sector two and all incoming spies will be 
tracked.  The other two are basically the same, because there are beams next 
to each of the entrances.  This will allow you to know where the spies are 
when you enter sector two.  You are left with two spy traps.  Do whatever 
you want with them.  Place them near the places where spies come out.
3) Keep frag grenades on hand.  Turn on motion tracking and scan the entire
place while keeping an eye out for the pesky spies that don't move when they
know you have motion tracking on. Keep patrolling the entire place and watch
out for spies on beams above you.
4) If a spy starts to neutralize a ND133, fire a grenade in his direction 
when you get close enough.  If you get the right trajectory, it'll kill him. 
5) If they somehow manage to get into sector two, just keep patrolling through
the hallways and rooms with your light on.  Motion tracking isn't needed.
Watch out for where your partner is and make sure you don't shoot him. Place
mines by the ND133s if you have them, and the same with spy traps.  Watch the
little openings above the room for spies that might drop down.  If one happens
to be in there, fire a frag grenade at him.
6) Stay away from any smoke grenades because you'll fall asleep if you get
caught in their smoke. 
7) Keep listening to what your partner is saying and make sure you understand
each other.  Communication can help you kill the spies because you'll know 
where they're at. 
8) If they manage to get into sector three, just guard the two openings (one
upstairs, and one downstairs) where the spies generally go.  Also, make sure
you watch out for one of them jumping on your head.

Well, if you manage to kill the spies enough or they run out of time, you win!



**UPDATE** The cinema... ah... my least favorite level.  Feel any of this is
outdated?  Let me know.  Give me your tips and hints.  I'll give you complete
credit and it will be MUCH appreciated.  I can't help you at all for this
level, so....

I'd like to thank "Cmdr Spanky" for submitting this level to me.  If you have
any more questions about this level, email me and I'll ask him for you.

The cinema is broken up into 3 zones.

Part 1:  The theatre.  This is where the Spies spawn.  There are no objectives
in the theatre so you basically have to make your way through this area as
fast as possible to make it to the other zones. 
Part 2:  Lobby.  The lobby has two floors and multiple entry points which I'll
go into more detail below.  There is an objective on the first floor and bottom
Part 3:  Cafeteria and Game Room.  
This zone is behind the lobby and both areas have an ND133 in them. Combined,
this level has 4 ND133 and you have to neutralize 3 out of the 4.

 -----))))) Spy:

	Because there are so many vents and pipes, it's difficult to give a
	walkthrough, instead, I will provide strategies.

This map is all about the order in which you disarm the ND133.  The hardest
order of neutralization for the Mercs to protect is as follows. Bottom Lobby
or Game room in either order, followed by the top floor lobby. OR Top Floor
Lobby or Cafeteria, followed by the game room or Bottom lobby.

The best strategy I've found is as follows: *I've left out some information on
	purpose.  There are some things spies 	should learn on their own.

From the spawn point, run out and turn right at the pipe, go down through the
small vent and go straight past all the chairs.  Jump the waist high wall and
turn right.  Ignore the passage to the left of the movie screen and follow the
big hall way towards the bottom lobby.  While running, hold the button down to
do a diving roll which helps you to cover more ground quickly.  You'll make
more noise, but you're rushing so it isn't critical at this point.  At the
fire extinguisher, turn right again.  Now, if the mercs are good, they'll be
expecting a bottom lobby rush.  What they don't usually expect is the spy to
be targeting them, not the ND133.  I'll explain what I mean.  When you turn
left at the extinguisher, run straight towards the wall that has the lobby
sign on it while holding down your jump button.  You'll do that little wall
step which will allow you to get up on top of the area the first objective is
in.  From there, you'll see the Merc(s) come running in to protect against the
rush for either direction.  From above, you can either jump down on their
head, or get behind them and knock them out cold (or break their neck,
normally I avoid breaking necks, but if they're rushing to stop you, they
haven't placed any mines or traps).  Assuming they both didn't rush up to stop
you, you should be able to disarm the first ND133 before the merc recovers.
There is a well hidden spot for spies to hide if the Merc does recover in time
that I won't divulge in this FAQ.  Like I said before, some things you need to
learn on your own.

