Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Zero Kills FAQ/Walkthrough v1.00
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: : : : Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Zero Kills FAQ/Walkthrough

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Zero Kills FAQ/Walkthrough

by NerdWithAGun_9   Updated to v1.00 on
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Single Player COMPLETELY Non-Lethal Walkthrough
By NerdWithAGun_9 at  
Written from 11/21/05 to 03/3/06.  
Version 1.00.
Yes, I have no multiplayer section.  I hate the multiplayer here.  It's way
better in Chaos Theory (the new one).
My condolences to El Rapido as I just made his "Stealth Guide" (with fourteen
kills in Jerusalem) obselete.
Be sure to read my E-mail Policy and Introduction

Table of Contents

If you want to use that "Ctrl+F" trick all the other FAQs have, simply
highlight the level name, hold Ctrl, then press C, F, V and enter.  Voila!
That way should work on most other FAQs as well.  I find it much faster.

--Legal Stuff
--Version Stuff
--E-mail Policy
--Introduction (you must read it!)
  --Level 1: US Embassy to Dili, East Timor
    --Part 1: Tutorial
    --Part 2: Embassy Infiltration
    --Part 3: Down to the Courtyard
    --Part 4: The Lone Nuisance
    --Part 5: Escape Through the Village
  --Level 2: Saulnier Cryogenics Lab, Paris, France
    --Part 1: Follow the Mercs
    --Part 2: Security Access
    --Part 3: Amatuer Bomb Squad
    --Part 4: Surveillance Countermeasures
    --Part 5: Find Some French Brains
    --Part 6: Walk-in Refrigerator
    --Part 7: Penguin Hunter
  --Level 3: Hesperia Railways, Paris to Nice, France
    --Part 1: The Baggage Cars
    --Part 2: Dodge a Speeding Bullet Train
    --Part 3: Meet the Penguin
    --Part 4: Penguin's Revenge
  --Level 4: Geula District Street Market, Jerusalem, Isreal
    --Part 1: The Holy City
    --Part 2: A New Toy
    --Part 3: Rent-a-Cop
    --Part 4: Contact
    --Part 5: Follow the Leader, Part 1
    --Part 6: Follow the Leader, Part 2
    --Part 7: Follow the Leader, Part 3
    --Part 8: Mission Impossible [almost]
    --Part 9: Cops or Sinpers
  --Level 5: Refinery, Kundang, Indonesia
    --Part 1: War Buddies
    --Part 2: I can't look for tripwires! I'm Drunk!
    --Part 3: Don't Whistle
    --Part 4: End of the Beginning
    --Part 5: Follow the Enemy Leader
    --Part 6: Awesome Shortcut
    --Part 7: Terrorists Plead Insanity
    --Part 8: The Firing Range
    --Part 9: Sadono's House, Finally
    --Part 10: Pandora Tommorrow
  --Level 6: Komodo Shipyard, Komodo, Indonesia
    --Part 1: Snipers
    --Part 2: Out of the Jungle
    --Part 3: Raise the Sub
    --Part 4: Enter the Sub
    --Part 5: Close Quarters Stealth
    --Part 6: Amityville Time
  --Level 7: Television Free Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
    --Part 1: We're Just Getting Started
    --Part 2: I Hate Lightning
      --Section 1: The Parking Lot
      --Section 2: The Garden
      --Section 3: The Sewers
    --Part 3: Minefield and TV Station
      --Section 1: Minefield
      --Section 2: Onto the TV Station
      --Section 3: The Elevator
    --Part 4: Find Karithson
    --Part 5: Guardian Angel
    --Part 6: The Bar
    --Part 7: I would've giftwrapped him...
  --Level 8: LAX International Airport, Los Angeles, California, USA
    --Part 1: I Still Hate Dogs
    --Part 2: Kill the Terrorists
    --Part 3: Baggage Inspections
    --Part 4: Waiting Area
    --Part 5: Save the Receptionist!
    --Part 6: It's Finally Almost Over
--Rejected E-mails
Legal Stuff

Copyright 2005 Eric Hitchcock
This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
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Version Stuff

Version 1.00
    I'm finally done!
Version 1.01
    *Does not exist yet*

E-mail Policy

   First, if you have a reasonable complaint (such as easier strategies or 
alternate routes) please re-read this document and get a few outside opinions 
(other people) before e-mailing me at  Also, be VERY
specific; tell me which level and part you're talking about, and describe the
geography carefully.  If I can't understand it, its a reject. 
   Second, I can't guarantee I will check
my email more than once a week.
   Third....actually that's about it.
Introduction to my Walkthrough (You Must Read This!!!!!!)

First the obvious: I致e tested all of these strategies on normal and hard mode.
However, I have not played the PC/GC/PS2 versions, although I doubt they'd be
very different.  Tell me if they are.

My walkthrough is divided up into "parts" for each level.  Every part refers to
the portion of a level between checkpoints.  Each part is marked with its 
number, its name (chosen by me), and in parenthesis a "content description."  
This tells you briefly what you will have to do to stay within the non-lethal 
parameters of this guide (specific definition of a "perfect game" below).  The 
3 kinds of "content" are:

    1) Evasion: This means that you either avoid guards entirely or
intercept them on their normal patrol route.  This may include	disabling 
lights, but only to keep other guards from seeing you.
    2) Distraction: This means altering the environment or whistling in
order to alter a guard痴 patrol route so you can intercept him.
    3) Assault: This means that Sam will have to use his non-lethal gadgets to
survive, usually while the enemies are shooting him.  It sounds stupid at first
but it totally works.

If a part involves more than one of these methods the words will be separated 
by a slash and usually placed in order of prevalence (go ahead, look it up).

I値l get this out of the way; I知 not going to tell you exactly what to do 
every second of the game.  Except for the hard or well-scripted parts I will 
leave most details to your discretion--especially in the later levels.  If I 
don稚 say what to do, figure it out.  I will repeat this often.  

One last thing: I claim that this FAQ allows one to complete what I call a 
"perfect game."  The definition for that term is as follows:

-    You should not kill any character (including dogs) during the game 
except on direct order from HQ.  Exception:  In Level 5, Saul痴 shop, you are 
told to kill the robbers, but you should KO them instead.
-    No alarm should occur at any time.  This does not include scripted
events that either don稚 affect your alarm counter or change it to --/--.
-    In (L.8, P.5) an enemy tries to kill a civilian.  Save him.
-    There is one incident in which an enemy kills himself (L.5, P.2).  You do 
not have to interfere.
-    It is OK to be noticed briefly by a guard or civilian as long as none
of the above criteria are violated.

Well, that痴 my challenge.  Good luck Splinter Cell.


Level 1: U.S. Embassy to Dili, East Timor

Obviously, this is the first mission and will therefore be relatively easy.  I 
say relatively because you will nonetheless have to figure out the new (or old)
controls before you can really get started.  Once you have them down you can 
probably finish this in under an hour.

Part 1: Tutorial (Evasion)

Trust me, this is easy.  You池e told exactly what to do almost every step of 
the way.  However, if you池e new to the series, are retarded, or have very 
minute amounts of free time (most likely the first), then the following events
may cause problems:
-    When you are first told to use thermal vision, the blinking heat sources 
are landmines.  If you can稚 go around them, shoot them (from far away).
-    When crossing under the canal bridge, you are invisible only when in the
reeds.  Therefore you ought to shoot the light on the bridge first.
-    When you grab Sadono痴 lieutenant, take him somewhere dark before KOing 
him.  Afterwards climb the pipe on the wall opposite the house.

Part 2: Embassy Infiltration (Evasion)

This part is really short.  Turn left and go up the scaffolding.  At the top 
head along the balcony until you see a guard in a window.  There is a thin 
strip of darkness just below it.  Think hard now, what can you do?  If you致e 
been paying attention you should know to click the left stick.  I will assume 
in the future I don稚 always need to say when to "squish" against a wall and 
when not to.  Go under the guard.

