Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough v0.6
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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Walkthrough

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               _____       _ _       _               _____     _ _
              / ____|     | (_)     | |             / ____|   | | |
             | (___  _ __ | |_ _ __ | |_ ___ _ __  | |     ___| | |
              \___ \| '_ \| | | '_ \| __/ _ \ '__| | |    / _ \ | |
              ____) | |_) | | | | | | ||  __/ |    | |___|  __/ | |
             |_____/| .__/|_|_|_| |_|\__\___|_|     \_____\___|_|_|
                    | |
                     _____                _
                    |  __ \              | |
                    | |__) |_ _ _ __   __| | ___  _ __ __ _
                    |  ___/ _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \| '__/ _` |
                    | |  | (_| | | | | (_| | (_) | | | (_| |
                    |_|   \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|\___/|_|  \__,_|
              |__   __|
                 | | ___  _ __ ___   ___  _ __ _ __ _____      __
                 | |/ _ \| '_ ` _ \ / _ \| '__| '__/ _ \ \ /\ / /
                 | | (_) | | | | | | (_) | |  | | | (_) \ V  V /
                 |_|\___/|_| |_| |_|\___/|_|  |_|  \___/ \_/\_/

                   ***  X B O X  -  W A L K T H R O U G H ***

Author       : Mike Jahn
Platform     : XBOX
Last Updated : April 4th, 2004
Version      : 0.06
EMail        : mech@chan.de


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Mission 1 .................... Dili, Timor
Mission 2 .................... Paris, France
Mission 3 .................... Paris-Nice, France
Mission 4 .................... Jerusalem, Isarel
Mission 5 .................... Kundang Camp, Indonesia
Mission 6 .................... Komodo, Indonesia


Mission 1 - Dili, Timor - Part 1

Climb up the small bridge. Follow it until you see a ladder. Now climb it up.
Look for a horizontal pole. Slip it down. You will see another pole which you
cross by climbing. Press Y to get your legs up. Drop down at the other side
and follow the path to the right behind the house. Don't worry, no enemies are
around here. Open the door. You should use your night vision here. Go into the
small house. You will see a door at the other side. Picklock it. Climb up the
pole in this room. Look for a small trapdoor at the top in the top right
corner. Open it and fall down.

Now go outside. At the dead end you must croach under some shelves. If you are
on the other side you will see some small stairs. Go there and follow the path
around the corner. Don't forget to get the 5.72mm ammo on the barrel. Now move
some stairs down and turn right. Face the wall and sneak along the fence. At
the end look around the corner and press the A button. You will quickly change
to the other side. Now press the left thumbstick again and approach slowly your
first enemy. Simply press B and move very slow towards him. Press the action
button and knock him out. Don't use your gun! Your mission will be over if you
do so. Hide his body in the darkness.

Move straight now. You will reach your first SAVE POINT. Don't mistake SAVE
POINTS for CHECKPOINTS. You can not load from there! If you turn on your
Thermal Goggles now you will see some nasty mines. Just jump the small edge and
move around the corner to avoid them. You will see some more mines! Run and
press the Y button when you are closly to jump accross them. You should use a
view from the top. Makes it easier. Now switch to your Night Vision and follow
the path to a dead end. Face the wall and Press Y three times to split jump to
an edge. Hanging there move a bit to the left and lift yourself up. Go to the
left and move through a small room until you reach for your next SAVE POINT.

Move down and slip down a pole. Down there you should change your position to
croach first. Now move very slowly up the small river until you see a water
wheel. Leave the river there. Again move VERY slowly and approach the person
sitting on a box. If you are close enough press the A button and interrogate
him. Before you knock him out move him into the dark corner left ahead of you.
Now go slowly to column and wait for his friend to come out. Press the black
button to lure him in your corner and knock him out. Now climb the eaves
gutter and you will reach your first CHECK POINT! Yah!!

Mission 1 - Dili, Timor - Part 2

First of all turn on your Night Vision again. Climb up the ladders at the
framework to get to a balcony. Around the corner you will see a window. Croach,
face the wall and press the right thumbstick. If you have passed it listen to
the conversation. Again sneak along the window. At the door lean to the right
and press A to change the quickly the side. Now follow the path to a dead end
and climb up the eaves gutter to the roof. Hanging there carefully move to the
right around the corner. You will hear a conversation again. Move to the lamp
and drop down. Jump around the corner on the small balcony. Slowly move through
the balcony door. You will see a terrorist interrogating and beating a hostage.
That bastard! Just approach him slowly from behind and knock him out! He drops
5.72mm ammo. But you probably have no room for more ammo. Talk to the hostage,
it's Douglas Shetland, your mission objective. After the conversation you may
save at a CHECK POINT.