Once the bottom lobby is done, make your way to the pole that goes up into the
vent service in either back corner of the bottom floor lobby.

Don't forget to disable the alarm traps in the lobby.

Make your way through the vents to the Cafeteria.  Place yourself against the
wall and make sure no one is there.  In the cafeteria/game room zone, there is
a little area behind that connects the two rooms from the back.  From the vent
service, without disarming alarms, make your way to the back room to get to
the game room objective.  The reason you don't disarm the alarms is to throw
off the mercs to your true objective.  From the back room you have a clear
vision of the game room objective.  Clear out the mines, and be careful of
mines just outside of the door out of your vision.  You can use a sticky cam
to make sure none are there.

Disable the device, and if a merc comes, run back into the back room to hide
from them and escape.  Once the game room is done, the mercs have a hard job
of defending both the café and the Upper lobby.  They'll need to split up to
do so, which means if both spies go to the same location, they should be able
to disable either location.

Because there are so many pathways, vents and crossing pipes in this level,
it's not possible to give out every possible route to the objectives.  I
recommend going to Multiplayer tutorial, and selecting 'visit map' to explore
the different vent systems for this level.

Escape strategies: 
XXXX-- Lobby, Bottom --XXXX:  Flash bang the merc as he chases you and either
make for the theatre, or wall step on top of the little room in the lobby.
XXXX-- Lobby, Top --XXXX:  Same as lobby bottom.  You could also go for the
stairs and throw down a smoke grenade to prevent followers.  A possible ND133
neutralization could be possible due to the merc being stuck upstairs.  Vise
versa for Lobby Bottom. 
XXXX-- Cafe --XXXX:  Flash bang and get on top of the cafe room and jump down
on the merc when able.  Alternate escapes include running up the stairs and
throwing a smoke grenade to prevent the chase, get in the vent and double back
when the coast is clear. 
XXXX--Game Room -- XXXX:  Run into the back room and throw smoke.  Make for the 
café and try to disarm, follow café escape plan if discovered again. 
*****There are lots of different escape strategies; I'm giving the most basic
here.  I don't recommend trying to defeat a merc here.  These are for strictly
running away, something EVERY spy should do.  It's up to your partner to break
the mercs neck as he is chasing you.

Things spies should watch out for: 
1:  Mines on the exits of vent systems.
Some mercs like to place mines at the exits of the vent systems, catching
spies as they leave their hiding places.  If you think they may have done
this, use a sticky cam to verify there is a mine and go a different route if
there is one there.   You could use a chaff grenade to disable it, but you
have to get the chaff grenade to go off near the mine.  If you do chaff IN the
vent, the mine will still be active.  I recommend bouncing the chaff grenade
off something to get it in the right place. 
2:  Watch out for the spawn camp.
This is a level where the mercs can get very close to your spawn location.
Some dirty mercs like to place mines on the two side exits of the spawn.  If
you suspect they are doing this, take the pipe up into the ceiling.  Use
thermal vision to confirm they are patrolling the place.  To make sure you
aren't picked up on electro vision, stand next to the boxes in the ceiling,
because you won't be as visible. 
3:  The mercs can place a mine BEHIND the café ND133 where it is not visible
by Spies.  ALWAYS sneak up slowly to the café ND133 to prevent losing a life
to the hidden mine.  There is no way to remove it quietly, so you'll have
to shoot it. 
4:  Use thermal vision frequently to prevent triggering spy traps. Remember,
you can remove spy traps and laser mines by getting close to them without
tripping the laser. 
5:  Avoid killing the mercs whenever possible. Why?? Because when you kill a 
merc, he respawns with a new fresh set of mines and traps.  This ultimately
makes your job harder because they'll get to reset them all over the place.
As a merc, I have committed suicide many occasion to get a new set of mines to
place around on unsuspecting Spies.

Other information:

There is one place on this map you can do the split jump, and that's by the
ladder to the upstairs lobby.  If a merc is crazy enough to chase you to
there, he deserves to have you jump on him with this method.


1:  Flash or Chaff. 2:  Smoke 3:  Stick cam 4:  Alarm Snare or Spy bullet.