Ignore Lambert (Sadono doesn稚 have X-ray vision) and SWAT turn past the door 
when nobody痴 looking.  Despite what you were told in the tutorial, this move 
doesn稚 make you invisible.  However it does move you quickly enough to bypass 
most guards (with decent timing) and makes no sound.  Just be aware that you 
aren稚 invisible.  Go to the blown-up end of the balcony and the interact menu 
(top right) should say, "climb out".  Do that now.  Climb pipe, around ledge, 
drop down to balcony, slide open window, and there痴 Shetland being repeatedly
slapped in the face by a guard.  KO the jerk and chat with your old war buddy.

Part 3: Down to the Courtyard (Distraction/Evasion)

Before you leave the room, look for the light switch.  Many annoying lights in 
this game have switches and it can REALLY pay to see these things.  Details 
later.  Anyway, go through the door next to the light switch and KO the guy on 
the balcony (this place has a lot of balconies).  Down the hall is a staircase.
Shoot the big light above the stairs and go down.  The room here is the 
hardest so far, so you are either thinking, "鍛out **** time" or, "oh, ****." 
Because you can稚 put out the fire, stick to the left side of the room and 
shoot every light you can before grabbing anyone (unless you池e a veteran 
Splinter Cell, in which case you aren稚 reading this).  Keep in mind that if a 
guard is too close when you shoot--or if you miss, which makes more noise--he 
will completely and utterly screw you.  Aside from that just stay in the dark 
and whistle them to their doom.  When you finally get them all run around until
you find the big double doors.

Part 4: The Lone Nuisance (Evasion)

Obviously this part has only one stationary guard, but with night vision.  
Lambert tells you how to get past him (its super easy).  Once across turn left 
and find an automated turret to play with.  If you already know how they work, 
skip the next paragraph.

Turrets work by detecting large heat signatures within their Field Of Vision
(FOV).  The FOV's width depends on how far left and right the turret rotates
(the rotation shows its active).  The wider the FOV, the shorter its range.
Also, thse turrets have software called IFF that tells it what heat sources are
enemies.  Near every turret is a computer on the ground in a special carrying
case.  Obviously this will never be inside the FOV.  Access the computer and
you can either deactivate it or disable the IFF.  Since we're going for no 
kills in this FAQ, don't touch the IFF.  Finally, guards will not attempt to 
reactivate any turret you turn off.  I guess they need trained technicians or

Now, head the other way, through the door, up the stairs, whack guard into
la-la land and have Ingrid recite some seemingly meangingless letters and
numbers.  But guess what, those numbers are your next mission!  Good thing
Lambert can figure them out.

Part 5: Escape through the village (Evasion/Distraction)

After becoming slightly more confused about the plot, you are told to exfil and
may now shoot guards mercilessly.  However this guide assumes you want a
minimum of kills (i.e., 0, zip, nada), so I will ignore that.  Head downstairs
and find an exit at the bottom (not where you came in).  Outside there are two
guards--not close together--and two towers with switches you must flip for
reasons Grim just told you.  The first guard pauses at points where you can
easily intercept him.  Shoot the lights between guards 1 and 2 before going
after 2.  He can also be nailed with evasive tactics, but you may prefer to
whistle.  Either way, turn off both spotlights and head for the pier.


Level 2: Saulnier Cryogenics Lab, Paris, France

Now things are going to get difficult.  This level introduces--among other
things--your first assault segment, your first timed objective, security
cameras, and motion sensors.  The checkpoints are also much farther apart now.
Finally, this level will require you to learn the use of light switches as a
distraction.  Let's get started.

Part 1: Follow the Mercenaries (Evasion/Distraction)

You start in a subway tunnel the mercs recently invaded.  As you will be 
infiltrating the same way they did, each and every one will have to be quietly
incapacitated.  Sound like fun?  Well, too bad.

Go down the ladder and you'll be in one of two adjacent maintenance tunnels
connected by the huge subway tunnel.  The lone guard follows a predictable
pattern with a long pause, so this should be simple.

Now I should point out that the occasional flashes of light if and only if you
are on the wall they're coming from and between windows.  Is that clear?  Good.
Run to the back of the train and jump to the ladder.  Climb up, run to the
hatch and equip your SC-20K.  Inside the train are two lanterns.  I want you to
shoot these and the nearset flourescent light (which is shining directly into
the train).  You will have to drop inside to get the other lantern.  Now, touch
the nearest row of seats and then hide along the wall where the flashes of
light can't get you.  One of the two emerging mercs can be easily grabbed if
you do this right.  Depending on which guy you grabbed, you either wait for
the other one to walk past you or go to the back of the train and whistle him
in.  Congratulations!  You're halfway to a checkpoint!  Sorry if you were
expecting one in the next ten seconds.  

Enter the massive C4-related hole you should have no trouble locating.  After 
two turns run around in circles until you're told what to do about the fire (I 
had to do that but hopefully you didn't buy a used copy).  Once its out, flip 
the light switch near the door and enter the next room.  There are a dozen hard
ways to get this guard, but I simply jump on top of the bookshelf in front of 
me and wait 'till I can drop on him.  Wasn't that fun?

Now you get to see why light switches are so important.  Find and flip this 
room's switch before opening the door.  In the next room are two guards, a lot 
of lights, and a switch right next to you.  Flip it and the mercs should come 
one at a time to unflip it.  This is your chance to grab them.  Once both are
asleep, go through a few empty rooms.

Part 2: Security Access (Distraction/Assault)

You may be concerned about the "assault" part of this, but don't worry; this
first one is pretty easy.  For now make sure this tiny room is dark and open 
the door.  In the auditorium there are lights covering everything except the
corner you're in and the corner the mercs come from.  If you prefer to use the
latter, there is a pipe next to the door.  Depending on your style, speed, and
dumb luck, you will have between 1 and 3 guards to deal with (be prepared for
some hilarous dancing around the stupid ones).  Use whistling and this won't
take long.

Don't exit the room yet!  Don't even go through the rubber flaps near the exit!
The next segment is your first assault cahallenge and will require some trial
and error.  When you approach the door immediately go through and locate the
two enemies preparing to destroy your objective.  You should know how to use
the sticky shockers on your SC-20K (if not, RTFM).  Stand up, shoot the window,
sticky shock the first guy, then crouch and switch to rings.  When the second
guy comes out (he should've seen you standing) hit him with it then quickly run
up and finish him off with an elbow strike (R trigger).  Switch off the lights
in this room and hide the bodies.  Also, shoot all the lights down the hall.
Congratulations on completing your first non-lethal firefight!  Now you can go
for the computer.  Suddenly Grim tells you that--

Part 3: Amatuer Bomb Squad (Evasion)

--the mercs planted a bomb just down the hall!  Watch the enemies leave that
room and--if you've already shot the lights--simply unlock the door and wait
for them to leave.  If you didn't shoot the lights, you'll have to stay here
until they leave.  Either way, walk in and deactivate the bomb.  Then follow 
the bad guys upstairs.

Part 4: Surveillance Countermeasures (Evasion/Distraction)

This section will introduce you to passive defences like motion sensors and
cameras.  The first motion sensor is halfway up the stairs.  Check what it 
looks like in all vision modes so you won't miss one later.  Walk by slowly and
you should be invisible--lighting (not lightNING, lightING) has no effect on 
this thing.