Okay, now open the door accross from the window. You will see a guard on a
balcony. Turn on your Night Vision, croach down and move slowly close along the
wall. Approach him this way and knock him out. Put his body in the corner next
to the door you just came from. Now follow the bright floor. Go right and use
the steps downstairs. There are three guards in a big room! Nasty, huh? One of
them is circling the room. You have to croach to the small space between the
little bar and the wall. Wait for the circling guard to pass this point. Once
he has passed it and has gone a bit farther take your chance and croach in the
shadows of a cloth wall. You will see a bottle on a table. Take it and throw it
over the cloth wall towards the bright area. The guards will look around. Okay,
now immediately go to the dark area behind the columns (accross from the table
with the bottle on it) and make your way to the other side. Follow the floor
until you reach a big door. Open it and whew - CHECKPOINT!

Okay, you are in huge yard now. Trust me, it looks more complicated then it
will be. From the door you came from move to the left. A scary cutscene will
appear. Whew, too much guards huh? Well, ignore what you have been told. Just
follow the path around the left corner. A guard tower will shoot you. Just run
towards it, you won't die. If you have passed it you should disable it. Follow
the path to a door. Open it and follow the steps upstairs. You will see a
medkit. I don't have to tell you what you have to do now. Okay, you are at full
health again. Follow the stairs to the next floor. But be sure to croach. You
will see a sniper standing at the window. Move slowly towards him and, guess
what, take him down. Take his body and open the door close to the window. Drop
him in that room. You will meet your blind date, Ingrid, there too. Talk to
her. After the conversation you may save the game at your next CHECKPOINT.

Open the window in the back of Ingrid. Go outside jump down and turn left. Now
rappel on the wall. Oh I almost forgot. You may finally use your pistol! Good,
huh? Okay, they are two guards running around in this village. Just use your
Thermal Goggles, look for them, and take them down. The village isn't very big
after all. If they are sleeping go back to the place you came down. On the
opposite side of this porch you will find a door. Open it and take the ammo
on the table. There is also the midkit around you have used before. Get some
health if needed. Now go back to the village and look for two small guard
towers. Climb them and switch the power off. One guard tower is next to the
porch you come from and the other is in the middle of the village. You can't
miss them. Okay, now follow the path to the water. You will see a boat. Enter
it and you have completed your first mission!

Mission 2 - Paris, France - Part 1

Parlez-vous fran軋is? Well, you don't need too. Okay, you start in a subway
system. Go down the ladder and slowly approach the rails. A subway will pass
behind the next wall. Lean around the corner and wait for a guard to come
forth. Take him out with an aimed headshot if he stops. Thermal Googles will
help a lot. Hide his body at a dark area nearby. Now go closer to the "ghost
train". Jump up the blue ladder. Climb it up. Turn on your Night Vision and
follow the roof until you see a hole in the roof. Jump down and slowly go
further until you see two guards. They will have a conversation. Well, but
before they finish this little chitchat you will toss a frag granade in their
direction. Too bad. Hide their bodies in the darkness of shadow. Now follow
the path until you see a fire blocking your way. You will be told to shot
the pipes. That's not exactly what you have to do. Just aim for the two valve
wheels. The water will put the fire out. Open the door at the end of the room.
You will enter a room with a lot of shelfs. Climb the one in front of the door
you just came in. From there you can easily take out the one and only guard in
that room. Don't make him suffer too much and aim for his head. Since it's dark
in that room if you turn of the light you don't have to hide his body. At the
end of the room you will see a door. Turn off the light. The switch is next to
that door. There are two guards in the next room. Well okay, just charged the
room and take the two guys out. Do not worry about the security stage. They
will decrease it later. One of them has a datastick. Take it. Now hide their
bodies in the shadows. Nothing more to do here. Open the door in the top right
corner. Turn left and picklock the door in front of you. In the next room you
will find a medkit. Use it if needed. There is also a CHECKPOINT in that room.