The alarm snare is handy on this level.  From afar, you can trick motion
detectors with the snare sending off a false alarm and noise to confuse the
mercs.  The spy bullet is equally handy because you can either tag a merc or
put it in an area to give you radar coverage of a zone.

I prefer Flash over Chaff on this level.  Because I've seen the bug where
mines are still active despite a chaff grenade going off beside them I don't
use Chaff on this level because there aren't enough uses for it here.

The smoke and stick cam are a must have for this level and most levels in
general for obvious reasons.

-----))))) Mercenary:

Strategy: Just as the spies have a strategy to this level, the mercs must have
one as well.  Typically, it's a good idea to LET the spies have the top lobby
objective, because the last three are easily defended.

You spawn in either the café or game room.  One merc should cover trapping the
back two rooms while the other heads straight to the bottom lobby to stop the
rush.  Remember, while stopping the rush make sure you aren't ambushed by a
spy who may have gotten there first.  Like I said before, let them have the
top lobby.

The patrol patterns for the first merc should be front lobby, café.  The other
merc should be doing game room café.  Make sure to spy trap the vent poles and
other area's the spies like to run.  Basically, you should think like a spy,
and put traps where you yourself would have been caught if you were a spy.

When and if you kill a spy, be creative and catch them as they're leaving the
theatre.  I'm not recommending you camp in their spawn.  I'm recommending you
catch them as they're leaving the theatre in certain locations.  For example,
the ladder to the second floor lobby is a great place to jump on and kill a
spy. The hallway to the bottom floor lobby is a great place to crotch and
snipe with motion tracking on.  You need to make the spies work for their
progress, and doing these things will make it more difficult on this level.
However, if you haven't picked them up after 30 seconds in either location,
head back to your regular patrol because they've gone a different route.

To round out this strategy guide for the Cinema, if the spies happen to get
one of the other three objectives, including the upper lobby, here's what you
should do based on what they have. 
A:  Upper lobby + bottom lobby.  Both mercs
should patrol the back rooms together.  One should be in the back room that
connects the café and game room, the other in the little hallway that connects
the two. Both mercs should be on the watch for sticky cams trying to put them
to sleep on this patrol.  This patrol allows both mercs to respond quickly to
either ND133 if a spy makes it to them. 
B:  Upper lobby + café.  This is a
difficult defense to pull off.  One merc should patrol near the doors that
connect the game room and front lobby.  The other merc should do the same but
on the other side of the doors.  You can stop decontamination by launching
frags at either objective. Remember you can hold down the right trigger to
increase the distance the frag will go.  This patrol pattern makes sure that
if one of you mercs is knocked out, the other is still close enough to stop a
decontamination in either zone. 
C:  Upper lobby + game room.  This defense is
rather easy.  1 merc by himself could do this so two shouldn't have a problem.
One merc will patrol near the doors connecting the lobby and café, where he
has clear shots at both ND133 if a spy gets on them.  The other merc should go
on hunting detail, but never stray too far from either objective, just in case
the other merc gets put to sleep via stick cam.  That is the only thing you
need worry about.  You should be able to stop a spy from directly attacking
you to break your neck by jumping (Y button) with each of these strategies.
I'll cover more combination strategies at a later date.  This covers the ones
you'll encounter if you purposely give up the top lobby.