Once upstairs, open the door and aim your gun at the light in the next hall.  
When you hear shooting, that's your chance.  Use this nice dark corner to nail
the guy around the corner (whistle).  Now find the double doors next to you.
Open them and shoot the lights on the left of this tiny hall.  The door on the
right is keypad-locked and leads to a checkpoint.  The door on your left leads
to the code and your objective.  Open the door and don't move.  In this room
are five security cameras and nine lights.  Each time you shoot one, a guard
will come from the surveillance room to look around.  He will then leave.  You
can repeat this many times to clear a path to the bottom right corner of the
room--your objective.  You can also shoot several things in a row if you're
fast enough.  Anyway, hack the computer and use the code on the door behind

Part 5: Find Some French Brains (Distraction)

Congratulations!  You're just over halfway done!  Yes this is a long level.
Get over it.  Remember, that's how much play time you're getting out of this
game.  Be glad you bought it.  Anyway, the next guy is super easy.  The big
lamp in the center of the room can be switched off.  Remember what 2+2 equals?
Good.  Moving on; find the stairs, shoot the camera (using scope), and sneak by
the motion sensor.  Destroy the light at the top and open the door.  The sides
of this room have really long lights that can be completely destroyed with one
shot.  Use the pistol (duh) and you get a nice dark corner.  Whistle, grab, 
rinse, repeat, and hack the computer.  Use this code to find your French 

Part 6: Walk-in Refrigerator (Evasion)

Walk by the brains and through the rubber flaps.  In this region you will 
quickly discover that night vision is useless, so rely on thermal intstead.
You should see a turret pointing at a busy guard.  Since you just saved, feel
free to make the turret shoot him.

After reloading, deactivate the turret.  You decide whether to drag this guy
two rooms back to a hiding place or simply ignore him.  To his left is--or
was--a locked door.  Open it.  In this room, look for the gap on the left side
of the catwalk.  Walk slowly through it until you are hanging on the edge.  
Somehow you're invisible here.  Go along this ledge, avoiding the half-a-dozen 
or so steam jets, until you find the other gap in the railing.  Once the guards
stop looking for you, climb up and go through the door.  

In this hall you may find a wall mine on the right side of the wall.  It's 
basically a motion sensor except it has explosives and can be deactivated.  If
you want to deactivate it, walk in front of it until the option appears in your
interact menu and press A when the light is GREEN.  If its red when you press
A you may have just commited suicide.  Yay.  When you're done dying enter the
door on the left and find the hole in the ceiling.

Part 7: Penguin Hunter (Assault)

Soon we will finally know who mortified_penguin is, but we've got to go through
three more guards first.  Climb up the hole in the ceiling.  The brief cutscene
will make your proximity to the target obvious, and imply the reason why I want
you to take these guys out now.  Dispose of the three trigger-happy mercs with
a smoke grenade (this may require multiple tries).  Once you've talked to the
French guy with a cell phone, talk to him a few more times for some funny
dialogue.  Anyway, back in the vent your exfil route is blocked by a huge jet
of steam.  Remove that by shooting a safety valve in the hall below.  Walk to
the end and meet Coen for extraction.


Level 3: Hesperia Railways, Paris to Nice, France

This level is short.  At least compared to the previous one.  It's also pretty
easy once you know where to go and what to do.  Just be warned that it's very

Part 1: The Baggage Cars (Distraction)

Walk to the hatch (don't jump) and drop down.  Lambert will then inform you of
this mission's choke chain:  no alarms, no detection, and don't kill Soth.
More importantly, you've got no room to manuever, so don't screw up.  Go to the
next car and lure the guy out by shooting the nearest light.  Get him and find
the hatch in the floor (the door's jammed).  Climb down and along the pipe.
That was short.

Part 2: Dodging a Speeding Bullet Train (Evasion)

At the end of the pipe climb up, listen to Grim, shoot the light, and unlock
the side doors (look near the green lights).  Since it's pretty much impossible
to go through this car, you'll need to go around.  Yes, around a moving train
car.  Through door, turn left, door, left, side door you just unlocked.  Climb
out, up pipe, along ledge, and you'll see what I named this segment for.  These
windows will have people looking outside, so be prepared to wait a while.  Once
you're back inside, turn right and enter the next car.

Part 3: Meet the Penguin (Evasion/Distraction)

Wait until the chatter terminates (in and around your head) and start looking
for Mr. Soth.  Check each guy with thermal and/or the optic cable until you see
him (you can't miss it, trust me).  Talk to him, then hack his laptop, equip
your laser mic and follow him to the bar car.  Once there go behind the bar on
the right and stand up.  Press X and aim at Soth until your hear some noise.
Once everyone leaves and you're told to exfil (exfiltrate/leave), finish this 
last merc with a whistle.

Part 4: Penguin's Revenge (Evasion)

Before going to the next car shoot every single light here.  As soon as you
open the door Soth discovers you've hacked his computer and sends one final
guard after you.  Since you didn't bring a sticky shocker, run to the other
side of this car and hide in a corner.  The merc should miss you and stay in
the next car going back and forth.  Use optic cable to time your entry, hide in
the nearest corner, and grab him when he's looking the other way.  Up the
ladder, open the hatch, and run (while crouched) to the front of the train. The
Osprey will shoot down the enemy helicopter for you (it looks cooler without
night vision on) and drop a rope for you.  Grab it.


Level 4: Geula District Street Market, Jerusalem, Isreal

Now for another super-long mission.  Like level 2 this will include long and
easy parts, super hard parts, and an assault segment.  But this non-lethal 
firefight is the most infamous in the whole game.  There's a guide posted on 
GameFAQs claiming to kill/KO the absolute minimum number of guards, and he had 
fifteen kills here!  But I got none! (except the objective)  The good news is
that aside from the assault part a lot of this mission is nothing more than
walking around a few squads of rent-a-cops in urban terrain at night.  Easy.
Let's get started.

Part 1: The Holy City (Evasion)

This first part is super easy, just a bit long.  You don't have to KO police or
even shoot lights; just grab two civilians (they won't hear each other being
grabbed) and go around everyone else.  Fortunately, you get a map for this part
(see OPSAT).  Take note of the three-way intersection.  When you get there,
turn left.  Everywhere else is perfectly linear.

Part 2: A New Toy (Evasion/Distraction)

As usual your timing is perfect and imperfect at the same time. Two guys are
about to kill Saul, and you arrive just in time to save him, but not in time to
use your assault rifle to do so.  For this reason your only non-lethal resort
is the quick attack (as I call it) or elbow strike.  Grabbing won't work
because the 2nd guy will notice and grab Saul, leaving you screwed.  The good
news is that because the 2nd guy will attempt to grab Saul, you don't have to
worry about getting shot.  Simply whack both guys as fast as possible and shoot
the lights.  Your reward is an allegedly new and improved SC-20K with two
sticky shockers and two ring airfoils.  If you want you can talk to Saul and
he'll take you somewhere to show how you're gun works.  This will bypass a few
guards, but also waste a vital sticky shocker.  I'd ignore him.  

Head back to the three-way intersection and continue straight ahead.  From here
everything (except the infamous assault segment) is super linear.  Ignore all 
the dead ends and SWAT flip past the window.  Shoot a few lights to lure out
the civilian down the next hall.  Get her and move on.

Part 3: Rent-a-cop (Evasion)

This is pretty similar to part 1, except that there are no civilians, a few
alternate routes, and a less than obvious objective.  By that I refer to the
pipe going up the side of the church.  It's hard to see because of the steam
and it's in a recess.  If you can't find it, go to the fence with a guard on
the other side and look to your right.  Climb up, along the roof, use zipline,
and rappel down the scaffolding (stand next to the bump and press A).

Part 4: Contact 

Talk to your contact.  She'll open a gate for you.

Part 5: Follow the Leader, part 1 (Evasion)

By now you now how to handle rent-a-cops.  The difference here is that you need
to keep up with your contact, so don't waste time with KOing everyone.  Just
shoot a few lights and move on.  When you reach the first lampost with two
lights on it, look ahead.  That aisle has dozens of lights, so find a different
route behind the stalls.  Continue until you reach a checkpoint.

Part 6: Follow the Leader, part 2 (Evasion)

Same as before, except that a cop offers to escort your contact to her "house".
She is forced to KO him, and you have to hide the body.  Just after that talk
to her and she'll ask you to use the rooftops from now on.

Part 7: Follow the Leader, part 3 (Evasion)

Since you weren't given any directions, I'll show you how to reach the roofs
(it's not mandatory but it is easier than going along the ground).  From the
checkpoint, turn right and--once the cop leaves--head straight until you reach
another wall.  Wait for the next cop to come out of the alley, then head in and
find a pipe.  Climb up, through the building, out the window (ignore the 
civilians), along the ledge, up another pipe, along another ledge, and stop at
the point where you can rappel down.  Before you do, shoot out the light in the
alley below.  Then go down and find your contact.  Within fifteen seconds she
will be in trouble again, but this time the cop is facing away from you.

