Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Hard Mode Stealth Guide v1.6
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: : : : Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Hard Mode Stealth Guide

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Hard Mode Stealth Guide

by Ghidrah   Updated to v1.6 on
Hard mode stealth game

Title: Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
Producer: Ubi Soft
For: X Box
MSWord: Courier New
Created: 4/12/07
Modified: 10/25/12
By: Ghidrah


If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I'd like to know. I don't 
have a problem with its use by others on Gaming forums, FAQ sites, or being 
copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be viewed on a site 
though, just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered. So please 
send me your sites URL.

As with all my guides, find some legit trick I missed, you get the credit for 
it in the guide and an insert amendment to the guide where it will be used. 
As long as the trick, shortcut, etc., etc., can be validated by me without 
the use of any kind of cheat codes if (codes) exist for the X Box version of 
the game.


2. BRIEFING (crap)
4. CONTRACTIONS (often used words or phrases) 
5. WALKTHROUGH (areas 1 through 9)


A summery will be given here; I hope I don't add many.
All changes to the guide will be dated and noted at the beginning of each 
level where they occur in the game.

A positive aspect of cold eye playing occurs if one asks the question, "Why 
the heck am I doing junk this way?" This question allowed me to make what I 
consider improvements in the guide's interaction with AI and game path.
The guide is stealthier, e.g. (shooting, throwing objects and alerts). I 
tried to think as realistic as possible under the conditions set by the game. 
Never confront when you can distract, never distract when you can evade. A 
little more detail and a considerably longer guide.
It's been 16 months since writing the 1st version of the SCPT guide and the 
same since playing the game. Playing the game and guide with a cold eye 
allowed me to see that it's a decent guide but can always be slicker. I hoped 
to eliminate at least 1 KO but it appears I can't brain it out yet.

2PF, finally, I found a way to eliminate 1 of the 2 KOs in Paris. I've been 
trying for over a year with -0- success. A net friend "The BEAST", who helped 
me slick a spot on Penthouse in CT, plays the Nintendo version of SC on his 
WII. Beast was relating his KO Kill count of his last run in SCPT, Beast does 
Paris in 1 KO and Jakarta with -0-. So, I whined like a sissy and went back 
to Paris to brain out a solution.

2PF, started playing again, eliminated both KOs in Paris, keep Dead Meat 
alive and without killing BGs.

Began playing again, found a few more slicks and cut more distractions. 

I added the "FIND" designators in the WALKTHROUGH Menu below "QF" for Quick 
find, e.g., (1DT) for Dili Timor. For those not familiar with the option, if 
you DL the game file from the net, open it to read on your pile, (PC or 
Laptop), scroll to the Walkthrough Menu for the levels "QF" designators then 
click "EDIT" on the Tool Bar then "FIND". Type the "QF" designator in the 
"Find what" window then click "Find next" 2 times to arrive at the beginning 
of the level. I hope it helps locate levels faster than scrolling.

I've added distractions to the guide and refined the use of and terms 
regarding distractions. Stuns are now included as a distraction and the 
device used as a round if propelled by the rifle or pistol. Exceptions to 
rounds are anything thrown, Flash/Bangs and bottles, or held like the Cam Jam 
or whistles.

I also have limited the use of whistle and bottles to areas where jumping, 
short FCs and or runs don't attract the attention of the AI.

Today I eliminated 1 KO in Jerusalem.

4JI, have eliminated 1 major distraction and found an alternate route out of 
the Marketplace.

Pretty much Jakarta and LA have gone insane on this rewrite. Much of what 
used to work fails; many of the AI stopped responding in the accustomed, 
reliable manner of the past. The worst was being seen through walls by the AI 
in the auditorium on the way to Ingrid, the BG in the adjoining room no 
longer stays in it. The 2 RBGs in the turret HLWY stopped moving and Ingrid 
stopped talking when I entered the HLWY. I basically kind of had to refigure 
a route out of the area. I like the new routes but it was a very stressful 
learning curve because the AI wasn't responding correctly.

End game tactics; regarding Komodo, Jakarta and LA, defined as nearing the 
end of the level and no longer required to maintain stealth to accomplish the 
goal and extraction. I try to be as realistically ghosty as possible under 
the given circumstances. Regarding Komodo there's no way out without sh*t 
hitting the fan. In LA there's no way up the long ladder without freaking the 
civies out and activating the timer. So, working off that concept I created a 
smidge more chaos and made the level a weensy bit faster. 

Frankly in Jakarta, there's no point of realism once you enter the glassed 
security area to the building with the recording studio. It isn't possible 
for so many to be so monumentally moronic. 

So when forced into situations as mentioned as much as I hate to say it I 
went with the flow.

1DT began playing again, I changed Sam's actions at his 1st and 3rd 
encounters in Dili Timor, (both BGs are sitting on crates); I think the new 
routes are safer and a smidge more realistic. 

2PF, 2nd floor, to server room, changed approach to locked double doors, 
found the time to pick the lock on the double doors instead of burning it.

5KCI P2, following Sadono and buddy, change approach to the narrow ally and 
the 2nd floor window, seems to work every time. It's upsetting to have missed 
the obvious clues for so many years.

New maneuver for recording Sadono pass code, and sticky cam retrieval.

New maneuver for CIA pilot for the passcode and another sad statement on the 
obvious being oblivious to MOI!

7JI, have new route through Radio Station auditorium slower and safer.

New cleverer maneuver, getting Ingrid out of the conference room, no pistol 
Rnds, no shattered lights, I feel stupid again, Mr. Thicky.

8LA, figure out new maneuvers to eliminate VT#2 and #6.



One of the main features I like about the Splinter Cell series is the new 
junk Sam gets to play with, and or do and I never use. The swat move however 
is too cool, and too bad it doesn't stay with the game engine. 
As anyone who's taken advantage of my SC guides knows, I don't have much use 
for the majority of Sam's moves or toys. I prefer the "KISS" method.
In the current issue, my desire to minimize KOs has led me to a somewhat 
different tact. I've sacrificed stealth in some areas for numbers, in each 
instance; the alert meter is off. Were it not for the killing sanction the 
alarm most assuredly would have hit level 3 within a fraction of a second.

For the first time in SC, I had a use for a Flash/Bang. 

If you play the game enough times you begin to notice slight variations in AI 
routine. The individual BG's basic route remains, but in conjunction with 
multiple BGs the individual patterns will be out of sync. These changes can 
also occur within the same game from a different point of entry.
I'm finding a number of glitches in the game, like being identified while 
motionless, in total darkness and behind barriers.

All the maneuvers used in game work better than 85 percent of the time, but 
as many know the game can get a bit pissy with AI sensitivity after repeated 
restarts. On the other hand inconsistency breeds caution.

The game has many glitches, I don't know if they're save related, errors 
created by the guide's game path or both. In the least they can be comical 
worst, game stopping. 
I suggest "Xing" out all the cut scenes


There are a few word strings and or phrases that will appear countless times 
in the guide, to minimize the tedium of repetition, I've created and logged 
contractions below for the most used, incase there's a problem with 
deciphering them.

Bad Guy= "BG",
Computer/s= "Comp/s",
Counter Clockwise= "CCw",
Clockwise= "Cw",
Cable the Door= "CtD",
Entry Point= "EP",
Exit Point= "XP",
Fast Creep= "FC",
Hallway= "HLWY",
Infrared= "IR",
Left Trigger= "LT",
Line Of Sight= "LOS",
Night Vision= "NV", 
Normal Sight= "NS",
Optical Cable= "Cable",
Passageway= "PSWY",  
Roving Bad Guy/s= "RBG/s", 
Roving Guard= "RG",
Slow Creep= "SC",
Stationary Bad Guy= "SBG",
Quiet Creep= "QC",  
Quick and Quiet= "Q&Q", 
Quick and Quiet Creep= "QQC",
Vaccinated Terrorist= "VT",
Walkway= "WKWY",



1. DILI, TIMOR,			1DT   0/1
2. PARIS, FRANCE, 	        2PF   0/0
3. PARIS-NICE, FRANCE,         3PNF   0/0
4. JERUSALEM, ISRAEL,           4JI   1/2
6. KOMODO, INDONESIA,           6KI   0/3
7. JAKARTA, INDONESIA,          7JI   0/2
8. LOS ANGELES, USA,		8LA  10/0


US Embassy

Timor is a Dili of a training level!

The training level of the game is used to reacquaint you with the controls 
and not as easy as it looks. Run, jump, hoist and rappel your way to and 
through the shack, no BGs in the area, no worries. Play with your goggles and 
allow the game to channel Sam to a narrow squeezway between a fence and deck. 
Stand and stick to the fence and slide to the 1st dip in the fence, (a couple 
of yards from your entry point); you can just see Manfred's while sitting on 
the crate. 

You can go IR to verify. Once you've located Manny "WHISTLE". Quickly slide 
to the end of the fence, swat turn to the corner of the building and crouch. 
As you move Sam into position Manny will likely stand and hold position for a 
moment then walk into the lighted area and over to where the sound 
originated. As Manny turns away from Sam and heads toward Sam's previous 
"WHISTLE" position release from the wall. 

QQC along the building and as you approach Manny's sitting box drift left 
past it toward the railing on the building at Sam's 10:00. Go to FC as you 
approach the railing and flip to IR, locate and avoid the blinking lights. 
Locate the raised deck ahead at Sam's 1:00; drift right to and under the deck 
and continue to the corner of the building.

When done correctly once at the corner and under the deck Sam has the time to 
stop and watch Manny return to his seat confused but calm.

Flip to IR if you exited, look around the corner and see more pretty flashing 
lights about 20 yards ahead. PRETTY LIGHTS BAD!!! Exit from under the porch, 
drift left to the building near the mines, use the boxes and eave to skooch 
past, a BG could be right around the corner. Flip to NV once you're past the 
mines and secure, enter the narrow alley on the right, dead end. Look up to 
the left; see a break in the railing, double jump up to the railing break to 
the 2nd floor. Creep through the house, locate the pole and slide down to the 

Frogs frogs everywhere and not a leg with meat!

Stay right along the fence, QQC across the stream and over to the truck. 
Locate the RBG, as he turns to walk away follow close at his left rear along 
the palms and stream bank, (grass is quiet). Pass him as he stops and turns 
away, remain along the palms to the corner of the high perimeter wall and 
then cross over to and around the corner for an auto save. 

Another BG on a crate, QC toward the BG from his 7:00, at about 20 feet from 
him jump up for noise. If he ignores you QC a step or two closer and repeat 
until he responds. As the BG stands, QC right to the perimeter wall and slide 
along it as the BG heads away from Sam and toward his distraction. Accelerate 
to FC as Sam moves along the wall toward the burning barrel and into the 
narrow ally. Once in the dark double jump up and over the wall.


Daddy, I want a Shetland pony for my birthday!

Climb the staging move around the corner, remain in the crouch, stick to the 
wall and slide past the window to the next corner. Once at the corner, ignore 
Lambert, QC to the balcony railing, stick to it and slide across the veranda 
back into darkness. QQC to the end of the balcony; climb the pipe, skooch 
over to the ledge near the window, soft drop down and enter the Embassy 
through the window or around the corner through the balcony door. SC to the 
interrogator and drop him with Mr. Rabbit punch. Talk to Shetland, CtD and 
exit the room. 

QQC past the BG on the terrace/balcony and locate the stairwell to the lower 
floor. Stay along the right side of the stairwell as you descend to the floor 
below. An RBG moves off shortly after reaching the bottom of the stairs. From 
the base of the stairs locate the free standing counter, (looks like a liquor 
bottle on top) to the right of the fire. QQC up to the right side of the 
smoke covered counter then between it and the wall. Go IR to avoid the fire 
and getting too close to the RBG. There's tons of broken glass on the floor.