Okay, open the big door. Immediately turn right and move in the corner straight
ahead. Croach and see what happens. Three guards are searching the room. After
a while they decide that nothing unusal is going on. Nevertheless not all of
them will leave. Two guards are orderd to secure the room. Don't move. One of
them will come closer to you and stops almost in your corner. Your chance to use
a Ring Air to take him down silently. He drops a satchel. Take it, it's a
datastick.  Move his body to your favourite dark corner. Do the same with other
guard. Ring Air him, take him down and move his body to a dark place. Now go to
the other side of the room, pass the plastic curtain. You are in a small
mortuary now. Turn left and move to the big door. You will hear a radio message.
A voice says that the basement is clear. The security stage will be decreased
now. Open the door now. You will hear loud shooting now. They are destroying
the computers! What you have to do now should be quite clear. Move ahead and
kill two guards in the computer room to your left. Access the terminal. After a
conversation you will have to be fast. A bomb has been armed. You have exactly
1:30 minutes to disarm it! It is in the boiler room down the corridor. Well,
but first calm down at your next CHECKPOINT!

Okay, ready again? Run down the corridor! Turn right, take out two guys and
picklock the door with the high voltage sign on it. The bomb is just in there.
Just press the action button to disarm it. Leave the room and open the door
around the corner to go upstairs.

Mission 2 - Paris, France - Part 2

Part 2 starts, you would not belive it, with a CHECKPOINT! Go upstairs. You
will see a alarm trap. Just croach and move slowly close to the wall to avoid
it. Take the next stairs to the first floor. The security stage should be
decreased when you go to the next door. Around the next corner they are waiting
three guards for you. Take them out before they run around the corner. Jez, I
like the SC-20k! Don't forget to loot them. Hide the bodies now. Across from
the server room is a door. Open it to get to a small kitchen. You will find
some ammo and a medkit. Leave the room and turn left. Watch the alarm trap.
Avoid it the same way like the other one. Turn right and charge the securtiy
room. It's the second door to your left. Take out the two guards in there. If
you do it fast enough no alarm will be sounded. The monitors there are't
watched now. Good for you. Don't forget to hide their bodies. You can open the
door next to the security room now and take a diversion camera with you in that
room. Across from the security room you have to enter the server room now. Take
out a few cameras on the ceiling to stop that nerving beep sound. Okay, go to
the top left corner and access the terminal. Leave the server room through the
other door. Use the keypad on the other side of the corridor. The code is 2457.
Pass it to have your next CHECKPOINT!

Croach down and move slowly towards the table. Take two Ring Airfoil Rounds.
Now shout out the flood light. The noise will make a guard open the door.
Standing there in the darkness use a Ring Airfoil on him. Knock him down and
hide his body in the darkness. You will see another alarm trap to your right.
Avoid it as usual. Open the door to your next. Securety stage should be
decreased again. To avoid an increasement of the securety stage shoot the
camera in front of you upside the stairs. There is also a nasty Wall Mine.
Slowly get closer and disarm it. Go upstairs and use your Optic Cable to
look what is going on the next room. There are two guards. One of them is
circling and the other one is sitting in the corner. Open the door when
the cirling one is right in front of you. He can not see you since you are
in the darkness. Use a sticky shocker on him. Now go the right, pass the glass
wall, and take the other guard out with an aimed headshot. Hide the bodies
in the darkness. Now leave the room. There is a hallway across from the glass
wall. Go to the end of the floor. There is a door to your right. Enter 7562
at the keypad there. Go into the room. You will find some nasty French Brains
and a CHECKPOINT! Use the medkit on the wall if needed. Now leave the room
on the other side. There is a turret in that room. Just pass the plastic
curtain across from the door and disable it. There is also a busy guy in that
room. Just shoot him. Don't forget the Sticky Shocker he drops. Now picklock
the door in the top left corner. What the hell. They are bodies in some glass
pipes. Where is Frankenstein? Oh well. Use your Thermal Googles in that room.
You will see two guys. Just make a nice and lure them. You can take them down
easily since they can hardly see you. Now follow the path. You will reach
a hallway with some cages. You will also see a Wall Mine. You get a free medkit
if you disable that mine. Open door next to the racks with the cages now. Go
inside and have a CHECKPOINT!

Now jump on the rack with aeration shaft over it. You will see a cutsence now.
Some guys are shooting a bulletproof door. Well, sneak over their heads to the
right and enter the room from above that guys can not get in. Talk to a guy
in that room. He will be very kind and gives you his cell phone. Wow, it is a
Sony Ericsson. What a surprise! Okay, be fast now and go back where you came
from. That guys really take it seriously! They are blowing the door up. Back
in the shaft turn right and go straight ahead. Jump down to the floor and go
straight again to have your mission completed.