That was the last cop in this part, so run wherever your contact went.  Follow
her to an elevator.  Enter and talk to her for the last time.  Just as the 
elevator is about to go down, Lambert springs an emergency objective on you.
Complete it quickly or you will be screwed beyond your wildest dreams.

Part 8: Mission Impossible [almost] (Assault/Distraction/Evasion)

I apologize if I make any of this part sound easy.

This is by far the hardest part of the game so far if you're going for no kills
and no alarms.  You are now in the "infamous assault segment" I mentioned
at the start of the level.  Enjoy.

While you argue with Lambert, equip your sticky shockersand draw your gun.  At
the bottom zap both guards and shoot the light above them.  Go forward, then
right and in this very tiny corner equip rings and look along the catwalk for
#3.  What this guy will do is totally random:
    A)he runs into you: use ring and whack (elbow strike)
    B)stares into the elevator:  depending on proximity, grab him or wait for D
    C)runs into the elevator: wait for D
    D)attempts to revive buddy: once he crouches, run over and whack him twice.
      If his buddy wakes up, whack him too.
That was fun.  You still alive?  Good.  Run along the catwalk, down the stairs,
WALK two steps forward, pass the left side of the stairs (its left, not yours)
and drop into the water.  Find a dark spot and look for the new mercs.  There
should be two.  The moving one will go past the stairs during his patrol, so
get in position and use an elbow strike (grab is too risky).  Don't hide the 
body in water--he'll drown and die.  Find a dark corner, then get about a car
length's distance from the next guy.  To approach him quietly you must use the
"twitch method".  This means twitching the left analog stick so fast that Sam
doesn't take a step (which makes noise) yet still moves.  Eventually you can 
grab him.  It is possible that the guard normally moving may end up about a 
dozen meters in front of his buddy, but looking away.  If so, grab him the same
way.  Then shoot the nearest light bulb and hide the body or bodies.  

From here the challenge is primarily navigation, as many rooms will look the
same, and because many guards can only be defeated from a certain direction.
Fortunately, I spent three days mapping out the route so you don't have to!
Yay internet!  Moving on.  The next room has a grid of metal walkways above a
shallow pool.  Only one guard patrols here.  Drop into the water, find a dark
spot, and start sniping lightbulbs.  Although you will have to wait a long time
to get all the bulbs unnoticed, you won't get caught this way, no matter what
(unless you're a retard).  From this room there are three tunnels leading else-
where.  Find the two next to each other, and take neither.  Instead go into the
third.  When you emerge, turn right (ignore the guards in front of you).  You
should be facing another tunnel, but this one has a guy coming in and out.  Go
in when he's busy somewhere else.  Now you can relax.  This tunnel is dark, 
close to the objective, near the exit, and has no metal floors.  Awesome!  When
the guard returns, you should have enough space to get him easily.  

Before you ask which way to the objective, know that getting it will trigger a
checkpoint (yay) so I recommend getting a few easy KOs out of the way.  At the 
end of this tunnel is a lightbulb.  Shoot it and grab the guy looking at it.
Hide him and look down the tunnel.  The only merc you want is on the left wall
guarding the elevator.  Whistle him over and hide him with the other guy.

Now, from the lightbulb, face the elevator (I just told you where it is), and
turn right.  Forward, left, hide in the invisible shadow.  Yes I said invisible
shadow.  Use your stealth meter to find it.  Then stand and use thermal 
binoculars (R3 and right on D-pad) to find the guy patrolling the other side of
the room.  This may take a while.  Theoretically, you can run in and grab the
objective before he comes back, but I forgot to try that (sorry).  Tell me if
it works.  Anyway, what I did do was whistle.  BUT, he can't hear you from 
there.  I basically had to inch along the walkway until he could hear me, walk
back to the invisible shadow, whistle him to one end of it, hide in the other
end, and whack him.  Now find the biological agent (it will say "object" in 
your interact menu).

If I made any of that sound easy I apologize for it.

Part 9: Cops or Snipers (Distraction/Evasion)

Yay! Checkpoint! Yay! Checkpoint! Yay! Checkpoint! Now let's get the f*** out
of here.  That elevator I showed you earlier is your way out.  For those who
inexplicably need help now and didn't need it for the last part, here are some
directions: exit the lab, right, right, left, into the tunnel, right, right,
straight, look on the left wall.  If there are any guards left they will be

Wer'e almost done, unless you screwed up in part seven, in which case you have
to replay parts seven AND EIGHT, sucker!  If you said "f***" to that, press 1 
to blow up your computer, press 2 to blow up your X-box, press 3 to blow up Tom
Clancy, or press 4 to blow up your own stupid head (no offense).  Anyway, at
the top are either four rent-a-cops or four snipers.  If its the snipers,
you're screwed (Lambert will tell you why).  If its the cops, start by shooting
a light.  Whistle the first one or two over.  If only one came, shoot the other
lights and move closer.  The other two are probably standing at the other side 
of the thoroughly lit courtyard.  If they are looking away, just walk by.  If 
not, walk far enough into the light that they will come looking, then whistle a
few times.  They alley you're looking for is at the opposite end of the 
courtyard from where you entered.  Go in.


Level 5: Refinery, Kundang, Indonesia

This mission has a relatively even difficulty over almost all of it, however
that overall difficulty is a bit higher than in earlier missions.  Fortunately,
you wont have to endure anything like the terrorist cell in the last mission.  
You'll mostly be outdoors at twilight.  Later on there is one indoor part and 
one during the night.  Also, the length of the parts varies greatly.  That's 
it, let's get started.

Part 1: War Buddies 

Run forward, talk to Shetland, and find where you can rappel down.  Walk
through the plants.

Part 2: I can't look for tripwires!  I'm drunk! (Assault/Distraction/Evasion)

This section's a bit long.  Move into the shadow of the nearest tent.  A merc
will enter stage right.  He will turn right (looking away from you), walk 
forward, pause, and briefly feel blunt cranial trauma from your elbow.  Hide
him.  Move along the tent's shadow and grab a bottle.  Use it on the next guard
(for throwing directions RTFM).

Go around the truck and along the wall.  When you hear chatter check your light
meter and use thermal binoculars on full zoom to find them.  When one guy blows
up (Hey kids!  Don't handle explosives while drunk!) his equally drunk friend
comes running.  Walk into the light to lure him closer and use a few whistles
to get him.  Hide his dead partner also, or the game will pretend to think you
killed him (i.e. sound an alarm).

Be Careful!  Past where the merc blew up are at least a dozen tripwires, all of
which will kill you instantly!  There are two ways to detect them:  first, use
thermal to see the explosives attatched to the wires so you can deactivate
them; second, use normal vision to spot the actual wires, then move along left
or right until you find the bomb.  Also, if you find a tripwire going as far as
you can see in both directions, its a dud.  Every so often look up to try and
find the last guard.  Sticky shock him when you're close enough.  Continue past
the truck to the airplane hanger.

Part 3: Don't Whistle (Evasion)

This section will make whistling look very appealing, but I always found it
more reliable to use evasive tactics.  Two guys are talking inside the hangar.
When they're done, #1 will walk away away to the left, while #2 will stand
still.  Try to KO #1 before #2 get to the plane's tail and turns around.  If
you got #1 outside quickly, #2 will start going back and forth with three or
four pauses you can use to get him.  Plant explosives on the other side of the
plane under its wing while standing.  A door will now open in the nearest 
corner of the room.  Quickly locate the new merc so you can avoid him.  His 
patrol will be similar to that of the last guy, so you know how to get him.  
Exit through the new door he opened.  

Head through the large gate and turn right.  Pause before you read this; it
needs to be done fast to work right.  Quickly climb the crates near the guards.
Stop on the 2nd-to-last box and wait for the nearest guard to turn around.  He
should pause just past your box.  Drop down behind him and attack.  The guy in
the booth is pretty easy EXCEPT that if you simply tap A you will probably use
the health kit instead of grabbing him.  Save yourself this pain-in-the-butt by
using an elbow strike.  In this booth is the switch to open the security
barrier.  Go through it.