Once past the smoke locate the 2nd table with the bottle, grab it and follow 
the RBG to the pillar and exterior wall close enough to smell his 6:00. As he 
moves off past the pillar turn left, press for an extended throw and place 
the icon between the 2 wall hanging drape/rug things. Let the bottle fly then 
turn back toward the 2 BGs that were hunkering down at the floor. One of them 
will follow the RBG to the noise; the other will stay and take a few looks to 
his right. Keep an eye on the BG and inch forward as he begins to turn right 
FC along the wall and out of the room to a long HLWY. Locate the XP, CtD and 
then exit the building.

Occasionally the above maneuver fails because the BG that stays put at the, 
(I think) map on the floor doesn't turn away from Sam's position or turns 
back prematurely. So, if you're having problems with the above maneuver try 
option #2, it takes longer to set-up and complete but seems to work to date.

Option #2
Once you grab the bottle follow the RBG to his stop behind the pillar near 
the exterior wall and hold. The RBG will make a 2nd stop at another pillar 
and near the two crouching BGs then walk off toward the stairs again. When 
you lose LOS on the RBG turn left toward the wall covered by the two large 
drapes then prep for and toss the bottle at the space between the drapes. 

One of the crouching BGs will approach and pass between the pillar and the 
low barrier wall dividing the large room. Keep an eye on the BG remaining at 
the map he approaches the pillar. If not already, almost always the map BG 
turns away as the approaching BG passes by the pillar allowing Sam the time 
to QC out of the room. 

Ingrid Bergman's a good actress!
CtD and exit to the courtyard, Ingrid will flash Sam in a good way from a 
balcony across the courtyard. A sniper is perched on the 2nd balcony with NV 
goggles and not clever enough to switch off for comparison. 
Good for Sam bad for him. 

With this current tactic through the lower embassy I get to the courtyard 
when the searchlight is advancing on the steps cutting some wait time off the 

Go left into the light and remain in it to the opposite side of the 
courtyard. Once you make it to said building, SC along the front to the 
triple climbing pipes between the 2 balconies. Climb to the eave and over to 
Ingrid's room. Soft drop down; enter and talk to Ingrid. Once done, exit the 
building through the window. 

Two Towers and an Osprey getaway!

Once on the lower roof, remain in the crouch, go NV and look out over to the 
lighted area near the tower. To avoid detection wait for the RBG to walk away 
from the area before you FC diagonally toward the smoking metal stack on the 
roof. If he's close by and facing this direction he'll see Sam if he rappels 
off the roof too. 

Once off the roof let go of the direction buttons. Sam will land with a yelp 
and most often looses less than a quarter on the health meter and sometimes 
none. Now it gets a smidge tricky the only cover is darkness, (SOMETIMES) and 
timing. Remain in the shadows and QQC along the fence to a position about 2 
feet in front of the left front post of the tower ladder. Hold this position 
with Sam's left side facing the post and the ally connecting the next area. 
Ensure Sam's light meter registers no more than half of the 1st segment; as 
long as he's stationary more often than not he's good. 

The RBG has a basic patrol route with 6 possible stops outbound from the 
tower and back, the 1st 3 stops outbound are the important ones.   
Two route options allot enough time to climb and hide; the 1st has the RBG 
walking straight from the tower to position 3, (furthest point away from the 
tower). The 2nd has the RBG stop at position #1 then continue on to position 

The trick is to begin climbing as soon as he begins to move away from or past 
stop #1 (which is near the steps to the raised deck to Sam's 11:00). If you 
move before the RBG exits from position 1 he'll hear Sam climbing the ladder. 
If he stops at position 2, (about 2/3 along the route) you may not have time 
to hide on the platform, because he looks back at the tower. In 88 runs #1 
stops at position 1 31 times, position 2 43 times, positions 1 then 2 16 
times and straight to position 3 29 times. 

As the RBG begins moving to the starting position beside the tower, slowly 
turn Sam to face the ladder. Once the RBG comes to a stop stand up, do not 
approach the ladder. Turn the camera to face the RBG. Watch him as he moves 
off and hold position until he passes and or continues on from stop #1. Once 
you're climbing the ladder it is imperative that you hit all your marks as 
quickly and accurately as possible. 

ASAP on the tower, turn right move to the immediate left of the tower post 
beside the ladder, crouch, stick and slide Sam to the rear of the tower. Hold 
this position till the RBG has taken his starting position beside the tower. 
Release from the railing, SC to and pull the lever before or as the RBG 
begins moving away from the tower. Wait for the RBG to move past position #1 
to soft drop off the tower, then QQC to the corner of the raised building's 
posts at Sam's 10:00. Move to the ally side of the corner, stick and slide 4 
posts and hold. If the RBG is approaching stop till he passes then continue 
to the 4th post.

The RBGs comment on the lights being off but do nothing to investigate or 
rectify. This is not an indicator of ID or suspicion of such.

More often than not the routes of the 2 RBGs that patrol the areas on either 
side of the ally are out of sync; this can make exiting the ally tres 
difficult. Preferably both RBGs are at their furthest points from their own 
towers and at a full stop while Sam is holding at the 4th post in the ally.

Option #1, the RBGs are in sync. Wait for both to begin heading back toward 
their towers. Allow the RBG nearest Sam to pass by to continue sliding into 
the next area; once you have distance release, continue to your right into 
the next area and locate the dark corner with the flies buzzing about to 

Option #2, the RBGs are out of sync. You are holding at the 4th post, once 
the RBG is heading back to his starting position and has passed by Sam 
release from the railing. Once the RBG passes his 1st stop position QC 
straight across to the opposite side of the ally, stick to the side of the 
raised deck and slide toward the next area. Stop at the corner and locate the 
2nd RBG. 

If he and the 1st RBG are facing away from Sam's position, release, slide 
around the corner and stick. Wait for both to be walking away from this 
position to move Sam across the area to the large barn and then follow the 
RBG to the 2nd tower. Stick to the side of the tower and slide to the front 
corner of the tower near the ladder. Wait for the RBG to begin walking to the 
far end of the area to release and climb the ladder. Pull the switch, jump 
off the tower and head left toward the levels exit. 

KOs 1, Dists 3, Bottle 1, Whistle 1, Jump 1,  


Saulnier Cryogenics 
Do they have any good ice cream?
Sam spends some time in sewers eh! Slide down the ladder into a connecting 
PSWY. Creep to the opening and wait for the train to pass. As the last flash 
of the train passes by Sam FC into the train tunnel, stay left and along the 
wall to the next opening, stop before the opening to give RBG#1 time to turn 
away from Sam and head toward the opposite tunnel wall. As RBG#1 turns toward 
the tunnel wall FC past the opening to the raised WKWY and hop up. FC to the 
wall then turn right, stand and run along the left side to the WKWY toward 
the end of the train.

I have 3 different approaches for the next maneuver, slow, fast and faster, 
with a risk quotient that rises with the speed. I tend to use the faster 
option, it saves something like 15 seconds when it works, however the slowest 
option is the safest and more realistic.

Quickly move to the wall and accelerate from FC to full run along the wall 
and toward the end of the train. 

Just as you approach the end of the train you'll see RBG#2 enter the area 
from the tunnel PSWY and begin talking to RBG#3. Go into a roll and release 
the controls to come to a full stop crouch. Face the wall, stick, and stand 
then turn the camera to face Sam. 

Locate the large "M" like stain on the wall between Sam's left and the tunnel 
PSWY ahead, slide into the right side of the "M", (furthest part from the 
exit PSWY). Once in position turn the camera to face RBG#2. BGs#2 and #3 will 
biatch for a bit then walk away toward the train, as #2 passes by Sam slide 
to the edge of the PSWY, stop, release from the wall, crouch and move around 
the corner and out of the area.

You need to be in the left side on the large "M" sort of squiggle on the wall 
and to see RBG#2's approach, any closer to the tunnel and #2 will see Sam. 
About 3 feet from Sam #2 veers left allotting the space for Sam to be 

Just as you approach the end of the train you'll see an open doorway into the 
last train car, run into the last car stop and crouch. QC to the left rear 
end corner of the car then drop to the ground. Remain in the crouch, face the 
WKWY and hold. BGs#2 and #3 will biatch for a bit then leave, as BG#2 passes 
by Sam stand and climb onto the raised WKWY, QC into the PSWY and out of the 

Just as you approach the end of the train you'll see an open doorway into the 
last car, run into the last car stop and crouch. QC to the left rear end 
corner of the car then drop to the ground. Remain in the crouch, face the 
WKWY and hold. BGs#2 and #3 will biatch for a bit then leave, #3 will walk 
toward the front end of the train and possibly meet up with #1 then return to 
the end of the train car. 

#2 will enter the end of the car then walk to a barricade toward the middle 
of the train then return to the end of the train car. As RBG #2 begins 
walking away from the end of the train car climb onto the raised WKWY, QC 
into the PSWY and out of the area.

Move through the PSWY to the big fire. Locate and shoot the valve stem near 
the ceiling to extinguish the fire. Locate the XP and CtD. An RBG, once he 
begins walking along the front of the rows of shelves "X" out, enter the room 
and follow him toward the XP door. Pass the 1st row of shelves and move into 
the aisle, locate the missing bottom shelf, in the 2nd row of shelves then 
enter and hold. The RBG will casually inspect the 2nd aisle then return to 
the EP. Exit the shelf, QC to the XP, CtD and exit.

Enter the room, 2 BGs in this room and 2 rows of cubicles. Turn hard right, 
slide along the wall and hold along the wall where the floor lights up. The 
RBG will stop and talk to the standing BG, as he does continue moving along 
the wall to the XP, CtD and exit the room. Stay close to the XP and EP but 
far enough away to allow the EP to close, once closed move to and cable the 
XP, pick it and exit the room. 

One or both of the RBGs in the previous room often turn and face the windows 
so stay tight to the XP and EP.


XP, CtD, it's a large dark room with a cased opening at the opposite end. "X" 
out, enter the room and run to the opposite end; stop about 4 feet left of 
the cased opening and hold. Allow all 3 RBGs to enter the room before QCing 
out. Quickly CtD and then enter to the 1st of 3 connecting HLWYS. The 1st one 
has a huge glass walled computer room on the left, RBGs #1 and 2 are in the 
room with an important computer at the far left end and both are armed. FC 
through the dark lane in the center of the HLWY, follow the shadow lane right 
to the wall and hug the corner as you swing hard right into the 2nd HLWY. 

Once Sam is around the corner press jump to stand and run into the 3rd 
"short" HLWY. Go NS and once past the corner in the 3rd HLWY stop and pop the 
ceiling light with the pistol. Circle the end of the HLWY Cw ending in the 
far right corner near the XP. Hold in the corner near the door till the 1st 
RBG enters the area, then slide along the wall past the XP as the 2nd RBG 
enters the area. Do a hard left around the corner, accelerate to FC then a 
full run and enter the comp room. Locate the hot comp in the room and start 
bashing keys. ASAP turn and save as you run out the room.
There have been some odd occurrences in this area, about 10% of the time the 
Bomb room RBG never leaves the room. About 10% of the time the HLWY RBG moves 
to the bomb/storage room door and doesn't leave. About 20% of the time I'm 
forced to use the disposable pick to get to the bomb because one or both 
hangs in the area with 12 or less seconds left on the clock.

Exit the comp room, cross the 1st HLWY and stick to the wall about 5 feet 
from the corner, wait for RBGs #1 and 2 to pass by Sam for the comp room to 
move around the corner and hold. The bomb timer starts as the 1st RBG nears 
the comp room. Most times RBG#3 approaches Sam and stops just past the bomb 
room door; sometimes he never leaves the door area. 