A side note from Adam: "In the 60 seconds you get before the bad guys blow up
the vault door and killing the guy inside, if you kill all three gaurds then
shoot the valve with the gauges around it, you'll save the guy inside the vault
and still be able to get out and not get the speech about getting a psych eval."

Mission 3 - Paris-Nice

You are starting on the top of a moving train. Croach forward and jump down
at the first hatchway. Go forward and open the first door to the next car.
There is a guy at the end of it. Sneak towards him and take him out before he
can trigger the alarm. Hide his body in the darkness. There is a hatchway in
the ground in front of the bright room. Open it and croach forward at the
buttom of the train. Nice scene! As you proceed you will reach your first

At the end of the pole you have to climb up. You are in a small room now.
Go to the panel with the four green lights. Active a switch there to unlock
the side doors. Now use your Optic Cable on the door. If you can see a guy
standing in the cabins wait for him to walk away. If he has gone open the door
and move quickly to the left. Open the glass door. The guys may calm that they
have seen something but if you do it quickly enough nothing will happen. Okay,
open the door to your left and climb out. It's getting hot now. Go outside and
clamber until you reach the other side door. Don't worry, it's no problem for
Fisher. He can even make it if a train passes. If you have made it to the other
side just open the door and climb back inside the train. Open the door to your
right and chill out at a CHECKPOINT!

Go straight. You will see a glass door. What for the conductor to leave. Go to
the cabins now. Ignore the other passengers by the way. They won't sound the
alarm or something. Look for cabine number 18. You will find Soth there. Talk
to him. After a while Soth will receive a phone call. He will leave you alone.
Hack his laptop as soon as you can. Now chase him quickly and silently so he
does not notice you. He will go to the next car. Stop moving if you have reached
a column. You will see a fence. Stand behind it and use your laser-mic to spy
his phone call. Now wait for two guys to leave this car. When they are vanished
come forth and pass the column. You will have a CHECKPOINT there.

The guy standing in the corner will come forth. Whistle and lure him to the
dark part of the car. Beat him once, and knock him down. Now you have to be
fast. Run to the other side of the train. You will be chased. Go to the very
end. Wait for the guy who is chasing you and beat him first and knock him down
then. Now look for a leddar. Climb up to get to the roof again. There are two
helicopters over the train. One is waiting right in front of you and the other
one is trying to kill you. Just run straight ahead to your friends helicopter.
You can easly make it, just run. If you are standing under it hit the action
button to fetch the rope and complete your mission!

Mission 4 - Jerusalem, Isarel - Part 1

First of all talk to Coen. Okay, turn on your Night Vision. Go straight and
upstairs at the steps. Since the use of lethal force is not allowed here you
have to act from the shadows. Avoid stepping into bright areas. Turn right
upstairs. At the corner wait for a guard. If he is close to you just beat him
once and take him down. Do not forget to hide his body. Around the corner you
will see a bright room. The person inside should also going to sleep. Hide his
body in the shadow. Go further. Croach now close to the wall to pass the light
rays. Wait for another guard coming further. You can beat him down when he stops
at a door there. Just surprise him out of the shadow and hide his body. You have
to act very fast or otherwise he will ring the alarm. Follow the alley. Stand
behind the corner and wait for another guard who is coming out of a passage.
When he goes back again, attack him from behind and hide his body in the
darkness. Go through the passage around the corner. You will see two men talking
at a square. Go left after you have left the passage and use the shadow to
approach them. Act fast now. First of all you have to beat the guy who is
standing a bit further away. If you wouldn't beat that guy first he would run
away and the alarm will be sounded. So beat him first and the other one will
run a bit towards the passage, but not away. So you can easly get him. Hide
both bodies in the shadows. Now make your way around the corner. There is one
guard in the ally across from you. Surprise him and hide his body. There is
another guard behind a barrier in that alley. You can't reach him. Just stay
invisible. Now go to the square next to the alley. Look for an entrance behind a
few boxes. In the top right corner of the room you will find a hallway behind a
curtain. Here is your first CHECKPOINT!