Part 4: The End of the Beginning (Evasion)

Like me, you may have noticed that we're nearly halfway through the level and
we still haven't seen Sadono.  That will end soon.  Also, this will be your
first encounter with an enemy dog.  Since you probably didn't read my intro, 
you may not know that part of my non-lethal challenge is to not kill any dogs.
This can be accomplished best with ring airoils.  Equip them now.

Hide in the corner between the security booth and the fence.  Use high zoom on
your rifle or binoculars to see the dog coming.  Wait for it to stop within ten
meters and hit it.  Fortunately, dog bodies will not cause an alarm, even when
someone walks over them.  This particular guard will none-the-less bend down
over the dog, as if to try waking it up.  That's your chance.  Hide him and
continue to the first tent.

Inside the tent you can hear a few guys talking on the other side.  Note the
guy they yell at in the tower.   While yelling at him, the left guy is an easy
target.  The right guy is equally vulnerable, but not preferable as he was just
about to take a nap.  Now climb the tower when the guy up there isn't looking
(it may take a while to confirm that) and get him.  Hiding this guy is--for
once--less than obvious, but still simple.  Just pick him up and walk off the 
tower.  You'll look stupid, but take no damage and make no noise, for some 
reason.  Once you're finished, return to the tower and use the zipline.

Part 5: Follow the Enemy Leader (Evasion/Distraction)

Despite the title, this part isn't at all similar to the Jerusalem segments 
you're thinking of.  Sadono will appear at fixed points regardless of speed, so
treat this like the rest of the mission, but a bit harder.  Walk forward and
turn right.  Wait in the corner until Sadono leaves and locate the next merc.
He patrols in an L-shape but turns to fast to be grabbed, so you have to use an
elbow strike.  Return to the corner and look towards the smoke with full zoom
thermal binoculars.  Eventually merc #2 will appear.  Then find the lightbulb
next to him.  When he leaves, get under the bulb, shoot it, and squish against
the wall.  Move until you find a dark spot.  When he returns he'll notice the
bulb but won't approach it.  Take him any way you want.  

Continue down the hall and follow the people you see on your left.  After your
daily dose of secondary objectives (courtesy of Lambert) go through the house
(no guards) and find Sadono entering the next house.  When he leaves; get this
guy with a whistle, but watch your lighting; its a bit counter-intuitive here.
Now, the checkpoint can be reached within thirty seconds if you use my
shortcut.  I won't bother with the long way as there are no moving guards.

Go PAST the door Sadono opened and turn left.  Switch to thermal and follow him
but be careful not to get ahead (back here its well lit).  When he enters the
next building, squish against the nearest side of it (i.e., to the right of the
door), stand up, and move to your right.

Part 6: Awesome Shortcut (Evasion/Assault)

This part can be cut almost in half if you find the shortcut.  As usual, I'll
ignore the long way (it involves a dog much more perceptive than the first).
To find the shortcut, walk quickly to the very-well-lit pipe on the right wall 
of the courtyard.  If timed correctly nobody will see you, but be prepared for 
some experimentation.  Run along the balcony and shoot the lantern.  Then
crouch and slowly walk onto the next roof.  The nearest box on this roof has a
sticy camera on it.  Grab it and continue to the edge.  From here look to the
left and find a guard next to what looks like a garage.  That is the guy Sadono
will talk to.

To overhear the code you will--according to the game--have to use a sticky
camera.  It is possible that your camera will be noticed and thereby fail the
mission.  Unfortunately, I found that event too random to reliably avoid
regardless of the camera's placement.  The only tip I can give is don't touch
the controller once you've fired it.

Once Sadono leaves and you have the password, all that's left here is to enter
the garage-like room and climb down to the checkpoint.  If you did not use the
shortcut, simply shoot all the lights in your room and whistle.  If you did,
your best option is the diversion camera.  Since the guards may have different
positions in your game, I can only say that I put it on the wall to the right
of the garage behind the farther guard.  Fortunately the noise it makes is loud
enough that placement is not a big issue.  Just make sure both guards get KO'ed
at once.  Then hide them and enter the garage.  Find the ladder and climb down.

Part 7: Terrorists Plead Insanity (Evasion/Distraction)

Guards down here are retarded in the sense that their actions are far more 
random than anywhere else in the game.  This means many retries unless you're
very lucky or better than me at Splinter Cell (I doubt it).  The 1st guy is
obvious.  If you e-mail me about him, its a miracle you can use a computer.
The 2nd guy is completely unpredictable once he's alerted.  The safest way to
get him is to hop onto the railing between the light beam and lightbulb.  Walk
off and you will automatically grab onto the side of the railing.  From here
you can safely observe the guard (who should've just heard you) and determine
his pattern before attempting to get him.  That's all the help I can give for
this guy.

At the bottom of the stairs is a door.  Open it, shoot light, walk up the OTHER
stairs, flip switch, attempt to squish against railing, and stay put.  Make 
sure your body doesn't extend past the top stair and you'll be fine.  The first
merc in here will either turn on the lights or walk straight past you.  Either
way you should get him now and hide him in the previous room.  Make sure the 
lights are off and start systematically grabbing everyone and hiding them in
the other room.  The order to grab them in is too obvious to deserve an

Exit the room and get to the other side of all this machinery (I like to squish
against the right wall and go behind everything).  Then go through the nearest
door when nobody's looking and find a dark place.  Note a moving guard, a not-
moving guard, and a not-moving civilian.  The civilian is your contact and is
smart enough not to blow your cover, so ignore him.  Whack n' hide the immobile
guard when the mobile one is as far away as possible.  Then get the moving one
as usual, which for some will involve shooting a light.  Talk to your contact
and leave.  Don't ask me where the exit is, please.

Part 8: The Firing Range (Evasion)

Glad to be outta there huh?  Well you should be.  Don't worry about any more
completely random terrorists, that was it for the whole game.  Yay.  This part,
for once, is really short.  Let's get it over with quickly.  Once the talking
guards leave, find the pipe, climb up, along the roof, down the hatch, along 
the pipe, drop down and grab the guy at the punching bag.  See, that was short.

Part 9: Sadono's House, Finally (Evasion/Distraction)

Even though we haven't seen Sadono for a quarter-level we somehow managed to
stay on his tail and arrive at his house to tap his phone just as he makes his
call.  I mean, we will have once we get inside.  Anyway, wait for the shadows
outside to stop moving (do not attempt to go early).  Exit and walk along the
left fence and stop at the front of the shack.  When the moving guard looks
away, go inside and stand next to the other door in case they heard you.  This
next tiny courtyard has searchlights, so use optic cable and wait before going
out.  Once out, shoot a few lightbulbs, hide behind some crates and KO two or
three guys with whistles.  Just do it slowly and carefully.  Then enter the 

Part 10: Pandora Tomorrow (Evasion)

Wati for Sadono to leave TWICE (he comes back), then shoot the camera, hack the
computer, and head down the hall you started in, not the one Sadono went in.
If you run through this hallway you will get electrocuted for no reason.  If
you have any idea why please e-mail me.  Run outside--get fried again--and open
the door.  Once the shooting starts, whack each guard VERY SLOWLY then run to 
the Osprey.


Level 6: Komodo Shipyard, Komodo, Indoneisa

This level has a lot more memorable moments than the last.  That's because each
part is in some way unique, which makes up for this level being insanely short.
This also has two assault segments.  The first one is easy once you do what I 
say, and the second simply takes a while to figure out.  Nothing like 
you-know-what.  Let's begin.

Part 1: Snipers (Distraction/Evasion)

I hate this part.  The laser in this area is emitted by a sniper.  It will
detect you if:  
   1) You move when it's on you
   2) It is nearby when you're well lit
Now you know.  Don't e-mail me about it.  Move forward, birds fly up, guy comes
looking for you.  Get him quickly before the laser moves closer.  If you are
unlucky the laser will get there almost instantly and you will die; try again.