Things you should look out for. 
1:  The stairs in the front lobby connecting the top and bottom are very
dangerous to patrol.   Despite it being a great location to protect the top
and bottom lobbies at the same time, there are multiple locations that a spy
can drop down on your head.  In addition to that, spies can smoke the stairs,
which with either slow you down, or put you to sleep.  In either case, they'll
have a good chance to disarm the ND133.  I don't recommend camping on the
stairs for any amount of time.  If you do get smoked, use your shoulder rush
to get out of the gas faster.
2:  Watch out for Spies on the top of the little rooms in the top and bottom
lobbies, the café and game room.  They like to hide up there and drop down on
unsuspecting mercs. If you think there is one up on there, throw a phosphorous
grenade up there to spook them out.
3: There are poles that run across each of the rooms. Check them periodically
to make sure they aren't sneaking over head across your patrol.  If your sound
volume is high enough, you should hear them panting, along with the TAP TAP of
their hands on the metal bars.
4:  Sticky cams are a mercs worse nightmare, with being jumped on.  Don't let
either happen. With your sound volume high enough, you can hear sticky cams to
prevent being put to sleep.  Make sure you tell your team mate if you have
been neutralized, because you have a half second to say so before passing out.
5:  Don't forget to duck and jump if you think a spy is behind you.  They
can't grab you while you do that.
6:  Beware the rush.  Speedy spies can get to either the top lobby or bottom
lobby just as fast as you can.  Use your shoulder rush to cover more ground 
quickly if necessary. 
7:  Don't stop talking.  I've seen all too frequently Mercs who don't
communicate with each other.  If you're routinely checking in with each other,
or discussing the weather, you at least know your partner has not been knocked
out.  If your partner gets put to sleep, grabbed, or jumped on, he has a half
second to warn you.  Don't stop talking, it literally makes the difference
between success and failure.
8:  This may not happen much, but I've personally have done it enough times to
make it a warning.  Beware spies who shoot your mines to kill you.  While you
patrol, stay away from your own mines.  Good spies will target the mine, turn
off their laser pointer, and wait for you to pass by to kill you.  Nothing
sucks more than losing a mine, AND your life at the same time.  It doesn't
matter if you get three more mines out of the deal, this is something you need
to be aware of.

Other Information:

If you have an extra mine, a particularly funny strategy is cycling the mine.
Basically, place it in one location, and move it around as necessary.  The
point to this is that spies will think a particular area is safe once, will
not be cautious when they return, so when you place a mine there, they're
liable to trip it and die.  It's an excellent strategy that works on all


You can take pretty much whatever you want on this level.  Each piece will
come in handy.  I would recommend flares the least though, as they will have
very little use on this stage particularly.  They are handy for lighting up
the bottom lobby objective so you can snipe it easier, but their limited
duration means you'll be constantly throwing them in there.


Game Modes:

Brought to you by: "Cmdr Spanky"  Thanks AGAIN!!!

Game modes:
The objective here is to place a modem on a wall where it can see the ND133 so
it can remotely disarm the device.  There are less ND133 that you can disarm, 
making the map a little more difficult for the Spies.  On the flip side, it's 
equally more difficult for the Mercenaries because they have to find and 
disable the modem, which is no easy task if the spy found a good hiding place 
for it. As a spy, you start out with one modem, and you place it by pressing 
DOWN on the directional pad.  There'll be a message if you can't place the 
modem in a particular location.  The advantage in this mode for the spies is 
that once you place your modem down, you are free to sneak away or protect 
the modem from the mercs.  To get a new modem, you have to either:
a:  Die, and respawn with a new one (not recommended)
b:  Find the ammo packs that the mercs use to reload.  These ammo crates hold
modems for the spies.
The disadvantages for the spies are 
a: there are less ND133 available on the map.
b: it takes longer to neutralize an objective.
The mercs advantage to this mode is that there are less ND133 to protect, and
once an ND133 comes under attack, they have more time to react to prevent the
ND133 from being neutralized.
The disadvantage however is that they have to be able to find that pesky modem.
Electromagnetic vision will light it up.  It's triangular shaped object that'll
shine very brightly in this view.  A 3 round burst will destroy the modem.  The
other disadvantage is that spies will be in the area trying to slow you down
from stopping the modem.
The strategies to this mode are uniquely different for both Merc and Spy for
each map.  The current map strategies only cover neutralization.  *Cinema's
only option is neutralization.  Warehouse has Neutralization and Extraction.
In this mode, the spies need to grab the tube from the ND133 and bring it back
to their starting point.
The ND133 are in the same location and generally the same number of them are
available on each map as there are in neutralization mode.
Spies have the advantage that they don't need to neutralize anything, they just
need to get the tube and run. The disadvantage is that once they have the tube,
if they move too fast, they will appear on Merc radar, plus the tube will glow
bright green, making them show up even in the dark.