Slowly go downstairs. There are two men threaten your contact. Be fast and knock
them both out before the alarm will be sounded. Of course hide their bodies in
the shadows. Talk to the man. He will show you the hidden place where you can
find your SC-20k! Take it. There are also two Airfoil Rounds and two Sticky
Shocker on the ground. Take them too. Talk to him again. He is going to show you
a place where you can test your modified SC-20k. Follow him silently. The
barrier has been removed now by the way. The guard there is still around but
ignore him for now. After you have followed your contact to a nice lookout point
talk to him. He tells you about the modifications and stuff. After a while a guy
comes down and goes to the fountain. You will be told to Sticky Shock him. Well,
you don't have to. Save your rare Sticky Shockers and just beat him down from
behind. Hide his body in the shadows. Now go upstairs and around the corner.
Follow the path until you reach an alley. Finally knock down the guard there.
Now go to the right and left around the corner. On your way downstairs you will
meet a women. Since she looks tird let her sleep and show her a dark place to
rest. Follow the path around the corner and relax at your next CHECKPOINT!

Sneak downstairs now. You will see two guys down there. Since the area is dark
you can sneak very close. If you feel comfortable let the right one feel a Ring
Airfoil, then quickly beat the left one down. After that quickly beat the right
one down. Hide their bodies. Okay, go all the way downstairs now. It's a dark
area. You should use your Night Vision. You will meet one guard on your way.
Surprise him out of the shadows and hide his body. Go further until you reach
the very end of the alley. Go left around the corner now. Silently follow that
small alley. You will see a guard behind a fence. If you are silent he won't
notice you. Sneak to the fence and turn right. See the eaves gutter? Climb
it. On the top go a bit further and jump on the edge. Go further again until
you see a freight elevator. Use it to slide to the other side. Turn right now
and rappel on the wall. The first part of the mission will end here.

Mission 4 - Jerusalem, Isarel - Part 2

Back on the ground you are behind a fence. Go a bit left. There is a women on
the other side. Talk to her. After the conversation a CHECKPOINT will let you
save the game.

Further left is a hole in the fence. Leave there and step on the road. There
are four people in that area. One guard, two civilians and the women you have
just talked to. You have to follow her. Since it's dark just knock the guard
and the civilians out. It's really easy. Nothing more to explain. Hide the
bodies and go straight ahead. Go through the hallway. There is another guard.
Quickly take him down and hide his body. Go further and right around the corner.
You will follow her to a hugh square. Two guys are guarding this area. If you
use the shadows wisely you don't have to take them out. Best way is to go left
after you have left the alley and follow the wall to your left. Just avoid the
bright areas. Silently sneak ahead until you cross her path again. Follow her to
the next CHECKPOINT.

Okay, go straight. There is one guard around the corner. For some reason the
alarm will be sounded if you take him out. Maybe a bug? I don't know. Well,
there is still another way. First shoot the two lanterns and let him look
around. Since it's dark you can quickly turn around the corner and follow
the women to a passage. You will meet another guard there. Take him down using
the shadows. Turn right. The women will talk to a guard. Your chance to
approach him silently. Take him out and hide his body behind one of the boxes
in this area. Go straight and talk to her again. You will have a chance to save
your game at a CHECKPOINT after this conversation.

There is a guy standing in a bright area. Lure him towards you. Just wait until
he turns backwards. Immediately take a step back then. He will go down now.
Attack him from the shadows if he is close enough. Hide his body. Okay now go
around your corner and straight ahead through a small hallway and a dark passage
A guard will come around the right corner. Wait until he is close enough and
take him down from the shadows. Now follow the passage to a dead end. You will
see an eveas gutter to your right. Climb it until you reach a windows. Go
There are two civilians in that apartment. Just take them down and hide their
bodies. Leave the appartment through the window of the room with the television.
Follow the ledge to the right and climb the next edge. Follow that vertiginous
path the other side. Accidentally you will find a small pole there where you can
rappel on the wall. Back on the ground silently turn right. Avoid being seen by
the chitchatting guards. They are very close. Well, you will also meet your
female contact there. Follow her again. Stop in the shadows while she opens a
gate. A guy will talk to her. Your chance to take him down. Hide his body in
the shadows. Now follow her to a room in the backyard. She will show you a
hidden elevator.

A side note from Thurston: In the room with the elevator is some equipment on a
create. Then go upstairs and into another hallway. There are some more items! Go
upstairs once more to the third level and there is some more ammo and stuff. It
is a nice nest egg for the next part of the mission.

Now talk to the women. After that conversation you will have to do something
which is very contended in my opinion. Well, kill her...

Just a side note. I have done that part without using any Sticky Shockers or
Ring Airfoil Rounds. It is possible but not easy.

Mission 4 - Jerusalem, Isarel - Part 3

Finally you may use your gun on real opponents. Be prepaired to attack two guys
when the elevator stops. Shoot em up action will follow. It's easy to explain
what you have to do now. Just make your way through an underway system and kill
everyone who attacks you. And no, you don't have to hide the bodies.