At the other side of the grass (closer to the sniper) there are two houses.  Go
to the left one without being detected.  When the laser moves away, quickly
climb up and run inside.  Past two more openings is a small courtyard watched
by another sniper.

As you enter get behind the big pile of stuff on your left.  Whistle the two
guys over here when the laser leaves (somehow it can hear you).  Then enter
another house and move on.

When you find the two guys at the table, shoot the nearest lantern and grab the
guy who comes.  The other one is easy.  Continue until you find a small alley
behind a small hut and use a half-split jump (Don't ask me, RTFM).

Part 2: Out of the Jungle (Evasion)

Stay up here and shoot the TV below.  Once the guard sits down again drop down
and get him.  Don't exit out the main door; instead find a hole in the
wall and walk out when the firing stops (someone's taking target practice).  
Outside you should find a guard sitting down and an automated turret pointing
at the door I told you not to use (guess why).  Deactivate them both and look
inside the building the turret guarded.  Switch to thermal before you walk in
and die.  With it on this is easy.  Go down the ladder.

Part 3: Raise the Sub (Distraction/Evasion)

Enter the elevator and go down.  Find the light switch on the left wall and use
it to lure the guy down the hall.  Where he came from is near the door to the
technician's room.  Go in and ignore the lights--he's sitting down.  Grab him
and gently persuade the loser to do your bidding.  Make him use the computer
and the sub you're after will rise up.  The terrorists on board notice and ask
what the h*** is going on.  If you knocked this guy out, you are so dead I
can't even watch what happens next.  If you didn't, press A again to not die.
Now whack him.  Exit this room, two right turns, and through the door.

Part 4: Enter the Sub (Evasion/Assault)

If you're afraid of the assault part, don't worry.  It's way easier than then
the one in you-know-where.  Walk up to the door and don't do anything to the
lights.  When the guard goes to the right open the door and go to the edge on
the left.  If you're far enough to the left, the guard won't notice when he
comes back.  KO him and run along the walkway to the tiny service elevator.
Shoot the light in it and equip sticky shockers.  Flip the switch, walk on, and
prepare to look very, very stupid.

Obviously you have very little room to move around in here, but it is enough.
You will look utterly retarded but moving to different corners WILL allow you
to avoid damage entirely.  When you near the end (i.e., when you approach a 
catwalk at your height) get out your gun and aim at the enemy.  Take your time
and don't miss.  A 2nd guy will come from the right.  Zap him, hide them, find
the stairs and go down.  This catwalk will take you right onto the sub.  The
guard here is optional.  Get on board and climb down.

Part 5: Close Quarters Stealth (Evasion/Distraction)

If you know anything about subs, its that there is no room.  If you've been
playing this game for the past five levels, you're first thought should be that
you have NO room for error whatsoever.  Fortunately, most of the mercs are put
in predictable places so you shouldn't mess up too much.  Just be very careful.

Go down the ladder and move just enough that you can see around the corner.
This guy is simple; whack him when he turns away.  The next room has a guy
sleeping in it, so just walk by slowly.  Down another ladder, SWAT flip past
the door and notice the light switch.  Use it.  The room after the kitchen is
really tiny.  Look through the other door until the colonel comes.  Hide, grab,
take down hall, use retinal scanner, whack, hide, enter computer room.

First find a hiding spot.  My favorite is the one just left of the door.  When
the merc leaves follow and KO.  Return, grab the other guy, find the computer
(it's at the oppostite corner from the entrance).

Part 6: Amityville Time (Assault/Evasion)

Yay! More assault! This time it's a challenge.  Still not as hard as Jerusalem,
but hard.  Exit the sub and look to the left.  A ramp will lower for you (how
conveinient; reminds me of the original Splinter Cell when you're surrounded
by enemy commandos and Lambert says, "We're arranging for a blackout in five
seconds.")  Walk forward until a merc appears, then back up and get him the
usual way.  Don't enter the building yet.  Instead, snipe all four fuel barrels
on the walkway below.

Now, go in, pick up the ammo lying around, and go down THREE stes of stairs.
Not four, three.  Go back up to the catwalk and the shooting will begin.  Walk
to the edge of the catwalk and find the spot where your stealth meter is just
below 1.  Look down at the enemies and find the two sets of columns.  Those are
your reference points.  Fire SMOKE GRENADES where these drawings show a cluster
of four O's to represent your circular crosshair:
1st shot: 1st set of columns:    | |OO|   ______
                                 | |OO|   | |  |
                                 | |  |   | |  |
                                 | |  |   | |  |
                                          | |  |

2nd shot: 2nd set of columns:    ______ OO ______
                                 | |  | OO | |  |
                                 | |  |    | |  |
                                 | |  |    | |  |
                                 | |  |    | |  |

The third shot should go just above the second one by at most one-quarter of
the crosshair's height.

Obviously this will require a bit of trial and error but after a few tries this
becomes a reliable way of incapacitating all four enemies.  Now run past them,
don't waste time hiding them, and climb down the ladder to your boat.


Level 7: Television Free Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

This is a long and hard mission.  It also has two of the longest parts in the
whole game.  Plus, there are at least two parts that are arguably as hard or 
harder than the Jerusalem terrorist cell.  And to top it off, those are some of
the most counter-intuitive parts of the whole game.  If you like you could 
chicken out right now and switch back to killing people.  Or you could spend 
three sleepless days to prove you're as good as me at this game.  OK, I'm 
exaggerating; it took me only two casual days to get through this, but it was 
frustrating as hell.

The real standout feature of this level (to me) was how random everything felt
from one game to the next.  The strategies I posted here are merely the most
common, as it would take tomes (good word, it means books at least as big as 
your X-box) to cover all of them.  Be prepared to completely ignore my advice 
if your game behaves differently.  However you can e-mail me if there's a 
particular version you can't figure out, but I don't know how much I can help.

Part 1: We're Just Getting Started (Evasion)

First, get to street level without hurting yourself.  Easy, right?  Actually,
yes, it is very easy.  That's to loosen you up in case my intro scared you.  
Now, at the bottom you should be next to a tiny wall you can easily jump over. 
Do that and find the pipe straight ahead.  Climb it (note: I'm not telling you 
when to make sure nobody's looking; you can do that yourself by now).  Go to 
the other side of the roof and look down.  Shoot the light at the ideal moment 
(again, you can figure it out).  Once everyone leaves locate where it says 
"climb out" on your interact menu.  Now sticky shock the guy in the alley and 
go down.  Quickly hide him behind something, a civilian will go through there 
any second.

Past the thin alley is a well-lit courtyard.  Look on the right and find the
big light illuminating the ladder on the opposite side of the area.  Shoot it
and climb up.  Get on this roof and use the zipline.  Walk inside, down the
pipe, and out the door.

Part 2: I Hate Lightning (Assault/Distraction/Evasion)

In case you can't hear what the terrorists just told you via radio intercept
(or you're looking ahead), the next two parts will have lightning flashing in
the background that will get your stealth bar up to five unless you're in a 
sheltered area.  I will show you where those areas are.  This happens to be one
of the parts in the intro I mentioned as being insanely long and hard.  Yay.
It's long enough that I had to split it into sections.  Enjoy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Section 1: The Parking Lot  (Distraction/Evasion)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Fortunately, this first section is pretty easy after a few tries, so just get
use to the lightning gimmick while preparing for the insanity to follow.

To the left of the door are two trash cans.  Get behind them, shoot the light
above you, and grab a bottle (make sure it's not a can).  When one guard pauses
within range, throw it.  You may need to whistle to get him closer.  If you hit
him directly the bottle should be intact, so just grab it again.

First locate the second guy on binoculars (he vanished once in my game), then
locate the security booth far away on the left--its door is wide open.  Enter
and you will be safe from lightning.  When the merc goes by wait for a pause,
then use bottle, grab, or elbow.  