Mercs are at the greatest disadvantage I believe in this mode, however, a solid
Merc team can prevent the tubes from being stolen with some out of the box
thinking.  The advantage/disadvantages are the reverse compared to the spy.
The Mercs advantage is Spies show up on radar, the disadvantage is there is no
neutralization time, and they have to catch the faster more agile Spies.
Mercs, the best way to protect the ND133 is to never let the spies get close to
the tube.  Failing this, placing traps and mines around the exit points is a
secondary prevention method.  Intimate knowledge of the map is extremely
important to win as a Merc in this particular mode.
Most players currently play this mode, so this explanation will be for the new

In neutralization the spies must reach the keyboard side of a ND133 and wait
10-20 seconds (depending on the map/level) while they type away to disarm the
ND133.  During this time, spies are completely vulnerable to Mercs.  However,
you can interrupt the process, and return to finish it off at the time you left
it at.  So, if you got a particular ND133 to 3 seconds, when you return, you
only need to finish off the last 3 seconds.
The game mode is extremely balance for both Spy and Merc, as the only
advantage, disadvantage for both is regarding the time it takes to
decontaminate the ND133.  Mercs advantage is that they have 10-20 seconds to
respond and prevent the spy from disarming the ND133, the spies advantage is
that they can return at anytime and finish off what was left of the timer.



	Okay, well I figured that since I've had some tips submitted, I should
put a tips section into my guide.  Here are tips for both Mercenaries and

1) You will be able to detect the spies when you are using the Electromagnetic
Vision goggles if they are currently using the Night Vision and/or Thermal
Vision goggles.  They will be a bright light, depending how far/close they are
from you.

2) You can see through a Smoke grenade if you switch to your Electromagnetic
Vision goggles.

3) You can kill an enemy in one shot if you hit him in the head while you are
scoped in. (The Mercenary gun turns into a powerful sniper rifle while scoped)
To get in the snipe mode, click on the right toggle control.

4) You can use the Electromagnetic Vision goggles to see through those pesky
vents in certain levels.  You should be able to see the spy clearly.

5) Motion Tracking goggles will track enemies for a short time while they are
out of normal sight.

6) Use proxy mines because they're harder to disable by spies.

7) If you know your fellow merc, make some sort of code to talk in so that way
if you get hit with a spy bullet, they will have no idea what you are talking

8) Your laser, if placed on an enemy target in the dark, will be indentified so
you don't have to give away your position with your torchlight.

9) If a spy runs up at you and hits you, or blinds you with smoke, flashbang,
etc...., turn in circles shooting and firing grenades.  (It works 9 times out
of 10)

10) Use phosphorus grenades because if a spy runs through the green cloud, his
footsteps will show up.  Flares will only light them up in a certain spot.

11)  I've received a bit of critism from GOOD Merc players because I left out a
very obvious tip, and people who play with/against me notice I do this all the
time.  Regarding equipment a Merc should take, you should ALWAYS take the tazer.
ALWAYS.  Like your American Express, never leave home without your tazer.  Why?
Despite it's limited range, the tazer is essentially a one hit kill weapon.  If
you've never used the tazer before let me explain. The tazer for the mercs will
shock and knockout a spy, leaving him helpless for about 15 seconds.  This has
been timed from start of shock, to falling down and getting back up (actually, I
was really tired, I may have took down the wrong time).  During the 15 seconds
the spy is 100% vulnerable.  It only takes 1 easy shot to the head to end their
life.  Thus, if you land a successful tazer hit, the spy is as good as dead,
unless his partner is nearby to save him, which rarely is the case (no spy has
yet to stop me from ending their partners life).  The weapon is most effective
against Spies trying to break your neck, and ambushing Spies who don't know your
location.  Lastly, it takes out half of the spies health on contact. The trick
is landing the tazer hit.  The tazer has a limited range and about a 1 fire rate
delay between shots.  If you practice with the tazer, you'll be able to kill
most spies foolish enough to run directly in front of you.  Remember, let the
spy lay motionless for awhile as this will eat up precious time for them before
you end their life.  In general, you can make them waste a precious 30 seconds
in addition to losing a life. I've also had some success with 'sweeping' the
tazer as I fire.  The electrical arc lasts for half a second, allowing you to
turn left/right during the effect to catch spies.  Takes alot of practice to get
this technique down, and very quick reflexes to do it in a real match. *Note:
I've seen some Mercs place a Laser mine over top a sleeping spy, that's a HUGE
waste of a mine, and I don't recommend it.  Just put a bullet in their cranium
and be done with it.