Usually #4 exits the bomb room to the HLWY and exits the area via the 3rd 
HLWY XP. As #3 drops to a crouch turns and FCs back to the far end of the 
HLWY FC along the wall and across the HLWY to the left side and stick to the 
wall in the dark to the left of the bomb room door. As he takes off for the 
exit from the corner move to the door, quickly pick the lock, enter the room 
and disable the bomb. 
Locate the exit door, CtD and pass through. Move to the right side of the 
stairs, QC up and around the corner to avoid the motion detector and stop at 
the top of the stairs. CtD, open it, turn left and FC along the wall to the 
corner of the adjoining HLWY and note the 3 RBGs shooting up the next HLWY. 
Locate the dark area from Sam's current position to the corner at Sam's 2:00 
and use it for cover to the far wall. Stick to the wall and slide into the 
corner near the double doors and release. One RBG remains in the area wait 
for him to turn away, as he does, move to and pick the lock then enter the 
short HLWY.

I hate using the disposable Pick to fry locks. I don't like leaving evidence 
when I can avoid it. 

2nd, in the server room, when you move to the closest door to Sam's left be 
aware the camera in the server room can often see through the door.

Move left and past the server room door to Sam's left then move back to the 
right side of it close enough to get the open door option. Open the door and 
then back away from the opening just enough to still locate the ceiling 
camera, once it turns away, FC into the room and right to the Comp in the 
corner. Get the data and pass code for the XP across from the server room 
door. Note the camera's direction and then scan the window in the HLWY the 
RBGs were running amok in to ensure an Alls Clear. 

Exit the room when safe, access the XP with the pass code and enter. Locate 
the RBG through the glass in the next HLWY, no goggles; flip the switch on 
the big light illuminating the XP then QQC to the right side of the XP. Allow 
the RBG into the room, QC out of the room then right along the wall past the 
motion sensor then hook wide to the next XP, CtD and enter. 

As you climb the stairs take note of the object on the wall of the mid 
platform between the 2 flights of stairs. It's a camera; use the binoculars 
and then move up to the platform and against the wall. FC to the platform as 
it swings away from Sam then stick and slide past the mine and stop in the 
shadow at the corner. Climb the 2nd flight of stairs when the camera turns 
away. CtD, QQC through the door and bear left into the shadow, you can avoid 
a messy greeting from Mr. Cluster bomb, otherwise CtD and wait for him to 
start playing with the comp to enter the room. 

After a bit, the other RBG will stop tea bagging a corpse and walk past the 
public phone and to the end of an adjacent HLWY. The comp BG moves away when 
done and then it's your turn to play with the comp for the keypad code. You 
don't get a turn with the corpse, so when done, QQC over to the left side of 
the entrance to the adjacent HLWY and use the dark spots along the wall as 
cover to the end and the tea bagger. If undisturbed, Mr. Bagger always has 
his back turned to Sam so access the pass code XP and enter as he leaves.

EEWWW and GASP!!! It's "The Night of the Crawling not really French but 
Mexican not really Jumping Brains"

Once Sam has completed his Ninja version of a combo ethnic French/Mexican hat 
dance around the brains "with opposable thumbs" I might add. Enter the 
fffreezing brain room, hear the turret gun, go IR, locate the turret gun and 
deactivate it. Locate and pick the XP and exit. Drop off the elevated WKWY 
and skooch around to the next break in the railing. There are several areas 
with coolant exhaust to deal with; all can be passed without damage if you 
take your time. 

As you approach the corner of the WKWY you'll find 2RBGs near the exit, 
they'll hear Sam coming, (nothing you can do about it) and eventually they'll 
both walk away along the elevated WKWY. If not, once they settle down the BG 
closest to the XP should be facing away. Q&Q up and SC into the HLWY locate 
the next XP on the left, CtD; enter the room slide along the glassed wall to 
the glassed cabinet. Climb up to and through the crawlspace into the locked 
room with Mr. Dead Meat. 

  Talk to Mr. Meat and leave. Once back in the vent scope and locate the big 
honkin off gassing valve on the wall below. Get a scoped bead hold it and pop 
out of scope. "DO NOT MOVE ONCE SDOPED OUT". Wait for the 3 RBGs to run off 
and then shoot the valve when the timer hits 4 seconds. You'll hear the sissy 
complain about blindness or something but everyone lives. 

Exit the level.

After all these years, I'm wondering if I should consider shooting the 
coolant valve as a distraction. Even though it appears that all 3 BGs have 
run off about 12 to 14 seconds prior to the valves destruction, apparently 
one of them remains close enough to be affected by the coolant dispersal.   

Rnds 3, Dists 2, Lights 2,


How the hell do you stick to the top of a moving bullet train?

Drop down through the 1st trapdoor. FC to the XP and CtD, move to the next 
car and cable the EP. A cargo guard hangs behind a chain link barrier moving 
from left to right. There's a row of shelving in the center of the car; in 
front of it is a trapdoor, Sam's XP. There's an empty shelf slot near the XP 
just right for Papa bear. Wait for the guard to walk from the left to the 
right side of the caged area and stop to drink his coffee. Move Sam left and 
into the empty shelf. 

Once in the shelf slot wait for the guard to make his 1st stop on the right 
to move to the trapdoor and exit. Skooch to the next trapdoor and cable it. 
BG#1 should be picking his nose or something, let him exit into the general 
sitting area to climb up and don't shake his hand ... ever! 

Move to the electric lock for the side doors and unlock them. Open the XP, 
locate BG#1 to the right, his back should be to Sam, SC onto the threshold to 
activate him. Try to get out into the dark area of the short HLWY before he 
moves off. Once he drops and shoe grinds his boogers in the carpet your odds 
on being seen seem to go up. QQC left to and through the glass door XP, 
Locate the XP, exit and skooch right to the 1st window. A large man is 
staring out the window let him sit down before moving on. 

Every other pole light that Sam and the train pass will flash both, to avoid 
being seen move from window to window between flashes.

A woman sits at the 3rd window; wait for her to yawn and sit back, after the 
next flash move to the next window. 2 BGs here move after the flash and 
you're safe to the next EP. 

Enter the next car; wait for the conductor to finish blabbing with the pansy 
and turn away to open the glass door. Stick to the wall on the right, go IR 
and scan the pansy, (not Soth) swat past the door and slide into -0- light. 
Once the conductor leaves, cable each door with IR until you find the man 
with the cold leg. Enter Soth's room. 

Access the comp and leave. Follow Soth to the dining car, move into the 
kitchen area on the right and mike the convo. Wait for Soth and his gorilla 
to leave to begin your QC out of the car. Stay to the right at all times till 
you exit the room. Once the door opens the alert will sound, stand and begin 
running to the escape ladder and to the XP to top of the train. 

Run Sam Run!
Locate the chopper and then the spotlight from the Osprey illuminating the 
train top, once in the lighted area jump for the rope to complete the level.



Looking for Saul in all the wrong places

Ignore Cohen, she's not available, run up the stairs, drop to a FC as you 
reach the top and cut hard right across the light. Drop to a QQC as you 
approach the wall and a QC as you approach the intersection. Follow RPM#1 as 
he walks away. As you reach the opposite side of the adjacent street on Sam's 
left cut away. Slide along the wall past the light, locate the stack of boxes 
at the far right end of the street just before the stairs, run to and stop 
behind them. Move out from the boxes at a QC once RPM#2 passes Sam's 
position; crank it up to a FC as you cross over the stairs. 

Go hard left at the base of the stairs to the lighted PSWY and stop at the 
left side. RPM#3 will emerge from and then reenter the PSWY, follow him into 
a big honkin courtyard. Two men talking, (something about porn I think), move 
to the wall, stand stick and slide to the end. Turn right, drop to a crouch 
and QC along the wall, and stop before the light meter registers. Wait and 
watch for the 2 men to sit down. Once they are down move to the end of the 
wall, make a tight turn around the corner and FC to the far end of this new 

Locate RPM#4 entering from Sam's 1:00 and walking left into a courtyard. When 
you arrive at the corner you'll hear #4 threatening a man sitting at a table. 
Ignore both as you QC around the corner. Stick to the dark side of the 1st 
set of crates and complete a series of swat turns to the ally and the opening 
to Saul's place. Once at the last crate stop and wait for #4 to say "NOW"! If 
you enter Saul's ally before that it's a 50/50 chance the civilian will still 
be in the courtyard when you exit. You don't want that! Enter the un-gated 
area and creep through the curtain.


Two thugs are shaking down Saul, QQC to the 1st BG and lay a rabbit punch on 
him. Quickly move to BG#2, wait for him to turn to Saul, and give him one to 

Is Dahlia Tal?

Grab your weps, FC up the stairs and exit Saul's place. Move toward the head 
of Saul's ally. #4 may be crossing Sam's path, slow down and pull a tight 
left around the corner. FC to the end of the crates if #4 is walking away 
otherwise do a series of swat turns along the crates to the corner
Cross the intersection and stay on the left. RPM#5 will enter from the right 
and begin talking to someone behind a grated opening on the left side of the 
street. As Sam passes the narrow ally on his left and just before the steps 
drop to QC, move out 2 to 3 feet away from the wall and proceed down the 
steps. QQC across the street, stick to the wall past the intersection stand 
and slide along the wall past the lighted area. Drop to a crouch and FC down 
the next few sets of stairs. As you approach the last set of stairs move into 
the shadow on the left and stick to the wall. 

Allow the woman to pass, once done, continue out to a new set of stairs and 
RPMs #6&7 at the base. Stay in the dark and creep down the steps as close as 
possible to the RPMs. Follow them as they walk away. Remain to their 6 or 
7:00 and in the dark. Keep an eye out for a large dark table on the left, 
slip between it and the wall corner, allow the RPMs to figure out which 
direction they want to walk in. Eventually Sam will be at the end of the row 
of shops and another intersection. Wait for all RPMs to walk away to QQC into 
the alley and then over to the pipe for a climb up.

Proceed along the parapet to the zip line and cross the street. Climb down 
and remain standing throughout the contact with Dahlia. When freed from the 
enclosure exit at a run. 

So far I've found 3 maneuvers that allow you to ghost the 2 civies but none 
are absolute, each may work once or twice or not at all and not again from 
the previous save. In my game the major drawback is Sam getting stuck on the 
crate behind the standing civie. In my game but not always Sam may have to 
stand to climb the crate, once he's on the crate the problems begin. Once Sam 
is on the crate he begins to rise, his feet floating even with the tabletop. 

He has been stuck with his arms waiving about as if in a fall. Once on the 
crate he doesn't respond to the crouch button until he stops rising. At this 
point he's usually seen by the sitting civie who cries out like a little 

The only guaranteed success is to distract the group by shooting out the 
flood light near the church. Also we're in new area so I'm restarting with 
RPM#1. I'm report the ghost that seems to work most often for me. 

Ignore RPM#1, pass Dahlia at a run, do a roll as you pass the 1st table and 
stop at the clear spot on the 2nd table. Stand and quietly jump onto the 2nd 
table, QC off the rear corner near the sitter and then QC around the standing 
civie. The stander is your cover for the sitter until you reach the wall and 

Locate the crate in front of the 3rd table, move to it so that the table is 
to Sam's right and the crate is in front of him. Stand and climb the crate, 
press "CROUCH" ASAP, move off the crate and take note of the grill pattern 
shadow ground ahead and to the right of Sam. Remain just to the left of it to 
maintain in cover. Once at the wall catch up to Dahlia, she's your cover into 
the tunnel. 

RPM#2 is past the tunnel you're approaching and facing your position, use 
Dahlia's body to cover Sam's entry into the tunnel. Maintain a minimum 15 
foot gap between them, once inside and the light meter goes dark move to the 
right side of the tunnel and hold. Once Dahlia has the attention of RPM#2, 
move up and pass both, move into and through the narrow ally. 