At the farthest corner from the previous checkpoint is a part you can climb 
over.  Before you do, shoot every light along this fence.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Section 2: The Garden (Assault/Evasion)
- - - - - - - - - - -

I couldn't figure out any reliable written directions for this so I'll just use
a map:
|   |P|   |P| G1|P|      |  G=guard
|   | |   |_|   |_|      |  g=point a guard moves to
|   |_|       g1    ___  |  G1=moving guard
|               G2 |_C_| |  G2=stationary guard
|           | |          |  G3=other moving guard
|           | |X_______  |  
|           |G3________g3|  P=planter or flowerbed
|           | |  _______ |  C=car
|___________| | |       ||  GH=greenhouse
|_____________| |  GH   ||
|S              |_______||  S=you at the start
|________________________|  X=your target position

Sorry, but that's the best I can do with ASCII maps.  If you can make a better
one please e-mail it.

Anyway, once you get to the "X" you will be safe from lightning.  I don't know
or care how but you are.  First, if a guard leaves, stay put 'till he returns.
I know its a drag but by now you should know to have a Gameboy handy for this
sort of thing, or a PSP.  Sticky shock guards 2 and 3 and hide the bodies.  
#2 is a crapshoot but you have to risk it.  #1 can be nabbed in two ways:
   A) Shoot one of the car's headlights as a distraction
   B) Go around the car and fire from behind a planter
I prefer B.  Double check that they're all hiddden and go down into the the 

- - - - - - - - - - -
Section 3: The Sewers (Evasion)
- - - - - - - - - - -

This is a big pain in the but because you CAN'T KO ANYONE.  Bodies can only be
placed in well-lit areas or underwater, both of which screw you.  Therefore,
you can't touch anyone.  Navigation is too simple to require my assistance, but
watch out for the security camera, and the guys close enough to hear you shoot
it.  Once you can see the exit ladder shoot the nearby lights and get around
the last guard.  This can be tough, so go slowly and be prepared to do it all
over again.

Part 3: Minefield & TV Station (Evasion)

This is the other insanely long part, but NOT the other insanely hard part.  
Again I have to split it into sections but this time things are much easier
once you know what to do.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Section 1: Minefield  (Evasion)
- - - - - - - - - - -

Get above ground and switch to thermal.  Remember way back in level 1 where you
saw the same blinking heat signature?  What were they again?  Here's a hint:
don't step on them.  Use night vision to find a rotating spotlight and some
crates and satellite dishes around it.  Think hard.  *10 minutes later*  If
yu can think you should have made it to the other side of the courtyard with 
the big fence.  Hop it just after the spotlight leaves and hide before it
returns.  Then find the locked door and open it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Section 2: Onto the TV Station  (Evasion)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The lightning's back.  It'll leave soon.  Whack the guard and look out the
other door.  Find the parked car to the left and prepare for a heavily scripted
and high-speed obstacle course.  When everyone is as far away as possible:
1) Run behind the car
2) Run to the isolated planter in a corner behind the car and jump on
3) jump up onto the TV station
4) Run forward and use a half-split jump to reach the roof
5) Double-check your alarm status
That was fun.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Section 3: The Elevator (Evasion)
- - - - - - - - - - - -

Walk towards the skylight and find the cracked glass.  Shoot it and rappel
inside.  Sneak to a dark corner.  The guard will start cycling the room.  When
he passes you, start following until he gets to the elevators, then break off
and go up to find Ingrid.  Also, I don't know if your choice of elevator has an
effect on the next part.  If you know, tell me.  I used the first one on the 

Part 4: Find Karithson (Distraction/Evasion)

This is probably the best example in the game of a great shortcut.  I will of
course ignore the long way.  Another advantage to the shortcut is that it will
lead you through some of part five so you can clean it out ahead of time.  The
rest of that part is insanely hard so I really like to do this now.

Shoot the large yelow light and move to the corner on the right wall.  From 
here to the end of the hall are three flourescent lights.  Shoot the first.  
Now find the door on the right that conveniently marks the turret's range.  
From here you have to distract the turret with a heat source.  Your options are
flares and shooting the next light.  I prefer the light, but first look for the
guard around the corner and wait until he walks away.  Now shoot the light, run
past the turret, disable it, and run back to the door.

Now shoot the third light and go around the corner for real.  From here you can
handle it easily.  Elimnate all guards, lights, and the camera.  Go through the
double doors.  Of the four doors in here, ignore the one on the right, and save
the second on the left for after the other two.  Wait for a guard to come out
of Karithson's room and get him before he walks over one of his buddies.  The
first door on the left has a mandatory, but easy guard.  The far one has ammo
(including a potentially vital sticky shocker) and the second on the left is
your objective.

Part 5: Guardian Angel (Assault)

I personally found this to be harder than the terrorist cell in Jerusalem.
Therefore I will repeat what I said then:

I apologize if I make any of this part sound easy.

If you did not take the short way in part four (right from the elevator, not
left) then add an evasion bit at the beginning.  Follow Ingrid to the retinal
scanner.  From here things will get absolutely nuts so memorize your less-than-
lethal ammo numbers and prepare for insanity.  

Through the big doors is a fork.  Ingrid will go down the right hallway, so get
in the corner on the right and ignore everything she says.  Shoot as many of
the lights in that hall as you can before the mercs appear.  From here things
are completely random so I can't be too specific.  If you have 3 shockers and
+3 rings like I did then you can figure this out eventually.  Just stay in your
corner and make sure nobody gets near Ingrid.

I believe there are five enemies you must nail to proceed.  The number may vary
a bit.  At this point it is entirely possible that the game will completely
SCREW YOU by having Ingrid not notice the battle ended and therefore duck and
cover FOR ETERNITY without unlocking the next door for you.  I would've called
an airstrike on her but all I had were a few grenades.  

If I made any of that sound easy I apologize for it.

One last thing, don't go through the next door until you check for a final merc
in the next room.  Get him any way you want, he's alone.

Part 6: The Bar (Evasion)

Finally an easy part.  Congratulations on surviving this far without any
unnecessary kills.  Even if you don't make it through the rest you've still
accomplished a lot.  If you do finish, please tell me.

Anyway, find a dark corner near the elevators (around the corners directly
ahead).  Shoot every light in this hall to neutralize the bulletproof camera at
the far end.  Continue forward.  In the bar area are two guards.  One moves,
the other perpetually stares out the window at nothing.  

*1 minute later*  If you can think, both guards are unconscious by now.  On the
far side of the bar find a pipe.  Climb up, along ledge, and into a vent.

Part 7: I would've giftwrapped him... (Distraction/Evasion)

If you've been through here before, you may be wondering why this isn't an
assault segment.  The simple answer is:  we have no non-lethal ammo left.  So,
in this room, Sadono is about to go through a long scripted event that will end
in his leaving the studio, which is an automatic mission failed.  To stop him,
you need to take out the cameraman.  If you can do so quietly, they will all
wait forever for him to return.  Easier said than done.  

Start by memorizing the entire path of the moving spotlight.  This may require 
a few reloads to get it down perfectly, but its worth it.  Before you nail the
cameraman, you need to clear out the only reliable hiding place.  From the vent
turn right, drop, and straight ahead.  You will find nothing in here but a few
lights.  Shoot them.  This room is critical because when the others get 
suspicious they won't check in here.

Now you can get the cameraman.  It will look impossible/retarded but you can
get him to the safe room with surprising ease after a few tries.  From here you
can easily nail everyone but Sadono and the guy next to him by whistling or
shooting a light.  Then go around the room until you are behind both of them.
Grab one, hide, grab Sadono, and find the retinal scanner.  Use him on that and
the next one to access the chopper on the roof for exfil.


Level 8: LAX International Airport, Los Angeles, California, USA

Finally, the last level.  Fortunately, this doesn't have any firefights, but it
is still pretty hard, especially at the end.  Also, there are mercs in the
airport that you are required to shoot.  I will not force you to grab them
first, unless a dozen other people are in the room.

Also, my content descriptions (the stuff in parenthesis next to each part name)
will not include shooting the terrorists, as it doesn't fall under any of the
three categories, and it's not worth creating a fourth.