12) Flash bangs will not blind you while you're in special vision mode.  If you
have excellent reflexes, you should be able to switch your vision mode as you
see them throw it down.  To all you spies curious as to how I could still see
and shoot you after you flash banged me, now you know.  I'm NOT CHEATING, I'm so
tired of hearing that.

13) Some maps allow forms of 'spawn' camping for both Mercs and Spies.
Personally, I hate having this done to me, but I hate it even more when my
partner does it.  Just because you can camp a spawn doesn't mean you should.
99% of the time, I have found people will quit, and it doesn't necessarily speed
up your game time.  People who have played with me find I *yell* at them *alot*
when they start doing this.

14) It's smarter to mine the entrances than it is to mine close to the ND133.
Most good spies will disable the mine by the ND133.  Most spies though, don't
expect a mine to be just around the corner as they enter any of the sectors.
This strategy works well against both new players and seasoned spies.

15) Most people know this already, but for the new merc, keep in mind the laser
pointer will highlight players in an easy to see box, even if they're in the
dark or far away.  Scan a room quickly with the laser pointer to pick out spies
who are hiding, not moving and not using their equipment to show up on electro
vision.  Just keep in mind, you don't have your sound radar isn't on while
using the laser pointer.  The torchlight will light up an area, but it has
limited range.  The laser pointer does not.

16) If you happen to get a spy in a spy trap, don't go rushing to kill the spy.
Heres why: a:  if they don't know they've been tagged, they'll give up
important strategy information through their communications, b:  if they know
they've been tagged, the spies are going to ambush you when you come trying to
kill them.  The good spies do this, bad ones just run away until it wears off.
c:  you will know where they are going, you can lay in wait for them, and when
they come out into the open, you can easily finish them off.  Chasing them
around once they've been tagged will only notify a good spy that he's been
tagged.  Much better to ambush them when they come out of the vents or ceiling.

17) Phospherous, and frag grenades look the same to a spy while in flight.  If
you think a spy is hiding behind a wall( but aren't sure), you can usually
scare them out by using a phospherous grenade instead of a real frag.  The real
frag grenades are too valuable to go launch them around if you aren't sure of a
spies location.  Plus, if they WERE behind the wall, and didn't run, they would
then be lit up with a nice glow in the dark green for quite sometime.  The spy
would only want this to happen if he was hiding in tall grass, but that's not
the case in the warehouse or any level (yet) for that matter.

18) Use the merc shoulder rush to get out of (or to rush through) smoke clouds
quickly.  You'll surprise several spies with this, and if you're lucky, you'll
also land a big hit on the spy on the other side.  Beware, you'll be slow when
you come out of the rush, and vulnerable to a neck break.  See tip 6 to avoid
this in general.

19) If you think a spy has gotten behind you via the use of flash bangs, chaff
and smoke grenades, jump or duck!  A spy can't grab you if you're ducking or
jumping.  I recommend the jump over the duck.  If you're ducking, he can
neutralize you with a quick strike to the head.

20) In sector 1, each of the objectives are within sniper view from the walkway
that runs across the middle of the warehouse.  Use this to place easy headshot
kills on any spy foolish enough to try to disable the ND133.You could also use
frags, but why bother when one quick bullet to the head will end the process
and the spies life.

21) This is one of the few levels where a merc could jump on a spy, in either
sector 1, or sector 3.  If the spy is below you, feel free to jump on his head.
While he lays unconscious, you can easily finish off his life with a 3 round
burst. It's a definite moral buster for the spies when this happens.  Good
places to do this is from the top of a ladder or stair case.  Other places in
sector one include the crate area, and the ND133 below the top floor ND133.  In
sector three, where a spy comes out of the underground passage is another great
place to easily jump on their heads.