Here is a map of the sewage system.

# = path / room
: = steps
O = elevator

You will find some useful equipment in room <1>. In room <2> you will find the
canister you have to capture. It's on a table in the top middle part of the
room. Just fight your way to that room.

                                        O <--- Exit Elevator
                            #                         #
                            #            #########    #
                            #            #########    #
                            #            ###<2>########
                            ######################    #
                            #            #########    #
                            #                    #    #
                            #                    #    #
                        #########      ################
                        #########      #    #    #
                        ###<1>##########    #    #
                        #########      #    #    #
                        #########      #    #    #
                                        O <--- Entrance Elevator

After you have fought your way to the exit elevator you will be on the surface
again. There are four guards out there but no lethal force is allowed. One of
then is roaming towards you. Let him feel a Ring Airfoil when he steps into the
darkness and beat him down. It's important that he's standing in the darkness.
Otherwise the alarm will be sounded. Lure the next guard to the shadows by using
the nice whistle button. You have to get a bit closer to lure him by whistling.
You have to sneak to the borderline of the shadow. After you have lured him back
off a bit. Take him also down with a Ring Airfoil when he's covered by darkness.
Okay, two guards left. Quickly and silently sneak around the left corner. Take
cover behind a few boxes on a small carriage. Whistle again to lure the third
guard. Back off a bit and let him feel a Sticky Shocker when he is close enough.
The last guard is easy now. All you have to do is to Sticky Shock him whereever
he stands. If you don't have a Sticky Shocker left Ring Airfoil him and quickly
beat him down. Don't forget to hide his body in the shadows. Now follow the path
to the right and go to that small passage. That's where your mission will end!

A side note from Brandon: If you don't kill the women who's guiding you, snipers
will attack at the end of the mission. "I got through this mission by hugging
around the building in the shadows (under the scaffoldings) and sniping 2 men
directly across from you higher up near some windows. There are about 4 snipers
in this area, and I was only able to find 3 of them.  I just sorta sprinted
around the lit corner towards the extraction point which alarmed that last
guard, but he only hit me once.  They don't come after you and no alarms sound."

Mission 5 - Kundang Camp, Indonesia - Part 1

You start in a jungle area. Follow the path until you meet Shetland. Talk to
him. After that look for a rope to swing down. It's to your right. Down in the
camp you will have your first CHECKPOINT.

This mission is based on the Alarm Stage System of Mission 2. Don't panic if
they sound the alarm. You can have two alarms and you still have the chance to
complete the mission. They also decrese it when they hear nothing from you
later. Although this guide will show you how to do the mission without alarms.
You can also use your weapons here.

Sneak forward until you reach a campsite. Hide in the shadow of the tent to your
left. A guard will come out of the tent to your right. Take him down with an
aimed headshot. Hide his body in the shadows. Proceed around the corner now.
Stay in the shadow of the tent. Another guard will show. Take him also down with
a headshoot. Hide his body in the darkness. In the small hut across from the
truck you will find to Ring Airfoil Rounds. Take them. Now pass the track and
hide whereever you feel comfortable. You will see two guys talking about trip
wires. After a while one of them will blow himself up. The other one will look
for him. Your chance to take him down. I used a Ringair Foil Round. Hide both
bodies in the shadows. Now you know about the trip wires. There are a lot of
them in the high grass in front of you. Use your Thermal Googles to detect them.
If you are close enough you can also disable them. Make your way through the
grass like this. You will also meet two guards on your path. Just take them out
with a clean headshot and hide their bodies in the shadow. After you have made
your way through the high grass you will pass another truck. Take a few steps
forward towards the wooden wall and you will have the chance to save your game

You are now close to the airplane you have to sabotage. Sneak silently towards
the opening in the wooden wall using the shadows. You will see two guys there.
Just wait until they have finished their conversation to have them separately.
But still wait a moment. The guy who leaves will come back after a few seconds.
But now the other guy will leave. Now it's your chance to attack the other one
with a Ring Airfoil Round, knock him down and hide his body in the shadows. Now
look for the other one who is roaming around and kill him with a headshot. You
should have a Ring Airfoil left. Now go to the front of the plane and place your
explosive near the engine. Immediately hide in the shadows since a guard comes
out. Kill him and hide his body in the shadows. Okay, across from the front of
the plane you will find a door. Go through it. You will hear  two guys. Sneak
forward and hide behind a dirty barrel. After a few seconds they will also split
up. One is coming close to you. Kill him with a headshot. The other guy is
guarding in the hut. Aim for this head out of the shadows. Make sure both bodies
are hidden in the shadows. Now go inside the hut. There is a switch inside it.
Pull it to open the gate. There is also a midkit in the hut. Use it if you need.
Also turn off the light. Now proceed forward to save the game at your next