Part 1: I Still Hate Dogs (Distraction/Evasion)

Over the fence, go to the end of the wall, and wait for the truck.  Some FAQ
writers thought we were suppossed to follow the truck from the outside.  That
never made any sense to me.  Obviously you should hop into the truck and ride
down to the parking garage, duh.  Anyway, use thermal to find the two guards 
and one dog you need to deal with.  Notice one of them is an odd color.  If you
were listening to HQ, you should've figured out that he is one of Soth's mercs.
He is one of the guys you get to shoot.  Unfortunately, he is well-lit, so we
can't get him right away.

Hop out of the truck and go behind the two cars on your right.  Equip rings.
Shoot a few lights, then move around until the dog picks up your scent.  Hit 
him, then move to a different corner in case his owner checks on him.  As 
before, a dog body can't trigger an alarm, so just wait for the guard to resume
his patrol.  He moves slow enough that you should be able to grab him without
whistling.  Now move to the booth with the terrorist and pull out your gun.
Easiest headshot ever.  Hide the body and go through the door behind the booth.

Part 2: Kill The Terrorists (Evasion/Distraction)

This part is fun.  First the easy bit.  Open door, shoot light, whack cowering
civilian, into the bathroom, onto the sink, and into the ceiling.  Continue to
the baggage area.

Now use thermal to identify the bad guy (or listen to the chatter, he makes
himself obvious).  It's pretty random where the terrorist goes after chatting,
but he will go behind at least one of the luggage stacks in the back of the
room.  You should be able to intercept him.  The other guy is easy, as he is
constantly staring at the conveyers.  Now shoot the bad guy and move to the
next room.

This is my favorite room in the level.  Three bad guys, two good guys, lots of
lights, tons of stuff to climb on, and a billion ways you can KO everyone.
Its also at just the right difficulty, so enjoy it.  I shouldn't have to help
with this, but I will tell you to shoot many of the lights, save the guys
upstairs for later (by then you'll have multiple ways to get up there), and
hide most of the bodies in the previous room.  Also, make absolutely sure you
shoot ALL of the terrorists before continuing.

Part 3: Baggage Inspections (Evasion)

This part is pretty easy; just follow the conveyors, hide behind the luggage
and whatever you do don't enter an X-ray machine.  The only real problem is
that one of the guards must be hit with a sticky shocker (none of the bags
there are big enough) while you are on a moving conveyor aiming through a
barely open window.  Also, you need those other shockers for later so you can't
miss.  I wish I could help you with this but you'll just have to try it over 
and over and over 'till you get lucky.  When you finally get him continue to
the stairs and climb up.

Part 4: Waiting Area (Evasion)

Go through the door right away and hide quickly.  To your left is an inactive
conveyor bordered by a long series of columns.  Obviously, you can SWAT flip to
the other side of the room pretty quickly.  If you get there quickly enough,
you can intercept one of the guards before he gets to his new post (I'm not
telling if he's a terrorist).  Ideally, you can get him just as he opens the
door to the next segment.  If not, find the computer and download the code.
This may involve nailing a second guard.  

Through the door is a well-lit hallway with a bulletproof camera at the other
end.  Since there's only been one other in the whole game, I'll give you the
benefit of the doubt by reiterating that you need to shoot all the lights to
bypass this camera (I know I used a lot of big words, but you should be able to
decipher that).  Once under the camera, turn left.

Part 5: Save The Receptionist! (Evasion)

In this office there are two guys.  One is manning the phones (known in the
working world as "the frontline").  The other is wandering around watching him.
Their brief conversation should make it obvious who is the bad guy, especially
if you turned on thermal.  Basically, the terorrist leaves to contact his boss
about his cover being blown, and the other guy continues talking to stupid
customers.  When the merc returns, he finds the clerk mysteriously absent.  He
nervously holsters his gun and resumes his patrol.  He then falls unconcious
and is dragged into the shadows by a secret agent with a black jumpsuit and
triclops goggles--i.e., you.

With the civilian saved and another terrorist dead, exit through the door to
the left of where you entered.  You are now on a really long balcony with about
seven lights.  Stay behind the first and snipe them all.  Then advance, and
easily nail the two guards who show up.  At the end is an escalator on your
left with a bulletproof camera farther down.  Don't waste ammo on these lights,
just walk under it.

After you ID Soth (remember the fake leg), turn around two find two more
invincible cameras guarding the elevator.  Now you can shoot the lights.  Enter
the one working elevator and go up.  Save and listen for my second favorite
line in the whole game.

Part 6: It's Finally Almost Over (Assault/Distraction/Evasion)

After hearing my 2nd-favorite line in the game from Lambert, shoot the hatch
and climb up.  Now use the rope to get to the next elevator.  This process is a
bit odd but you can figure it out:  Climb up, onto ledge, climb up more, pass
elevator, turn around, slide down, land on 6-inch wide metal protrusion, and
hop onto the rest of the elevator.  Ignore the guy inside it and look to your
left.  Go through the hole and drop down to the catwalks.  Now for the hard

Look up to find all three remaining bad guys 20 feet above you on impervious
catwalks (use thermal).  The problem this time is, Soth spooks really easily;
screw up at all (even grab a guy when one merc is looking in your general
direction regardless of lighting) and a 60-second timer to game over will begin
and you will be screwed.  In other words, don't do ANYTHING without making sure
all mercs are facing away.  To make sure you have a chance, here's a map:

         Level 1                         Map Key
|     |     4            |   |
|     +----+ +--L-+ +----+   | + - |    mean walls
|          | |    | L        |
|         [_5_]   | |        |   L      means ladder
|          | |    | |        |
|----------+ +----+ +===     |  ===     means stairs
|      6             ===     |
|-----+ +---------+ +===     | [_5_]    represents the pillar with
|     | |         | |        |          a hole to climb through
|     | |         | |        |
|     | |         L L        | 1,2,3    checkpoints
|   --+ +---------+ +--------+
|  |                         |   S      Your starting position
|  |7L------------+ +--------+
|  +-+            | |        |
|                 | |        |
|  +--------------+ +---L+   |
|  |   S                1|   |
|  +---------------------+   |

         Level 2
|                            |
|              +L+   +--+    |
|              | |   L 3|    |
|         [_5_]| |   ++ +    |
|              | |    |_|    |
|              | |           |
|              | |   ===-----|
|              | |   ===     |
|              | |   ===-----|
|              | |           |
|              | +  +---+    |
|+-----+       | L  L   |    |
||     |       --+  +-+ |    |
|| +-+ |              |2|    |
|| | L8|              | |    |
|+-+ | |              | |    |
|    | |              | |    |
|    | |              +L+    |
|    |L|                     |
|    |_|                     |

I won't bother with a level 3 map because by the time you make it up there you
will know where the bomb is (Soth is kneeling down next to it).  In the mean-
time, follow the numbered checkpoints.  You will want to KO all the civilians
at some point, but avoid whistling and don't stray from the path.  Also, don't
shoot a light unless you absolutely have to (which will be often).  Finally,
there's a pipe to get you from 2 to 3.

Once you're at checkpoint 8, look at the really tall ladder next to you.  This
is the only ladder to level 3.  Also identify any moving enemies on level 3.
If they're moving, they will soon end up far enough away from Soth that you can
sticky shock them.  But don't miss, or you die.  Then find the light shining on
the top part of the ladder, and shoot it.  Wait for the mercs to calm down.

Now, when you climb up the ladder, the timer will automatically start.  You
will then have to shoot all three terrorists (including any you sticky shocked)
before you can get the bomb.  You may do this either from checkpoint 8, or the
balcony at the top of the ladder.  Once all three are dead, climb up if you
haven't, then drop down and run for the bomb.  If you get there in time, Sam
will cancel the 60-second timer, but he can't stop the backup 12-minute timer.
Lambert will chime in to explain how screwed we are (I think he was expecting
16 minutes).  Sam will then instantly realize how to avoid all casualties
without compromising national security.  How, you might ask?  Well, watch it
yourself!  Anyway, you won!


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