22) If you can, have the volume of the game turned up high, or pick up a
surround sound stereo system.  In addition to your sound 'radar', you can HEAR
the spies through the speakers of your TV or stereo system.  You can hear them
bang around in vents, or breathing heavily when they're climbing across a pipe
or rafter.  You'll also hear when they shot mines in distant rooms, etc, etc.
Basically, anything a spy does that'll make noise, you can hear through the
speakers of your system.

23) Mercs can snipe a spy in the head if he has your partner in a choke hold.
Works well against spies trying to use your buddy as a human shield.

24) If you happen to get caught in a cloud of smoke, point yourself in the
direction where you can get out, and start to move that way.  If you press A,
you'll charge out of the smoke quickly making it an easy escape.

1) You can move without being detected on the Motion Tracking Vision goggles if
you crouch and move slowly.

2) It is a good idea to carry Alarm Snares because you can shoot them to lure
your enemies to go places.  As an example, I hang from a beam and shoot an
Alarm Snare to distract the enemy and make him move somewhere where I want him
to go.  Then I fall/grab him and easily kill him.

3) Carrying Sticky Cameras is also a good idea, because you can shoot it at a
wall next to an opponent, and release the gas making him fall asleep.

4) It is also a good idea to decontaminate a different ND133 than your partner
at the same time because the enemy Mercenaries don't know which one to go for
and they will not have time to go to both, thus you will be able to unlock the
next sector pretty much every time.

5) If you sneak up slowly enough on a proximity mine, you can remove it from
the wall, rendering it useless. (same with laser mines)

6) If you knock out a merc, stand around with a chaff grenade until he wakes
and throw it. (If you knocked him out with a smoke grenade, he most likely was
firing blind through the smoke, thus his magazine is probably low on ammo and
he won't be able to reload)

7) To avoid an incoming grenade without damage or death, run standing upright
and do a roll. (hold the B button while running upright)

8) If a merc is chasing you and is within about five feet or so, run up to a
wall and hold Y.  You will run up to wall and backflip off of it, knocking out
the now astonished merc.

9) When sector 1 is disabled, try to shadow a merc through the secure doors
into sector 2/3.  It's a fast way in, and 90% of the time, you'll be able to
disable to merc because he'll be too busy rushing to get into sector 2/3 to
notice you behind them.  A ND133 decontamination is easy if you followed a merc
through the bottom floor secure door.

10) If your partner died, try to let him in a secure door if you're close
enough to one.  Fast way in, and the mercs don't usually expect this tactic.
You can open the door as a spy if you are on the other side of it.  Side note:
Some spies like to get into the merc spawn after a merc dies.  I don't like
when spies do this, and I'm against it.  It's something to be aware of as both
spy and merc that this could happen.  The spy gets in as the merc comes out,
and then, whenever a merc dies, they tend to get thier neck broken from within
the spawn area, or they get jumped on, either or.

11) Spies should double team every ND133.  For example, if you're partner is
going for the top floor ND133 in sector 1, you should be either smoking,
punching, zapping or delivering neck breakers to the mercs.  The same applies
to each sector.

12) If you were able to jump on a merc once in the warehouse, you'll be able to
jump on him twice.  Get back up high above the merc, and as he's getting up,
jump on him again to finish off his life.  If you're lucky, the second merc
will come to investigate and you have a 2 for 1 deal on your hands.

13) Medical stations are abundant in the warehouse in each sector except sector
3.  If you need to make mercs chase you to provide cover for your partner, do
so, just keep in mind where you're running.  You can grab health as you flee to
keep the chase going long enough to ensure the objective is neutralized.  Also,
you will make mercs use up alot of bullets as they chase you.  If you happened
to take chaff grenades, you can prevent them from reloading, making them an
easy target for a back massage if you catch my drift.

14) General tip.  You can tell what vision mode a merc is in by looking at his
visor.  Red is motion, so don't move, blue is electro so turn off your vision
mode and don't use your laser pointer or sticky cams, and yellow is normal.
Mercs are extremely vulnerable while running around in electro vision, so run
behind them without having any vision modes on for an easy kill.

15) Zapping Mercs in the head will cause a system malfunction.  All of their
equipment will have to restart.

