Splashdown 2: Rides Gone Wild Tips

Short Cuts
Bermuda triangle level(1st level)- early in the 1st lap a little after the storm starts look for a gray bomber that bent in the middle on u'r right bunny hop over it and iit skips a whole corner. or when u see it drive up to it and turn around ther should be an opening drive through it and you'll go right through some rocks and poof ur in the open sea note: the second one only works in practice.

Dinosaur level(level 2)- when u come up tp the first tunnel take a right and go through the gate then go through that area and go off the jump and down a different tunnel and you are done.

Venice level 6 when ur in town you'll see lots of gondolas wait till there's a break in them and go there then under the deck and bunnyhop into a tunnel and that's a shortcut.