Give RPM#3 a chance to pass the end of the ally then move into the large open 
market. FC left across the market place to a lighted area and a lane between 
the selling tables. Stay to the right and dark until RPM#4 passes. QQC 
through the lane and then left to where the 2 Prayers are kneeling. Stay dark 
use the pillar's shadow to approach then SWAT along the pillars to the next 


FC along the left side of the ally; drop to QQC as you near the corner and QC 
over the ledge. Make a slight arc left as you QQC to the 6:00 of RPM#5 and to 
the steps into the next ally. 

With countless times playing through this area I've used the awnings, the 
basket on the left side of the street and the boxes on the right side. Each 
has a caveat. All the above issues are time related, i.e., how much time 
you're willing to spend restarting and frustration you're willing to put up 
with in an attempt to slick the 2 RPMs and blaze through the alley. Frankly 
the best solution is to slow down a bit and wait for both to turn and begin 
walking away to move Sam through the lighted area. 

Stay on the right side of the street, crouch and hold at the boxes. RPM#6 
will approach and head back to the end of the street, RPM#5 will then 
approach and do likewise. Once #5 180s QC through the lighted area, maintain 
cover to the end of the street and give RPM#6 distance and quiet when he 
passes. Once at the end of the street QC around the corner and locate the 
next ally.

Stay on the right, QC down the steps, move the camera for the best over head 
shot you can get, you need to know when you're at the edge of the awning for 
a silent jump up. Once up QC to the end over the dark stripe and soft drop 
off behind RPM#7. QC to the end of the ally and remain tight to the corner as 
you move into the glaring light. 

RPM#8 stands to the left of the tunnel at Sam's 12:00 ignore him and QQC into 
the tunnel. Once in the tunnel stand and run through the tunnel to the end of 
the ally. Move to the left side of the ally then roll into a QQC to the 
corner and hold. Allow RPM#8 to pass before entering the adjacent ally, 
locate the climbing pipe, climb up and enter the 2nd floor room. QQC through 
the apartment's two rooms then exit through the window. FC along the catwalk 
to the next climbing pipe and climb it. 

FC over the rooftop, locate the rappel point and jump/slide one time. Once 
RPM#9 passes the ally jump slide one more time and then shimmy to the ground. 
Continue along the alley to the end, hide in the dark on the left and wait 
for Dahlia. Dahlia will occupy RPM#10 so you can QC up to and climb over the 
fence. Soft drop to the ground, move into the shadow, follow the building 
around and enter the 2nd doorway on the right. Move over to the elevator and 
wait for Dahlia. Talk with her, enter the elevator and listen to Lambert 
biatch when you don't smoke her burqa cloaked Israeli buttocks.



This next bit is not, never has been and never will be easy for me by any 
means as simple as the maneuver is. The event is short and simple, HEAD! 
LIGHT! Creep forward, Foil stand and run around the RBG!

As it stands, for me, it takes many, many tries to get the rhythm, buttons 
and setup locations rote and into muscle memory so that I react instead of 
think what to do next. Continually pressing the wrong buttons makes it so 
much worse, so have patience. The maneuver will come to you; it's still not 
easy, but very do-able. Once warmed up, I average 1 in 4 tries sometimes 
better; it will take a bit to get a proper feel. My words, your eyes, hands 
and controller may not agree at first. 

Load the AR with Foils, shoulder, switch to NS and back up to the rear of the 
elevator. Align the vertical line of the targeting reticle with the center of 
the grating seam in the middle of the elevator floor, the groove runs from 
the front to the rear. Raise the targeting icon up from the floor providing a 
space between the icon and the elevator floor equal to the icons diameter. 
This aligns vertically with BG#1s nubbin hade and with the ceiling light in 
the up coming PSWY. The spacing off the floor allows for reaction time.
BG#1 is invisible until his head appears above the elevator floor. There will 
be no time for realignment. As soon as his head enters the sight tap the 
trigger, he'll drop silently to the floor, quickly raise the sights 
"STRAIGHT" up above the ceiling light and tap the trigger as the light passes 
through the reticle. 

Any deviation from absolute vertical as you raise the sights past the ceiling 
light will throw the shot off. As far as I can tell you need to kill the 
light to prevent RBG#2 from seeing the downed BG#1. I tried the head shot and 
then getting to the left front corner of the elevator PSWY before RBG#2 sees 
#1 but can't. 

Creep forward and left into the left side of the elevator PSWY. Continue 
forward targeting the left edge of the PSWY to catch BG#2 before he becomes 
aware of the situation. Meet him with a Foil as the leading edge of his body 
appears past the left side of the PSWY thereby preventing an alarm. 

BG#2, is very close to the elevator and may be alerted by either or both 
shots, regardless of whether #2 comments or not if he runs to the elevator 
PSWY opening restart. If you hear a sharp snap or click sound before during 
or after foiling #2 and or you hear RBG#3 (from the lower level) running, the 
tactic has failed restart.

From the foil, sling the AR, stand and run CCw around #2 to the WKWY railing 
then drift back to the dark wall to the 1st corner. Stop in the shadow of the 
1st corner, turn right, count to 3 and begin running along the wall. About a 
third to halfway to the next corner roll into a FC and into the dark corner 
left of the stairs. 

Stand against the wall at the far left corner of the dark niche, stick and 
slide Sam left into the railing. You can release from the wall to locate 
BG#2, however, if he begins walking toward Sam stick and hold. Normally BG#2 
will follow to the 1st corner then to the point of the roll, even to the 
corner of the stairs. RBG#3 usually meets up with #2 at the stairs often 
within touching distance of Sam.

From the Foiling of BG#2, if the above maneuver fails more than once, I have 
also had success running to then rolling into the 1st corner then without 
delay FCing along the wall to the 2nd dark corner to the left of the stairs. 
From that follow the same stick and hide procedure as above. In this 
instance, instead of stopping between the corners BG #2 may continue to the 
2nd corner and stairs to meet up with RBG#3. If everything went well neither 
RBGs move to an aggressive posture, both #2&3 return to post and the demise 
of RBG#1 is not discovered and or reported. 

QQC down the stairs, turn right, drop down from the elevated WKWY and move 
over to the bump-out below the stairway. Stick to the wall and slide to each 
bumpout. QC around each bumpout along the perimeter wall, RBGs #4&5 will 
enter from the corner ahead, one will patrol back and forth through the L 
shaped area, the other will hold at the dark corner. Once you're at and below 
the corner of the intersection leading to the pool area and Sam's right side 
is tight to the last bump out hold. 

You need to see the RBG#6 in the pool area so reposition the camera so that 
you can see above and behind Sam. Wait for RBG#5 in your current area to 
begin his patrol out, ensure that RBG#6 has just passed or is about to then 
slide out from under the WKWY, stand and climb onto the WKWY then drop down 
into the pool along the wall leading to the exit tunnel, QQC through the 
water to the side of the exit tunnel, stick and hold.

Whether you kill the 2 ceiling lights at the intersection or not you'll get a 
non threatening reaction from BG#4 and or #6.

Once below and to the left of the exit tunnel ensure clear passage into the 
tunnel before climbing up to the WKWY. As to climbing onto the WKWY, ensure 
that Sam's chest is against the WKWY, that you're pushing gently so that he 
appears to be walking then push for jump otherwise you'll likely get a noise 
alert from RBG#6.

Once everyone has returned to patrol and it's safe to climb up and enter the 
tunnel do so. QQC into the cage room, turn right, stick and slide along the 
wall halfway to the next tunnel and hold. BG#7 is in the cage and if not 
already in sight RBG#8 will eventually exit the lab area on patrol, pace into 
and out of the cage room and return to the lab. Wait for RBG#8 to reenter the 
PSWY to the lab before following him. 

Enter the lab area, turn right, and move into the dark spot on the WKWY then 
stand stick and release from the wall. Go IR and locate RBG#9 past the lab 
enclosure on the other side of the large room, he enters and exits from the 
far left and right sides of the room. Once #8 exits the large room and #9 
exits the area on the far left side FC along the WKWY and into the lab 
enclosure, this setup gives you all the time you need to enter the lab, get 
the goodies and return to the dark spot.

As long as Sam remains motionless RBG#8 won't see, hear or smell him as he 
walks by in either direction. 

If you had to wait more than 12 seconds for RBG#9 to exit the room after 
RBG#8 passes by Sam return to and hold at the dark spot then wait for him to 
pass by to exit the lab area for the tunnel. If they exit close to 
simultaneous backtrack out of the Lab through the PSWY, turn right into the 
tunnel and hold about halfway to the lighted corner. 

As RBG#8 enters the Lab PSWY or turns the corner into the Cage room slide 
right, stop about 4 feet from the corner and jump then QC to the other side 
of the tunnel and hold. RBG#10 at the corner will investigate the noise, the 
RBG will turn and move deeper into the tunnel, as he turns away ensure RBG#8 
is not in the tunnel then cross back and slide around the corner. 

Cross this large PSWY left to the bump out, slide around it and then jump for 
noise. Stick and slide along the wall to the next bump out and hold, RBG#11 
will move past Sam to investigate the new noise. QC into the elevator once 
#11 passes by Sam. 

At ground level remain in the elevator, scope the rifle and pop the 3rd light 
from the elevator. Creep to the right, stick to the wall and slide to the 
barrels. Go NV; stay tight to the barrels and SC out of the tunnel. Turn 
right and creep the creepiest creep you ever creepededed between the staging 
and the dumpster. 

Sometimes, Dahlia and her vampires can see, smell and hear an out of place 
dust speck so be deliberate. Once past the corner of the dumpster move over 
to the staging and slide to the end closest to the barrel fire. SC to the 
rubble wall with the niche, stay close to the rubble and creep over to the 
crate.  Position Sam between the crate and burning barrel and run like the 
dickens straight across the damaged market place.  Turn right at the wall and 
turn left at the corner to the extraction point. 

Ks 1, KOs 2, Stun 1, Rnds 3, Foils 1, Dists 3, Jumps 2, Lights 2,



Daddy, he doesn't look like a pony!

No! No! No! No! I don't spleef no mo!
Run the path to and use the zip line. QQC into the shadows created by the 
tent and around to the far front corner. As soon as both RBGs begin to walk 
away, QQC over to the driver side, rear end of the truck. QC along the right 
till RBGs #3&4 begin talking then book across the road into the grass near 
the fallen palm. 

The 2 RBGs will approach and stop, stay along the perimeter and QC past them. 
Keep Sam's left shoulder tight to the barrier, FC along the wall staying 
tight to the trees as you move around them. Stop and hold when you see RBG#5. 
While waiting you should be able to look down and ahead to see the stick and 
trip wire from a mine. Let #5 pass then QC across the path to the opposite 
wall and continue at a FC. Go NV as you pass the truck to the save point.

Locate the entrance to the barn. QQC into the barn; use the shadow to creep 
left directly over to and onto the metal cabinet. QC across the top of the 
cabinet then drop off the other end, QQC around the perimeter of the barn to 
the large dark spot leading to the plane approach the plane and plant the 
demo. Turn around, QQC into the niche near the exit; once the RBG enters the 
barn QC through the exit.

I have an allergy to Machetes too!

QQC through the gate, stay to the right along the crates and stop once in the 
bushes crouching and uncomfortably close to the shack. As the BGs separate 
move over to the steps then about face to see the RBG walk away. Shortly 
thereafter you'll hear Mr. Grumpy Pants walk to the rear of the shack where 
he stares out the window, as he does QC into the shack. Flip the light switch 
then the gate switch and then exit before Mr. GP turns and faces the doorway. 
Make 2 hard rights out the door and around the shack to the rear for a save 


Beat feet to and between the wall on the left and the corrugated sheet metal 
leaning against the telephone pole. Stay under it near the pole and hold. The 
approaching RBG and rotty are oblivious to Sam, the poor dog musta wrecked 
his nose sniffing all the chemicals used to make de cocaine. As soon as the 
dog passes the pole, SC out along the wall and accelerate to FC as you pull 
away. Angle off the fence, pass to the right of the big tree with the lantern 
and to the fence on the right. QQC along the fence and stop just past the 
fern to activate the 2 ground RBGs. 