16) Once you know the map well enough, turn off your active display.  Why?
Because the really good mercs, will place mines where the orange active
displays will block your vision of the mine.  By turning off the active display
(black button) you will be able to see clearly what defenses are around a

17) Don't forget you have binoculars.  Use them to scope out the path you
intend to take across the warehouse sector 1 and 3.  Binoculars are great on
several different levels.  Also, as a rumor, I've heard that you can hear
what your opponent is saying if you're looking at them in the binoculars and
they are talking to their partner.  I'll try to confirm this.

18) Spy bullets placed on walls will give the spies 'radar' in a particular
area.  This way, for sector 2/3, the spies can know the movements of the spies
in those smaller areas.  For example, firing off a bullet in the hallways as
you make your way pass the openings towards the ND133 will allow you to know
when a merc is about to pass by on patrol.  I use 2 to 3 bullets around a
ND133 so I know when a merc is approaching to stop me.   Doing so gives you
enough time to flee the area, and/or make preperations to neutralize him as he
comes in gunning at the ND133 to stop you.  The bullets also let you know when
they're leaving the area, so you know you have time to neutralize.  A
particularly useful area for the radar effect of the bullet is for the bottom
floor ND133 in sector 2.  Place a bullet halfway on the stairs, and you'll
have plenty of warning for when a merc is coming.  You'll be able to easily
get back into the pipe and up far enough they can't hurt you.   ALSO, you'll
know when he's leaving back upstairs, so you'll be able to go back down and
finish the job. All in all, the area radar effect of the bullets are a
fantastic secondary effect that is rarely used by spies.  Most spies save
their bullets so they can tag the mercs, but considering you have 5 bullets,
and only 2 mercs, the other 3 should be used as radar to recon areas.  Oh, and
there's a bug (it's gotta be a bug) that happens when a merc happens to brush
up against the spy bullet on the wall, that he becomes tagged by it.

19) To avoid the annoying camera reseting while trying to jump down onto a Merc
from an overhead pole, wrap your legs on the poll, pull out your gun to go
upside down, turn off the laser pointer (to prevent mercs spotting the red dot)
and you'll have clear view of your quarry, without needing to constantly re-
adjust the camera. Press B and you'll let go of the poll in a fancy flip and
land on your prey.  I rarely miss jumping on heads from over head polls with
that technique.

20) As nearly EVERYONE knows now, in the Warehouse and Vertigo Plaza
levels, there are ways to actually "teleport" yourself to other places in the
level.  I won't list how to do it because I'm sure there's some newbies who
don't know how to do it.  Expect this to be fixed immediately!  Using this
glitch, in the warehouse spies can: warp to the middle of the map at the start
of the game, or about anywhere else in sector one afterwards (by doing flips
off walls), into sector three (yes, this is very possible, I've done it several
times in free games, into the mercs spawn (also done it several times), and
into sector three after already visiting it and doing a flip off a wall.  But
as I said, this will be fixed soon.

Feel free to submit more tips if you have any.  I'd appreciate it if you read
all of them before submitting one, because I've recieved many tips that are
already in my guide, which is just wasting my time.

Current Contributors - Billy Gay: Merc 1-3, Spy 1-4
             	     - Bart Payne: Merc 6-10, Spy 5-8
             	     - Cmdr. Spanky: Merc 11-23, Spy 9-19
             	     - Stefin Hehman: Merc 24


People Who Have Helped:

Here's the section where I thank the people who made this guide much better.
This "thank you" goes to XBox Live Gamer "Cmdr Spanky", Billy Gay, Stefin 
Hehman, and Bart Payne for their contributions as listed above.  Thanks you 



Please feel free to contact me with ANY mistakes or incorrect information on
this guide.  Also, contact me with information that you have to add to my
guide.  I'll be sure to add it if I feel it to be a posotive addition to my
guide.  I really appreciate the help from my four contributors: Billy Gay,
Cmdr Spanky, Stefin Hehman, and Bart Payne.  Thanks you four.  I'd also like to
thank GameFAQs for making this site and allowing me to help other people this
time, and be helped a lot more times!


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