Now sneak a bit forward. If you see a guy with a dog immediatlely go back near
the hut. Just wait for them there in the shadows. If they are close enough kill
first the guy with a headshot and then the dog. If you kill the dog first the
guy will sound the alarm. Hide the guys body in the shadows. The dog can not be
picked up. Proceed forward until you reach a tree. Head right now and sneak
along the fence covered by the shadows. Wait across from the tent near a plant
for two guys to come forth. Now wait for them to finish their chitchat. After
that one of them will come close to you. Ring Airfoil him, beat him down and
hide his body in the shadows. Now proceed forward along the fence. You will come
to an area with high grass. They are trip wires in it but if you stay close to
the fence you won't run over them. Head ahead until you reach a fire. Quickly
pass it and go inside the tent next to you. You see a sleeping guard. Well,
kill him before you wakes up. Hide his body and leave the tent. Only one guard
left. He's on the tower. A good place to take him out with a clean headshot is
the dark area near the truck. Do it. Climb the tower and use the line to slide
down. The first part of this mission will end here.

Mission 5 - Kundang Camp, Indonesia - Part 2

You are inside the village now. Proceed a bit forward. You will see a bunch
of guys. Wait a moment. They will leave after a small converation. Although one
guard will still roam around. Take him out with a headshot when he stops and
hide his body somewhere in the shadows. Now go and pick up some ammunition for
your SC-20k in the hut behind you. okay, hide yourself in the shadow. Do you see
the entrance upstairs? There is a guy behind the corner. A nice way to take him
out is to use a Diversion Camera. So shoot one right to the small entrance and
lure him with the whistle sound of the device. When he's looking for it let him
sniff some gas. Now go upstairs and take his body to hide it in the shadows. Go
back to the entrance and follow the hallway. You will see two guys moving away.
Wait a moment until they have vanished. Now go downstairs again and follow their
trail. You will come to another hut. You will also be told to record the code to
Sadono's house by using your Sticky Cam. Well, that's what you have to do later.
Now go inside the hut. Slowly sneak ahead. You will see another door. Wait there
for the guys outside to finish their conversation. One guy will guard the next
hut. Just take him out with a headshot and hide his body in the shadows. Open
the door and go inside. Turn left and slowly procced forward. There is a guy
sitting on a chair. He won't notice you. Just take him out with a headshot and
hide this body in the shadows. In the next room around the corner you will find
some ammuniton. If you need a medkit you can go upstairs. When you are done
leave the hut through the door across from the entrance you came from or through
the door in the room with the ammunition. Anyway, use your Optic Cable! There
might be a guard on the other side. When the way is clear go outside. Now go
straight ahead until you reach another hut. Also use your Optic Cable here
before opening it. Go inside when you are alone. Proceed straight ahead to save
your game at the next CHECKPOINT!

Slowely proceed towards the door. Now it's your chance to record the code! So
before you do anything else, shoot a Sticky Cam in the courtyard close to Sadono
and his guys. Okay, now shoot out the lamp in this small room. Then wait for
Sadono and his guys to leave. Two guards will still be there. Lure the first one
by whistling to the middle of your dark room and beat him down in the shadows.
He drops a datastick. The second guard is on the other side of the courtyard.
Kill him with a clean headshot. Don't forget to hide his body in the shadows.
Now proceed right around the corner. A dog will come to attack you. Simple kill
him. Now go inside the open room. There is a door on the left side. They will
decrease the security stage here by the way. Okay, now open the door. There are
two guards in the yard to your right. Just kill them somehow. They may even see
you. You even don't have to hide their bodies! Know why? Because this part of
the mission will be over soon. Just enter the small warehouse to your right. You
will find a ladder in the right corner of it. Just climb down and this part will