Not sure if this is just a glitch in my game or an artifact of all. If I 
enter the tent for the bottle before the convo between the tower guard and 
RBGs is over the convo stops abruptly as Sam enters the tent and for some 
reason from that point on I get ID'd either by the remaining ground RBG and 
or the tower guard and shot as I climb the tower.

QQC back toward the big tree with the lantern, swing right around the corner 
of the tent and hold at the opening. Listen to the stooges while loading 
Foils in the tube; do not enter the tent till the 3 way convo is over. Enter 
the tent, grab the bottle, return to the opening and then to the corner of 
the tent. Look left toward the RBG and along the tent to the tree at the 
other end. 

This is where the RBG appears from while on patrol, you need to see his 
approach as he returns. While waiting bring up the throwing icon and turn 
right toward the fence and lantern tree, stop just before losing sight of the 
tree near the corner of the tent. This will minimize the time it takes to 
turn the rest of the way around to throw the bottle.

As the RBG appears from between the tents resume turning toward the lantern 
tree. Stop turning when the icon looks like it's about 5 feet from the base 
of the lantern tree. Press for throwing distance and raise the icon circles 
halfway up the fence and throw. Once thrown, quickly turn and QC into the 
tent, halfway through the tent go to QQC and then to FC to the base of the 
tower ladder. 

The direction of the bottle toss utilizes the lantern tree as cover for Sam's 
tower ascent. Moving too fast into and through the tent will likely also get 
Sam ID'd. Also ensure you didn't accidentally tap the direction disc the 
Cam/Jam makes a poor AR.

The tower BG paces back and forth left to right. He spends more time moving 
to the right often making 2 stops. 
Lastly the tower BG must be on the far left side of the tower and facing 
toward the security gate Sam previously passed through when you foil him. 
Anywhere else and there won't be enough room to pass him to the zip line and 
or he's turned just enough to see Sam zipping away.

Go NS, climb and stop 2 rungs from the top, if the BG is to the left side of 
the tower, wait for him to move over to 1st position right to climb in, (he's 
facing the zip line). Once on the platform crouch and QC right into the 
corner. Shoulder the AR and stand. The BG will then begin to move left, 
target at mid back and follow, (hit him too high and it's a KO) when he 
stops, foil him. ASAP sling the AR then run and jump to the zip line free and 

To avoid an alert while on the zip line; once the BG stops at the left side 
of the tower every button you push must be rapid and precise. Done correctly 
the worst you'll receive is a "What the hell was that" or "This doesn't make 
any sense".   


Camp part 2

I wonder if Smoky the Bear has seen this place.

QQC out to the huts, move about 5 feet beyond the front corner of the hut on 
the right and watch all the BGs collect and then move off. Go NV, RBG#2 will 
remain on the porch, #1 will pace back and forth along the Huts. #2 stops at 
the corner obscured by barrel fire smoke, once #1 passes Sam QQC out behind 
him, aim for the barrel use the smoke to cover Sam's approach and pass it on 
the right. Move under the porch the 3 BGs left the area from. 

Once Sam is under the porch BG#2 patrols to the rear of the building, don't 
alert him. Listen to his footsteps; let them stop for a couple seconds before 
you exit from under the WKWY. #2 will return to the front of the shack even 
though you may not hear his footsteps, QQC hard left out from under the WKWY 
to the shacks on the left. Locate Sadono and his buddy; follow them through 
the next hut. Once at the exit end of the hut follow the BG out and go hard 
left toward the whitish stacked barrels. Once tight to the barrels locate and 
watch BG#3 at the far end of the area near the exit. 

You have 2 guaranteed opportunities to ghost this area. 

1. Shortly after entering the area BG#3 does a quick head turn to the left, 
(may simultaneously scuff his shoe on the ground), move out at the motion. 
You must be ready for the head turn it may occur prior to or during the 

2. When their conversation is done Sadono and buddy exit through a door to 
the right of #3, both men walk between #3 and Sam, move out when either BG 
screens #3. 

If option #1 slips by be ready for #2. If you're able to move at option #1 
you can meet up with them near the exit at the 1st floor. If you can't snag 
option #1 the 2 BGs wait for you outside the building allowing you to follow. 

QQC to the stairs, QC down to the 1st floor, turn right and stop at the 
doorway to ensure that both BGs have passed through the building if the convo 
had ended before reaching the ground floor. Exit the room through the door on 
the left. Once outside remain in the shadows on the left and follow the 2 men 
to the far end of the enclosed area. Allow both BGs to enter the building, 
stick to the right side of the building the BGs entered and slide to the 
other end. 

Once out of the building and into the much larger quad area remain in the 
shadows on the right, QQC along the right stopping within the shadows and the 
bush fern thing and then wait for Sadono and his buddy to leave. Ensure RBG#1 
and the BG Sadono was talking to are walking away from Sam's position before 
you move. FC over to the corner of the building behind the crates/bales and 
climb the pole to the 2nd floor porch/deck.
Once on the upper deck crouch and remain concealed as you turn left and FC to 
the opposite end of the deck. Stay right and tight to the wall, the BG that 
Sadono spoke to will post below at the barn doorway to the next quad, ensure 
that RBG#1 is facing away from the upper deck to proceed at a QQC through the 
lighted area and back into the dark. Once dark stop, load a Sticky Cam in the 
tube, shoulder the AR and creep right to the right side edge of the crates. 

Move right far enough to see the truck to the right of the barn door opening 
across the quad. Locate and target the BG standing to the left the truck near 
the barn doorway with the AR. Now raise the icon straight up so that it is 
halfway between the top of the barn door and the eave of the roof then move 
the icon right enough to pass to the right of the BG. Send it. Locate Sadono 
with the camera and then X out once the recording of Sadono is complete. 

Sling the AR, QQC right to the edge of the deck leading to the quad area and 
drop off to the ground. Turn right and FC the perimeter of the quad, drop to 
QQC as you approach the trucks and then QC to the right of the barn doors. Go 
NV; locate the Sticky Cam approximately head high on the barn wall to the 
right side of the opening and retrieve it. Ensure the quad RBG is moving away 
then follow both men into the barn. Hold by the debris, once buddy descends 
the ladder QC over to the ladder and do the same.

An RBG will appear from Sam's left, follow him. QQC along the railing then 
stop within the shadow. As the RBG turns around and starts walking back to 
the other end of the balcony, QQC down the stairs to the XP, CtD and exit the 
room. Enter the coca lab; QC up the stairs and flip the light switch to off 
as you pass by it. Go NV, QC along the wall toward the BG near the exit. 
About halfway to the XP stick to the wall then stand and slide toward the 
exit. Once Sam's at the XP release, crouch, CtD and exit the lab. 

This is where the change begins regarding the pilot maneuver, its simple, 
considerably less invasive and no shots fired and as obvious as hell. So why 
didn't I see it years ago? It's called STUPID! 

A minute of recon tells you RBG#1 has a patrol route and its duration; the 
maneuver relies on the approach to and duration of one of his undisturbed 

Once in the Gen room, turn left, QQC along the generator to its corner near 
the doorway and hold at the position providing the lowest light meter 
reading. Listen to the Sadono speech and wait for RBG#1 to appear past the 
doorway to Sam's 11:00, he'll come to a stop at the end of his patrol near 
the light. 

Watch and listen, #1'll face the light and wall for about 10 seconds then 180 
and pace back to and then between the shelves to a position near the center 
of the room. You can clearly hear his footsteps and when they stop. 

RBG#1 will 180 from the stop and return to the opposite end of his patrol 
near the center of the room, once he turns left and begins walking between 
the shelves move to the generator switch. Flip the switch when you hear his 
footsteps stop. Move to the right side of the previously mentioned doorway 
and stick. Release and turn to the doorway, BG#2 should enter the Gen room 
from the 2nd doorway behind Sam and turn to his left before #1 reappears from 
the shelves and turns right, once #1 turns right QC into the room. 

QC into and through the 2nd aisle of shelves then once past the shelves 
accelerate to QQC over to the dark wall leading to the pilot and stick. Slide 
toward the pilot and hold once the light meter jumps to half of the 1st 
segment. Spin the camera around so you can see through the 2nd doorway into 
the Gen room and RBG#1 when he comes to a stop at the shelves. You want to 
see both BGs as they move about. 

Look to the 2nd doorway, BG#2 will walk past it heading toward the Gen power 
switch Sam flipped and then #1 will 180 and begin walking back to the wall 
and light. As #1 180s release and turn just enough so you can see through the 
3rd aisle and give Sam a couple 3 bumps toward the pilot. Just as you see #1 
appear in the 3rd aisle FC to the pilot and begin speed talking him.

In reality I believe the password would be given ASAP and then Sam would 
break away but the game forces the issue. To date this is the one instance 
where I've been able to over look my loathing of the speed talk.

From this position you'll retain a narrow LOS through the 3rd aisle. Put a 
speed mash on the "A" button and listen to Sam's convo; you must hear Sam 
say, "Just a piece of advice", as RBG#1 appears passing through aisle #3 on 
his return to the center of the room. ASAP press crouch and move back into 
the dark. Remain dark and SC toward the row of shelving against the keypad 
wall, stop about 5 feet from the aisle and shelf and hold. As #1 passes by 
aisle #3 returning to the light and wall QC along the shelf to the keypad. 
Use the passcode and open the door. ASAP from the event QC into the exit 
before RBG#1 turns left into aisle #2. Climb the ladder to exit the bunker 
and take the save on the way out. 

Follow Sadono outside and stop at the corner of the building. While you wait 
for the sissy musician and Mr. Homicide to leave locate the climbing pole on 
the building ahead on the left. QC to and climb up the pole when clear. Stay 
to the left and QQC along the roof to the trapdoor, open it and drop down 
into the firing range. Legs up and skooch into the gym and to the opposite 
wall. Soft drop to the floor, once down, quietly exit this room and then SC 
through the short HLWY into the next room.

Wait for the shadows to cover the doorway, SC out into the night and head for 
the tree at the far left end of this area. Face the turret; notice the 
building to Sam's left with light shining through the window and that the 
room is empty. Wait for RBG#1 to head back to Sam's entry point if he isn't 
already there to move to and enter the building. Move to the XP, cable it, 
wait for the RBG to walk away and then exit to the outdoor storage area. 

There are 2 basic searchlight patterns used in this area, one allows Sam to 
move CCw along the crates and under the canopy, the other forces Sam out into 
the open and very close to #1 who hears all too well and then over to the 
canopy. Decide which one it is and move accordingly

Once at the right side of the raised platform attached to the porch, learn 
the patrol patterns of the 2 RBGs as they travel over their areas. When the 
porch RBG heads to the far end of the porch and the ground RBG isn't near the 
steps or walking toward them climb onto the platform. Move over to the keypad 
and solve it when clear then move further along the deck into the dark and 
hold. As the porch RBG turns to the steps and begins walking toward them or 
to the far end of the porch, access the door.


Enter the inner corridor, QQC along the exterior wall and then over to and 
through the last door on the left. Hold between the door, wall and sofa, go 
IR and look out the louvered windows for the porch RBG. Sadono will continue 
moving toward Sam as he places his calls, when done he'll move to the comp, 
leave his phone and exit the room. 

