Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction User Reviews


Sam Fisher is back and deadlier than ever.


This ain't your uhh... older brothers Splinter Cell

While the stealth genre isn’t consistently churning out hit after hit, or gem after gem if you will, a few titles have achieved comfortable levels of success in the years following the original Metal Gears practically single handedly created the genre way back when back in 1987. A lot of things have changed since then, most for the better including pixels no longer being able to be counted on a single hand and us U.S. gamers no longer having to suffer through atrocious translations (“I feel asleep”).

Also Solid Snake is no longer the only fa...


Good as I Hoped. Bad as I Feared.

The good:

Compelling story. Fast, fluid stealth action. Deniable Ops. Projected Images. Black and White in Shadows.

The bad:

Single player campaign. Contextual buttons touchy. Black and White in Shadows.


So after a VERY long wait, Splinter Cell: Conviction is finally here. With new, gadgets, new moves and a new look, Ubisoft Montreal takes the bestselling Franchise in a different direction, but is it a good one?

Well, kind of.

The game gets off to a rocky start with Sam Fisher being contacted by an old friend in Malta. What follows is a rather clunky and confined tutorial section that really makes the player feel like they're on rails. This is followed by the infamous bathroom interrogation scene. The next level opens things up a bit more, but still feels too linear, and this pretty much se...

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