Mission 5 - Kundang Camp, Indonesia - Part 3

You are in a underground system now. The first thing you have to do is to knock
out a guard in the darkness. Just hit him in the face! Turn right and shoot out
the lamp on the other side. A guard will hear the shooting and will look. Since
you are covered by darkness hit him in the face when he is close enough. Go down
the stairs and open the door in front of you. Slowly and silently sneak upstairs
now. There are two guards and three workers in this room. Don't move after you
have left the stairs. The first thing you should do is to headshot the guard in
front of you. The other one will start looking around. Headshot him too if he's
close enough. Now knock out the workers. Don't kill them! Just make them sleep!
Now hit the switch close to the stairs. It will turn off the lights over the
crack. Now look for a bill and take a deep line! Just kidding. Shoot out the two
other lamps to cover the room in darkness. Leave this room through the door in
the top right corner. There are two guards in the room nearby. Lure them one by
one to your dark place and knock them out. Hide their bodies! You will find a
guy cowering in the top right corner of the next room. Talk to him. After a nice
conversation enter the refinery room. The code is 0623. When you enter the room,
you will be awared with your next CHECKPOINT!

Use the ladder in front of you to get back to the surface. Up there you will
find a medkit and some ammunition. Now go left upwards to the huts. Stop behind
the corner in the shadows and whistle. One guy will come forth. He will stop at
the corner showing you his backside. Grab him from behind and knock him out.
Hide his body in the shadows. Now proceed a bit forward. Stop at the next corner
in the shadows. You will see one guard at the wall. Take him out with a headshot
and run to the terminal of the gun turret and deactive it. Now is your chance to
hide the guards body in the shadows. There is a door across from the gun turret.
That is your way. Open the door now. Nice shooting stand. Well, toss them a frag
grenade and it will be silent again. Don't panic if they sound the alarm. You
should be at securtiy stage one. Now pass the shooting stand and kill a guy who
is training his boxing skills. Make sure that all bodies are hidden in the
shadows! Okay, it's time to continue. Go through the alleyway in the boxing room
and your next CHECKPOINT will let you save the game.

Go around the corner and whistle. That will lure one guard to the dark room you
are standing. Knock him out. There is one more guard outside. Take him out with
a headshot and hide his body in the shadows. Look out! There is a gun turret on
the other side. You have to walk closely along the fence to your right to reach
the terminal of the turret without having trouble. If you have passed the turret
open the door next to you. You will find a medkit and some ammunition in that
room. They will also decrease the security stage again. Okay, now open the other
door. There are two guards in the next yard. Don't leave the room. Just whistle
and lure one to your ambush. Knock him out when he's close. The other guard can
be taken out with a simple headshot. Make sure that both bodies are hidden in
the shadows. Now head for the mansion door avoiding the spotlight. The code to
enter is 1492. Go inside and save your game at the next CHECKPOINT.

You are now very close to Sadono. He's in the room to your right side. Wait for
him to finish his calls. Just stay in the shadows. He will save the code on his
computer. After that, he will leave the room. Your chance to go to his computer
and get the code. Now leave the room and follow the path around the corner. You
have to deactived an electro-shocker on your way to the backhouse. There is a
high switch on a fuse box. Just pull it down. Follow the path to the backdoor.
Open it and don't move. Sadono's men have found you. Wait a second for Shetland
to attack them. Now is your chance to kill them all. When you have killed them
follow the path to the helicopter. Finally you will have that mission completed!

Mission 6 - Komodo, Indonesia - Part 1

Another mission with securtiy stage system. Okay, your starting point is an area
with high grass. There is one guard roaming around here. Just take him out with
a headshot. There is also a gun turret and a laser point sniper in this area. To
avoid them just hug the right border and move croached forward until you arrive
the terminal of the turret. Deactive it. Across from the turret is an opening in
the fence. Go inside and follow the path down. Switch to your Thermal Goggles
since you have to deactive a trip wire on your way. Now follow the path until
you reach a courtyard. There are two guards. One of them is guarding close to
the entrance. You can take him out with a Sticky Shocker if he is standing in
the shadows. Now slowly sneak towards his body and carry it in a dark corner
behind you. To take the second guard down lure him by whistling to your dark
place. Use a Ring Airfoil Round to take him down. Don't forget to hide his body.
Shoot out the lamp below the guard tower and follow the wall around the corner
until you reach a small hut. Enter it and leave it on the other side. Be very
silent! There are three guards behind the fence. First of all you have to shoot
out the lamp on the ground in front of you. The guards will start looking. Sneak
a bit backwards until they reach the dark area between the hut and the fence.
Take them out with whatever you want. Don't worry about the alarm stage. It will
be decreased later. The third guard will also come. Kill him. Make sure all of
their bodies are hidden in the shadows. Now proceed into the yard and follow
a little stream to a small alley. Go to the end of the alley and jump up using
the bars on the wall. Now lift yourself up and save the game at your first

More to come...