The porch RBG will pass and the camera will turn away from Sam's position, 
QQC across the room to the wall near the desk and hold in the dark corner 
beside the boxes. Sadono will return to the room and leave for good. The 
porch RBG will pass for the 2nd time, the camera will move away and Sam will 
access the comp phone and move back to the boxes. As the RBG moves past the 
windows for the 3rd time and the camera begins its swing away from Sam's 
current position backtrack over to the door and out of the room. Turn left, 
move around the corner, locate and pull the switch. 

Continue along the corridor, locate the XP and freeze when you open it. Once 
the shooting begins move away from the opening, stay in the room and wait for 
the BGs move out into the night. Allow some to die before FC'ing out to the 
extraction point. Avoid the flashlights and FC out to the osprey and end the 

Stun 1, Foil 1, Dists 5, Sticky Cam 1, retrieved, Bottle 1, Lights 2,



Welcome to camp "Dark, Dismal & Unhappy".

Reconnoiter the field; locate the RBG, truck and the laser at the top of the 
tower. FC the perimeter CCw past the truck, ignore the birds and RBG#1. Enter 
the fenced area and disable the mine. Continue out to the open area, locate 
RBG#2 and follow him to the other side of the enclosed area. As you reach the 
other side, locate the narrow, dark alley near the gate and enter. Double 
jump up and enter the hut when clear. SC out to the sleeping area, note BGs 
#3&4 sitting at the table and #5 sleeping in the hut.

Stay in the dark along the right side of the enclosed area, creep CCw around 
the hut to a big puddle. There's another shallow narrow alley and a double 
jump. Enter the hut and soft drop to the floor behind the bales and BG#6. 
Creep outside and swat off the crate into the Generator hut, creep around the 
rear side of it to the XP and wait for the shooter. Once BG#7 sits down, SC 
behind him to the turret gun and into the shack. Switch to IR, slick the 
security lasers and then climb down the ladder to the elevator room.

"Submarine, submarine who's got the submarine?"

Push the button, enter the elevator, push for sub floor 2 and ride it down. 
Switch to NV, exit the elevator and proceed along the right side of the HLWY. 
Turn the corner at the intersection and hold at the corner. There are 2 RBGs 
#1 sits at the desk and #2 will exit from the Control Room and move to the 
far end of the HLWY. They'll begin talking and #1 will follow #2 into the 
HLWY. As #1 passes by Sam QC into the Control Room. Locate the techie and 
snatch his couch potato buttocks. Use him and the computer then abuse him. 

QC to the Control room double doors, #2 will be exiting the Control room. 
Move close to the right side door, allow it to close and watch #2 turn the 
corner at the intersection to the far end of the HLWY. Quickly move across 
the right side door and make contact with it to open it. Drop to QC past the 
left side door without activating it and hold against the wall past the door. 

#1 will investigate the noise and enter from the left side door, allow him in 
and to turn left into the room before you exit via the left side door. Move 
to the wall with the sub schematic, slide past it, cross over to the left 
wall and stick at the corner. Odds are good #1 will walk out to the 
intersection, so be alert. #2 will move back to the Control Room, when clear 
locate the exit and do so.

FC up to the XP at the top of the stairs, wait for the RBG to move away from 
the door to exit the room. Quietly follow the RBG along the elevated WKWY, 
stay to his 7:00, when he stops hold at his 8:00. Once the RBG turns and 
walks away, take off at a SC, accelerate to FC to the corner and then to a 
run from the corner to the gondola at the other end of the WKWY. 

Hit the switch to activate the gondola, as it moves away, drop down 2 times 
and ride the cable to the next connector. Wait for #2 to pull his light away 
from the cable to drop down to the lower cable and ride it to the end. Once 
on the platform QQC across to the WKWY leading to the sub and drop off. Wait 
for the RBG to pass by to climb up and then QQC into the sub.


SWEET DREAMS! I got your sweet dreams right here pal!

Continue to the ladder and climb down. 
After listening to Bruce and Todd lovingly banter back and forth over beddie-
by-time, I may have to kill me to stop the nightmares. 
As soon as you hit the floor QQC along the corridor to the dark niche on the 
right and enter. Hmmm ... I'da thunk Bruce would a been the butchier of the 
Anyway, wait for Bruce to pass Sam's position to QQC out along the corridor 
to the Berthing Area and enter. Awww isn't Todd such a cunnin thing all 
snugly and dreaming sweet ... GGYKKAHH!!! Stop...Stop, Slap, Slap, Slap. OK! 
I'm OK! I'm good. 

SC through the berthing area, locate the ladder and climb down. Stick to the 
wall to the left of the doorway and swat to the other side. Flip the light 
switch; creep into the room, QC under the counter and exit the room on the 
other side. Pass through the sliding XP, peek down the corridor till the BG 
appears and wait for him in the corner. The BG will be along any segundo. 
Grab him once he stops at the gauges, drag him to the retinal scanner and 
when done into the Bridge. Stop in the dark corner on the right, wait for the 
BG that leaves to pass through the Bridge door to KO. QQC to the comp use it 
then exit the Bridge.


This next part will be almost as difficult as the catacomb/elevator maneuver 
in Israel. Expect Sam to take many hits. 

There are 2 effective approaches to the tower, running and or FC over the 
ramp or FC halfway across the ramp and drop to QQC for the rest into the 
tower. The difference being the method of approach RBG#1 uses to the top of 
the tower. 

1. Run or FC all the way into the tower, (comment from #1). #1 will approach 
the platform relaxed. Move Sam through the opening so that you have the same 
distance from the door as from the ledge and the wall to Sam's right. Turn, 
face the ledge and look down, you want to see #1 as he rounds the stairs on 
the lower platform. Move left over to the corner of the platform at the 
doorway and hold. As you see #1's head pass by under Sam soft drop down and 
quietly proceed to the base of the tower.

2. FC halfway along the ramp, QQC into the tower; hop onto the box, face the 
corner and crouch. #1 will run up to the platform sling his wep and calmly 
walk halfway out along the ramp before calmly returning and never seeing Sam 
all hunched up on the box. Go figure!

Turn right out the bridge and climb the ladders to topside. Ensure smokes are 
in the tube. FC into the tower; move through the opening so that you have the 
same distance from the door as from the ledge and the wall to Sam's right 
turn left and look down, once you see RBG#1 as he rounds the stairs on the 
lower platform. Move left over to the corner of the platform at the doorway 
and hold. 

As you see #1's head pass by under Sam soft drop down and quietly proceed to 
the base of the tower. Begin running as you reach the lowest platform and 
then roll as you pass through the opening at the base of the tower. You'll 
likely take damage passing through the opening, move up tight to the staging. 
Crouch, locate the closest pair of BGs, sidestep right 1 or 2 steps, scope 
and max magnify the targets, hold just above the head of the right side BG if 
he's crouching, chest if standing. Click out of scope and send a smoke. 

Quickly enter inventory and grab the flashbang then run forward along the 
dark strip on the left to and beside the niche between the two sections of 
staging. Tap the BLUE "X" on your controller, pull and hold the left trigger, 
quickly count up 5 circles from the smallest circle, once located turn left 
or right so that the #5 circle is now sitting on top of the upper right hand 
corner of the left concrete support column and throw the flashbang. 

Start moving forward toward the concrete support column and the 1st pair of 
BGs. As soon as the flashbang ignites begin running to the end of the pier.
The 1st pair of BGs will still be coughing up a storm as Sam runs by them, 
but not for much longer, the right side BG drops from the gas. Most times the 
left side BG remains awake and pissed.  

As Sam approaches the 2nd pair of BGs, the left side BG will begin to come to 
his senses. Continue running, pass between the 2 BGs and drift right over to 
the railing. When Sam approaches the stairs drop to a crouch and FC to the 
bottom of the stairs and the extraction ladder. The remaining BG from the 1st 
pair may follow Sam down the pier to the 2nd pair of BGs while shooting at 
him. Expect to take max damage on your way to the extraction point.

It's very important to move quickly from one action to the next to be 
successful with this maneuver in particular gassing the 1st pair of BGs and 
throwing the F/B. 3 KOs is the best case scenario, 50% of the time its 4, 
both gassed BGs drop. Worst case 4 KOs and 1 or more Kills due to 1 or both 
of the last 2 BGs shooting 1 of the nearby explosive barrels.
The one thing that really bothers me is, if   Sam was real and given the 
circumstances, he'd slide off the back of the sub and dogpaddle to watercraft 
instead of engaging the BGs.

KOs 3, Dists 5, Smoke 1, F/B 1, Light 1,      



Jungle Rot anyone and Cohen's gay?

Go NV; drop off the ledge of the 1st flat roof, FC to the 2nd ledge drop, 
hang and soft drop to the lower roof. Roll off the 3rd flat roof to the 
ground then QQC to the open end of the brick wall. Peek around the wall to 
locate RBG#1. Wait for #1 to move out of sight to QQC across the street 
through the ferns to the climbing pipe. Climb the pipe and FC to the other 
end of the roof. 

It may take a bit of practice, frankly it's a pain in the ass, but, if the 
following maneuver is completed correctly RBG#2 and the civie won't hear the 

Take note of the 3rd roof dormer and the 4 courses of roof tiles that cover 
it. QC past the dormer toward the gable and stopping about 2 feet from the 
gable edge then line Sam's feet up with the bottom of the top course of the 
dormer shingles. Look down at the gable edge and turn Sam's body so that it 
is squared up to a diagonal line running through where the roof angle changes 
at the gable and the corbelling just left of the drainage pipe on the 
building across the ally.

(Pitch = angle >, Gable = end of a pitched roof where trim is attached 
^). The lower roof area that the dormers are attached to is a shallower 
pitch; the roof area above the dormers is a steeper pitch.

Stand and raise his head up, (he should be looking at the corbelling to the 
left of the broken drain pipe on the building across the ally. Turn the 
camera to look directly at the broken drain pipe then quickly press forward 
and then jump. Sam "SHOULD" take a silent leap to and grab the corbel to the 
left of the pipe on the other building. Go IR to locate #2 and wait for him 
to move back to the opposite end of the ally. Do a slow skooch around the 
corner until forced to stop then soft drop to the lower roof. QC along the 
roof to the safety fencing; quietly climb over it then enter the building. 
Locate the climbing pipe and slide down to the ground floor.


Waste no time exiting from the building, move out and around the trash 
barrels to the dark corner of the wall. Face the corner to avoid the 
lightning flash and once the lightning flash has waned QQC a straight line 
toward the intersection. RBG#1 will walk toward the van that stays, go to QC 
as you approach #1, he'll stop and turn around. Keep him LOS, follow to his 
7:00, he'll stop near the telephone booth and turn right. Continue around him 
toward the 2nd guard shack and #2. 

For those having difficulty with the BGs later in the level on the way to the 
recording studio with Ingrid, enter the shack and take the smoke it may come 
in handy. 

In any case, if Sam is just approaching the small guard shack on the left and 
RBG#2 is nearing the end of his patrol route beside the phone booth sneak 
into the guard shack and allow #2 to pass by on his way back to the 

If past the shack catch up to #2 stay to his 8:00 and keep him LOS. Slow down 
as he stops and then turns around to the right. Pass #2 and accelerate to FC 
as you pull away. Move over to the end of the fence where the steam is 
venting, locate the fence at the corner with the missing spear tops to the 
right of the corner and climb over it to the next area.

It kind of looks like a large Arboretum with raised planters. QQC right along 
the planters to the 2nd aisle opening, turn left, stick to the planter wall 
to Sam's right, slide and stop before the middle post so that Sam's right 
shoulder touches it. Look right and watch RBG#1 move to the leading edge of 
the raised planter to the right of the manhole and #2 to the van, #3 is 
behind Sam just outside the Arbor and stationary for the moment, go IR to 

Keep an eye on #1 as he turns back to the perimeter fence, once there he'll 
then move over to the manhole and you'll lose LOS. Just before he disappears 
slide past the post to activate #3. As #3 enters the intersection #1 will 
return to the leading edge of the raised planter. #3 will move off to the 
lighted area to the passenger side of the van. 

Allot at least 2 arbor posts between Sam and #3. Stay to the left side of the 
aisle and follow him into the light. As #3 reaches the light #1 will turn 
back to the perimeter fence, you should be lit up big time and approaching 
the pole light by the time he reaches the fence. Once he stops you have 8 
seconds to access the manhole and exit the area.

Too weird!
Maybe 2 percent of the time #3 isn't at the end of the aisle; he's missing, 
lying on the ground or floating in the air with his head stuck in the van's 
rear tire.

Cisterns, I hope there aren't any leaches in the water!

Slide down the ladder and drop off into the water. Quickly locate the 
connecting PSWY joining the parallel cisterns and run through it. Drop into a 
QQC before exiting the tunnel, turn hard left and slide along the wall to the 
big honkin pipe and hold. RBG#1 approaches from Sam's left, wait for him to 
pass Sam again on the return leg of his route and follow at a discreet 

Locate the next connector PSWY, drift back to the wall and stop before the 
opening. Stick to the wall, peek around the corner and note the camera. Slide 
away from the opening, pull the Cam Jam, face the wall, stand and activate 
the jammer before you expose Sam to the camera. Quickly walk straight into 
the opposite opening of the PSWY. 

Once under the camera pocket the jammer, remain in the PSWY and stick to the 
right side of the tunnel. RBG#2 will stop short of the opening and then 
return to the far end of the cistern. As he walks away, remain on the right 
side of the cistern and follow him. Once you pass the big honkin pipe drift 
to the wall and allow #2 to pass by. Move on to the ladder stand, jump to and 
climb out.


Snipers and mines and satellite dishes oh my!

Exit the manhole, Stand, drop to a crouch and get ready for some FCing and 
goggle flipping. Remember the pretty lights in Dili? There are mines 
scattered throughout the area. Wait for the search light to pull away to go 
IR and move out. FC CCw through the area, weave through the mines and stop 
behind the next dish. Go NS and as the search light passes the dish go IR 
move over to and then pass the 3rd dish. Swing around the 3rd dish and QC 
over to the guard tower fence. Face the fence with the transformer thingies, 
line up with the middle transformer and the 2 mines, go NS and QQC toward the 

Be mindful of the Searchlight, it drops and then moves left, don't allow any 
part of Sam to be touched by the light.

Once the search light moves off QC to the fence and jump over then move to 
the rear door of the guard shack. CtD, locate the BG and pick the lock. QC 
through the guard shack; to the XP eyeball the parking lot, if and when clear 
of the 2 RBGs QQC hard left out the door and QQC along the wall to the 
corner. Jump up onto the wall with the blue light. Hide along the wall near 
the fence and wait for a clear run to the narrow building niche.

Too bad Sam can't smack inanimate things with the butt of his pistol or the 

Once within the niche, move to the end, crouch and eyeball the parking lot 
for a spot clear of RBGs to double jump up to the roof. Locate the rappelling 
point and shoot out the glass with the pistol. Rappel into the building and 
QC Cw around the back of the curved desk where the BG is standing. He'll move 
off, stay behind him and to his right, as he stops QC around him as he turns 
left and returns to the desk. Locate the elevators and ride the one that 
opens to the next floor.


Where the hell is Ingrid? 

A new route to Ingrid, albeit a slower, safer and a (smidge) more realistic. 
Smidge, e.g. (the RBGs can hear Sam drop 2 feet from the crawl pipe near the 
ceiling to the cross beam above the stage but not a drop from the crawl pipe 
to the stage 15 plus feet below). More realistic, e.g. (it keeps Sam as far 
away from the RBGs as possible as opposed to creeping within feet of them).  

Exit the elevator, turn left and FC to the corner. Peek around the corner, 
note RBG#1 behind the doors and to the left the shadow of RBG#2 in the 
adjacent HLWY. Wait for #1 to turn and walk off to QC to the intersection, as 
you approach the corner #2 will turn and move off. Cross the HLWY, go through 
the doors and let #1 turn the corner at the end of the hall. QC along the 
HLWY until you notice the fallen duct grate on the floor near the 2 wooden 
towers. Enter the space between the wooden towers then double jump up to the 
top of the tower. QC into the duct, stay right and bypass the opening at the 
end. Hook back to the opening then peek out and right to the floor below. 

To date with the new duct approach RBG#1 is always very close to the perfect 

When clear of RBGs #1 (followed him in the HLWY to the auditorium, and he 
circles the seating area), and 2, (he patrols the front of the stage), QC out 
onto the balcony. QC halfway across the balcony and locate the crawl pipe 
that runs from above the balcony to the rear part of the stage. Move to the 
edge of the balcony stand and hop to the pipe turn around, go legs up and 
then skooch toward the other end. At the end of the pipe go IR, drop legs, 
hold and then locate all 3 RBGs. Ensure RBG#1 begins walking away from the 
right front corner of the auditorium then soft drop to the floor.

It seems to me that RBG#4 spends less time at the front of the stage with the 
new route but, you have tons of time to exit the auditorium.

QQC rear stage right to the XP and cable it, look right and hold, see RBG#5 
exit a room. X out and open the auditorium door as #5 turns to and stops at 
the door to Ingrid's room. QC out of the auditorium, turn right and QC along 
the right side of the HLWY to the door at the end, turn left, move into and 
stick in the dark corner and hold. Once Manny is done with the loud funny 
words he exits the room and heads for the double doors. Move over to the left 
side of and just into the doorway to prevent the door from closing. 

As you wait for #5 to pass into the next HLWY use the binoculars, look 
through the glass in the room Ingrid is in to see BG#6, sitting in the 
adjacent room and facing Ingrid through the glass. Stow the binoculars and 
once the double doors that #5 passes through close. Move out into the HLWY 
and use the middle of the double doors as cover Sam from RBG#7 patrolling in 
the next HLWY. QC toward the double doors till Sam is beside the door to the 
room adjacent to Ingrid's.

It's important to make enough noise to get BG#6 out and deep into the HLWY, 
not enough and he returns prematurely.

Move to and CtD, locate BG#6, open the door and step onto the threshold, 
locate the light switch to Sam's right move to and flip it to the off 
position. QQC out of the room and accelerate to FC as you near the door to 
Ingrid. Open the door and stand but do not enter, look back to the adjacent 
room, and wait for BG#6 to begin to enter the HLWY. Run to Ingrid and talk to 
her, ASAP move to the exit, open the door and let Ingrid out. Peek out enough 
to locate BG#6 and as soon as #6 reenters his room move Sam back into the 


To the Recording Studio and Annie Oakley was a guy?

As you exit the conference room move to and cable the auditorium door, go NV 
to see if alls clear left and right before entering, RBG#4 is usually at or 
approaching either end of the backstage. Head left and follow the perimeter 
around to the big dark corner, hold and then go IR. Odds are RBG#4 is heading 
your way, when he passes by again returning to the front of the stage slide 
along the wall to the curtains at stage left. From this point all 3 RBGs must 
be moving away from Sam's current position, #4 rear stage right, #3 front 
stage right and #1 heading behind the audience seating.

When this set-up occurs QC out and left along the wall to the light switch 
and right to the XP. Most times Ingrid is done with the convo and moved on 
before I exit the auditorium. Open and pass through the 1st sliding door, 
once Sam is in the HLWY FC to the double doors. I pass through the right side 
door then QC to the corner of the left door and take note of the RBG. I then 
stand and run left to the wall then QC back to the corner and hold. 

Usually Ingrid has already opened the glass security doors in the elevator 
lobby and is waiting within. Turn right, stand and run toward the crates. 
Crouch and QC back to the corner and wall. #8 will investigate and move off 
along the HLWY toward the turret gun.

Continue back to the elevator lobby and over to the glass wall security 
doors. Enter, shoulder the AR and load shocks in the tube. Move right past 
Ingrid to get the talk request, once against the wall, stand and advance a 
couple steps onto the bridge. RBGs# 1 and 2 will emerge from the far end of 
the bridge and #1 will advance a 3rd of the way or more toward Sam and stop. 

As he stops send a sticky to his face. Once #1 is hit stay right and advance 
along the bridge. Ingrid tends to go stupid and runs toward #1 as #2 advances 
at a run toward her. Your advance is to keep Ingrid out of the line of fire. 
Just as, preferably before #2 stops, (about the same area #1 did) he starts 
firing at Sam, so lead and shock him again preferably before he stops.

I'm going to wax realistic here for a moment and I'm sure everyone should say 
"Hello Mr. Contradiction"! However, in no way shape or form would any real 
event following the actions mentioned below succeed. In my mind, at best if 
it was possible, shocking the 4 RBGs in the bridge area might succeed if all 
were morons and didn't call an alert. Frankly stunning the BGs with Smoke or 
F/Bs would be like stepping on a nest of Army Ants let alone whisking Sadono 
out of the area.

I had no problems using Gas and F/B in Komodo because it's an end game tactic 
for the level. However even there, tell me SEALS or Rangers wouldn't slip 
into the water on the leeside of the sub and quietly dog paddle to their 

ASAP from the #2 shock hit inventory switch to Flash/Bang, tap "X", squeeze 
and hold the left trigger for a distance throw then send the Flash/Bang into 
the next Security area. Stay right to avoid the 3 RBGs in the next area; 
start running, continue into the 2nd elevator lobby and left into the HLWY.


For those having difficulties using the Flash/Bang the Smoke found in the 
guard shack earlier in the level may help. ASAP after shocking RBG#2 enter 
inventory, load the Smoke and fire it into the security area at the far end 
of the bridge. From this point follow the same instructions for the 

To date I've done the smoke bit 5 times in a row and only once did one of the 
3 pass out.

Regarding the Security Cam and using the jammer. If you're familiar with the 
reciprocating profile of a large wall camera and like me sit close enough to 
the tube or have better eyes you may be able to avoid using the jammer. More 
often than not I eyeball the cam and rush the corner as it swings away, about 
10 to 8 feet from the corner I roll up to it. It'll help you catch up RBG#6.


Take the save and enter inventory for the jammer, X out and continue running 
past the elevators to the next HLWY to avoid the hornet's nest you just 
smacked with a stick. Once past the corner arm and aim the jammer at the 
camera and begin walking along the left side of the HLWY to elude the 3 
flashed or gassed in the security area and #6 who may be standing at the 
entrance of the dining area. About 15 feet from the camera stow the jammer 
and run/roll into the corner. 

Quickly move right to the entrance to the dining area and follow Pataki, (#6) 
around the serving area to the lounge looking area. Ignore #7; stay to #6's 
right along the chairs to minimize noise. If #6 is too far ahead creep into 
the opening on the right for cover, once he passes by returning to the entry 
point remain in the enclosure and move to the right side. 

Once he passes the 2nd time retuning to the lounge area follow. Stay to his 
5:00 and move to his 4:00 when he comes to a stop. Allow #6 to turn and head 
back to the dining area entrance to QC to the pipe and climb up skooch left 
to the dark corner, turn the corner and hold. Look back for #6 and or 7 and 
or any and all of the flashed/gassed. RBGs may return and or follow Sam, as 
whoever moves off skooch to and enter the vent. 


To Capture Sadono

There's a slow less risky maneuver and there's a fast you're going to take a 
round or 2 one. The choice is yours.

Option #1, 
Exit the vent and soft drop onto the upper level of the recording studio. 180 
locate a retinal scanner then QC over to the top step and hold. Locate the 
searchlight scanning the room, ensure its moving away from Sam then follow 
it. QQC down the steps and follow the perimeter CCw till you arriver at the 
2nd short HLWY on Sam's right. I like to crouch and stick to the right side 
of the HLWY between the corner and the "No Smoking" sign. 

Once Sadono completes his speech, he'll ready everyone to leave the studio. 
Release from the wall stand and go NV. As he passes Sam move out for a grab. 
His men will go batty and may even begin to fire helter-skelter, but usually 
not at Sam. Drag his butt to the 1st of 2 retinal scanners then up the ramp 
to the 2nd one. From the 2nd scanner drag Sadono onto the roof and over to 
the chopper, you can listen to the speeches or you can KO Sadono and end the 
level. In 30 plus times playing the game, I've been shot and killed one time 
dragging Sadono to the chopper.

Option #2,
Move through and exit the vent. 180 locate the retinal scanner then move to 
the top step and hold. Note the direction of the search light, if near wait 
for the light to be moving away to FC down the steps, QQC the perimeter CCw 
past the boxes and into the 2nd short HLWY. When the coast is clear move out 
of the short HLWY, continue CCw along the perimeter and behind the curtains. 

QC to the edge of the curtains, go IR and locate Sadono's position at the 
lectern on the stage then rush up to him for a grab. You're bound to take at 
least 1 round as you make the grab but its worth avoiding the speech. Drag 
him to the retinal scanner then up the ramp to the 2nd scanner and then out 
of the building. Listen to the speech or KO Sadono and end the level.  

How the hell did Ingrid get out on the roof?

KOs 2, Rnds 1, Dists 4, Shock 2, F/B 1, Cam/Jam 1, Light 1, Run FN,

8. LAX California	8LA

Everybody must get Stone!

Listen to the info as you move Sam over the fence and along the wall to the 
delivery entrance to LAX. Wait for the truck to stop before moving toward it, 
(you might get squished). Climb into the trailer and wait for it to come to a 
stop inside the garage. Peek out the canvas to locate the RPM and dog, go IR 
and note the shack guard is hot then back to NS. I wait for the RMP and dog 
to be walking off to Sam's right to drop off the trailer. 

Stay in the shadows as you move directly toward the guard shack. Slide along 
the dark wall to the front of the shack. When the vaccinated terrorist#1, 
(VT#1) walks away from the window, creep to the right side of the window and 
climb up onto the shack. I move to the entry door side of the trap door to 
pop him with the pistol when he stops under it. Go IR to verify and back to 
NV. Drop through the trap door when clear, grab VT#1 and exit the shack. 
Locate the new XP, once in the room dump the BG, move to the next XP and 
cable it. 

For new players, verification of a VT kill is watching the orange center of 
the VT begin changing to yellow. On my TV the VT has a yellow perimeter band 
encompassing a bright orange center. Eventually the VT goes to blue then 

Note the giant picture of LAX; Maria the maid is cleaning at Sam's end; wait 
for her to move closer to the bathroom to open the door. When Maria is done 
cleaning she'll move to the bathroom door and enter the bathroom. As she 
reaches for the bathroom door QC along the wall and follow her in. Wait next 
to the med dispenser and locate the XP, a vent over the basin when she 

Take the 1st vent opening on the left, locate the 2 men, go IR to discover 
VT#2. Hold at the edge of the vent opening, pull the pistol for a better look 
about the room and go IR. VT#2 will eventually move to and stop under Sam's 
position, as he comes to a stop holster the pistol and drop out of the vent 
onto VT#2. Sam will KO #2, now pull the pistol, maneuver for a head shot then 
verify the kill.

Drop to the floor and QQC left along the wall to the corner, turn right and 
then move to and hold behind the stack of crates. While you wait for the LAX 
employee to stop near the closest conveyor, locate the XP then QQC into the 
next room when he stops and faces away from Sam. 

Go IR and scan the room, there are 3 more infected; locate infected #3 
sitting close by. QQC left along the perimeter to him, stop in the dark 
beside the boxes and snatch him once the 2 men finish talking.

Too many times in the past either VTs #4 and or #5 and or LAX #2 hear Sam 
take VT#3 from the chair, so now I wait for the end of the convo and for the 
RPM to be walking away or at the far end of his patrol before taking VT#3.

 Drag #3 straight back and to the left and into the short niche for the KO 
and kill. Go IR to verify the kill before you exit the niche. QQC left along 
the perimeter of the room to the conveyor belt, push forward and Sam will 
climb up and crouch. QC off and move left to the wall, eyeball LAX#2 and VT#4 
pacing back and forth, ensure that both are facing and or walking away from 
Sam to approach and hop over the 2nd conveyor belt. Follow the dark path to 
and past the spot #4 stops at and hold. Grab #4 when he comes to a stop and 
drag him back to the wall for the kill. Go IR to verify then climb the crate 
and then the shelving for access to the elevated WKWY. 
Wait for the RPM to move away while #5 is out of the office and LAX is under 
the WKWY. Follow the RPM along the WKWY to the intersection on the right. QC 
to the dark end and drop off the ledge, go IR and locate LAX and #5, wait for 
LAX to walk away to skooch left. Look and skooch left to eyeball the office, 
if and when #5 enters the office go to shimmy skooch to the corner of the 
office and hold. Do not move along the office with #5 in it. Once he exits 
continue left to the opening on the WKWY and climb up. Move right along the 
office wall; stick about 4 feet from the opening and hold.
To enter the office the RPM must be facing away or walking to the far end of 
his route and #5 about to enter the office. As #5 passes Sam release from the 
wall, begin a QC around the opening, #5 should be at a full stop as you pull 
up behind him, shoulder the AR, scope and put 1 round in his head. Ensure the 
RPM isn't an issue to pick up and haul #5 through the XP.

My luggage went where?

Conveyor #1 on the left has big honkin piles of luggage to hide behind, #2 
has a light covering a climbing pipe. Hide behind a big pile and ride #1 to 
the other end. Hop off; climb over #2 and onto conveyor #3. Move over to the 
window side of #3, stay tight to the wall and slide to the edge of the 
window. Learn LAX#3's pattern, release from the wall and keep pace with the 
conveyor at the edge of the window. As #3 turns away from the window FC 
toward the opposite end of the viewing area, at mid point drift left to the 
wall and then roll to the end of and off the conveyor. Once you get to the 
other side climb the stairs. 

#3 hears very well, so you want to wait for a clear spot with few objects in 
Sam's path preventing him from drifting to the left side of the conveyor as 
he passes the mid point.


Locate the XP and pass through, go IR to locate VT#6. Allow VT#6 to pass by 
Sam and then follow him to the other end of the room. Stick to the rail to 
the side of the pedestrian conveyor and swat turn through the breaks in the 
railing. #6 will stop at and then move on from the display wall between the 2 
conveyors and eventually enter the kiosk at the other end of the room. Move 
over to the 2nd conveyor after #6 begins walking again and after the civie 
sits down. 

QQC to the exit door, stop short of it and hold. Continue to hold, another 
LAX may have already entered the area from the XP, once he's passed by Sam 
stick to the barrier over the line on the floor, VT#6 will be around shortly. 
Follow #6 into the HLWY and hold on the platform, allow #6 to walk the HLWY 
and hold his convo with Mr. Evil. 

To date I haven't been able to slick the wall camera, it lets the VT walk by 
but acts like a motion tracker for Sam; the camera swings back to Sam no 
matter where it is along its path.

While waiting notice the wall camera at the far end of the HLWY, arm with the 
Cam Jam. Once #6 finishes his convo jam the camera as you walk to the 
opposite end of the HLWY. VT#6 will walk toward the XP but stop for a moment, 
move Sam right into the dark niche, stow the jammer and hold. #6 will return 
to the intersection for a moment then return to the XP, follow him at a QC 
and take the save when it pops up.


Smack #6 to the floor, arm with the pistol, go IR and maneuver for a head 
shot. Verify the kill then take him back and dump him into the dark niche. 
Return to the XP and enter the office, go IR and locate VT#7. As he 
approaches the glass door follow for the KO. Pick him up and take him out 
onto the balcony to the COMMANDER, (telescoping platform) to execute. Verify 
the kill then return to the office. Navigate the dark areas of the room to 
the XP and do so. 

As you enter the next room, you hear someone suggest taking a break, locate 
the large projector screen to the right and slide behind it. Once at the 
other end of the screen, locate the 2 men leaving the room. Keep the 2nd man 
in LOS; follow him at his 5:00 from this side of the room to and through the 
XP. Once Sam is on the balcony, stay tight to the right and FC down the 
stairs. Move over to the edge of the lower balcony. Go IR and binoculars to 
locate Soth.

Soth and his friends look like pretty hot guys to me!

Once done, turn to the elevator lobby. Jam the camera at the right side 
corner of the lobby and access the XP/elevator. Shoot the access hatch out 
ride the elevator till it stops and climb up to the next elevator.

The quickest way I found up to the top of the 2nd elevator is to run jump 
from the trapdoor to the climbing pole on the right. Even though Sam climbs 
over to the top of the counterweight then back to the pole, most times he 
does it faster than climbing the 2nd pole arms only, not stopping on the 
counterweight for the express route to the 2nd elevator.

There "AIN'T NO" ghosting at the end of this level. I have a couple 3 
scenarios that for the most part bring on the chaos at different points 
through each maneuver. In the best case scenario the LAX and RPM will go 
Bonkers when Sam confronts the last of the VT on the upper WKWY. All 3 
maneuvers work, but I'm partial to one because I use fewer items and 
regularly end up with the most time on the clock.    

In all cases if they haven't already snapped the LAX employees and the RPM 
will go bonkers as Sam reaches the base of the ladder below the long one 
leading to Soth and any remaining VTs.

QC from the top of the elevator and out to the vent opening locate the white 
shirt, if he's walking away or just stopped behind the pillar near the 
opening soft drop to the floor. QQC past the intersection to the ladder, 
climb to the WKWY when clear. QC to the middle of the WKWY; have Sam look to 
his 11:00X11:00. Locate VT#8, load shocks in the tube and target #8. #8 
patrols and comes to a stop just past the WKWY intersection, send a shocker.

Once #8 is down sling the rifle move to the end of the WKWY, jump with legs 
up to the pipe and mad skooch to the end. Soft drop to the short WKWY, climb 
down the ladder to the main WKWY and QQC around the back to the big honkin 
pillar. Climb through the opening in the pillar and drop off the other side. 
When clear FC to the last 2 ladders. Go IR as you climb to the top and then 
drop off to the WKWY below. Crouch shoulder the rifle, locate the last 2 VTs 
and stun them. Proceed to VT#8 and put a round in his head and do the same to 
#9 and Soth. Move to the device to end the level. 

Average time is 29 seconds, best time is 33 seconds.

This is another instance of endgame tactics where stealth is no longer 
required to complete the level.

I also decided subduing the infected prior to killing them wouldn't be 
included in the stats as KOs. My reasons are this; the rifle is equipped with 
a super improved silencer, (Saul, Jerusalem, "sonic displacement"). 
A target can be much closer when using the tube which makes as much or more 
noise than the silencers. The targets make as much and more noise when hit 
with a shocker or gas and yet close AI doesn't hear the take down.
2nd, the action to KO the target is an extenuation of the extermination 


Kills 10, Rnds 10, Dists 2, Cam/Jam 2, Shocks 3, 


For Noise= F/N,

Kills 	11		Cams	     1 
KOs 	 8		Dists  	    24 
Rounds 	17		Cam/Jam	     3  
Shocks	 5		Lights	     8 
Stuns	 3		Jumps, F/N   3 
Foils	 2		Botts, F/N   2 
Smokes	 1		Whsts, F/N   1
F/Bs	 2		Run, F/N     1